If World War 3 is Fought with Nuclear Weapons,

then World War 4 will be Fought with Sticks and Stones. 

--Albert Einstein


I have always enjoyed that particular quote by Einstein. Nothing rings truer.

Especially  the assumption that, if indeed we entered a catastrophic Nuclear demise,  there is absolute certainty that World War 4 will happen in the future. It is the human way. 

Can a Nuclear war be prevented? Not likely. It may not happen this decade but rest assured it will happen.

Is a Nuclear threat the real reason President Bush is ready to attack Baghdad? I would love to believe that it is, but in all reality, if Nuclear capability was the real culprit, Iraq would not top the list in our quest to establish security and democracy in the world. Especially considering that today's ally is tomorrow's arch enemy.

First, we would have to start with countries that have acknowledged Nuclear capability:

United States








Then we have Iraq, Iran and North Korea who are suspected of either developing or attempting to acquire Nuclear capability. Coincidently, these three also make up President Bush's infamous  "Axis of Evil".

Now, we must ask ourselves, who in the above list is presently in the most volatile situation that should be a concern at the present moment?

Does Iraq top your list?

My list is topped with India, Pakistan and Israel.  Iraq lingers towards the bottom but certainly is not last on the list.

No country is willing to abolish their Nuclear arsenals because, quite simply, nobody trusts each other.

And we certainly can never allow just any country to be Nuclear equipped. That luxury is reserved for the powerful keepers of peace.

What is the solution? 

Certainly not by inciting a real war to prevent a possible war.

To attack Iraq will be to start World War 3. The chain reaction will be devastating.

Then it is back to sticks and stones.

Right where we started.

Tom Lehrer wrote a satirical song about Nuclear Weapons ... 

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Opinion by Tara

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