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Rage Against the Machine
Someone once confessed their envy of Jimmy Page because he'd written *all* the good guitar riffs, leaving nothing for the rest of us. Well, Rage Against The Machine appears to have stumbled on Jimmy's secret stash of leftovers. But calling these riffs leftovers is doing them an injustice. Each is a behemoth of intensity and groove, while being surprisingly simple and eminently catchy.


The Terrorist:
By Lester Michael

Pretending to be a christian at heart
Really a dirtbag, and not very smart
Everyone knows he's just playing the part
Selling us lies about the wars that he starts
Inside his own mind hes a legend of crime
Dastardly daring, making headlines
Everyone sees he's subhuman slime
No one escapes the annals of time
The terrorists work for the regime of DC
George W. Bush, and Dick Cheney
Evil are they, it's so easy to see
On their graves it shall read "Enemies of the free"
Reading to children as the WTC crashed
Giving no answers, not even when asked
Elections are stolen, democracy trashed
When will they be punished, justice at last
Bush and his friends are pieces of shit
Under their rule the country has split
Since they took power they've abused it
Hell bound are they for the sins they commit

The Awe & Bafflement of Man
By Lester Michaels

The history of misery
Centuries of hate
The consequence of action
Dark decisions that we make

Memories of weaponry
The history of fate
The truth is never arbitrary
For we are what we create

As we search through the skies
So full in our eyes
All things considered
Don't be so surprised

Coz though much as changed
Things are the same
Life's still a puzzle
It must be arranged

Most people are sheep
They follow the herd
Tired and blind
They believe the absurd

They don't even try
They just forge ahead
All logic aside

Tomorrow Today
By Lester Michaels

Stand in line and wait your turn
Tell us, what’s your name?
We hear you talk and put us down
Your file is well maintained

We know everything about you
We even know your friends
Have you paid your taxes yet?
Guess we’ll have to check again

Did you know we have you on film?
Just walking down the street
It’s our job to keep an eye on you
Even when you sleep

There’s a cop on every corner
And a camera on your porch
Microchips in babies soon
And it’s all for you, of course

We’re doing all we can
We just want to make you safe
With a barcode on your neck
You know, just in case

We love our status quo
And it needs to be maintained
If you dare to challenge it
Your death will be arranged

Holy Ground
By Lester Michaels

You will always find the truth
Between the lines of lies
Covered and obscured
Concealed and disguised

Whispered under screams
Mumbled under cries
Lost in our delusions
Martyred by our pride

The world is just so vivid
It's often way too real
People seem so frigid
Forgetting how we feel

And as we move in endless circles
My faith never comes around
Don't ask me to believe in miracles
When blood is spilled on holy ground

A Cycle Broken
By Lester Michaels

It all came back around in the end
The rise and fall of many men
Races fighting, cultures clashing
And the middle becomes the high again
But now the power aims to stay
They're doing it all a different way
The middle becomes the low forever
Listen to what I'm about to say

Will the tree be again refreshed?
Its leaves a little greener?
Will we all by then confess?
Because nothing's getting easier!

A human affair
By Lester Michaels

Under siege of inner darkness
I will find the strength to fight
I will brave the tundra winds
And the desert storms alike
I will step foot onto the battle field
Armed with a conquered fear
Armed with my name, my soul
Aware of the war that nears

The crimson eyes of destiny
The decaying hand of fate
They will soon come to me
Whatever path I take
To pay the mortal price
Is to never live again
The gift gets snatched from all of us
But it's ours until the end!


So you told me how to be
By Lester Michaels

So you told me how to be
Who to be
And what to be
To shut up and deal with it
Coz you're like family to me
So do I look good on your cameras?
How you doin way up there?
Oh sorry, did I bother you?
I didn't mean to stare
So to all those eyes in the sky
Here's lookin at you
Coz you can see me
But I can't see you
So how many more laws have been passed this year?
How many more needles in Texas this year?
How many spills have there been thus far?
Did you know we could use the sun to power our cars?
Did you even know that?
But no, of course, that's asking too much
It would seem that we're better off coated with sludge
So lets keep drillin and spillin
We have a talent for it
This planet is fucked
And nobody gives a shit

There are secret agent assassins
They lurk in the masses
Wearin black in the shadows
Wearin dark sunglasses
And they're killin to rob the riches of time
While passing the blame for their horrible crimes
And I know you'd like to burn this
Just like Waco burned in Texas
But I take that as a compliment
Coz it means you got the message
And sure everyone's got a ticket to ride
But only a few really get to drive
Most just end up stuffed in the trunk
All locked inside just waiting to die
And the funny thing is
They seem happy in there
Killin each other
While gaspin for air

No way I'll never play by your rules
Obeying no law, being no tool
Coz if I told you who I was
You wouldn't believe me anyway
If you look behind my eyes
I'm not what you portray
I just want to say something
Something unsaid
I want to be amongst the living
Not live amongst the dead
If only you knew what goes on in my head
The things that I think are not what we're fed
Now leave me alone
And go ponder my words
I've already told you too much
Much more than you deserve


I really love Daywalker's Poems. I think someone needs to put them to music as new songs for activists. Sing them at protests. I wish I was musically inclined then I would.


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