aka Hawk^
aka Admiral-Macleod
aka Rev-Macleod

We have confirmed that Highlander, aka Rev-Macleod, was killed in Biloxi the morning Katrina hit. He didn't have a car and he didn't want to evacuate because they wouldn't let him take his cats. James lived in the Back Bay Apartments 50 yards from the bay at about four feet above sea level. The satellite pictures show the destruction.

Various chatters spoke with him at 5 AM the morning he died. He lost internet connection at 5:30 AM. His mother evacuated. A neighbor says he tried to save him with a boat, but James got out of the boat and went back into the apartment to save his mother's favorite cat right when the 25 foot storm surge hit.

Please say a prayer for Highlander.

Politics: Conservative/Republican
Location: Biloxi, Mississippi
Favorite Quote: Bush was elected by winning a majority of the Electoral College Votes, the USSC had nothing to do with his election
Most recent books: Mick Foley: Mankind Have a Nice Day, Diamond Dallas Page: The Diamond Dallas Page Story
Etc.: Real name is James Macleod (actually James Pierce, but he preferred Macleod).