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The Heart Has a Place...

The heart has a secret place.....
Where it keeps its happiest moments,
Its proudest time,
Its very "special occasions"....

The heart also has a place like a shelf.....
Where it keeps its fondest wishes and
deepest dreams…
All wrapped up tidy and neat....
Waiting to unfold…

The heart has a place.....
Where the very best of times and
the very worst of times are kept....

John and Joyce…For you both…
Everyone here…
We will always have a very special place…
In our hearts for both of you…

John & Joyce Dorton Wedding Reception
July 8^th , 2006 at the Weaverly Renissence Inn, Marietta, GA

©Copyright Pame FiveAshe, June 2006

Before I Go

Take me in your arms, hold me close under the silver moon
and dance slow and close with me
Smell the soft, salty air in my hair and feel the cool breeze
On my lips…

Let my hand caress your face
My finger traces your lips and down
Your chin…

My eyes embrace and mirror your smile
I feel warm, safe, protected in your arms
See the happiness reflected in my eyes…

Take my hand, hold it tight because sometimes
I’m just so afraid
Though they never know, I’ve only told you…

Take me in your arms…
One last time…
Before I go…

Copyright 2006
Pame FiveAshe
All rights reserved, may not be reprinted without permission

He Gets To See

He gets to see all the
Things you didn’t…
He will get to see more
Of me then you
Ever would…

He gets to see my heart
And soul
Things you ignored or
Just couldn’t see…

He gets who I am
What I stand for and
What I never would
He listens to my laugh
And he soothes me when
I cry…

His tender mercies
His sense of play
His goodness
Are all these things
I can see in him…

He IS a very good man
A whole man
A REAL man
Something you can’t understand…

He worries about me
He protects me
He is everything you
couldn’t be to me
And way much more…

Which leaves me
In utter awe…and
Craving so much more…

Copyright Pame FiveAshe 2006

Not to be reprinted without Permission


I stand in your shadow
And disappear
Tall, majestic
I tremble there

Not from fear
There is none
So much more
Then I

You said I couldn’t love
You…Why, I asked?
Just Because…You said

You play in the world
I stand on the sidelines

And watch
And envy

Perhaps I’m really the
Shy one…

2006 Copyright Pame FiveAshe

May Not Be Reprinted Without Permission

The Ending Will Be Told…

I suppose we’ll never know, will we?
Or do we now know…
Or at least understand…
How wrong it went…

I thought I knew the
Heart of the Man…
Apparently I never really
Understood the “intent”…

I could have challenged you
At every turn…
Blaming me for
What I heard…
The words…
And understood the implication
Of what you were saying…

Did you not understand that
I would freak or
That I was not only insulted…
That you thought
So little of my worth as a human being…

You couldn’t give me what I wanted
Or even needed…
A safe haven…
Just for once…
As I thought I had found in you…

Understanding will replace chaos
I will build my own safe haven
Sadness will be replaced by
Joy again…
Someone and maybe it will be you
Will “get me” in every sense of
The word…
At some time…
In the future…

The ending will be told…
That’s my destiny…
What I couldn’t see…

Will be revealed…
At the right time…

Copyright 2006 Pame FiveAshe
May Not Be Reprinted Without Permission

Wishes the Heart Makes

In my dreams, you do appear
Weaving in and out
Striking my heart and psyche
Over and over again…

Wishes your heart makes
Only the heart hears

In my dreams, you do appear
Not sure why
Trying to understand
Why you’re still there…

I was the one letting go
Perhaps I acted too fast,

I was the one who was
I was the one who didn’t

In my dreams you do stay
For how long?
Who knows…

Copyright 2006 Pame FiveAshe

May Not Be Reprinted without Permission


You said I had the mind, heart and soul of a poet…
To me that means the mind thinks a different way
The heart is easily broken
And the soul a timeless piece…

Today, the mind is cloudy, the heart is aching
And the timeless piece is out of synch
I wonder where the world is…
Where it’s going…

Conflicts in my mind, heart and soul
Swirl back and forth
Like a river reed in the wind...

Bending back and forth...

So much…
So much time spent on the not mundane...
Since that would be a treat to the soul and heart...

But the angst of the outer world and all that it is
Holds you in this moment in time...

I can see your face
As I hold it in my mind’s eye..
And gently stroke your cheek...
As you fade into the backround...

