Goodbye Saddam

As Baghdad falls, there is no sign of you. If you are indeed still alive, it is because you chickened out and ran to Syria and left your people to die at the hands of the troops. Sad thing though, if you are hiding in the plush resorts of exiled leaders in Syria, you are also there with all the weapons you secretly stored there before the inspectors arrived in Iraq. And that means, like a bad penny, you will turn up again.

I disapprove that one thing about exiling tyrants like you. You can sit in luxury for a few years and watch the rebuilding of your country and when you decide that enough time has passed and you have plotted your revenge, the coup to retake the country begins.

The only exile I believe in is in a six by six cement cell. In your case, preferably with a side room complete with a torture chamber so you can personally experience all the pain and suffering that you have inflicted on countless thousands. There is no need for me to describe the types of torture and humiliation that you would be subjected to because you have watched tape after tape of the suffering that you invoked and know all to well what you can expect. As a side note, I would also include a personal rape room since that also was a favorite punishment that you embellished. I wonder how much dignity you would feel after being forced to sit on a glass bottle until it breaks or some other instrument shoved up your orifice.

Are you afraid Saddam? Is your body trembling with fear? Life has a funny way of exacting its revenge on those who are ruthless and cold hearted. Did you really believe that your Allah approved of your wicked ways? Do you honestly believe that the pearly gates of Heaven will open up wide for your entrance to eternal paradise? How sick and twisted you are if you believe that. The only heaven I am sure you will ever see will be in the fiery gates of eternal damnation. One can only hope that you are already there but I sense death was not quite ready for you yet. Death would have been far to easy and I will admit that you're a sly one and covered all your bases by using your doubles in various places so that we would believe it was you in the buildings the bombs dropped on.

I wonder, Saddam, was it disheartening to discover that the people you ruled over did not love you? They did not amass by the millions to save you and the country you claim to love so much. Quite the opposite actually. The people you have oppressed for so very long are finally feeling a bit of the freedoms they have longed for. They are tearing your images down and spitting on them. They are destroying your lifelike statues and cheering all the while. They are finally free to say what they think of you and not have to fear death by doing so. I totally enjoy the sounds of their laughter and the smiling faces of the children. Especially when the children were released from the prison you had locked up because they refused to fight for you. Children should be playing baseball and eating ice cream, not picking up AK-47s to kill for something they are far to young to understand. You're a mean one Mr. Hussein.

I must give you credit for one thing though. You did not use weapons of Mass Destruction on the people or the troops. You did not fire missiles into Israel. You managed to prove the Bush administration wrong on those assertions. Does this make this war justified without evidence of WMD? I shall leave that to the talking heads to debate over. I am sure in your mind it is completely unjustified, as is your right, but sometimes the end justifies the means. Your demise is means enough for most of the population. Nothing can bring back the lives of the dead innocents and that will haunt so many people for years to come. War is never an option one goes into wearing rose-colored glasses. Sadly, it takes the sacrifices of the few to bring freedom and liberation to so many.

As the people of Iraq and the world say farewell to you and your tyranny, I have to ask you one last question. Were your final days filled with hatred of President Bush or was there a bit of reluctant admiration that Bush set out to exactly as he said would and did not buckle under public opinion? I think you really relied on the world court of public opinion to save you but deep down you knew better. While President Bush is not the most beloved man in the world and many call him maniacal in his foreign policy, at least his character shows that he will not back down in ridding the world of the likes of you.

Goodbye Saddam, wherever you are, and good riddance.


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