In my never-ending quest to understand the whys and whatnot’s of September 11, 2001, I recently stumbled across a website called

Virtually every question possible has been asked but very few have been answered.

I was pleasantly surprised to see a few of the questions I have had twisting and turning in my mind were also being asked by others. I do not feel so alone.

  Why were the hijackers trained to fly in the U.S.? If they all came from Middle Eastern countries then why were they sent (or brought) to the U.S. to learn to fly?

That has bugged me for some time now. After all, they didn't need to retain pilot licenses to take over an airplane in mid flight. They merely needed combat experience and the training to maneuver a plane into a large target. That is easily done from any country that has flight training schools.

   Given the absence of any DNA evidence, and the use of false passports by the hijackers, how was the government able to come up with the list of 19 names so quickly?

Many ask why the hijackers names are not listed on the original passenger manifest and that one is the easiest to answer.
I had read quite awhile back that out of consideration for the families of the victims on the flights, the hijackers names were omitted. Understandable if not quite acceptable to the inquiring minds who want to know.
But we have heard the FBI say many times that they could not track all the men because they used multiple alias’s and had more than one falsified passport.
So I have to ask just how quickly they were able to list to the public names and faces of these 19 men <eight of which turned out to be wrong as they were either already dead or alive and well in various places>. 
One phone call from Madeline Sweeny, the flight attendant on #11 tells us how she calmly gave the seat numbers of four of the hijackers yet the FBI turned up five names and also the seat numbers she gave were different from those registered in the hijackers' alleged names.
Ms Sweeny was a 12-year veteran of the airlines and was able to calmly give precise details about what was occurring on the flight, yet when she was asked about their location, she said, "I see water and buildings. Oh, my God! Oh, my God!"
It seems to me after 12 years of flying she would have easily said “We are over Manhattan.
I see the WTC Towers.”  The phone call was turned over to the FBI and they have declined to discuss it ever since.
Also, how do we even begin to comprehend how the passport of Mohammed Atta flew out of his wallet on impact to land eight blocks away just waiting to be discovered and accurately identify him as the pilot and mastermind of the day’s events.
Coincidence or Divine interaction?

Did a Boeing really crash into the Pentagon or was it a truck packed with explosives like the first AP reports said? If so, what happened to American Airlines Flight 77 and why?

Now personally I find it hard to believe that eyewitness’s who seen the plane flying low and making expert turns to dive into the Pentagon are mistaken in what they seen, but why is the only video released by the Pentagon showing a fireball and no footage of the plane itself actually crashing into the west section of the Pentagon. Make believers of the non-believers by showing the exact footage. Interestingly, I came across a news article awhile back that has stumped me when I read a particular comment:

John Bowman, a retired Marine lieutenant colonel and a contractor, was in his office in Corridor Two near the main entrance to the south parking lot.  "Everything was calm,' Bowman said. "Most people knew it was a bomb. Everyone evacuated smartly. We have a good sprinkling of military people who have been shot at." <emphasis added>

This article can be found at dated September 14, 2001 and is entitled 'Where is Safe?' Terrorists strike Military Nerve Center” by Pentagram staff writer Dennis Ryan.

GW Bush "saw" the first plane hit the tower; Pentagon officials cancelled travel plans on 9/10; White House officials took Cipro "before" anthrax attacks on Democrats and media; FEMA groups were transferred to NYC on 9/10.  Jeb Bush called up the National Guard on September 8 2001. (EXECUTIVE ORDER NUMBER 01-261). All these point to prior knowledge by the Bush administration. Why is no one reporting these facts?

All these are questions I also have. And no matter how I try in vain to have them answered, I have not succeeded.

I believe it our duty as Americans to ask questions when we have no clear and accurate answers. Especially when it pertains to our Government who we “hire” when we elect them. As the “employers” of the Government we should demand factual and acceptable answers when there is probable wrongdoing. Without accountability for their actions, they should be released immediately from duty. There is not one single question listed above that does not deserve an explanation. Matter of fact, they require explanations.

When the Veil of Secrecy is lifted from the current administration we may be shocked at the face that lies beneath it.

Let us hope it is not to late.

**I would like to ask any of you with either answers or questions you might have to bring them forward. Maybe if we work as a collective group, we can shed some light on the darkness of the why’s and how’s of what is now known as Black Tuesday. Please email me at with your questions or answers and I will post them in a follow-up column of “Things That Make Us Go Hmmm” if there is enough interest. Thanks J **

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