For George..
Copyright 2004 Pame FiveAshe
Not to be reprinted without Permission

In My Control

You did call me your “little bit of a thing”…
But you said you didn’t like my “control”
So you took it upon yourself
To knock that out of me…
As you put it…

You asked about him...
And I couldn't answer you...
Didn't want to...
How could I tell you what
I really felt...
I couldn't even tell him...
All though I wanted to...
But somehow you had to

The pain’s gone now…
The body heals faster then
The mind does, slowly…
But that’s healing well, too…

2006 Pame FiveAshe

May Not Be Reprinted Without Permission

2 Years After...


Maybe I don't want to look back
Maybe I can't stop looking

And the remembering it all
like a motion picture playing over
and over again
One you've seen before, but never
quite remember all the little details

Seeing the 2nd plane ram into the side
of the building
Seeing the fire
The smoke, the air, the millions
of papers blowing everywhere

People in the windows
waving and hoping for help
to arrive, soon

Others facing the obvious
and choosing to soar once
more to an earthly ending

And the noises, sirens and
whistling and screaming from below
Fire, 2000F degrees so hot anyone
would instantly disappear

It didn't take long for them to
To fall like great, gray ladies
from their pedestals
Down, down, down

In a cloud so thick
the sunshine of the postcard
picture perfect day
turned black

Little snap shots now
People covered in a
shrod of white
Stunned silence from
all the screaming
Whimpering, soft crying,
quick, little prayers
Walking, just walking north

Walking away from it but
never ever being able to get
away from it
There is no place anywhere
one can hide in
that will take it

And yet, the next morning
when I awoke, my first thought
This was all just a dream,
and I smiled just alittle
until I turned on the TV and
it was still real

For all those who died on 9/11/01

© Pame 2003
Not to be reprinted without permission

Just There

I'm the wind in your hair
The rain on your face
The clouds in the sky that
follow you
I'm always just "there"

Just a shadow
Following close behind
We don't walk together
But I'm always nearby
A second thought

Its bittersweet
But that's the place
I've chosen to be
And that's enough for

You're my inspiration

© Pame FiveAshe 2003
Not to be reprinted without permission

Just So YOU Know

I've come to the conclusion
that I need to just thank you
That's all I want to do now
Alot was left unsaid but
that's ok
It might be saved for another
time and maybe not
maybe its just not that
important anymore

But what is important to
me right now is those
Two words I have to say
and you have to hear
That's all
Just so you know
Thank You

For Rich

© Pame FiveAshe 2003
Not to be reprinted without permission

Going Home

I sat there and realized
what it all means
You're there when I
ever I need you
and maybe
I overlooked you one
too many times
and didn't see the
You're there when i
hurt to comfort me
You're there when I'm happy
to share my joy with me

Maybe I needed to go
back home to find what
I really needed...
a best friend,
maybe more..time
will tell...why rush
But for now you're my
best bud
and when I think about
you, I smile like I was
16 again

and you know, that's the best

You know who you are...

© Pame FiveAshe 2003
Not to be reprinted without permission

The Road

we can't always SEE what's ahead on
the road
sometimes there's a bump in the road
or a curve
or a hill
or a valley
They're all there....

A never ending road
but somehow we manage
to arrive at some
one that was tailor-
made just for us

And despite all the bumps
and curves and detours
we really DO arrive
where we should be
in the end

© Pame FiveAshe 2003
Not to be reprinted without permission

Love Is

Love is
when your
boobs start to sag
and you tummy is
no longer as tight as
a drum and he STILL
thinks you're the most
gorgeous creature in the
his tummy is sagging
he can't get it up
like he used to without
his little blue pill
and you still love him
despite that

Love is a snow flake
on puppy's nose
a tear drop in a
baby's eye
the first blush of love

love is knowing who your
soulmate is
and then letting them
go when the time comes

For PK...just because

© Pame FiveAshe 2003
Not to be reprinted without permission

Morning Coffee

a morning visit with
coffee in hand
all seems quiet
for the moment
there's a flurry of
half verbs
and semi tenses

i watch a moment
with a catch in
my throat
there was silence
here a moment
and now its broken
riprap's booming
finely honed
southeast texas accent
breaks the silence
"stop it now"

and i know what's next
so I wait
sipping a little bit
of coffee
eyes staring
and there is it
the kick
and then the reappearence
completes the moment

its back to normal now
and back to half
truths and the swapping
of urls
and accusations
and the cycle begins
its endless merry-go-
round again

this is our way
our world
welcome to it

For riprap

© Pame FiveAshe 2003
Not to be reprinted without permission

Summer Dumplings

I see the small,
pretty little
sitting there on the
holding a rag doll
wide eyed
soft curls blowing
in the dry, hot
summer wind
her face
turned towards it
inhaling the summer air

off in the distance
an old dog slowly lumbers
up the dirt road
raising soft clouds
of dust from its
well worn paws

the old man out in
the field stops
for a moment from
his toiling to
wipe the sweat from
a well weathered
brow tanned and lined

