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Gabriel , my child, what are you doing?

Put down that torch, will you not?
Burnt you will be, please do behave
No talk of revolution will I have
Know better, do accept
Your youth will pass, as you will see

Gabriel, my child, where are you going?

Nothing can be changed, so let it be
Do not make me wonder, what I have forgotten
Must you make me gaze in looking-glass?
To have me remember shattered dreams?
And how I grew so old?

Gabriel, child, come closer…..

Tell me when this happened, was it one morning
On arising, that I became so cynical
When did I start to accept and let it be,
To not resist or desist, tell me
You must, as I have forgotten the way

Gabriel, young man , let me help you light the torch……

Quebec, September, 2002


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