While war rages between Palestine and Israel, Afghanistan is still in turmoil, India and Pakistan conflicts are still brewing, Iraq about to be attacked, basically the entire Middle East about to erupt, we in America have our priorities straight.

We are busy suing McDonalds on behalf of a couple of fat kids.

"When we're suing on behalf of children, it's hard to argue that a 6, or 8 or 10-year-old child has to take full responsibility for their decisions when they're lured into McDonald's by the toys and the playground and happy meals and the birthday parties," said attorney John Banzhaf.

The two girls that Banzhaf is suing on behalf of are at least 80 pounds overweight. One is 5'9" and weighs 270 pounds and the other is 5'3" and weighs 200 pounds. Apparently they have been eating at McDonalds several times a week for many years.

While Banzhaf does not reveal the girls ages, he refers to them as teenagers.

Personally, I do not know too many teenagers lured to Mickey D's by playgrounds and happy meals.

It would appear to me that if Mr. Banzhaf were truly concerned that the fast food restaurant was to blame for making the girls fat, he would be suing the parents on behalf of the teens. What parent allows their child to make McDonalds the main staple in their diet and not hold some responsibility?

McDonalds has locations throughout the world. Why is it only Americans getting fat from eating there? Why are Americans the only ones to sue when they do become overweight?

Many say that it all started with Stella Liebeck's lawsuit when she was scalded by a cup of overly hot coffee. That particular case made headlines and became the brunt of thousands of jokes, but in actuality, McDonalds did bear some responsibility for that case. The coffee was brewed at a temperature 20 degrees higher than it should have been and Ms Liebeck endured a great deal of pain and medical expenses. The amount of money that her lawyers had asked for absurd and logically the courts worked it out to a reasonable amount of $480,000 instead of the original 2.9 million dollars.

Can personal injury from scalding coffee be compared to obesity from eating at McDonalds several times a week? Ludicrous!

If these two teenagers ate too many Big Macs with super sized fries, naturally fat cells will increase. What needs to be asked is how active are these girls? Do they eat, and then sit in front of the television for hours or play on the computer? Will Mr. Banzhaf also sue Bill Gates, the Cable Company and manufactures of television sets?

Personal responsibility must begin somewhere. It has become far to common to blame anyone other than ourselves.

I would like to say one thing to the teenagers and their respective parents.

Why don't you take the money you are paying Mr. Banzhaf and send it to the starving children in India or Palestine? Let those children know what it is like to have a full stomach. I bet they would not complain about a few extra pounds. Fatten up some malnourished children instead of fatting up a lawyer's wallet.

To Mr. Banzhaf, for moral absolution, you should set aside 10% of your income every week and send it to a charity to feed the homeless in America.

You don't like my advice?

Sue me.

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