And in the kitchen
grandma is making
chicken and dumplings
for supper
the pale, translucent
skin of her fingers
crafts the dough
into dumplings of love
and life

For Alllie...<smile>

© Pame FiveAshe 2003
Not to be reprinted without permission

Soul to Soul

I wish I could give you
what you gave me deep down
The joy, the insight,
the renewed warmth and
zeal for the sheer joy
of living

The happiness its brought
back into my life
you said once everything
had a purpose
Words I had often said
myself time and time
That's the aquarian in
us - soul to soul

A mating of the souls
A match made somewhere
off in time
without end

© Pame FiveAshe 2003
Not to be reprinted without permission

Saffron Nights

The most beautiful music composed
of the heart
Allah's way of singing
His own song of
love to young lovers

Ali and Batool's hearts sing
as one
A song so deeply rooted in love
and hopes and dreams
of a lifetime together

A couple more in love I can't
think of at the moment
And through sheer saffran chiffon
and the sands of time
Batool and Ali will love like
no other

Their fountain will always be full
of love and many tomorrows
After murr
scented nights
Allah shines for them only
in this moment
and many more to come

for my soul children
Ali and Batool...always
"Mother Pame"

© Pame FiveAshe 2003
Not to be reprinted without permission

Leftover Crumbs

Every once and awhile now there's
this little twinge
A tug at my heart strings
I didn't know just words
could have an impact such
as your's did

I think back at what was all
said and how it was said
and sometimes I wonder why
I can't just thank you

Maybe it was that one note that
I shot off in haste
Damning you and the whole
Striking out in a fit of misplaced
Or I was just having one of those
bad hair days
Not sure

Maybe this has played itself out
to completion and I'm pining
not for you, but some other lost
love of long ago

I can't say I'm hurting anymore
maybe its just more
Of not knowing now
And an uncertain and shaky

Like some loose thread in the back of
your shirt that you can't reach
But is still remains there as an annoyance

I wonder what good is life if you can't
share it all with those you love
and for a time
I did love you in my own way

Thinking now, maybe the purpose was
what it was
To tweak some part of my inner psyche
and awake some of those long buried
feelings that I stored in a place
much like an old ice box
Crammed in with all the other leftovers
of my life

I've wanted now for a time to just
tell you just two words
Thank You
Not for the leftover crumbs thrown
to some middle aged woman
But from a woman who's heart and spirit
are younger then you are in age now
and because of you
You gave me the will to love again
And the courage to do so

For that alone I am forever grateful

© Pame FiveAshe 2003
Not to be reprinted without permission

The Blizzard

Let's go outside in the snow
and build snowmen and
throw snowballs at each
and fall down laughing
until our cheeks and nose
are red

Let's lie in the snow
and look up at the clear
blue sky
and make snow angels

And when we're too cold
and too wet
Let's go inside and
strip off our clothes and
make some
hot chocolate

Let's go 'back' to where
we grew up
Where life was so simple and
and always be my best friend

For Al...The Blizzard of '03

© Pame FiveAshe 2003
Not to be reprinted without permission

Cumbria Soul

I heard you say today
it'll only be 50 more days
and you'll enter your country's
service...the RAF
the Royal Air Force of England

And I thought "Oh NO
Another one to worry about"
You want to be a weapons
This is your choice and I
honor that
And am as proud as any soul
mother can be

See, you're another one of my
soul children
Ones God didn't give me
to give birth to
But much like Holly and Sarah
You're very much my own

And I watch you place your words
in black ink on pages of white
I hear you speak so uniquely
in your Cumbria way
Deep, dignified and full of
the confidence I know you have
inside of you

I will miss you everyday
you're away
But I know the road you
are taking is the one
you want to
And that is enough for
a "Wartime Mother"

For Nath...Always

© Pame FiveAshe 2003
Not to be reprinted without permission

Of Mice and Men

You know they say out of the
ashes rises the Phoenix
Well, sometimes the Phoenix
gets that chance to rise before
the ashes fall

