Zeno's Log of CNN's #News_Cafe for 9-11-2001
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9/11: The Big Lie by Thierry Meyssan
Although widely criticized when it first appeared in March of this year, Thierry Meyssan’s 11 Septembre: L’Effroyable Imposture, nevertheless went on France’s bestseller list in its second week and became the highest-grossing book in a single week in Europe ever. As Alan Riding noted in the European edition of The New York Times, it is a book that has taken on a life of its own. Now, American readers have their own opportunity to evaluate the merit of the author’s arguments. Just published by USA Books are the English-language editions of the original title and a companion volume, Pentagate. As a former student of theology as well as of political science, M. Meyssan brings to his work a sincere desire to provide an explanation of the tragedy in the context of his left-of-center philosophy. His books are focused primarily on what he believes are serious inconsistencies between observations of the damage to the Pentagon and the official explanation of what happened there. In September 11: The Big Lie, he also discusses similar discrepancies surrounding the destruction of the World Trade Center towers. The evidence that supports the author’s arguments includes eyewitness accounts and commentary by a military authority on explosives. However, most of the narrative consists of the author’s own analyses of the reports by politicians and journalists as well as of film footage of the sites. Photos are included. According to the author, interest in these books in the U.S. is already very strong.Speaking as head of a think tank called the Voltaire Network, he notes, Two-thirds of the hits on our Web site come from the United States. For students of history and political science, as well as all concerned citizens, these are important books to be aware of. While some may be offended by the author’s conclusions, his beliefs clearly hold an appeal for many outside the United States.
The Shadow Government: 9-11 and State Terror by Len Bracken, Andrew Smith, Kenn Thomas
Bracken attempts to explain, in prose by turns elegant and overwrought, why Bush White House and Pentagon officials plotted to kill thousands in an "indirect defense attack" on September 11—and how they plan to profit off such monstrous self-sabotage: a potential $15 billion in insider stock trades (the SEC, Bracken notes, has refused to reveal the names of those who made windfalls on that Tuesday); the expected construction of a lucrative, Houston-sponsored pipeline across Afghanistan; and the passage of pro-policing bills like the USA Patriot Act, among other nefarious objectives.
Fortunate Son: George W. Bush and the Making of an American President by J. H. Hatfield, Greg Palast
If you want to find out more about public officials, start with the books they don't want you to read. Fortunate Son, James Hatfield's swan song, amasses the singlemost informative and chilling overview of Bush the Younger, a man of wealth, privilege, and arrogance nearing Shakespearean proportions. In the wake of its destruction by its original publisher, subsequent revival by Soft Skull Press, as well as the tragic suicide of its author, this book has undergone several revisions. This third revision, featuring a new forward by Greg Palast and Mark Crispin Miller, is as outstanding as they come, the antithesis to all of the Neoconservative-sanctioned Bush books flooding the market.

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Session Start: Tue Sep 11 06:17:31 2001
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[06:17] <LindaWS> Sharonelle .. not sure if they were hijacked then dumped
[06:17] <Zeno> hi Aurora
[06:17] <ShowTime> bush doesn't need nobody LindaWS
[06:17] <Sharonelle> ShowTime - I don't hear they were hijacked - but I don't think it's an accident.
[06:17] <LindaWS> Zeno turn on tv
[06:17] <Twoputt> You have to figure there were at least 100 passengers on each plane.
[06:17] <Aurora> ~~~~ Zeno
[06:17] <ShowTime> LindaWS it's confirmed they were hijacked
[06:17] <Zeno> Why the hell is Phi|o here?
[06:17] <ShowTime> i heard it on NBC
[06:18] <LindaWS> ShowTime . this is so sad, I feel for the good people in america
[06:18] <julee> well, somebody owns us now
[06:18] <ShowTime> Phi|o is a plant Zeno
[06:18] <SharpEye> This may be the opening rounds of a REAL WAR. dont be suprized if we have Nuclear Bombs going off today
[06:18] <crazylady> 737 was hijacked
[06:18] <ShowTime> the channel plant
[06:18] <go> FNC reports hijacking too
[06:18] <Zeno> LindaWS what's on the toob this morning? big news?
[06:18] <LindaWS> Zeno there is a horrific disaster
[06:18] <Sharonelle> Zeno - cause this ain't a cnn channel <>
[06:18] <smirks> can't get on the 1010 WINS or the WCBS 880 websites
[06:18] <alphabuck> i said it sorta off the cuff but im telling you this is a demonstration of why missle defense wont work. no better cruise missle than a passenger liner
[06:18] <Radio_Flyer> By the way, according to the FAA rules, there's a specific altitude that must be enforced when flying over congested areas.
[06:18] <Sharonelle> alphabuck - yep
[06:18] <zz> SharpEye .. geezz..
[06:18] <Blooming2000_Dad> Is there streaming video on this?
[06:18] <Zeno> wow you guys look scared
[06:18] <LindaWS> alphabuck . it aint rocket science, that rumsfedl is wasting your money while
[06:18] <Anders> alphabuck, good point.
[06:18] <crazylady> morning EdC
[06:18] <ShowTime> Zeno terrified for those in the new trade center
[06:18] <LindaWS> Radio_Flyer correct, what is air traffic reporting
[06:19] <Anders> I can't imagine who can justifie this......
[06:19] <Sharonelle> I'm watching CNN
[06:19] <EdC> hey
[06:19] <ShowTime> this is a major crisis for bush right now
[06:19] <LindaWS> EdC more than hey
[06:19] <Anders> <--- don't have cnn. :(
[06:19] * Zeno takes EdC's pocket protector
[06:19] <LindaWS> ShowTime , Bush policies lead to this
[06:19] <zz> ShowTime duh.. what are you saying?
[06:19] <ShowTime> Anders NBC has better coverage
[06:19] <Blooming2000_Dad> Showtime yea.. right
[06:19] <LindaWS> ShowTime you are right
[06:19] <crazylady> ARGH having browser problems cant look at ANYTHING
[06:19] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o shooby
[06:19] <Aurora> ohhhhhh brother....
[06:19] <crazylady> morning ShowTime
[06:19] <shooby> morning!
[06:19] <EdC> yeah! sumtins broken...
[06:20] <ShowTime> EdC :)
[06:20] <LindaWS> ny is broken
[06:20] <Zeno> crazylady the net is overloaded. same thign here.
[06:20] <Anders> ShowTime, well that woudln't help. I don't have cable.... but now I wish I had.
[06:20] <go> why would a pilot kill others like that instead of just refusing to do it and get killed himself?
[06:20] <ShowTime> this is horrible, thousand will be dead
[06:20] <crazylady> Zeno no I cant open ANYTHING
[06:20] <Zeno> crazylady same here
[06:20] <Anders> go, the pilot was probably shot
[06:20] <zz> they need some forest fighter planes to dump foam.. only chance
[06:20] <alphabuck> lws...well this is one time where im glad we have spent billions on the military and intelligence. we're gonna have to extract some retribution from somebody
[06:20] <ShowTime> go both planes were hijacked
[06:20] <LindaWS> Anders dont panic this video will be shown ad nauseum just like the Concorde Crash
[06:20] * Zeno goes to turn on the toob
[06:20] <go> Anders....ahh...that would explain it
[06:20] <julee> if there are 200 hundred floors and 50,000 people and at least a 1/3 is burning , how many ppl do you estimate are dead
[06:20] <LindaWS> alphabuck your military is antiquated, it doesnt address 3 men in a row boat who took out the uss cole
[06:21] <LindaWS> what the hell is wrong with america? why piss off everyone
[06:21] <ShowTime> officials in pentagon are saying this is a terrorist attack
[06:21] <LindaWS> julee , I say many
[06:21] <Blooming2000_Dad> LindaWS sheer nonsense
[06:21] <LindaWS> this completely shuts down nyc
[06:21] <julee> and world trade starts early
[06:21] <Sharonelle> julee - impossible to tell at this point
[06:21] <go> LindaWS...geez...people have been pissed at the USA for centuries!
[06:21] <zz> carl..
[06:21] <ShowTime> bin laden
[06:21] <Sharonelle> ShowTime - that was my first thought when I heard it was two plans - that's no accident
[06:21] <LindaWS> Blooming2000_Dad the usa policies led to this, do you know that 3 men in a row boat took out the cole? what the heck is wrong you guys should be nicer to poor people
[06:22] <CarlSwanson> Golly, some WTO protestors have gone high tech....
[06:22] <ThangDrinkingCoffee> big crowd here
[06:22] <LindaWS> yeah arabs have been trashed by america for centuries, if it is arabs
[06:22] <Zeno> wow. this reminds me of the plane that crashed into the Emoire state building in the 30s
[06:22] <CarlSwanson> only an idiot would think this was an accident.... jesus
[06:22] <alphabuck> we will have to noriega the perp so we can bring him back here and execute him
[06:22] <alphabuck> well the mastermind anyway
[06:22] <julee> linda, do you feel secure today
[06:22] <Aurora> Zeno.....I think that was 'bout the end of WWII
[06:22] <shooby> is CNN's site down
[06:22] <ShowTime> it's not an accident CarlSwanson pentagon said terrorist attack
[06:22] <Twoputt> Ny Airports are closed, Lincoln Tunnel is closed.
[06:22] <alphabuck> shooby just swamped
[06:22] <Zeno> CarlSwanson, only an idiot would say this could not be an accident
[06:22] <ThangDrinkingCoffee> Aurora!!!!!!!! o/~ o/~ o
[06:22] <ShowTime> terroist my arse, it's an act of war
[06:22] <LindaWS> julee . who can?
[06:22] <alphabuck> there is no way this is an accident
[06:22] <alphabuck> rofl
[06:22] <CarlSwanson> ShowTime, really? Wow... that took a lot of brain power...
[06:22] <Aurora> ~~~~~ good morning, ThangDrinkingCoffee
[06:22] <Zeno> Aurora I think you are right
[06:23] <SharpEye> This may be the opening rounds of a REAL WAR. Dont be suprized if we have Nuclear Bombs going off today
[06:23] <go> LindaWS....maybe you would feel more at home with the arab terrorists
[06:23] <SharpEye> Finincal Targets would be the first in modern warfare. This may just be the beginning
[06:23] <ThangDrinkingCoffee> bbl
[06:23] <CarlSwanson> ShowTime.... I mean on the part of the pentagon
[06:23] *** Quits: ThangDrinkingCoffee (QUIT: User exited )
[06:23] <Blooming2000_Dad> LindaWS That is simply babbling... I could take out your whole country using 10% of our military... these things willhappen anytime you are a real player in the world... Ofcourse Canada wouldn't know that.
[06:23] <LindaWS> ShowTime who are you going to war with? disgruntled nuts? they are everywhere on earth
[06:23] <M_Ca> yes we here in the US watch this happening in other countries daily......why we sponsor this kind of thing in other countries....i am surprised it has taken so long to start happening here
[06:23] <Twoputt> NYSE delayed opening.... NASDAQ delayed at least 30 minutes.
[06:23] <ShowTime> so much for are missile sheild eh
[06:23] <Zeno> alphabuck why is that? When the plane crashed into the Empire State building it was an accident.
[06:23] <zz> SharpEye. do you think there will be more?
[06:23] <BigBadWolf> This is no every news channel. Everyone is covering it.
[06:23] <CarlSwanson> too bad they didn't hit the UN...
[06:23] <SharpEye> zz, I dont know
[06:23] <ShowTime> right BigBadWolf
[06:23] <LindaWS> Blooming2000_Dad , why waste $ on missile defense it doesnt work, it doenst prevent against lone nuts like McVeigh or other kooks
[06:23] <go> CarlSwanson....right!
[06:23] <julee> I am not so sure, could be controller fault too, at any given moment I can see 3 planes in the sky
[06:23] <Zeno> M_Ca. its shwn to be on purpose?
[06:23] <crazylady> dang cant even get me real player working ARGH
[06:24] <zz> cell is overloaded.. cell phones can't get through
[06:24] <alphabuck> zeno....two planes dont fly into the side of a building thats previously been attacked by terrorists. did you see the footage at all? the 2nd one steered right into it
[06:24] <julee> and I can go out of my house and drive about 3 minutes and see it burning
[06:24] <Blooming2000_Dad> SharpEye Is this on streaming video?
[06:24] <crazylady> Twoputt the stock exchange was just evacuation
[06:24] <LindaWS> yes where is the air traffic control report?
[06:24] <Sharonelle> julee - not for the second plane - the building was already on fire when they crashed into it - they had to have seen it.
[06:24] <Zeno> alphabuck sorry no. I just saw the building on fire. TWO plane you say?
[06:24] <Aurora> alphabuck.....you bet....that 2nd plane was veering into the bldg. you're right
[06:24] <ShowTime> i can't even get on cnn website
[06:24] <go> julee...you aren't going to are you??!
[06:24] <LindaWS> both planes aimed directly at the towers, where is the air traffic control?
[06:24] <alphabuck> zeno..yes apparently 2 hijacked airliners
[06:24] * Twoputt wonders if anyone is fighting the fires or conducting rescue efforts yet.
[06:24] <julee> no, I don't want to see this
[06:24] <Aurora> Zeno....a 2nd plane hit the other tower live on TV
[06:24] <M_Ca> zeno....well it was 2 planes.....witnessess watched the planes fly by their buildings.....nothing was aparantly wrong with the planes......
[06:24] <julee> your right
[06:25] <SharpEye> Say your Prayers
[06:25] <Zeno> alphabuck, then I apologize. two planes would mean it was on purpose and is an act of war.
[06:25] <CarlSwanson> Well, this is what happens when you bomb asprin factories and make half-assed attempts on terrorists lives
[06:25] <ShowTime> M_Ca i witnessed it on live video here
[06:25] <Sharonelle> LindaWS - air traffic control doesn't control planes - it directs traffic.
[06:25] <LindaWS> act of war by whom? which country
[06:25] <zz> Twoputt They should get some forest fire planes up there to dump foam
[06:25] <ShowTime> http://news.bbc.co.uk/
[06:25] <alphabuck> zeno...yep. the problem is figuring out who we declare war on
[06:25] <Blooming2000_Dad> LindaWS First it does work. and no nothing will stop individuals... but then even in the worst case only 168 were killed... One nuke missle would kill millions... this is peanuts.
