Musings from the Center -- or otherwise known as YellowBelliedFenceSitters - will be a collection of editorials, opinions, satire and collective thoughts.

One of the great things about independent thought is the fact that I can "think outside the box" and not be accused of "betraying a party".

I must admit that since September 11th, I have starting leaning a bit left but I think that comes from deep and total disapproval of George W. Bush and his administration.

But not enough to sway me into either party of whom I call the Blamers.

I cast my vote on Nov 7th 2000 like millions of Americans (no-you do not need to know who I voted for) and I was as dismayed as the next person over the absolute idiocy the entire election process ended up being.

I never dreamed the USSC would be in total control of electing the President of the United States in the name of the people.

But it did happen and I was just relieved it was over. One of the two evils had to be the winner - we can only speculate how things may or may not have been different.

I would appreciate any feedback or submission that you care to give.

Anyone who is also "yellowbellied" and has free time to spare with articles please let me know or send to my email address.

In the meantime, enjoy "Musings From the Center".

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