I made a "call" dear one
just by chance a happeneing
never realizing when I went
to them to lament that
things could turn around
in a heartbeat

They say God hears those who
call upon him
But God and I fight alot
Guess who always wins

In this instance He put me in
my place
Not any easy task for any "Him"
to do
You know my motto
"Be out before breakfast"

But I'm hoping
Sincerely praying that this
time God HEARD me for once
And a "miracle" can
happen here

For Becky

© Pame FiveAshe 2003
Not to be reprinted without permission


I hate your cancer because
its not only killing you
But a part of me, too
It hurts to watch you
slipping away like this
Silly thoughts of WHY do
only the good die young

I want to throw things and
scream and curse this dark
thing you call "Phyllis"
I've gotten aquainted with her
and I'll tell you
She is the sort I would never
invite to my cocktail parties
or gossip with over the back
fence no matter how juicy the
gossip was

The only good thing out of all of
this is a friendship we share
The times we laughed, the times
we cried
The thing I'll remember most
is a stunningly beautiful woman
Sitting outside in the shade
looking like a much younger
Audrey Hepburn from Main Line
Philly....and those pearls

Wait for me on the other side
We'll play together for eternity

For Becky

© Pame FiveAshe 2003
Not to be reprinted without permission

Child of My Heart

You sent me your picture today
Fresh faced and just as American,
the flag and apple pie as Holly

Broke my heart to see it
I had to step away to compose
myself again

To me you've become my soul
child and I worry they'll
send you over there too
with Holly

I honor and respect what you do
your comittment that you'll
But it doesn't make it easier
for this soul mother to deal

When you leave, I want to be there
I want to put on a brave face and
hold back the tears all the other
mothers will have in there eyes, too

I want to wave a little flag and
say all the things your mother might
have wanted to

Because you don't have to carry a child
under your heart to love them like your
You only have to carry them in your heart
to make them your own

For SarahROTC - Always a Child of My Heart

© Pame FiveAshe 2003
Not to be reprinted without permission

A Bird in Flight

Like a bird in flight
I let you go
I have to
It does neither
one of us any
good anymore

My moments of mourning
are over
It has to be
It serves no purpose

I can't look around
every corner for you
You've made yourself
And you know, that's

Everybody hurts
Everybody does cry

But eventually
acceptance does
And you're lost
no more

© Pame FiveAshe 2003
Not to be reprinted without permission

Scars on the Heart

Sometimes they leave
scars on the heart
Little scratches
on the surface
and sometime much
deeper ones

Sometimes they heal
really well and so
and other times
they are etched so
time will never heal
Because they are a wound

That's when its time to seal
over that place
Reserve it
Leave it
So that nothing gets in that
spot again

© Pame FiveAshe 2003
Not to be reprinted without permission

On the Beach

Do you remember our
days on the beach?
And our nights spent
Off Shore Drilling?

The nights were filled
with a parade of pretty
Oh how amazing they were

And when we got bored
We would do the "Work"
You with your Romanie
connection and I, with
my Native American
Made for such interesting
times together
We both even noted the circle of
blue in our eyes

And when that time ended
we both moved away from the
And started new lives else
But our connection endures
over the years and the miles

You will always be my first
"soul child"

For Becca

© Pame FiveAshe 2003
Not to be reprinted without permission

So You Know

I thought it was your
No, it wasn't that

"Take a young lover"
chou chou said
But, no it wasn't that
It was something else

Chou chou said "Tell
him that he would be
the one hurt"
Instead it was I

I still can't put my
finger on it
I don't know
Something else
Something unseen

Do you know?

For Suzanne

© Pame FiveAshe 2003
Not to be reprinted without permission

Happy Birthday

I didn't know the whole story
No one told me
But a mutual friend clued
me in on it
Had I known more
I would have chosen my
words more carefully

And not have said what I did
I always stand by my words
or so I thought
Yet I can't take them back
And I know some have hurt you

I think that's one of my bad traits
that I never got to conquer
That and over analyzing everything
You did it, too
You said so

We are so much alike you and I
Maybe a passing soulmate
Maybe it was only for that time
I don't know now, maybe I'll
never know
But it makes me profoundly sad

But I feel like something was left
unsaid between us
A final coda
And if I had the chance
I would certainly want to
go back and change it

© Pame FiveAshe 2003
Not to be reprinted without permission

The Hour Somewhere

The hour draws late and
I'm so tired
They're warning us that
something is near
something terrible might

I know I'm in a dangerous
spot and I find myself
Making peace
Realizing that I HAVE done
all I have ever wanted to
Have had the love of many
good men and
The love of many good friends

I'm making peace, I can feel that
Straightening all the edges
Trying to make some final peace
with those I need to before...