[06:25] <CarlSwanson> Estimated Death Toll..... 2K
[06:25] <ShowTime> i was able to get into bbc, it's thier top story
[06:25] <Anders> <-- can't get on nbc, cnn or reuter4s
[06:25] <LindaWS> Sharonelle , air traffic control knows where everything in the air is. and would reported this, nothing moves in the sky without tracking
[06:25] <Aurora> Guy on A BCnews thinks the 2nd plane might be an Airbus
[06:25] <zz> Anders overload
[06:26] <ShowTime> 737 Aurora , nbc said
[06:26] <Twoputt> They didn't have time to evacuate the second building..... less than than 20 minutes after the first crash.
[06:26] <willow> SharpEye, what's the story???
[06:26] <julee> not if air traffic is down
[06:26] <KenBz> this is what happens when you know who is doing it, and you pretend that you can negotiate with them. This is what happens when you ignore every sign, and every pronouncement, and every previous act by them. LEARN something about this, and learn what Israel lives with every day. Every day
[06:26] <LindaWS> 737 + 727, not dinky aircraft
[06:26] <CarlSwanson> Maybe FEDEX was still working out it's "Before 9 AM" delivery deal..................
[06:26] <Anders> LindaWS, noone can order a shootdown over newyork. think of all the wreckage.
[06:26] <Sharonelle> LindaWS -yeah, but there's nothing they could DO about it
[06:26] <shooby> well, look on the bright side, now we wont waste money on a missle defense system
[06:26] <ShowTime> they were too busy evactuating the first building
[06:26] <SharpEye> willow, I would guess there will be Nuclear Bombs going off before nightfall
[06:26] <Anders> there was nbothing they could do, except sit and watch the plane crash.
[06:26] <ShowTime> lol shooby
[06:26] <LindaWS> Sharonelle yeah.. true enough.. but surely they would tell the nation what they saw from the control tower
[06:26] <LindaWS> these aircraft are not annonymous
[06:26] <ShowTime> the video is on bbc site
[06:26] <Zeno> shooby, which heathens will be blamed you think?
[06:26] <ShowTime> http://news.bbc.co.uk/
[06:26] <Blooming2000_Dad> KenBz lol... yea ... right...
[06:27] <crazylady> ROFL cant even get CNN on real player hehehe
[06:27] <ShowTime> crazylady do bbc
[06:27] <LindaWS> Zeno heathens? what a silly thing to suggest
[06:27] <CarlSwanson> 4 Time to buy stock in DuPont.......
[06:27] <KenBz> you think this is funny Blooming. You're on ignore as of now, you moron
[06:27] <ShowTime> i couldn't get on cnn either
[06:27] <alphabuck> sharp....who would we possibly nuke?
[06:27] <Zeno> LindaWS. it was a joke
[06:27] <KenBz> gone, and not missed
[06:27] <SharpEye> alphabuck, nout us nuking anyone, someone Nuking US
[06:27] <crazylady> shooby I cant get ANYTHING to come up with my browsers
[06:27] <LindaWS> KenBz dont call Blooming2000_Dad a moron, he has as much right to speak as you do
[06:27] <LindaWS> Zeno , phew, comedy doesnt seem fit at the moment
[06:27] <shooby> crazylady me either
[06:27] <crazylady> sh I cant get ANYTHING to come up with my browsers
[06:27] <KenBz> Go to hell Linda. This isn't chat room BS today.
[06:27] <zz> LindaWS this is not a time for jokes.. sorry I agree with KenBz
[06:28] <ShowTime> crazylady close your browser, clear your cache, and last resort reboot and try bbc
[06:28] <Zeno> LindaWS humour is a defense mechanism at this point
[06:28] <WindyCity> man, they're thinking about evacuating towers in Chicago for cry I.
[06:28] <CarlSwanson> Anders, actually, a plane crashed into the Empire State Building... and there was a mid air collision over New York as well
[06:28] <crazylady> showtime I cant get ANYTHING to come up with my browsers
[06:28] <Blooming2000_Dad> KenBz Or maybe this is what you get when you blindly support a bunch of Jewish racists forcing apartheid. No I think you are funny and a little ignoprant on this subject.
[06:28] <LindaWS> KenBz you need to go elsewhere your nastiness is inappropriate
[06:28] <alphabuck> there will be some extra green space in NYC. dont forsee them rebuilding that thing again
[06:28] * zz knows people are burning to death as we chat.. how can we be so detached..
[06:28] <ShowTime> oh alphabuck they will rebuild it
[06:28] <ShowTime> and we will pay for it!
[06:28] <shooby> zz: i hope the building was empty
[06:28] <Anders> CarlSwanson, whoaw. din't know that. but shooting down a plane. over newyork. wouldnt that be worse. crashing donw on the streets......
[06:28] <Zeno> zz. thousands die every minute on this planet, yet you joke.
[06:28] <zz> shooby it wasn't
[06:28] <willow> hey thang
[06:29] <ThangDrinkingCoffee> hey willow!!!!!
[06:29] <LindaWS> Anders true, emerg response couldnt do much
[06:29] <ShowTime> Anders no one could expect this worst case scenerio
[06:29] <julee> port authority has closed all bridges and tunnels to nyc
[06:29] * crazylady reminds the channel NO PERSONAL INSULTS
[06:29] <Anders> ShowTime, true. it's truly sick
[06:29] <CarlSwanson> 4 LOL! Showtime is complaining about who is going to PAY for this...
[06:29] <LindaWS> julee the whole city must be closed
[06:29] <zz> Zeno..no joke, zeno.. no joke..
[06:29] <ShowTime> CarlSwanson where do you see me complaining?
[06:29] <LindaWS> CarlSwanson , come on now, this is a horrible situation for the people of ny
[06:29] <ShowTime> i answered alphabuck who thinks this won't be rebuilt
[06:29] <KenBz> Sick, hateful human garbage
[06:29] <ThangDrinkingCoffee> so...what's up (or down) at the WTC?
[06:29] <QuidProQu> CarlSwanson, and you're commenting that it should have been the UN building
[06:30] <CarlSwanson> LindaWS, it is... and it takes a real sick person to start complaining who is going to pay for this
[06:30] <zz> bush to speak
[06:30] <BigBadWolf> Bush is on
[06:30] <willow> Pres Shrub is gonna speak, shhhhhh
[06:30] <Blooming2000_Dad> Yes KenBz the Israelis are exactly that.
[06:30] <crazylady> willow LOL
[06:30] <LindaWS> CarlSwanson , be cool, this is so horrible
[06:30] <ShowTime> QuidProQu this is a sickening comment from CarlSwanson but tlb high fived him on it
[06:30] <ShowTime> here's bush
[06:30] <ShowTime> he was interruppted reading 'the hungry caterpillar'
[06:30] <KenBz> LEARN something. Learn what Israel lives with day by day. Dead innocent people whose only crime was going to work this morning - like women and children eating at a pizza restaurant, shopping in a market or going to school. LEARN
[06:30] <LindaWS> Blooming2000_Dad I think the usa shoulda stayed at the racism conference and not run away from global problems
[06:30] <Sharonelle> Bush was supposed to kick off his education initiative again
[06:30] <Sharonelle> That's why he's at a school.
[06:31] <shooby> so, whats the price of tyranny?
[06:31] *** Quits: julee (QUIT: User exited )
[06:31] <ShowTime> lol Sharonelle ,yes, kids in the background
[06:31] <CarlSwanson> Better UN Deletents than people working for a living
[06:31] <go> let's pray
[06:31] <Blooming2000_Dad> LindaWS I think the conference should not have singled out one example of racisim.. they should have called all to the carpet.
[06:31] <CarlSwanson> "Heads will roll"
[06:31] *** Quits: QuidProQu (QUIT: User exited )
[06:31] *** Quits: Comet (Connection reset by peer )
[06:31] <ShowTime> that's true Blooming2000_Dad but walking away is not good at all
[06:31] <LindaWS> Blooming2000_Dad sure, but running away doesnt help or the usa siding with one nation, while there are many problems
[06:32] <ShowTime> CarlSwanson we will never find bin ladin
[06:32] <CarlSwanson> I hope our support of Israel is worth this.....
[06:32] <Anders> LindaWS, what?
[06:32] <LindaWS> CBC REPORTS www.cbc.ca/
[06:32] <shooby> wow, apparently a very organized plan at work here
[06:32] <ShowTime> you think CarlSwanson
[06:32] <Anders> LindaWS, I wonder where they are planniung to crash.
[06:32] <Blooming2000_Dad> LindaWS and ShowTime This is true.. but in any situation like this politics will play a part.
[06:32] <LindaWS> commuter flight from Boston hijacked and this is what happened
[06:32] <SharpEye> 12This may be the opening rounds of a REAL WAR. Dont be suprized if we have Nuclear Bombs going off today
[06:32] <KenBz> Watch people being incinerated for nothing other than showing up at work today, and learn what terror is. And what a country that's subjected to it every day lives with.
[06:32] <Anders> this is, a big terrorist attack on US.
[06:32] <SharpEye> 12Finincal Targets would be the first in modern warfare. This may just be the beginning
[06:32] <ShowTime> yes Anders they planned to crash into the new trade center
[06:32] <M_Ca> let's see....the racism conference.....the biochem treaty......the abm treaty.....missile defense........
[06:33] <katrina`> idiot is all buddy buddy with terrorists
[06:33] <LindaWS> one plane is this one -AMERICAN AIRLINES 767 FROM BOSTON HIJACKED-
[06:33] <BigBadWolf> Bush sounded shaken.
[06:33] <crazylady> BOston to LA plane hijacked
[06:33] <KenBz> sharpeye - I can live without your glee at the prospect of a world war. how about stuffing it just this once
[06:33] <CarlSwanson> ShowTime, yeah. I do... I believee our being targets of Arab terrorists is directly related Israel
[06:33] <ShowTime> M_Ca think some country might be pissed off at US........naw
[06:33] <M_Ca> New York is NOW a no fly zone
[06:33] <ShowTime> no doubt CarlSwanson
[06:33] <Anders> what is bush saying
[06:33] <katrina`> BigBadWolf idiot is an idiot
[06:33] <WindyCity> Carl-it's a bit early to be blaming this on Arabs. No offense.
[06:33] <Pame> Anders.....he prayed.....
[06:33] <ShowTime> correct WindyCity !
[06:33] <CarlSwanson> it would be a bad time to be a goat herder in Afghanistan
[06:33] <LindaWS> CarlSwanson , I do too, american takes oil from arabs and gives nukes to israelis, this is not a pretty picture
[06:33] <Sharonelle> Hiya, Wender LTNS!!
[06:33] <LindaWS> Wender hey
[06:34] <ShowTime> WindyCity but we almost expect something from arabs for supporting israel
[06:34] <WindyCity> OKC was blamed on the 'Arab' menace at first too.
[06:34] <katrina`> LindaWS we are hyprocrites
[06:34] <KenBz> Windy - tell me now, before we know for sure -- will you in any way be surprised if it is?
[06:34] <LindaWS> WindyCity yes,...
[06:34] <Sharonelle> WindyCity - that's right
[06:34] <WindyCity> that turned out to be wrong.
[06:34] <ShowTime> right WindyCity , but we go to someone we pissed off first
[06:34] <CarlSwanson> WindyCity, they seem to be the ones with the motive and with the means to do this...
[06:34] <SharpEye> M_Ca, no doubt. I would not be suprised to see Patriot Missle moved in to protect other cities
[06:34] <LindaWS> why was the hijacking not reported
[06:34] <Wender> hey shooby, LindaWS!!!
[06:34] <Wender> oops
[06:34] <Wender> hey Sharonelle!!!! :)
[06:34] <katrina`> LindaWS thats what i was wondering
[06:34] <BigBadWolf> katrina, leave the old dem vs. republican stuff at the door for once. This is not a good day for anyone. :-(
[06:34] <ShowTime> it was reported LindaWS hour ago
[06:34] <shooby> hi wender
[06:34] <LindaWS> the hijacker would need to be a pilot, no civil pilot would commit this act
[06:34] <Aurora> ~~~~ Yaakov
[06:34] <katrina`> LindaWS the plane was high jacked from boston
[06:34] <M_Ca> geeez, and i only went to bed 45 minutes ago......sheeesh it's gonna be a long day
[06:34] <CarlSwanson> well, I kinda doubt this was done by the Starbucks Protestors
[06:34] <Wender> hey Yaakov!!!
[06:34] <LindaWS> CarlSwanson yeah
[06:34] <Wender> What a sad day!
[06:34] * zz informs.. all.. our CIA spent 2.5 billion arming and training terrorists in Afghanistan. That was your money.. the previous attack on WTC included some from those camps
[06:34] <Twoputt> We have no idea at this time who this is... heck, it could be a couple of angry Gore supporters.
[06:34] <katrina`> BigBadWolf the boy is an idiot
[06:35] <LindaWS> Wender it's so terrible
[06:35] <LindaWS> zz correct
[06:35] <Aurora> Twoputt :-((
[06:35] <ShowTime> WindyCity we have bin ladin on the most wanted FBI list for a reason
[06:35] <CarlSwanson> katrina`, give it a rest...
[06:35] <katrina`> yes, they have already blamed clinton
[06:35] <WindyCity> KenBz-I'm just saying, we've been down this road before when Arabs got blamed for terrorist attacks before all the facts were in. And law-abiding Arab American folks took it on the chin for it. I just think we shouldn't be blaming this on a particular group.
[06:35] <WindyCity> yet
[06:35] <M_Ca> oh man, i was hoping there was only a pilot on those planes....
[06:35] <shooby> Top 10 Good things about this tragedy
[06:35] <Radio_Flyer> Air traffic over the city suspended.
[06:35] <LindaWS> perhaps all that money spend defoliating poor columbia coulda been spent helping the poor around the world achieve a 1st world standard of leaving
[06:35] <katrina`> CarlSwanson bull crap, idiot is all buddy buddy with terrorists
[06:35] * zz wonders when the citizens will decide to close the CIA.. and stop these outrages.
