Disturbed's Prayer

Now We Are Censoring Music Because Of 9-11

The alternative rock band “Disturbed” is causing a bit of a ruckus with the release of their new video entitled “Prayer”.

First MTV endorsed it then they decided not to air it because it would remind people too much of 9-11.

Excuse me – but we are now going to censor music simply because it could resemble 9-11? I thought that was a day never to forget. Burned in our memories forever.

by Disturbed inclucing Prayer

The video can be seen throughout the Internet, which is how I was able to view it and decide for myself why it was not-worthy of MTV’s high standards. (Sarcasism)

I fell in love with both the song and the video, and I did not feel threatened by any 9-11 flashback.

It is based on the book of Job, with God testing man’s faith through a series of catastrophic events.

Disturb’s lead vocalist, David Draiman said he wrote the song in particular about the clergy’s reaction to 9-11.

"Instead of consoling their flock, people like Jerry Falwell and Oral Roberts chastised them and used the situation as a means of empowerment, saying it was our own fault because we're a decadent and promiscuous people. I just thought that whole notion is ridiculous."

Draiman goes on to say:

"It's not very godly for a God to inflict pain and suffering on his people to elicit a response. I would hope that God wouldn't be that petty. But if that's what is happening and you're inflicting pain and suffering to get me to return [to the flock], bring it on. There's nothing that you're going to do to me that's going to change my conviction or change my path."

Pretty Powerful stuff –- and so is the video.

Please watch it and decide for yourself. If you agree it should be aired and not shelved for the sake of 9-11 write to MTV and tell them.

It is time to let go and move on.

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