My words here will stand if I
no longer can
A final testament
and maybe
That's the reason they came in
such a flurry
To so many I've loved and who loved
me...I wish you only well
Perhaps we will survive another day
perhaps not
and we will meet again....somewhere

© Pame FiveAshe 2003
Not to be reprinted without permission

Everybody Hurts

It says everybody hurts
everybody cries
Do they?
You did
You told me so

Do you make some
people cry to make
youself feel better?

Do you hurt so much
you can't help yourself?

Yes, everybody does cry
and everybody hurts
Do you know how to make
it stop?
I don't

© Pame FiveAshe 2003
Not to be reprinted without permission

Gold Ring on a Chain

I send messages to you in heaven
because I don't know where else to
send them
That's where you should be
You were a wonderful man, husband
and father while you were here
on earth

Gold ring that was on my ring finger
I wear now on a long chain near
my heart
I like it there
You're nearby...a small comfort

You weren't my first love
You may not be my last
Because I know you'd want me
to feel the passion in my soul
and the love in my heart
and to share that again

Even if we did say "Even after death"
I still love you and miss you

For George, my dead husband

© Pame FiveAshe 2003
Not to be reprinted without permission

We talked about you today

We talked about you today
Sarah and I
Means we're thinking about you
Over there
In the war zone
with war looming large
ahead of us

We talked about how scared
we are for you
Sarah even said she'd take
your place if she could

And when the time comes
Sarah knows she'll be sent
over there, too
Maybe to clean up the mess

We talked about you today
and prayed like everyday
for you, too

For HollyUSAF and SarahROTC
Two BRAVE American Heros

© Pame FiveAshe 2003
Not to be reprinted without permission


Black Words on Pages of White

Black words on pages of white
Sometimes silly
Sometimes with a deeper meaing
Especially to the one reading them

Did you understand what I was trying to
tell you?
Or did you just ignore them and throw them
Did you see beyond the black and white?

Can you tell the difference in me?
I certainly can
Black words on pages of white
I turn around and they're gone

© Pame FiveAshe 2003
Not to be reprinted without permission

Peace March

We both marched a familiar road
One we both marched before
Long ago, when they called us

But this time
There were little kids, moms,
babies in strollers, grandparents
and you and I

Did you think we'd HAVE to do this
twice in one lifetime?
I didn't...or at least hoped

But you know, their faces looked familiar
The fear in their eyes, the hope to
stop the War

And we had that same look, too

Peace, my "brother" !!

For Dave

© Pame FiveAshe 2003
Not to be reprinted without permission

Faux Lace Curtains

I catch a glimpse of your giggle
a quick "faux lace curtains"
a silly "bad hair day"
and I desolve into hysterics

suddenly I see
"air air"
and I can't help but
laugh myself silly

Remember Scarlet and Rhett
in the lobby?
We laughed so hard
we had tears running down
our cheeks


Cleobabe and EgyptianGigolo?
Nobody understood us in there
We laughed ourselves tired
until it was Malaysia time

You're my partner in high crime
and my very dear friend...

For Marty

© Pame FiveAshe 2003
Not to be reprinted without permission

Final CODA

See...This is the Coda
The end
I realized that this morning
When I awoke
It was over

I told you in the beginning
This was about me...not you
Maybe now you'll understand that
Little boys shouldn't play with
grown up toys

I know where MY future lies now
Do you?

A Final CODA

To Rich

© Pame FiveAshe 2003
Not to be reprinted without permission

The Game - Coda

So, you think you can play the game?
A master at hand
Many on line Lotharios have tried
it before
Want to ask them where it got them?

With a sly grin I sit here
Remembering some of their names
Its does amuse me some
See, I know how to play the game

But it makes me wonder
about the other human wreakage
you've left or are leaving behind

Behind every curtain is a face
a person, a human being
who may not understand the game
as well as I did

One day it'll be your turn
what will you do then?


