If Tom Clancy had written a novel, where 19 men of Middle Eastern descent boarded four airplanes at approximately the same time, armed with nothing but simple box cutters and then overtook all four airplanes and flew them directly into the most highly profiled and secure airspace of the United States, and forced the collapse of the World Trade Center towers and the Pentagon, killing thousands, the reader would wonder at the imagination of Mr. Clancy.

Then it actually happens.

Suddenly the great imagination of one author becomes the most widely accepted facts in American history. And the subject of the greatest conspiracy theory since the assassination of John F Kennedy.

Conspiracy theories are born when the facts behind an event are easily disputable. Theorists are born when they recognize the facts are disputable.

To the non-theorist, the events of September 11, 2001 as explained to us by the US Government, are factual and the official story. Flash enough pictures of the planes hitting the towers and the subsequent collapse along with a camouflage jacket wearing Osama bin Laden and you have the perfect hate crime against the freedoms of America. When the same pictures are implanted in your mind by the television repeatedly, you become resistant to questioning. You order up another bowl of sheep chow and happily continue with your everyday life.

To the theorist however, they instantly see a problem with the "official story". The facts as they were presented are highly disputable, the story is questionable and the simplicity of it all is absurd. They turn the televisions off and head toward the internet in droves to find out what really happened. You will never see a theorist eating a bowl of sheep chow.

Therefore, I decided that since I did not particularly care for the taste of sheep chow, I would also head off to the cyber land of words and wisdom and find some answers to my questions.

While I have not found any solid answers as of yet, I have multiplied my 50 questions into around 150 questions. For every explanation I sought, I became aware of twenty more questions I never thought to ask. It is like a giant jigsaw puzzle where very few of the pieces fit yet you are determined to finish the puzzle.

I love the challenge. Besides, conspiracy theories are so much more fun than the "official story".

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