#News_Garden Rules


The rules are short, sweet, simple, and clear.

  1. Always treat each other with respect.
  2. No direct insults, and lets keep the underhanded ones to a minimum.
  3. No hard swearing or racial fighting words, either.
  4. No channel disruption such as flooding, spamming, or ALL CAPS, or all bold in every post.
  5. Ban evasion will result in a minimum 24hr ban.

Regular chatters should not have to be warned about violations of these rules.
The Op's decision is final.
Endless debate about enforcement decisions will not be tolerated.

The n-word, the f-word, the c-word, and other offensive words (including STFU and WTF, among others) will result in an immediate kick and ban.

Please listen to the ops. If they ask you to move on and drop an out-of-control topic or attack, then please do so. Such a request can be taken as a polite warning, and you will not get any further warnings.

We do not ban anyone for something they say in PM.
We make all simple warnings in channel for all to see.
Chatters are allowed to politely question an action taken by an op as long as it does not progress into a disruption.

Thank You for Choosing #news_garden

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