[06:35] <LindaWS> living
[06:35] <KenBz> Windy - you didn't answer my question.
[06:35] <shooby> 10 ) no more Condit news for awhlle
[06:35] <SharpEye> 12These Fires may burn for SEVERAL Days
[06:35] <Spammi> Morning, folks.
[06:35] <BigBadWolf> katrina, I have nothing left to say to you.
[06:35] <CarlSwanson> katrina`, give it a rest.
[06:35] <Wender> hey Spammi!!!
[06:35] <ShowTime> lol shooby
[06:36] <Spammi> shooby, you said the "C" word!!! BAN! BTW, hi.
[06:36] <katrina`> now the buildings are burning
[06:36] <Spammi> Hey, wEnder!
[06:36] <shooby> 9) sales on airline fare expected
[06:36] <zz> shooby.. taint funny.. can it.
[06:36] <WindyCity> KenBz-refresh my memory.
[06:36] <katrina`> ya well losts blame idiot for the ship that was hit in oct to
[06:36] <shooby> zz, we need humor
[06:36] <BigBadWolf> Spammi, you watching the news?
[06:36] <Blooming2000_Dad> LindaWS What is sad is that if this is linked to Palestine they will have set their efforts back beyond repair... but then when you drive a people to desparation this is what happens.
[06:36] <ShowTime> it is funny zz, lol
[06:36] <Anders> does CIA really have any reason to be around. Isn't it enough with NSA and the army
[06:36] <crazylady> can anyone get into any of the new sites??
[06:36] <CarlSwanson> 4 CNN Headlines "News" is of course reporting about Condit.....
[06:36] <Spammi> BigBadWolf, I'm barely awake.
[06:36] <Aurora> shooby......that is inappropriate just now, IMHO.....
[06:36] <KenBz> sharpeye - have you ever thought about seeking help? Terrorism and tragedy seem to be a particular source of enjoyment, even glee for you. If there was any day that we can do without it, this is the day. Why don't you just shut the hell up
[06:36] <zz> shooby people are burning to death.. you laugh..
[06:36] <Spammi> What happened?
[06:36] <ThangDrinkingCoffee> how many planes crashed into the building?
[06:36] <Spammi> Oh no!
[06:36] <crazylady> ThangDrinkingCoffee 2
[06:36] <Twoputt> I find it surprising that the buildings don't look to be in danger of collapsing or toppling... yet.
[06:36] <SharpEye> KenBz, im just reporting the events
[06:37] <ShowTime> two ThangDrinkingCoffee
[06:37] <shooby> zz : well, it helps us to deal with this
[06:37] <Radio_Flyer> Only rescue and military/police aircraft allowed to use air space over the city. Airports not accepting or allowing departures. Talk about adding to the existing problems, Bush is going back to the White House.
[06:37] <Comet> hi riprap
[06:37] <ShowTime> one in each building
[06:37] <Sharonelle> Hi, riprap!
[06:37] <Aurora> Spammi.....turn on the TV 2 different planes crashed into the 2 World Trade Center Bldgs in NYCity
[06:37] <BigBadWolf> Very bad stuff, Spammi
[06:37] <Spammi> WHAT HAPPENED?????
[06:37] <BigBadWolf> :-(
[06:37] <Wender> hey riprap and FuzzyToes!!!
[06:37] <smirks> terorist act
[06:37] <Blooming2000_Dad> KenBz If you dislaike everyone expressing their view go somewhere else
[06:37] <ThangDrinkingCoffee> do you know what type?
[06:37] <Aurora> Spammi.....turn on the TV 2 different planes crashed into the 2 World Trade Center Bldgs in NYCity
[06:37] <Sharonelle> Spam - turn on the TV!!!
[06:37] <Spammi> Oh brother!
[06:37] <PixyStix> Windy...Indeed. Following the Atlanta incident, first it was Arabs...then Richard Jewel... salivating for scapegoats.
[06:37] <Spammi> Ok, ok. Will do.
[06:37] <CarlSwanson> 4 We used to have a chatter in here who was injured in the first attack on the WTO,,, Sparky
[06:37] <ShowTime> lol Radio_Flyer
[06:37] <KenBz> you're a sick moron who gets off on acts of terrorism as if it's a video game. Just shut up. Do everyone on BOTH sides of the political aisle a favor
[06:37] <SharpEye> 12I would not be suprised to see Patriot Missle system moved in to protect other cities from similar attacks
[06:37] <Laura> Spammi, the 2nd plane was shown live on national news
[06:37] <shooby> aurora: ok, I defer to your judgement
[06:37] <Spammi> Oh, good grief! HOW HORRIBLE!
[06:37] <ThangDrinkingCoffee> Aurora: do they say what type of plane?
[06:37] <Twoputt> AA 767 from Boston.
[06:37] <Anders> hmm, the world trade center. i that the head quarter for teh WTO?
[06:38] <ShowTime> yes Spammi , i saw it on NBC
[06:38] <WindyCity> Pixy-OKC got blamed on 'Arabs' too. That's why I'm saying, it's a bad idea to willy nilly blame this on a particular ethnic group.
[06:38] <Anders> the
[06:38] <Comet> hi ThangDrinkingCoffee
[06:38] <ShowTime> horrific
[06:38] <Spammi> ShowTime, unreal!
[06:38] <ThangDrinkingCoffee> hi Comet!
[06:38] <Aurora> Spammi.....amazingly horriffic pictures on the tv screen
[06:38] <Radio_Flyer> KenBz's being insulting. Wake up, you ops. Don't just sit there, tell that jackass to stop it at once. :)
[06:38] <go> wb ThangDrinkingCoffee
[06:38] <zz> oh man... guy saying people started jumping from the roof.. either burn to death or jump
[06:38] <Sharonelle> WindyCity - right, we have no idea yet.
[06:38] <Spammi> Aurora, same here...I'm in shock.
[06:38] <ThangDrinkingCoffee> thanks go!
[06:38] *** Quits: riprap (Connection timed out )
[06:38] *** Quits: crazylady (QUIT: User exited )
[06:38] <SharpEye> Does anyone know if the first ot the second plane was the one that way hijacked ? maybe both were ?
[06:38] * zz says oh man... guy saying people started jumping from the roof.. either burn to death or jump
[06:38] <Comet> go i thought i told u to go
[06:38] <Anders> <--- is going offline a bit, to watch the news..... se ya
[06:38] *** Quits: Anders (QUIT: User exited )
[06:38] <CarlSwanson> 4 It was the Clinton White House who, as soon as OKC took place, was out saying "We have witnesses who saw "middle eastern looking" men leaving the scence
[06:38] <LindaWS> cbc are about to show a report from Abu Dabi
[06:38] <SharpEye> 12Does anyone know if the first or the second plane was the one that was hijacked ? maybe both were ?
[06:38] <go> Comet....gee...I must have missed your command!
[06:38] <KenBz> Watch people being incinerated for nothing other than showing up at work today, and learn what terror is. And what a country that's subjected to it every day lives with. Learn something from this tragedy
[06:39] <ShowTime> WindyCity , Sharonelle , PixyStix , I would suspect an arab terrorist immediatly, we are financing israel to kill palestanians, they have the motive
[06:39] <ThangDrinkingCoffee> this is very scary!
[06:39] <LindaWS> 767 hijacked in boston on route to ny, 1st crash
[06:39] <willow> SharpEye, both had to be hijacked
[06:39] <Comet> hehehe
[06:39] * shooby lets all try to get a grip
[06:39] <CarlSwanson> 2 Because of course we had recieved threats by arab terrorists
[06:39] <Twoputt> Subways are closed....
[06:39] <ShowTime> right willow , BOTH were hijacked
[06:39] <ThangDrinkingCoffee> you get up in the morning, go to work and never know what might hit you
[06:39] <SharpEye> Lincoln Tunner closed
[06:39] <PixyStix> ShowTime...I suspect no one until there's some evidence.
[06:39] <LindaWS> PixyStix, sad day hello
[06:39] <SharpEye> ANOTHER ATTACK !!!!!!!
[06:39] * Zeno believes the US Law enforcement people will decide this was the work of a lone person. No conspiracy, not foregn nation invilved.
[06:39] <WindyCity> Yeah, we got threats from Asian terrorist groups over the weekend too ya know.
[06:39] <Radio_Flyer> KenBz, I'm willing to be you're one of them guys that have carpenter's crack when you sit.
[06:39] <Wender> KenBz, why don't you wait a few minutes before trying to score some political points
[06:39] <ThangDrinkingCoffee> hi xstanx!
[06:39] <ShowTime> PixyStix you're too good:)
[06:39] <Laura> Here's a picture of plane #2> http://www.dapillow.com/wtc2.jpg
[06:39] <katrina`> pentogon explosion
[06:39] <Sharonelle> ShowTime - yeah, so would I - but it's too early to say - we don't have any idea.
[06:39] * smirks the first reports from OKC from witnesses there said it was "2 arab looking men in a brown pick-up truck heading, at as high rate of speed, towards Dallas"...
[06:40] <SharpEye> oh, sorry, I misread a report,
[06:40] <zz> manhattan in a lockdown
[06:40] <LindaWS> 3rd plane on way to building
[06:40] <ShowTime> Sharonelle absolutely, i'm not ready to convict anyone
[06:40] <KenBz> the political posturing morons don't know when it's time to stop. What unbelievably sick people
[06:40] <Radio_Flyer> You know. Plumber's pleat.
[06:40] <alphabuck> an explosion at the pentagon
[06:40] <SharpEye> LindaWS, Source ?
[06:40] <CarlSwanson> 2 This act is going to lead to the death of thousands of innocent Arabs
[06:40] <ShowTime> really LindaWS ?
[06:40] <LindaWS> cbc are reporting another plane on the way
[06:40] <PixyStix> ShowTime...have seen too many people fall victim to scapegoating. :-)
[06:40] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o juleee
[06:40] <Laura> LindaWS, are you serious?
[06:40] <Comet> hi juleee
[06:40] <Zeno> Second plane was an Amaerican Airlines 767 from Boston
[06:40] <LindaWS> SharpEye www.cbc.ca/
[06:40] *** juleee sets mode: -o juleee
[06:40] <ShowTime> that would should be shot down
[06:40] <SharpEye> ok
[06:40] <CarlSwanson> Laura, hope Sparky is ok...
[06:40] <LindaWS> nyers need to stay at home
[06:40] <LindaWS> more attacks expected
[06:40] <WindyCity> All military forces in Asia were put on high alert just this weekend in case you missed it. This could just as easily be blamed on 'Asians' as quickly as people are now jumping to the conclusion that this has to be 'Arabs'.
[06:40] <Laura> Carl, Sparky's in OH, Silky used to work in WTC
[06:40] <Twoputt> All river crossings are closed.
[06:40] <LindaWS> cbc is reporting this
[06:40] <SharpEye> 12This may be the opening rounds of a REAL WAR. Dont be suprized if we have Nuclear Bombs going off today <---
[06:40] <Comet> wb rip-rap
[06:40] <alphabuck> messybc washington reporter says there was an explosion at the pentagon
[06:40] <juleee> and I have to go to the dentist
[06:40] * CarlSwanson is amazed the buildings did not go down considering the force of the impact
[06:41] <Spammi> This is a horror show.
[06:41] <Twoputt> Carl... I agree
[06:41] <LindaWS> CarlSwanson me too, I sort of expected that
[06:41] <Spammi> alpha, just heard that.
[06:41] <Sharonelle> julee - really bad timing for that appointment <>
[06:41] <juleee> carl, too big
[06:41] <Zeno> Sharonelle, who do YOU think will be the first to set them off? the US or Israel?
[06:41] <LindaWS> CarlSwanson , perhaps they re earthquake proof
[06:41] <Sharonelle> julee - I have an appt at the hairdressers today too <>
[06:41] <Radio_Flyer> Oh, SharpEye, you'd just love a "real war", wouldn't you? You'd be first to enlist for active combat duty.
[06:41] <KenBz> Learn something from this, for once. Learn what real terror is. It's not a tv show, it's not some country far away. This is quite possibly thousands of innocents dead. For doing nothing other than going to work today. like women and children in a pizza parlor or teenagers dancing at a disco. Just this once. Learn
[06:41] <ShowTime> really alphabuck ?
[06:41] <juleee> I should call her, I couldn't do any work today
[06:41] <CarlSwanson> last time I dis union ironworkers
[06:41] <ThangDrinkingCoffee> Carl: good architects and engineers, I say!
[06:41] <Blooming2000_Dad> KenBz You are the political moron.. learn something from this... you can't keep treating people like animals and expect to lay there like dogs... they will bite you in the butt.
[06:41] *** Quits: Comet (QUIT: User exited )
[06:41] <BigBadWolf> Manhattan is shut down! Completely, in a lock down!
[06:41] <LindaWS> Blooming2000_Dad you tell him!
[06:41] <katrina`> fire at the pentagon
[06:41] <zz> KenBz.. okay.. we got it.
[06:42] <Zeno> KenBz and learn that missle defense shields cannot work. Lesson to the wise eh?
[06:42] <shooby> 4 hey, lets not eat each other
[06:42] <alphabuck> showtime..yea he says the felt a shudder and saw the construction workers fleeing the building hes checking
[06:42] <ShowTime> war on the US
[06:42] <juleee> plane was hijacked from Boston, 1 st plane
[06:42] <Twoputt> Pentagon attacked!
[06:42] <CarlSwanson> Good thing they hit so high up on the towers, if they had hit closer to the ground thousands more would have been killed
[06:42] <ShowTime> NBC has the video of pentagon on fire
[06:42] * ThangDrinkingCoffee puts some ketchup and mayo on shooby
[06:42] <LindaWS> I am so sorry for the people of ny, how sad
[06:42] <Aurora> an explosion at the Pentagon ???
