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Life Opens It's Eyes

Life opens it's eyes
Beyond anything else
Against all odds
Life opened it's eyes

Life wasn't given Life took
Contrary to the forces against it Life said.

Life says I am me
Life says you are you

Life opened it's eyes and that is why

Life opens it's eyes


If Only

If Only we could have been. How I wanted to be, everything good a fragile word. To hold you in my arms at the same time wanting you to be free.

Thinking of you something about me. Envy, something I can never be.

To Hold you, or was it holding me.



What do I know.
I think I know but then again.

What does it mean, where does it end.
Is it up to me, is it up to you.

Does it matter.

But then again.

To know!

Thank you :)


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Pame^: Safyst Poems!: bravo bravo bravo!!!
very good!...


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