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i am the hole in your lifesaver
i am the sound the wind leaves behind
i am the echo of doubt as it screams
in the silent recess of your mind.

i am the thought that's unbidden
i am the look in a dead lover's eye
i am the book that's not written
i am the empty sky.

i am the crater the bomb leaves behind
i am the dust it carries
i am the crime the explosion defies
i am the people it buries.

i am a work in progress
i am on lips of babies who die
i am the answer that cannot be caught
i am the question why.


Suffer the children to play in the streets
to run and to jump and to cry
Suffer the children to wrestle and laugh
Suffer the children to die.

Suffer the baby who lies in her cradle
so small so soft and petit
Suffer her stroll with her mother outside
Suffer their deaths in the street.

Suffer their play in uranium dust
Suffer their childish desires
Suffer the little mistakes that they make
Suffer with with rockets and fires.

Suffer with guns and with bombs and with tanks
Suffer with profits and gain
Suffer with them at our thanksgiving feasts
as they lie starving in pain.

Suffer the beggars as they plead for their crust
Suffer the sad eyed mothers
Suffer their small and fragile trust
Suffer the deaths of their brothers.

Suffer the slaughter of innocents
Suffer the bodies in piles
Suffer the news and the lies and deciet
Suffer the bloodstained smiles.

Suffer the bombing and shooting and noise
Suffer the destruction of truth
Suffer the mines that dismember the boys
and bullets that come through the roof

Suffer the bombs that we leave on the ground
and the dictators who live on the hill
Suffer their Death Squads who march through the towns
Suffer the babies they kill.

Suffer the spies with thir secrets and lies
Suffer the stories they tell.
Suffer the evil that they bring on this world

Peace NOW
Impeach NOW

Thanksgiving day 2002


You're telling us that war with iraq
will be quick and surgical and clean
That the war cannot last beyond the huge blast
of a six megaton bombing campaign.

Oh the missles we'll fire and smart bombs we'll fling...
With accuracy and power and thrust
and our armies in victorious divisions we'll bring...
once the Iraqis are bombed into dust.

And I thought to myself... Shock and Awe what a title
What a poetic sounding attack
What a strong and manly diversion
from reality of war on Iraq.

Shock and Awe we've had here in plenty
when the WTC hit the ground
And at Waco, and OKC and daily nowdays
As our democracy continues to drown.

We're shocked and awe struck alright
as we see our liberties squandered
as we watch the destruction of freedom
as the crimes of our "leaders" get laundered.

I remember the shock and awe that I felt
as the WTC Buildings went down
I remember the choking cascade of dust
and the silence that covered the ground.

I wonder if Iraqi survivors don't feel
that same sickening gnawing of dread
I wonder if the families of victims
feel the urge to kill for their dead.

And I wonder if others don't feel this
As missles rain death from their sky
If Iraqis with children protect them
with their own beaten flesh as they die.

Mostly I wonder about leaders
Who stand before us so tall
Whose bodies are never endangered
Whose children won't suffer at all.
Who say "Shock and Awe" with reverence
In religiously misty eyed tones
Who are planning to build a New World Order
On a foundation of Skulls and Bones.

Peace NOW
Impeach NOW
02 11 03


It's a soldiers job to stay alive
to slog over mountain and hill
And to fight with his crew
to keep them alive
but it's a leaders job to kill.

They carry their guns
fix bayonets
Cut loose and fire at will.
Man morter bombs and rocket grenades
but it's a leaders job to kill.


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