[06:42] <SharpEye> Well, if another plane is headed toward NYC, the AF will have to shoot it down
[06:42] <KenBz> Now, if this turns out to be an Islamic fundamentalist attack from some group that proudly takes responsibility - which is what Israel gets EVERY TIME this happens there, think about what you want to be done about it. And then think about what you would do if it happened every day where you lived
[06:42] <rip-rap> how long ago did all of this styart ?
[06:42] <alphabuck> confirmed bomb blew up at pentagon heliport
[06:42] <ShowTime> KenBz i'd move
[06:42] <SharpEye> BOMB AT Heloport at Pentagon
[06:42] <zz> Aurora.. who is saying that?
[06:42] <LindaWS> rip-rap about an hour ago
[06:42] <CarlSwanson> rip-rap. 9 AM eastern
[06:42] <Sharonelle> rip-rap - not too long - coupla hours mebbe
[06:43] <alphabuck> messybc was ahead of the curve on that one
[06:43] <zz> white house being evacuated.
[06:43] <CarlSwanson> this all took place only 43 minutes ago
[06:43] <ThangDrinkingCoffee> Sharpeye: when?
[06:43] <juleee> oh god
[06:43] <Radio_Flyer> Wow. This is enough to make the Bush supporters almost forget all about Clinton's penis.
[06:43] <Aurora> zz live coverage on N BC some sort of explosion /fire at or near the Pentagon
[06:43] <ShowTime> heh alphabuck , but 2 minutes
[06:43] <Zeno> OHMIGAWD the Pentagon too?
[06:43] <LindaWS> alphabuck so was abc as ShowTime reported
[06:43] <Sharonelle> Significan blast at the pentagon
[06:43] <ShowTime> roflmao Radio_Flyer
[06:43] <alphabuck> showtime..lol yep
[06:43] <SharpEye> ThangDrinkingCoffee, just few minutes ago
[06:43] * Twoputt suggests that if anyone is in a large building or major city... go home.
[06:43] <Zeno> 4 This is WAR!
[06:43] <rip-rap> maybe they will listen to sharpeye next time and all of this can be avoided
[06:43] <LindaWS> somebody hit the pentagon? that would make sense
[06:43] <Wender> KenBz, maybe Israel should stop building settlement - maybe they shoudl stop firing rocket from their helicopters and fighter-planes
[06:43] <juleee> what is next
[06:43] <zz> Zeno.. yep
[06:43] <ShowTime> Radio_Flyer maybe if bush got what clinton got, he'd get along better with the rest of the world
[06:43] <SharpEye> Zeno, PEARL HARBOR
[06:43] <Nancy> Something has also happened in Washington DC
[06:43] <willow> riprap, shhhhhhh
[06:43] <Zeno> SharpEye, worse than Pearl Harbor
[06:43] <M_Ca> fire at the pentagon
[06:43] <KenBz> Radio flyer - is it possible that you can stow the cute political posturing today, as you watch people being incinerated before your eyes. How sick do you have to be to do this
[06:43] <Radio_Flyer> Uh oh. The Pentagon's on fire.
[06:43] <LindaWS> Wender and america shoulda stayed at the conference on racism
[06:43] <BigBadWolf> White House is being evacuated, and the Pentagon as well.
[06:43] <alphabuck> i expect my government to pay no attention to any government or border in pursuing these folks
[06:43] <M_Ca> pentagon has been attacked
[06:44] <SharpEye> bbl
[06:44] <Yaakov> Zeno: no, it is "political action", completely justified after all isn't it?
[06:44] <go> report of another aircraft down on the interstate
[06:44] <LindaWS> Wender I sent 2 emails to the pmo on that topic
[06:44] <CarlSwanson> well, the Pentagon is under attack... there goes the recession
[06:44] <katrina`> the white house is being evacuated
[06:44] <LindaWS> white house is being evacutated now
[06:44] <juleee> go, where
[06:44] <LindaWS> geez america
[06:44] <PixyStix> alphabuck...where did you hear confirmed bomb at Pentagon?
[06:44] <Sharonelle> Wender - right - Israelis can't simply complain about terrorist acts - they have to act to solve the underlying problem.
[06:44] <go> juleee....near NY...I think
[06:44] <Wender> KenBz, the behaviour of the US is hardly analogous to that of Israel
[06:44] <katrina`> pentagon being evacuated
[06:44] * CarlSwanson would hate to be one of the men on the roof of the White House, watching everyone else being evacuated
[06:44] *** Quits: juleee (QUIT: User exited )
[06:44] <alphabuck> pixy...live video on messybc
[06:44] <Radio_Flyer> shooby, I don't mind being reprimanded, but at least try to impress me with the typing, too. Okey doke? :)
[06:44] <zz> PixyStix its on nbc
[06:44] <ShowTime> exactly Sharonelle
[06:44] <Yaakov> Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine has claimed this.
[06:44] <LindaWS> pentagon is being evacuate, large fire in pentagon, www.cbc.ca/
[06:44] <PixyStix> Got it...nevermind
[06:44] <ShowTime> lol CarlSwanson
[06:44] <Zeno> Yaakov. nope
[06:44] <KenBz> Yaakov - where did you hear that?
[06:44] <Yaakov> Bryant Gumble
[06:44] <ShowTime> plane crashed into the pentagon is the rumor
[06:45] <zz> Yaakov.. oh geez
[06:45] <zz> ShowTime no.. its on nb
[06:45] <ShowTime> really Yaakov ?
[06:45] <zz> ShowTime no.. its on nbc
[06:45] <alphabuck> i dunno if i would get on air force one if i was gw
[06:45] <katrina`> if our national security people were worried about something other than that missle crap
[06:45] <Zeno> Yaakov I understand that Israel is claimng responsibility
[06:45] <Nancy> Certainly is an enormous fire at the Pentagon
[06:45] <shooby> hehe Radio-b
[06:45] <Yaakov> ShowTime: Yes, really.
[06:45] <katrina`> ShowTime no, they said theres a fire at the pentagon
[06:45] <ShowTime> zz NBC said 'possibly' it was not confirmed
[06:45] <willow> huge plume of smoke coming out of the pentagon
[06:45] <alphabuck> white house has been evacutate
[06:45] <Zeno> Is the White House next?
[06:45] <alphabuck> evacuated
[06:45] <katrina`> theres a fire in a mall in DC
[06:45] <katrina`> Zeno yes
[06:45] *** Quits: SharpEye (Connection timed out )
[06:45] <CarlSwanson> Air Force One is going to have an armed, edgy escort flying alongside.... wo be the cessna who gets' too close
[06:45] <zz> ShowTime I'm watching the smoke.. billowing from the Pentagon
[06:45] <LindaWS> major fire at pentagon, white house evacuated
[06:45] <ShowTime> Yaakov we should stay out of the mideast war
[06:45] <Zeno> CarlSwanson true
[06:45] <Twoputt> White House is being evacuated.
[06:46] <BigBadWolf> This is very scary
[06:46] <LindaWS> CarlSwanson , perhaps he should take the train to texas
[06:46] <katrina`> explosion in the dc area
[06:46] *** Quits: go (Connection timed out )
[06:46] * LindaWS takes the bus
[06:46] <ShowTime> me too zz, i heard what you heard, they said 'possibly a plane' i guess if a news show saysit we drop the possibly
[06:46] <Zeno> Yaakov, when the US took one side in the Israeli war, apprently this is the result
[06:46] <CarlSwanson> 4 Can anyone think of a significant event that took place on this date??
[06:46] <LindaWS> Zeno , the usa should never have walked away from the racism conference
[06:46] * smirks is NOT happy right now
[06:46] <zz> nervous reporter at white house is hearing aircraft and really panicing.. No wonder
[06:46] <go_> on FNC....plane crashes into the pentagon
[06:46] <Zeno> CarlSwanson 9/11/1
[06:46] <LindaWS> CarlSwanson hmmm sept 11, nopes
[06:46] <zz> CarlSwanson tell us
[06:47] <KenBz> Yaakov - Now you know just how deeply the hatred of Israel - and more than likely of your religious beliefs - runs in this room.
[06:47] <ShowTime> think on the positive side maybe US/UN will resolve the mideast fighting
[06:47] <Twoputt> Capitol building evacuated.
[06:47] <willow> CarlSwanson, that is what i was thinking...anniversary of any sort???
[06:47] <CarlSwanson> zz, I have no idea... I wonder if there was something that took place on this date
[06:47] <Laura> I can't think of anything
[06:47] <rip-rap> tell me I am dreaming
[06:47] <shooby> showtime : more likely inflame both sides
[06:47] <Zeno> 12 9/11/1 A Day Where we lay our friends to rest.
[06:47] <zz> CarlSwanson well,,, we have it today
[06:47] <Pame> riprap, I wish we were.......
[06:47] *** Quits: TisTru (Connection timed out )
[06:47] * Zeno is shaking
[06:47] <CarlSwanson> 4 The WTC is going to burn for weeks, there is no way to get water up there to put this out
[06:47] <Twoputt> Bodies are falling from the buildings now..... They are falling and leaping.
[06:47] <ShowTime> no jerry springer on nbc this morning, another good news
[06:47] <KenBz> This is going to be blamed by the sick haters in here not on the people who did it, it will be blamed on the people who are victims of it.
[06:47] <go_> Is today a special day in the arab world????? You know how they like dates
[06:48] <zz> carl.. why not forest fire planes..
[06:48] <CarlSwanson> this is un-freaking real.
[06:48] <smirks> HIGHEST STATE OF ALERT IN dc
[06:48] <smirks> NOT A JOKE
[06:48] <BigBadWolf> We are a nation under siege. I am afraid.
[06:48] <katrina`> dang, my mother in law is in dc
[06:48] <KenBz> Does anyone in their right mind now think we're safe in this world?
[06:48] <willow> go_, you are generalizing....OK city was an anniversary
[06:48] <katrina`> so is my sister in law
[06:48] <Pame> OK....what's city next?.....Chicago?......Atlanta?......LA?
[06:48] <ShowTime> smirks , be careful there
[06:48] <Spammi> Pame, isn't this scary?
[06:48] <Zeno> Twoputt no way out
[06:48] <Twoputt> Wall Street Journal reports that in the last 5 minutes at least 7 people have leapt from the North tower.
[06:48] <Pame> Its so quiet here in Atlanta....
[06:48] <CarlSwanson> I am not afraid, I am angry... woe be the little goat herder who thought this crap up.
[06:48] <ShowTime> LA is on the coast Pame
[06:49] <smirks> ShowTime .. YESH
[06:49] <Nancy> what a time for a dufus president - no one has any idea what he will do
[06:49] <ShowTime> Pame move to detroit, no one cares about us:)
[06:49] <smirks> yeah
[06:49] <Pame> Show, yes.....
[06:49] <Pame> AWWWWW Show.....
[06:49] <katrina`> ShowTime lol
[06:49] <Zeno> KenBz. no Say let's fight MORE on the War on Drugs. It is soooo important
[06:49] <CarlSwanson> Twoputt, fly for 15 seconds or burn to death... call me tweetie
[06:49] <Twoputt> White House has receive3d threat
[06:49] <go_> willow....I was just asking a question...not a far fetched idea
[06:49] <KenBz> zeno take the political BS somewhere else. Does the fact that people are dead and dying mean anything to you, other than a chance to post chat room BS? \
[06:49] <Nancy> all aircraft is grounded
[06:49] <Twoputt> All aircraft in the US has been ordered to land...
[06:50] * Zeno thinks maybe this could be Colombian Drug lords? Ochoa was just extradited
[06:50] <Twoputt> Violators will be shotr down.
[06:50] <go_> KenBz...I certainly know this is a dangerous world and have thought this type thing was on the horizon for a few years now
[06:50] <ShowTime> wow Twoputt
[06:50] <Zeno> KenBz. who is the enenmy. Me?
[06:50] <ShowTime> you're kidding Twoputt ?
[06:50] <Wender> KenBz, right, it's time to score some poltical points
[06:50] <ShowTime> ALL aircraft?
[06:50] <Pame> Air travel in this COUNTRY has come to a halt....
[06:50] <smirks> CONFIRMED
[06:50] <CarlSwanson> 4 we all should take a minute and pray for the people who were killed this morning people... we lost, most probably, thousands of Americans... kill the scroll for a few seconds
[06:50] <LindaWS> americans have so pissed off the poor around the world and now look the poor have technology and fight back
[06:50] <ShowTime> yes, it's all shut down
[06:50] <ShowTime> this country has been immobilized
[06:50] <Pame> smirks how close are you to that building?
[06:50] <zz> KenBz .. back in WWII it was ships.. today we have planes used as bombs..
[06:50] <KenBz> go - this is what happens when you fantasize that it can't happen here, that it's someone else's problem, and - most importantly - that you can negotiate and make peace with people who fanatically believe they earn eternal glory by killing you
[06:50] <LindaWS> CarlSwanson , I am not a prayer,, I do feel so overwhelming sad
[06:51] <go_> what happens if they hit out power plants???
[06:51] <Wender> KenBz, should we kill some arab civilians? Will correct the situation?
[06:51] * smirks Pame .. 4 blocks
[06:51] <LindaWS> Wender that is wrong
[06:51] <katrina`> how in the world can a plane get close enough to the pentagone to crash into it
[06:51] <ShowTime> lol Wender
[06:51] <Pame> go....we're in the dark then.....
[06:51] <Zeno> Civilian and military targets.
[06:51] <Zeno> katrina` they can't be stopped
[06:51] <rip-rap> wow, all airtports in country are shutdown
[06:51] <katrina`> Zeno they have tons of equipment
[06:51] <katrina`> no warning anything come on
[06:51] <ShowTime> heart is out on the golf course, removed from this, the bum!
[06:51] <Zeno> Wender KenBz will just chastise you for trying to make moral and political points
[06:52] <shooby> 4 please, I dont want to have to act, lets observe rules of decorum
[06:52] <WindyCity> Wow, the city is talking about evacuating the Loop.
[06:52] <PixyStix> Husband is quite sure today is an "anniversary" of something, which will give clues as to those responsible
[06:52] <zz> katrina` .. Planes take off every 5 minutes or less.. how could you stop it from crashing where it wants?
