Of Patriots and Traitors

Oh, yes. It is true.

No one seems to be debating facts or ideas in any rational way. Raw emotion rules all commentary and opinion from those who truly could make a difference in this war and U.S. policies of the future.

Despite virtually all Americans supporting the troops themselves, it doesn't stop the accusations of traitorous behavior and even 'supporting Saddam'.

Of course, labeling and name-calling is a self-defensive behavior we learn early in life. And, no matter how hard we try, we all do fall back on it in those times when our argument is eroded or defeated by facts we did not know and our own lack of understanding beyond our own self-serving opinions.

Hypocrisy seems to rule the day.

What served well to satisfy one's desire to criticize the president in one administration while US troops had been sent into harm's way is now a fault of those that oppose another president who has done the same.

Frankly, I follow the lead of the right wing types.

From 1992 thru Jan. 20, 2001, they proved their patriotism by supporting our troops sent to fight foreign military actions, yet said they were ashamed of the president in the White House at that time.

Therefore, I, too, am a Patriot. I support our troops, yet I am ashamed of the president we have now, and his policies.

Traitor? If am truly a traitor, then you who did the same as I am now, in regards to the previous president, must take pride in the fact that it was you who taught me how.

God Bless America!


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