© Pame FiveAshe 2003
Not to be reprinted without permission

Talk to Me

When I look at your blue eyes
And see your face
I just want to touch it
Hold you

I want to tussle your hair
just a little
Listen to you

Talk to me
I miss the sound
of your voice
Your laugh
Talk to me


© Pame FiveAshe 2003
Not to be reprinted without permission

Just Words

I keep speaking words
and I wonder if they're getting in
I think, let them talk
Who cares
I don't

Do you hear me?
I speak volumes
With only a few

Do you hear my words
Or do they fall on deaf ears?
I'm looking for answers
But what was the question

© Pame FiveAshe 2003
Not to be reprinted without permission

Time and Place

You said I had to feel it, too
I've come to that time and place
Holding out my hand
I don't know yet if you'll take it

And that scares me
But nothing ventured
Nothing gained
Isn't it?

I'm the one now saying
"I miss you more than I can say"
I'm the one now thinking about
you all the time
Realizing you are my inspirition

I write these for you...

© Pame FiveAshe 2003
Not to be reprinted without permission

Pink and White Roses

Pink and white roses
A shower of flowers
Just from you hands
Warm, loving and comforting
They embrace me...

You placed them at my feet
You showered me with affection
and for a moment I didn't know
what to say or what to do...

Feel my arms holding you
Feel my warm embrace
I'm holding you
Until you're able to
stand tall again...

© Pame FiveAshe 2003
Not to be reprinted without permission

Shuttle to Heaven

Angels in the sky
Neither earth bound
Nor heavenly entombed
Between heaven and earth
Suspended forever between

The Magnificent Seven
Together and not alone
One collective heart
One collective mind

Our hearts are heavy
We grieve for your
For you seven it is
Your mission complete


© Pame FiveAshe 2003
Not to be reprinted without permission

I Don't Understand

Even now when I look at your picture
I can't read the lines in your face...
I can't see the expression in your blue eyes...
I don't understand...

You said so much in such a short time...
and never failed to tell my how much you missed
More then you could ever say...
I don't understand...

You left me alone...
Without even saying goodbye...
I'm now left to wonder why...
And never really understand...

© Pame FiveAshe 2003
Not to be reprinted without permission

Go Scratch

I'll get under your hair
and in your skin
I'll be the itch you can't
And you'll wonder why that's

You'll go away scratching
but always come back
for more...

You'll think there's away
to rid yourself of that

But both you and I know
there never will be..

© Pame FiveAshe 2003
Not to be reprinted without permission

Mother America

I Am America

I am America
Come suckle at my breast of inequity and hate
Come and taste the bitter milk of discontent
Come and feast on my cold breast...

I am America
Once the home of the free and the brave
Great Patriots....Heros....Men of Peace
and Good Will....

See my great face on every war torn soldier
Every frightened young child
Every mother
Every ONE

I am Mother America
My clothes are made out of the tattered
remains of the Constitution
My shoes are nothing but
rags, remnants of our Flag

I am America
Suckle no more....
My breast is dry....

© Pame FiveAshe 2003
Not to be reprinted without permission

My Best Friend

My best friend knows when I hurt
and is there for me
Likewise, I do the same for him

We travelled the same road together
and separately at times
Destiny brought us back together
In a most wonderfully, unusual way

Good times, bad times, in between times
we have shared
When he hurts, I do likewise
When he's happy, I am elated

Sometimes we walk hand in hand together
others apart
But at times
He's carried me on his broad shoulders
and I have carried him on mine

I hope to always have you in my life, my best friend
There is nothing better than that

Dedicated to Al

© Pame FiveAshe 2003
Not to be reprinted without permission


The Walk

You'll never know what you meant to me...
A little time spent
You called us complimentary
Two sides of one coin

When I took your hand in mine it was so small, so unblemished by time...
unjaded in an old soul
You said in your own little way you had a crush on me
and I didn't really give you the chance to explore that or I fearing what I
conventional wisdom said it was wrong
but you gave me something so precious
a view back at my past and I went there

And as we walked a long further
I felt your hand growing in mine
it wasn't noticeable at first
but as time went on
I felt it growing

and by the time our walk ended
your hand encompassed mine
and I knew the man you were
and the man you will become

I'll cherish it forever
you were something very special to me...thank you

January, 2003

© Pame FiveAshe 2003
Not to be reprinted without permission

The Man You Became

When you came back
you tiptoed in so
I barely realized it
it was you at first
But there you were
smiling like you
always did

But different this time
More mature, more grown up
then the first time
Confident, strong, every
thing I knew you would

And this time you took
My hand
And the hand of the child
was gone
You wrapped my hand in warmth,
friendship and a different kind of
love of a friend by a man I knew
you would become

There's a spoken understanding this time
you are my inspiration...always

© Pame FiveAshe 2003
Not to be reprinted without permission


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