[06:52] <KenBz> and let's remember that the US has roughly 35 times as many people as Israel. Did you yawn when you heard about those 20 teenagers killed at the disco? If 700 are dead in this horror, that is proportionately the same number. And they're just as innocent
[06:52] <CarlSwanson> The pentagon is fair game, it is a military installation... no excuse for the WTC
[06:52] <PixyStix> He's researching it.
[06:52] <PixyStix> SharpEye...yep
[06:52] <willow> Hey PixyStix
[06:52] <Yaakov> katrina`: you can't stop a large jet, even it you hit it it will fall down basically in the direction it was going.
[06:52] <ShowTime> they will be shooting down planes
[06:52] <Spammi> I wonder who the culprits are.
[06:52] <Wender> KenBz, isn't it fun watching a helicopter hovering over a population while releases a number of rockets?
[06:52] <katrina`> ShowTime 95.5 on the radio has very good coverage, better than the tv
[06:52] <PixyStix> Hi willow
[06:52] <Spammi> WE should deal with them very harshly.
[06:52] <willow> New York, Washington...could LA be far behind?
[06:52] <Zeno> Spammim. NBC Andrea Mitchell calimed it was Palestinians oif course
[06:52] <go_> KenBz....I don't yawn over the killing overseas....I just can't think about it too much because it's overwhelming
[06:53] <Spammi> Zeno, could be....
[06:53] <katrina`> come on you are telling me the pentagon doesn't have the military there, they didn't notice a plane coming towards them
[06:53] <ShowTime> Zeno , Yaakov said that also
[06:53] <alphabuck> wow all air traffic in usa is grounded
[06:53] <CarlSwanson> well, it could have been a lot worse... time to start thinking what to do now...
[06:53] <Spammi> I don't know who did it....we'll have tow ait.
[06:53] <smirks> JETS ARE UP
[06:53] <Spammi> wait
[06:53] <smirks> CONFIRMED
[06:53] <ShowTime> katrina` so much for the missile shield
[06:53] <Zeno> Spammim. she was specutlating. Very poor reporting on her part. Basically it was racist
[06:53] <katrina`> planes aren't even allowed to fly around the pentagon
[06:53] <go_> I wonder if Bush's plane will be escorted by military??
[06:53] <KenBz> equating a retaliation at a military or command site with the indiscriminate killing of innocent civilians is as sick as it gets
[06:53] <willow> It is confirmed that a Plane hit the pentagon
[06:53] <alphabuck> planes arent allowed to fly anywhere now kat
[06:53] <CarlSwanson> Zeno, Palestinians took credit for it...
[06:53] <rip-rap> all your base are belong to us
[06:54] <Zeno> CarlSwanson. who?
[06:54] <ShowTime> KenBz there are no innocent civilians in war
[06:54] <ShowTime> lol rip-rap
[06:54] <Yaakov> Zeno: The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine
[06:54] <Zeno> rip-rap I have seen that before where is it from?
[06:54] <CarlSwanson> Zeno, one of the Peoples Popular Front deals...
[06:54] <KenBz> These are the people Israel is supposed to hand over land and live in peace with. Learn something
[06:54] <CarlSwanson> SharpEye, old news...
[06:54] <Zeno> Yaakov, according to which news source?
[06:54] <SharpEye> This is Pearl Harbor folks
[06:54] <Zeno> SharpEye worse
[06:54] <Yaakov> Zeno: the three networks and CNN
[06:54] <Pame> Sharpy, yes it is......this is the end of the world as we know it.......
[06:54] <rip-rap> morning zenie-weenie
[06:54] <ShowTime> sure is SharpEye , but we don't know who our enemy is
[06:54] <Twoputt> A jet was seen flying over the White house a short while ago.... That's not allowed.
[06:55] * Zeno hugs rip-rap
[06:55] <Wender> KenBz, you mean peace loving Israel?:
[06:55] <ThangDrinkingCoffee> is the plane crash into the pentagon somethings else beside the bombing there?
[06:55] <SharpEye> Twoputt, WOW
[06:55] <Zeno> Yaakov not the source . it was AP.
[06:55] <SharpEye> HUGE FIREBALL At Pentagon
[06:55] <PixyStix> Treasury and Capitol evacuated
[06:55] *** PlagueRat is on IRC (is here)
[06:55] <Spammi> Zeno (sorry was staring at the screen)...I don't draw any conclusions.....have NO idea who this is or why it was done.
[06:55] <katrina`> Twoputt thats just it, planes aren't allowed to fly around the pentagon either, but yet one got through hummmm
[06:55] <rip-rap> i think the fire at pentagon (bombing) was due to another plane crash
[06:55] <PolarNoid> b0om..
[06:55] <Wender> KenBz, "those people"
[06:55] <CarlSwanson> 4 Welcome to the real world people... now perhaps we can stop thinking this is "someone elses problems".. the US, in the past hour, has become a World Citizen.
[06:55] <SharpEye> LARGE AIRLINER hit Pentagon
[06:55] <WindyCity> Sears Tower evacuated.
[06:55] <Spammi> kat, what do you think that means?
[06:55] <Yaakov> Zeno: The reports I heard did not mention a primary source, so I don't know where it came from.
[06:55] * ThangDrinkingCoffee can't get on any news website....*sigh*
[06:55] <alphabuck> yep guy says they used an airliner on pentagon
[06:55] <ShowTime> i bet newsroom has a thousand chatters
[06:55] <Wender> hey PlagueRat!!!
[06:55] <CarlSwanson> Al!
[06:55] <katrina`> rip-rap that was confirmed
[06:55] <Spammi> Sears Tower??? Whoa.
[06:56] <Al> Carl!!
[06:56] <Twoputt> The Secret Service ordered people in the White House to run.
[06:56] <Spammi> They expecting attacks all over.
[06:56] <Pame> Al!!!!!!!!!!
[06:56] <Al> Pame!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
[06:56] * PlagueRat scurries in
[06:56] <Spammi> Twoputt, cripes.
[06:56] <ShowTime> PlagueRat !!!!!!
[06:56] <ThangDrinkingCoffee> Rat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[06:56] <Zeno> Spammi neither have I. I WILL make fun of those like andrea Mitchell who said it was Palestinains before any news was out about it though
[06:56] <Spammi> I can't believe this is happening in OUR country.
[06:56] <rip-rap> LOL, a credible threat ...rotf
[06:56] <katrina`> Spammi idiot is very friendly with the terrorits, and we know he wanted war
[06:56] <ShowTime> good idea WindyCity
[06:56] <PixyStix> White House rec'd credible threat of terrorist attack on WH itself...they evacuated.
[06:56] <Al> Spammi I can
[06:56] <Zeno> Yaakov, without a source it is not reliable, correct?
[06:56] <Spammi> Zeno, go for it. Nobody should be blamed...no facts are known.
[06:56] * CarlSwanson wonders if they are concerned about Sears Tower, what about the WalMart Barn?
[06:56] <Yaakov> Zeno: no less reliable than the reports of Israeli acts, or any other news story.
[06:56] <WindyCity> John Hancock Tower currently being evacuated.
[06:57] <Zeno> CarlSwanson. thinks critically. One civilian and one military target now. What close the triangle?
[06:57] <WindyCity> Looks like they're gonna close down the Loop.
[06:57] <Pame> my daughter in law in Chicago......
[06:57] <CarlSwanson> katrina`, I am saddened to see you suggesting anyone in this country is "friends of terrorist"......
[06:57] <Zeno> Yaakov you got it.
[06:57] * smirks no panic in the streets
[06:57] <shooby> this is so unreal
[06:57] <PixyStix> Oh maaaaan...just showed the plane hitting the World Trade Center...the second plane
[06:57] <ShowTime> my whole family is in chicago
[06:57] <Al> Carl consider the source
[06:57] <Zeno> PixyStix ain't now movie this time :(
[06:57] <Zeno> no
[06:57] <ShowTime> PixyStix i saw it live on NBC
[06:58] <PlagueRat> Too bad we don't have a strong and forceful president in charge... maybe Bush I will kick his son off the throne and take charge. Lord knows we are going to suffer if Dubya tries to lead us through this horrendous mess
[06:58] <Yaakov> Can anyone get to cnn.com?
[06:58] <rip-rap> i can already hear it ... Tim McVeigh was piloting all 3 of the aircraft that were intentionally crashed today
[06:58] <PixyStix> Zeno...I'm in tears.
[06:58] <Zeno> ShowTime how did Katie and Matt do?
[06:58] <ShowTime> lol rip-rap
[06:58] * Spammi is glad she's out in the boondocks...anyone is in danger today
[06:58] <katrina`> someone said the white house is on fire, and supposidly the pentagon and the white house were hit before the towers
[06:58] <Zeno> PixyStix, I am literally shaking
[06:58] <Spammi> Pixy, so am I.
[06:58] <ShowTime> Zeno they woman on the phone screamed, she was nearby
[06:58] <Spammi> Shaking too, Zeno.
[06:58] <Al> Yaakov it is hard to connect to it
[06:58] <PlagueRat> Spammi - ditto...
[06:58] <Spammi> Rat :<
[06:58] * willow does not want to go to work today, prefers to remain glued to the TV
[06:58] <BigBadWolf> You are correct, Spammi. We are a nation under siege. I am very afraid for everyone's lives.
[06:59] <Zeno> Spammi, and the people who did this succeeeded if THAT is how you feel. this feeling we all have is what they want you to feel.
[06:59] <WindyCity> Oh, it's not an 'official' evacuation yet. Businesses in the Sears Tower are just closing down themselves.
[06:59] <Spammi> BigBadWolf, I am too.
[06:59] <SharpEye> ANOTHER PLANE HITS
[06:59] <Al> I knew something like this would happen sooner or later
[06:59] <ShowTime> they spotted a low flying plane near the white house
[06:59] <SharpEye> 4ANOTHER PLANE HITS
[06:59] <katrina`> the tower just crashed to the ground
[06:59] <SharpEye> OMG
[06:59] <Spammi> Another explosion?
[06:59] <smirks> EMBASSY HIT IN DC
[06:59] <SharpEye> TOWER Just BLEW UP
[06:59] <PixyStix> smirks?????????
[06:59] <rip-rap> street level explosion
[07:00] * Spammi wonders who we are going to war with...this will be war.
[07:00] <smirks> YES,PIXY
[07:00] <xstanx> omg
[07:00] <BigBadWolf> The Tower is crumbling
[07:00] <PixyStix> smirks...which embassy in DC?????
[07:00] <Twoputt> a 3rd explosiuon
[07:00] <xstanx> huge explosion
[07:00] <smirks> NOT SURE,PIXY
[07:00] <ShowTime> its war Spammi
[07:00] <Zeno> wow the tower just fell!
[07:00] <rip-rap> stae daepartment, too
[07:00] <katrina`> the whole building is gone
[07:00] <SharpEye> TOWER Just BLEW UP
[07:00] <Pame> What TOWER!
[07:00] <WindyCity> fire at the State Dept
[07:00] <ThangDrinkingCoffee> Spammi: this is war!
[07:00] <LindaWS> the tower collapsed
[07:00] <Al> Pame the tower at the top collapsed
[07:00] <ShowTime> new york tower Pame
[07:00] <Pame> OMG......
[07:00] <ShowTime> world trade center
[07:00] <Zeno> see CarlSwanson I told you. The triangle must be closed. Civilian, military and now govt.
[07:00] <Al> It is Bin Laden
[07:00] <LindaWS> www.cbc.ca/
[07:00] <rip-rap> whoa, reporter says south tower has collapsed
[07:01] <Sharonelle> WindyCity - is there a fire at the state dept too??? Really?
[07:01] <LindaWS> the tower is collapsed
[07:01] <LindaWS> with
[07:01] <LindaWS> Witch hey
[07:01] <Twoputt> One of the towers has collapsed.
[07:01] <Al> Hey Witch
[07:01] <go_> jesus...tower is gone
[07:01] <shooby> hi witch
[07:01] <Witch> hi hi
[07:01] <zz> so the white house has been hit?
[07:01] <ShowTime> Al he is a force to be reckoned with
[07:01] <Yaakov> Thousands of people will have been killed.
[07:01] <Pame> The White House also?
[07:01] <ShowTime> Witch !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[07:01] <Witch> no the white house hasn't been hit
[07:01] <badmojo> son of a bitch
[07:01] <Witch> hi showtime
[07:01] <SharpEye> yet
[07:01] <CarlSwanson> 4 We just watched 15,000 people die
[07:01] *** shooby sets mode: +b *!*@
[07:01] <go_> I pray the living got out of the tower!
[07:01] <Al> It is time to wipe out any country hiding Bin Laden
[07:01] <Spammi> My kids are watching this. I"m trying toe xplain...how do youe xplain??? It's a horror show.
[07:01] <Blake> 12 We've Got WAR!
[07:01] <ShowTime> no Witch it was not hit, but they did see a low flying plane nearby earlier
[07:01] <katrina`> Al get rid of idiot
[07:01] <Spammi> go, me too.
[07:01] <zz> CarlSwanson..
[07:02] <katrina`> a third explosion in ny
[07:02] <ShowTime> second plane out of newark nj
[07:02] <Al> katrina` oh for heaven's sake--what a remark!!
[07:02] <Zeno> 4 The entire city could catch on fire.
[07:02] <rip-rap> carl, do you rememmber the time you told me how ignorant I was to think the towers could be brought down by explosives ?
[07:02] <LindaWS> a 3rd plane hit the pentagon
[07:02] <Yaakov> katrina`: how dare you blame ANYONE in this country for this???
[07:02] <LindaWS> this is thanks to cheney & bush
[07:02] <Yaakov> katrina`: that is obscene.
[07:02] <Zeno> Al, why Laden?
[07:02] <ShowTime> Yaakov two words, timothy mcvieght
[07:02] <LindaWS> CarlSwanson the building collapsed
[07:02] <Blake> LindaWS What an awesome creep you are
[07:02] <juleee> there is a report that there was an explosion on lower floor of world trade
[07:02] <Al> katrina` that was a disgraceful remark---despicable
[07:02] <PixyStix> smirks...if you hear anything more about the embassy, fill me in please.
