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Help for Windows XP




.Hope this helps someone so they don’t have to go through the headache I went through trying to figure this out!



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Help for Windows XP on Dalnet (as well as on Coolchat):

You might want to share this little tidbit with others who are on Windows XP and having the problems of ident killing them on connect. I can now get on first time every time :)

1. Go into Control Panel --> Network Connections
2. Right click "Local Area Network" and select "Properties"
3. Left click the advanced tab
4. Left click the settings button
5. Under services, left click the add button
6. For description type "Ident", for Name of IP put the name that identifies your system with your ISP
OR your IP if it is static. ( If you are not sure what that is, go to http://whatismyipaddress.com )
7. In both external and internal ports, enter 113 by default and TCP.
8. Click OK all the way out.


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