[07:02] <katrina`> Yaakov how dare idiot be all buddy buddy with vin laden, and want nothing but war, DON'T BLAME ME
[07:02] <Spammi> ShowTime, my God. You think so?????
[07:02] <go_> LindaWS....you are sooo out of line
[07:02] <Al> Zeno--he has the money and the resourcesd
[07:02] <smirks> PixyStix... absolutely
[07:02] <Blake> 12LindaW> this is thanks to cheney & bush
[07:02] * Spammi feels sick
[07:03] <ShowTime> no Spammi i don't, but we were hoodwinked last time
[07:03] <Spammi> ShowTime, true.
[07:03] <LindaWS> Blake ,, this is not the ordinary americans, it's bush cheney attacking the world
[07:03] <CarlSwanson> rip-rap, yeah... course, show me a bomb that weighs 2 million pounds and has 30,000 gallons of fuel and hits a building at 450 mph....
[07:03] <ShowTime> that is true Blake , bush alienated the world against him
[07:03] <SharpEye> This is getting VERY Serious folks
[07:03] <Yaakov> I am SICK of this, completely sick. Blaming anyone but the MONSTERS who did this is supreme idiocy.
[07:03] <Zeno> Al, many nations have the money and resources. Many men too. Be careful who you blame, Remember Richard jewell and Tim McVeigh
[07:03] <Spammi> ShowTime, you're right. THat's the first thing I thought of when I heard about it.
[07:03] <CarlSwanson> julee, there is no Lower Floor
[07:03] <juleee> this is not the time for recriminations
[07:03] <zz> showtime.. this is not about Bush.. geez..
[07:03] <CarlSwanson> somebody kick katrina`................
[07:03] <Nancy> This makes four separate attacks
[07:03] <juleee> planes hit top 1/3
[07:03] <Spammi> WTG Bush.
[07:03] <katrina`> CarlSwanson go for, never have i let anyone just hit me
[07:04] <zz> Yaakov... what can be done.. I'm just shaking..
[07:04] <Blake> ShowTime How stupid can you be? This was Bin Laden
[07:04] <LindaWS> 1/3 of the people on earth do not have clean water or electricity... yet columbia is defoliated
[07:04] *** shooby sets mode: -b *!*@64.218.133.Ok936=
[07:04] <Yaakov> CarlSwanson: that would be just as idiotic
[07:04] <zz> LindaWS its colombia..
[07:04] <CarlSwanson> So SPAMMI and SHOWTIM>... There have not been any terrorist attacks until BUSH GOT IN THE WHITE HOUSE??? YOU pathetic slime
[07:04] <Yaakov> zz: help the people, then find the criminals.
[07:04] <Zeno> Al, plus Bush has indeed alienated many foreign nations with his dumbo routine
[07:04] <LindaWS> this is the time to help the poor, dont build more bombs, give the people some help
[07:04] * shooby everyone please stay calm
[07:04] <Blake> Carl these are the biggest sleazeballs I've seen in my life
[07:04] <Pame> This is NOT the time for blame!.....
[07:04] <Nancy> shooby carl has no right to make this personal
[07:04] <KenBz> the sick sick people who are using this to make political brownie points in a chat room, ought to seek out help. What's wrong with you? How depraved can you be?
[07:04] <zz> Yaakov I'm so afraid there will be more.. so afraid.
[07:04] <ThangDrinkingCoffee> Stevetalk!!!!!!!
[07:04] <shooby> hi steve
[07:04] <katrina`> idiot got rid of all those treaties
[07:04] <LindaWS> www.cbc.ca/ DC is evacuated, the city
[07:04] <Spammi> Pame, I agree.
[07:04] <rip-rap> jeeeez, the top 1/3 of the building just fell
[07:04] <Stevetalk> Thang
[07:04] <Yaakov> zz: there may be.
[07:05] <Stevetalk> my God
[07:05] * ThangDrinkingCoffee is having goosebumps up his neck
[07:05] <ShowTime> not like this CarlSwanson this is the mother of all 'terrorist' acts
[07:05] <juleee> kenbz, feel sorry for them
[07:05] <zz> katrina` you are the idiot today.. please be still.
[07:05] <LindaWS> all air travel in the usa is grounded
[07:05] * ThangDrinkingCoffee is not often this scared before
[07:05] <katrina`> including the treaty to keep crap away from terrorists, thanks idiot
[07:05] <Blake> This is the worst thing
[07:05] <PixyStix> Television Abu Dabi reports: PLF RESPONSIBLE
[07:05] <Twoputt> Flight 11 from Logan was one of the planes.
[07:05] <LindaWS> people stop calling each other idiots
[07:05] <CarlSwanson> katrina` is apparently happy this happened, so is Spammi and SHowtime, it gives them something to blame on Republicans
[07:05] <LindaWS> PixyStix what is PLF?
[07:05] *** Quits: SharpEye (Connection timed out )
[07:05] <ShowTime> you're sick CarlSwanson
[07:05] <LindaWS> CarlSwanson , who can be happy, this is overwhelming sad
[07:05] <katrina`> CarlSwanson yes, i can't think of anything i would enjoy more than watching thousands die
[07:05] <katrina`> i'm so overjoyed i'm shaking
[07:06] <Yaakov> CarlSwanson: they are not happy. They are sick, and maybe mistaken.
[07:06] <Blake> ILin You use this for political points?
[07:06] <ShowTime> i sat in front of my tv and cried bringing the babies out of the day care in oklahoma
[07:06] <LindaWS> <--- weeping
[07:06] <LindaWS> ShowTime me too
[07:06] <WindyCity> Carl-no offense, but McCain was the one who after the USS Cole got attacked said "nothing like this would happen under a Bush administration".
[07:06] * zz wonders if the smoke now filling Manhattan would not be just as choking as a fire.
[07:06] <shooby> 4 P l e a s e we dont need to eat each other
[07:06] <Al> Yep blame Bush ---blame those evil republicans----blame the tax rebate--anything but the act of sick,cowards
[07:06] <PixyStix> People's Front for the Liberation of Palestine
[07:06] <Spammi> <----crying and shaking...this is worse than OK..and that's hard.
[07:06] <KenBz> Carl - that's exactly right. The worst terrorist attack in world history, and as people are dying in front of them, they use it to make a political comment. Depraved doesn't begin to describe this
[07:06] <Pame> This is NOT the time for blame!.....QUITE out there.....
[07:06] <CarlSwanson> WindyCity, McCain is a twisted little moron on his good days...
[07:06] <Laura> Al, amen
[07:06] <LindaWS> WindyCity . 1/3 of the people on earth have not electricity or clean water
[07:06] <CarlSwanson> clay45
[07:07] <Spammi> Pame, I agree. It's a time for our country to pull together.
[07:07] <BigBadWolf> This is not a republican or democratic issue. Leave party loyality at the door for one day. I am afraid for people's lives. This has nothing ot do with party politics.
[07:07] <clay45> has bush resigned in shame yet
[07:07] <LindaWS> Pame it's time to be considerate of the poor on earth
[07:07] <Pame> SOOOOOO QUIET out there.....
[07:07] <shooby> hiya coz
[07:07] <PolarNoid> did something just happen in Chicago too..
[07:07] <LindaWS> cosmo .. :)
[07:07] <cosmo> hey shooby, Linda :)
[07:07] <ShowTime> PolarNoid they evactuated the loop
[07:07] * smirks is holding his breath
[07:07] <KenBz> These are PALESTINIAN TERRORISTS. And what they're doing THEY DO EVERY DAY IN ISRAEL. LEARN something
[07:07] <cosmo> hey Pame !!!!!
[07:07] <shooby> lop smirks
[07:07] <Pame> Spammi, I have been saying for weeks I needed to got Canada....
[07:07] <Laura> This isn't Bush's fault, or the GOP, or the Democrats...
[07:07] <PolarNoid> wow..
[07:07] <cosmo> smirks !!!!
[07:07] <LindaWS> PolarNoid cbc has planes crashing into pentagon, 1, 2 into world trade, 1 building collapsed
[07:07] <Stevetalk> I just turned on my TV. I didn't believe what I was seeing
[07:07] <CarlSwanson> ah, clay45. good for you... 20,000 people die in front of us and YOU make political comments....
[07:07] <Spammi> Collapse
[07:07] * smirks brb..going out on K street
[07:07] <katrina`> smirks is in dc
[07:07] <Pame> smirks NO!
[07:07] <Laura> PolarNoid, no they evacuated Sears just in case for safety reasons, I think
[07:07] <WindyCity> PolarNoid-at this point they're just voluntarily evacuating towers in Chicago. Businesses are just closing on their own.
[07:07] <PolarNoid> ahh..
[07:08] <KenBz> Now do we do something about it, or do we pretend again while they ready the next attack?
[07:08] <zz> Spammi what collapse?
[07:08] <ShowTime> kenny it's a war in mideast, both jews and arabs are terrorists there
[07:08] <JGM36> 21Hello.
[07:08] * CarlSwanson just heard a reporter ask if a man saw the tower after it collapsed....
[07:08] <Stevetalk> zz. ONe of the two world trade towers collapsed
[07:08] <KenBz> go to hell showtime. Go straight to hell, you absolute idiot
[07:08] <juleee> subways in nyc is shut down
[07:08] *** Quits: juleee (QUIT: User exited )
[07:08] <Pame> WHOLE EVEN.....
[07:08] <CarlSwanson> Pame, been done
[07:08] <Blooming2000_Dad> A little hypocritical of KenBz to comment on other's political statements: <KenB> These are the people Israel is supposed to hand over land and live in peace with. Learn something
[07:08] <Spammi> Pame, agree.
[07:08] *** shooby sets mode: +b *!*@207.207.243.ox89=
[07:08] <Spammi> This is war.
[07:08] <katrina`> Pame i was wondering that myself
[07:08] <go_> Live call in on cspan
[07:08] <Pame> Spammi, absolutely.....
[07:08] <Spammi> We need to protect our own.
[07:08] <Spammi> NOW
[07:08] <cosmo> What the hell happened at the World Trade Center??
[07:09] <Stevetalk> oh man, please tell me I'm dreaming
[07:09] <PolarNoid> right about now the doomsday clock just skipped 2-5 minutes ahead..
[07:09] <katrina`> collapsed
[07:09] <ShowTime> cosmo you don't want to know
[07:09] <Pame> "The VP can direct a whole world wide war".....
[07:09] <Al> cosmo it was blown up by terrorists
[07:09] <willow> If we only spent more on our military, stuff like this would never happen....
[07:09] <Stevetalk> cosmo, hit twice by airliners
[07:09] <CarlSwanson> cosmo, two planes crashed into them one tower collapsed
[07:09] <clay45> this is the kind of security we get from bush...this is his fault....he should resign now
[07:09] <cosmo> Al, Blown UP???
[07:09] <Al> cosmo yep
[07:09] <CarlSwanson> cosmo, gone.
[07:09] <katrina`> cosmo were you been, 2 planed crashed into the towers, one tower is colapsed
[07:09] <cosmo> holw cow
[07:09] <ShowTime> right clay45
[07:09] <Stevetalk> cosmo, and the pentagon too
[07:09] <katrina`> and a mall in dc
[07:09] <Pame> cos, the Pentagon has been bombed, the WH is being evacuated.....
[07:09] <cosmo> Stevetalk, what happened at the pentagon?
[07:09] <willow> Cosmo, reports state that a plane crashed into the pentagon
[07:09] <Pame> Sears Tower....
[07:09] <Stevetalk> cosmo, I just found out too
[07:09] <Pame> ALL US commerical planes have been grounded in the US.....
[07:09] <Stevetalk> cosmo, some type of attack
[07:10] <Spammi> I woke up and found out. I didn't know.
[07:10] <Pame> NY is SHUT DOWN.....
[07:10] <CarlSwanson> this is the kind of partisan crap we get from the simple minded haters... "this is the kind of security we get from Bush"
[07:10] <cosmo> damn
[07:10] <Sharonelle> C-spam says plane crashes in NY and W DC.
[07:10] <Pame> Spammi my daughter in law called me.....
[07:10] <Stevetalk> brb
[07:10] <ShowTime> Pame US is shutdown for air travel, ALL PLANES HAD TO LAND IMMEDIATELY
[07:10] <katrina`> cosmo really this should come as a shock, we knew idiot wanted war, it was just a matter of time when
[07:10] <Pame> Show yes....
[07:10] <clay45> call names carl it is all you ever do
[07:10] <Sharonelle> I'm not seeing much about the Pentagon explosion
[07:10] <Pame> It is so quiet here.....
[07:10] <go_> someone on cspan wonders if Biochemicals are involved...hmm
[07:10] <Spammi> kat, I'm still shocked.
[07:10] <JGM36> 21I cannot help but believe that there are at ten thousand casualties.
[07:10] <ShowTime> Sharonelle it's the wtc that has the p eople, c asualties
[07:11] <Sharonelle> Hiya, Socrtease! Good to see you!
[07:11] <ShowTime> the loss of life when 1/3 of the tower collasped
[07:11] * CarlSwanson thinks it's unreal some people use something this horrible as an excuse to engage in their hate speech about Bush... un-freaking-real
[07:11] *** Quits: KenBz (QUIT: User exited )
[07:11] <cosmo> katrina', pulling out of that conference on Racism not a good idea. Not that it would have made a difference i dont think.
[07:11] <Witch> he did already spami, and he's being flown in
[07:11] <Sharonelle> ShowTime - yes, but an explosion at the Pentagon is very significant.
[07:11] <SharpEye> ANOTHER Explosing near Pentagon !!
[07:11] <Al> Spammi---the President was on tv --he made a statement
[07:11] <Spammi> Witch, ok.
[07:11] <JGM36> 21Hi Socrtease, Sharpeye
[07:11] <Spammi> Al, ok.
[07:11] <ShowTime> cosmo it's never a good idea to alienate the rest of the world from you
[07:11] <katrina`> cosmo idiot has made a threat to the world
[07:11] <go_> CarlSwanson....I agree....it's inhuman
[07:11] <SharpEye> Military Jets Patroling Airspace over DC
[07:11] <LindaWS> cosmo I agree, the usa took sides instead of showing leadership and trying to mediate
[07:11] <Spammi> How many people think we are going to go to war?
[07:11] <LindaWS> cosmo . gosh I like your style :)
[07:11] <JGM36> 21I cannot help but believe that there are at least ten thousand casualties.
[07:11] <Al> Carl--it is sick
[07:11] <cosmo> agreed Linda
[07:11] <Spammi> Hi, Aero.
[07:11] <Pame> Spammi, we already ARE at WAR......
[07:11] <SharpEye> HUGE Fire at Pentagon
[07:12] <ShowTime> thank you Pame
[07:12] <Spammi> Pame, officially.
[07:12] <CarlSwanson> Aero, sad day :(
[07:12] *** Quits: Stevetalk (Connection timed out )
[07:12] <LindaWS> cosmo .. it's time to ensure that everyone on earth has 1st world life style
[07:12] <Pame> Spami, pretty much.....
[07:12] <katrina`> they aren't even showing the pentagon on the news
[07:12] <JGM36> 21This is horrifying.
[07:12] <Aero> the CIA gets an early start?
[07:12] <LindaWS> SharpEye a plane hit the pentagon
[07:12] <Sharonelle> Spam - go to war against who? What nation?
[07:12] <JGM36> 21Hi Aero
[07:12] <cosmo> LindaWS, agreed again.
[07:12] <katrina`> Aero seems that way
[07:12] <BigBadWolf> This will be a dark day in American History
[07:12] <Spammi> BigBadWolf, it sure will be.
[07:12] <SharpEye> LindaWS, TWO PLANES have hit the Pentagon
[07:12] <ShowTime> Sharonelle somebody against the US
[07:12] <Pame> This will take YEARS to rebuild, IF we survive.....
[07:12] <LindaWS> cosmo . the usa has the wealth to do it, why defoliate columbia, a poor country
[07:12] <Spammi> Sharon, don't know yet.
[07:12] * Socrtease agrees totally with Carl (don't faint Carl) Now is not the time for partisan bickering or to use this for some sort of political advantage. Americans have lost their lives today at the hands of terrorists. It is time to unite as one and support all our leaders as they try to deal with this.
[07:12] <Twoputt> I can't believe that they have the president in the sky right now.
[07:12] <Blooming2000_Dad> CarlSwanson Yes the freaks are in mass again todya... they care nothing about people or this country ... only there agenda... I am sure the DNC is composing talking points for these idiots as we speak.
[07:12] <Spammi> Whoever did this.
[07:12] <LindaWS> SharpEye I am watching www.cbc.ca/
[07:12] <JGM36> 21Hi Bubble
[07:12] <Sharonelle> ShowTime - oh, we just put alla countries that hate us into a hat and pick one to declare war on?
[07:12] <clay45> we will not go to war spammi....who would we be at war with.......the cia didn't even see this coming...we have a totally unable leader with no vision....
[07:12] <Al> Socrtease amen
[07:13] <Spammi> clay *sigh*
[07:13] <cosmo> LindaWS, the US government thinks it has a mandate to rule the world. Not everyone agrees apparently.
[07:13] <PixyStix> EXPLOSION ON CAPITOL HILL - CNN just rec'd a report...not confirmed yet
[07:13] <Twoputt> Explosion on West Side of Capitol.
[07:13] <ThangDrinkingCoffee> is the 2nd WTC building completely gone?
[07:13] <katrina`> Aero things are already funny, planes aren't allowed to fly over the pentagon, yet planes were able to crash into it, the high jacked plane wasn't on the news, it left from boston
[07:13] <ShowTime> we're at war Sharonelle we just don't know our opponent yet
[07:13] <LindaWS> Sharonelle , good point, who is the usa going to war with exactly?
[07:13] <katrina`> explosion in dc
[07:13] * CarlSwanson apparently some people are either pathetically hypocritcal, or they are about to start blaming Clinton for the OKC bombing
[07:13] <Spammi> Explosion in the Capitol????
[07:13] <LindaWS> cosmo .. the poor have technology now
[07:13] <PlagueRat> Lets nuke the French.... good excuse.
[07:13] <Socrtease> second explosion in DC?
[07:13] <ShowTime> katrina` so much for our missile sheild
[07:13] <Bubble> hi JGM36
[07:13] <Twoputt> Military jets have scrambled & taken control of airspace over DC.
[07:13] <clay45> bushes refusal to help with peace has brought this disaster to our shores
[07:13] <ShowTime> lol PlagueRat
[07:13] <LindaWS> CarlSwanson , okc was home grown nuts
[07:13] <katrina`> ShowTime no doubt
[07:13] <JGM36> 21Twoputt, it is easier to defend the President this way.
[07:13] <cosmo> LindaWS, I don't think StarWars II would have prevented this.
[07:13] <Nancy> 2nd explosion at pentagon
[07:13] <willow> hey aero
[07:14] <PixyStix> Soc...CNN just said a report of explosion on Capitol Hill was just rec'd...not confirmed yet
[07:14] <WindyCity> Speaking of those who are jumping up and down about 'partisanship'--let's rerun those clips of McCain after the USS Cole attack, shall we?
[07:14] *** Quits: willow (QUIT: User exited )
[07:14] <CarlSwanson> LindaWS, apparently some would still claim it was Clinton's fault
[07:14] <Socrtease> Plague you don't have to nuke the french just yell at them in german and they will surrender
[07:14] <LindaWS> cosmo impossible, remember 3 poor men dressed in galibia took out the uss cole, the biggest ship in the fleet
[07:14] <ShowTime> cosmo planes are not supposed to fly over the pentagon, the weren't able to stop one flying into the building!
[07:14] <cosmo> lol Socrtease
[07:14] <Sharonelle> WindyCity - you bring up the best points.
[07:14] <Blake> 12 This is ULTIMATELY STUPID, people are DEAD, and folks are trying to score political points
[07:14] <clay45> wait until later today carl....bush will be blaming clinton like he is trying to do now with the economy
[07:14] <WindyCity> "Nothing like this would happen under a Bush administration". John McCain, immediately following the USS Cole attack.
[07:14] <CarlSwanson> WindyCity, when that crazt little moron comes in here, show him what he said...
[07:14] <PlagueRat> I agree that it is time to put aside partisan bickering... however, I do feel saddened that we don't have a strong and capable leader to get behind. Maybe Colin Powel will come to the front and lead the people through this time...
[07:14] *** Quits: Pame (Connection timed out )
[07:14] <Spammi> clay, THAT would be the bitter end.
[07:14] <Al> clay45 you are a real peach
[07:14] <cosmo> ShowTime, than one got through to the WH when clinton was there too.
[07:14] <LindaWS> Blake there is great grief, we are trying to understand this
[07:14] <Nancy> clay45 even I am tired of your blatherings
[07:14] <Socrtease> Windy I don't care what anyone else ever did during ANY tragedy. NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO BE DIVISIVE
[07:15] <Blooming2000_Dad> WindyCity And nothing has
[07:15] <ShowTime> Blake i have no concern for the dead, i'm concerned about the many more that are trapped in the building, and those that are injured
[07:15] <katrina`> clay45 they already did, they blamed clinton for not getting the terrorist stuff in place fast enough
[07:15] <PixyStix> UN evacuated
[07:15] <Sharonelle> WindyCity - man o man, McCain's gonna hafta eat those words.
[07:15] <LindaWS> PixyStix nothing is moving in the usa
[07:15] <Blake> ShowTime they are dead
[07:15] <clay45> then put me on ignore nancy
[07:15] <cosmo> What time was it in NYC when the Trade Center got hit?
[07:15] <CarlSwanson> Screw McCain... an unstable little war mongering bigot and racist...
[07:15] <PixyStix> Linda...so it seems.
[07:15] *** Quits: Radio_Flyer (Connection timed out )
[07:15] <shooby> 12 lets all take a moment of silence, perhaps pray, for this to end
[07:15] <LindaWS> cosmo around 9 et
[07:15] <PixyStix> 8:45 am first time, cosmo...then, another plane attacked it
[07:15] <PlagueRat> I'm going to go run the flag at our firestation down to half mast....
[07:15] *** Quits: EdC (Connection timed out )
[07:15] <Blake> ShowTime and you lie, you are concerened with blaming Bush
[07:15] <SharpEye> I would guess the Death toll is about 50,000 already
[07:15] <Blooming2000_Dad> Sharonelle Nonsense.. this can not be avoided.... pulling into a known terrorist port can be avoided...
[07:15] <ShowTime> Nancy , we can point out why this could happen, Bush has a major crisis to deal with right now, He has my full support now
[07:15] <PixyStix> cosmo...then, there was a third explosion...and one tower crumbled
[07:16] <BigBadWolf> This is an AMERICAN issue. We need to stand together, republican and democrats!
[07:16] <cosmo> Linda, PixyStix, hundreds if not thousands of dead then. :(
[07:16] <ShowTime> it lies at his feet Blake
[07:16] <rip-rap> the 2nd tower is totally collapsed ?
[07:16] <CarlSwanson> SharpEye, nah.... only 50K work in both towers
[07:16] <Spammi> ShowTime, yeah...me too.
[07:16] <cosmo> Pixy, MADNESS
[07:16] <CarlSwanson> Anders!
[07:16] <LindaWS> Blooming2000_Dad .. ensuring every person on earth has a 1st world lifestyle will prevent this
[07:16] <Nancy> ShowTime well I support those around him anyway
[07:16] <LindaWS> cosmo . surely thousands
[07:16] <ShowTime> heh Nancy
[07:16] <Spammi> Maybe that's more like it. I support those around him.
[07:16] <Blake> ShowTime Clinton bombed Bin Laden, what blame does HE have?
[07:16] <Anders> this is insane, it's a catastrophee.
[07:16] <Stevetalk> this is almost just like a tom clancy book
[07:16] <CarlSwanson> cosmo, there was no later explosion, just a structural collapse...
[07:16] <Spammi> wb Pamie
[07:16] <Pame> Spammi thanks.....
[07:16] <Al> wb Pame
[07:16] <ShowTime> Blake clinton protected us
[07:16] <Anders> I heard there was an explosion in the senate here.
[07:16] <Anders> on the news
[07:16] <LindaWS> how come the israeli hit men are so good yet americans cant take out bin laden with the same accuracy?
[07:16] <Stevetalk> our country is never going to be the same again
[07:17] <JGM36> 21This is exactly like a Tom Clancy book. Exactly.
[07:17] <Anders> and pentagon
[07:17] <LindaWS> just a side bar question
[07:17] <Laura> we have to band together, despite political differences and fight this
[07:17] <katrina`> explosion on capital hill
[07:17] <Blake> ShowTime You are exposing your true colors to the room
[07:17] <Bubble> hi Stevetalk
[07:17] <Al> LJ--bingo!!
[07:17] <Bubble> hi Pame
[07:17] <Stevetalk> hi Bubble
[07:17] <Bubble> wb juleee
[07:17] <Spammi> Hi Bubble
[07:17] <ShowTime> great Blake , what a compliment!
[07:17] <katrina`> no explosion on capital hill
[07:17] <juleee> an explosion at the capitol
[07:17] <Pame> Bubble, hi.....
[07:17] <JGM36> 21Hi Joeve, juleee
[07:17] <ThangDrinkingCoffee> this is out of my imagination
[07:17] <LindaWS> juleee , more than the pentagon
[07:17] <Anders> katrina`, tehy sad so on the news here
[07:17] <juleee> no, CNN is saying it
[07:17] <LindaWS> ?
[07:17] <Blooming2000_Dad> LindaWS I don't think so... although I fully support ending the plight of the Palestinians I also believethere will always be malcontents... they would just find something else to fight for... like animal testing or something.
[07:17] <Bubble> hi Spammi
[07:17] <katrina`> unless cnn didn't get the facts straight
[07:17] <Joeve-afk> SO why didn't the missile defense shield stop the planes from hitting the wtc?
[07:17] <CarlSwanson> 2 Time to see if we are the people our parents were.. time to see if we can pull together and get past this and bring the people responsible to a quick and painful death...
[07:17] <rip-rap> why is there no video from Washington DC ?
[07:17] <Wender> LindaWS, becasue that would mean murdering alot of innocent people
[07:17] <katrina`> Anders yes , but the lady is looking at the capital building right now
[07:17] <Blake> 12 TIME TO FIGHT!
[07:17] <Bubble> wb KenBz
[07:17] <LindaWS> Blooming2000_Dad ... 1/3 of thepeople on earth have no clean water or electricity
[07:17] <PixyStix> riprap...was wondering the same.
[07:18] <KenBz> now I'm watching DC
[07:18] <ThangDrinkingCoffee> hi KenB!
[07:18] <Anders> katrina`, ok. I don't have cnn.....
[07:18] <ShowTime> better question Joeve-afk , why didn't it stop a plane from running into the pentagon, which doesn't allow planes to fly over
[07:18] <LindaWS> Blake who are you going to fight?
[07:18] <cosmo> fight whom Blake?
[07:18] <Al> Ken on what channel?
[07:18] <Blake> cosmo this is bin Laden
[07:18] <juleee> world trade center 1 collapsed
[07:18] <ThangDrinkingCoffee> Ken: what you see?
[07:18] <Blooming2000_Dad> LindaWS Yes.. that is terrible.. but not the cause of this problem.
[07:18] <LindaWS> were air traffic controllers asleep?
[07:18] <katrina`> Anders cnn reporters have been known to have there facts wrong once or twice before in the past
[07:18] <BigBadWolf> Report of Explosion on Capitol Hill?
[07:18] <ShowTime> juleee the second airjacked plane flew out of newark
[07:18] <Sharonelle> julee - CNN is saying what?
[07:18] <JGM36> 21foxnews is interviewing a witness
[07:18] <cosmo> Blake, of course. And Bush gives the Taliban money, his supporters.
[07:18] <WindyCity> How do you know this was Bin Laden?
[07:18] <LindaWS> Blooming2000_Dad yes it is, americans destroy other lands for greed and eventually the poor learn some technology
[07:19] <Joeve> sorry about that
[07:19] <KenBz> sorry, my wife just called.
[07:19] <zz> CarlSwanson.. was it us, CarlSwanson?.. did we do it? We tried to rule the world with our militarism..we sent the CIA to nation build.. why else would we be a target?
[07:19] <LindaWS> WindyCity we dont know, know one has claimed responsibility yet
[07:19] <Zeno> WindyCity, Bin Laden is not one of us, therefore it must be him.
[07:19] <go_> I think this is a religious war...not an attack over political differences
[07:19] <juleee> no telephone service to Manhattan
[07:19] <Blake> Bin Laden should now be hunted to the ends of the Earth
[07:19] <Pame> Oh jesus christ.....Dobbins is SCRAMBLING BIG TIME HERE IN ATLANTA.......
[07:19] <Zeno> Blake, why not Sharon?
[07:19] <LindaWS> zz how come the usa hit men couldnt get him? then use the israeli ones, they seem accurate using usa equipment
[07:19] <SharpEye> Pame, really ?
[07:19] <Al> Pame Dobbins?
[07:19] <KenBz> I'm watching nbc out of philadelphia, which I barely get. NY stations, other than cbs (which just went out on me) aren't available
[07:19] <CarlSwanson> zz, it was our arrogance that led us to believe we could "tell the world how to live"...
[07:19] <ShowTime> Blake we all knew his capabilities, he's not on the FBI's most wanted list for nothing
[07:19] <SharpEye> Pame, Fighters, or Bombers?
[07:19] <JGM36> 21Dobbins AFB
[07:19] <SharpEye> 4Pame, Fighters, or Bombers?
[07:20] <LindaWS> Blake , dont you find it a tad odd that americans can take out bin laden yet israeli hitmen can get people in their offices
[07:20] <zz> CarlSwanson .. How could we fall into that arrogance?
[07:20] <Pame> I'M ABOUT 12 MILES FROM THERE.....
[07:20] <PixyStix> ShowTime...I heard someone from the Pentagon say that a helicopter that bore US military markings circled the Pentagon, then lost sight of it, there was an explosion/fireball. So, don't know what that's about, as others are saying a plane hit the Pentagon.
[07:20] <Pame> SHARPY YES.....
[07:20] <SharpEye> 4Pame, Fighters, or Bombers?
[07:20] <Zeno> LindaWS this thing looks like a Mossad or CIA operation
[07:20] <JGM36> 21Hi tom3, chuck
[07:20] <Joeve> So how long before W starts saying the best way to handle the situation is by cutting taxes for his oil buddies, who will then produse an airplane-defense system
[07:20] <SharpEye> Dammit, can you answer me please
[07:20] <tom3> jesus
[07:20] <SharpEye> 4Pame, Fighters, or Bombers?
[07:20] <LindaWS> Zeno it looks like some disgruntled people
[07:20] <juleee> no, CIA
[07:20] <Blake> where is Dobbins?
[07:20] <Yaakov> zz: we are a target because we stand against wrong. We are not perfect, by any stretch, but Americans tend to stand for justice--and against the types of people that would do this horrible act. We are NOT culpable, we are victims.
[07:20] <Wender> zz, the US is not to blame - it's the acts of a bunch of sick individuals
[07:20] <KenBz> cbs new york is coming in and out. St. Vincent's hospital already has 50 - 100 in critical condition. I spoke to my son before and he was ok, and I can't get through to him since
[07:20] <Spammi> tom3, no joke.
[07:20] <Nancy> PixyStix the helicopter story was disputed by someone that saw a larger plane tail section
[07:20] <Zeno> k Dubya no lober mean Walker. but.................................WAR!
[07:20] <SharpEye> oK
[07:20] <Pame> BLAKE ATLANTA GA....
[07:20] <Spammi> Wender, agree.
[07:20] <tom3> i heard the palestinians are taking credit for this catastrophe
[07:20] <PixyStix> Woman on CNN now says commericial plane hit Pentagon
[07:20] <Al> Good grief!! <Zen> LindaWS this thing looks like a Mossad or CIA operation
[07:20] <CarlSwanson> zz, it is what people do... it is natural to believe we are the Prime Movers and others should be just like us...
[07:20] * ThangDrinkingCoffee is about to pee in his pants
[07:20] <katrina`> i wonder why noone is reporting on the pentagon
[07:20] <LindaWS> PixyStix yeah, cbc reported that
[07:21] <Zeno> LindaWS. like I said. Mossd and CIA. They ARE disgruntled.
[07:21] <Spammi> tom3, are they?
[07:21] <tom3> one of the trade center towers has collapsed
[07:21] <LindaWS> the cia is attacking the usa?
[07:21] <Zeno> All, it does indeed.
[07:21] <Stevetalk> this is exactly like a tom clancy book
[07:21] <SharpEye> 4Martial Law by Sundown
[07:21] <rip-rap> eye witness says it was a commercial jet that hit pentagon
[07:21] <Joeve> of course knowing W he might have set the whole thing up himself in order to call for martial law or something
[07:21] <Sharonelle> CNN is showing the Pentagon now
[07:21] <Spammi> There is no excuse...none...for doing this. None.
[07:21] <Pame> SHAPRY YES....
[07:21] <zz> Yaakov and Wender.. our CIA armed and trained the terrorists in Afghanistan..
[07:21] <JGM36> 21A foxnewz reporter is trying to find someone at the Pentagon to interview
[07:21] <Nancy> all international planes to US are also grounded from the rest of the world
[07:21] <ThangDrinkingCoffee> tom: that's so sad :(
[07:21] <juleee> joeve, no way
[07:21] <katrina`> LindaWS what did the cbc report?
[07:21] <CarlSwanson> Al, the anti-semites take any excuse to vent..... sad really
[07:21] <juleee> stop it
[07:21] <JGM36> 21She isn't very popular right now
[07:21] <Al> Carl---it never ends
[07:21] <Joeve> julee, I wouldn't put it past W to do that
[07:21] <Wender> zz, why don't you stop this nonsense
[07:21] <Zeno> CarlSwanson yes and the anit Arabs do the same thing...:)
[07:21] <JGM36> 21Hi EdC
[07:21] <KenBz> I can't get through to my son, who works next to the world trade center. I talked to him when he called after the first attack. I'm trying not to make anything of this, since all circuits are hopelessly tied up
[07:21] <shooby> wb aurora
[07:22] <CarlSwanson> Joeve, you're pathetic even thinking that.... unreal.
[07:22] <JGM36> 21Hi Aurora
[07:22] <PixyStix> wb Aurora
[07:22] <Al> Hi Aurora
[07:22] <Aurora> thanks shooby
[07:22] <LindaWS> KenBz . I hope your son is ok
[07:22] <ThangDrinkingCoffee> wb Aurora!
[07:22] <Wender> hey Aurora!!
[07:22] <zz> KenBz .. our thoughts are with you.
[07:22] <Zeno> CarlSwanson Al, I was being facetious. Trying to point out it is ludicrous to point fingers yet. Grow up!
[07:22] <ShowTime> KenBz, I'd be worried
[07:22] <Blake> I/me prays for all those wasted lives
[07:22] <Joeve> Yeah Carl, and Vince Foster was murdered, right?
[07:22] <JGM36> 21KenBz, best wishes
[07:22] * Blake prays for all those wasted lives
[07:22] <WindyCity> KenBz-he's ok. really.
[07:22] <juleee> unidentified aircraft headed towards VA
[07:22] *** Quits: Anders (QUIT: User exited )
[07:22] <Aurora> JGM36 ~~~~~ PixyStix ~~~~ Al ~~~~ ThangDrinkingCoffee ~~~~ Wender ~~~~
[07:22] <Stevetalk> what will this do to the ecomony?
[07:22] <ShowTime> KenBz does he have a pager?
[07:22] <alphabuck> back.....dan rather says theres a report theres one more hijacked plane in the eastern corridor?
[07:22] * CarlSwanson would be so bold as to ask the chatters to see who is making the most reprehensible comments here, and they aint the "right wing" by a long shot...
[07:22] <SharpEye> juleee, source?
[07:22] <Stevetalk> Aurora, hi
[07:22] <LindaWS> WindyCity a tower has collapsed, hopefully survivors were evacacted
[07:22] <juleee> KenBz, you can't call nyc
[07:22] <Aurora> Stevetalk ~~~~
[07:23] <Joeve> Stevetalk: W will call for more tax cuts for the rich to aid in the fight against terrorism
[07:23] <LindaWS> CarlSwanson this is great sadness for your country
[07:23] <ShowTime> oic juleee , makes sense
[07:23] <Al> Zeno---I doubt that--It wouldn't surprise me if you really believed that
[07:23] <Aero> south tower has collapsed
[07:23] <juleee> they are worried about smoke inhalition thou
[07:23] <PixyStix> Zeno...TV Abu Dabi reported that the PLF has taken responsibility. But, that's all I know. Husband is monitoring worldwide media/communications.
[07:23] <Laura> LindaWS, if folks were trapped in smoke in that tower, how could they get out?
[07:23] <zz> smirks oh my god.. where did you hear that?
[07:23] <Stevetalk> Joeve, what?
[07:23] <katrina`> Laura they jumped
[07:23] <juleee> Laura, good possibility
[07:23] <CarlSwanson> LindaWS, hell, I am more concerned about the innocent people in the middle east who are going to die for this act
[07:23] <KenBz> julee - I can't call his cell phone and no one is answering at his office. I don't know whether I'm rooting for him to be evacuated or not, given that the tower collapsed. I'm scared out of my mind about this
[07:23] <ShowTime> Laura we say hundreds die when it collapsed no doubt
[07:23] * smirks .. zz..I'm 4 blocks away from the old executive office building
[07:23] <SharpEye> I would guess the Death toll is about 50,000 already
[07:23] <Joeve> Stevetalk, well, he'll use any excuse to ask for that, why not this?
[07:23] <LindaWS> CarlSwanson .. can we go forward with helping the poor, not being so greedy , cant we stop this
[07:23] <Laura> ShowTime, I think you're right :(
[07:23] <Blake> places in the middle east will be smoked for this
[07:23] <smirks> THIS IS WAR
[07:23] <zz> smirks.. oh my god
[07:24] <JGM36> 21It's far too early to make an economic assessment. The USA is a rich nation that can survive these things.
[07:24] <ShowTime> KenBz i think he's fine, but can't move right now, they are taking care of the injured
[07:24] <alphabuck> blake...i sure as heck hope so
[07:24] <Aero> afk
[07:24] <ShowTime> 1000 workers have converged on the WTO for the injured
[07:24] <Twoputt> A car bomb has exploded outside the state dept. in DC.
[07:24] <PixyStix> smirks...bite your tongue.
[07:24] <Zeno> PixyStix. and in these kinda of events many people take responsibiltiy. I am just trying tompoint out it is waaaay to early to say who did it.
[07:24] <Nancy> A carbomb outside the State Dpmt exploded in Washington
[07:24] <Stevetalk> Joeve, hundreds of people have just died, can you forget politics for a moment.......maybe say a prayer
[07:24] <smirks> PixyStix...call it whatyou want
[07:24] <Joeve> smirks: maybe W will send the Texas Rangers baseball team to do battle
[07:24] <rip-rap> who do we declare war on ?
[07:24] <Spammi> How can anyone joke?
[07:24] <Wender> rip-rap, exactly
[07:24] <clay45> this is what you get with someone incapable like bush in office folks.........
[07:24] <PixyStix> smirks...this is not a time to go off half-cocked...looking for blood and revenge.
[07:24] <Zeno> Al. and maybe you also actually believe Bin Lden did it. See Al, that's the point isn't it. Which side are you taking?
[07:24] <katrina`> idiot should never have been alowed in the white house, he had no respect for it
[07:25] <Al> Zeno---Bin Laden is capable of it
[07:25] <rip-rap> CNN is backing away from explosion at capitol
[07:25] <Spammi> Al, he sure is.
[07:25] *** Quits: Saline (Connection timed out )
[07:25] <tom3> Nuke Afghanistan
[07:25] <alphabuck> i for one am glad gw is at the helm during this.
[07:25] <Blake> Time to pull together, get some resolve, and take Bin Laden OUT!
[07:25] <KenBz> the sick people who are using this as a happy horsemanure opportunity to attack Bush should see a doctor
[07:25] <Al> Ken---even a doctor couldn't help this crowd---
[07:25] <Joeve> Get real, Stevetalk: maybe if W was the REAL President it might be different...and of course if teh REAL President, Al Gore, was currently in office, you and all the other Freepers would be blaming him
[07:25] <rip-rap> all flight is prohibitted in the US until 5PM
[07:25] <JGM36> 21Al Haig is on foxnewz
[07:25] <juleee> a car bomb explosion outside of State Dept
[07:25] <cosmo> alphabuck, now we'll really see what Shrub is made of.
[07:25] <Stevetalk> car bomb hit state department
[07:25] <Joeve> Of course I want to see when they start blaming CLinton
[07:25] <ShowTime> LindaWS must appreciate all our flyers
[07:25] <tom3> did al haig say he's in charge??
[07:25] <Blooming2000_Dad> US Military deployed andall commercial flights ordered to land
[07:25] <Wender> lol
[07:25] <Joeve> Or Condit
[07:25] <katrina`> why isn't the military doing anything, this has only been going on for what 3 hours
[07:25] <ShowTime> lol Joeve , it will happen!
[07:26] <Wender> tom3 ROFL
[07:26] <xstanx> DJN: *DJ Car Bomb Explodes Outside US State Department - Official
[07:26] <JGM36> 21tom3, haha]
[07:26] <go_> KenBz??? where is your son?
[07:26] <Nancy> tom3 well a bit of levity - no Rove did
[07:26] <Spammi> kat, that's what I'm puzzled about.
[07:26] <tom3> g o d d a m n it
[07:26] <alphabuck> cosmo...yep
[07:26] <Witch> international flights are being sent to canada
[07:26] <ShowTime> they is another hijacking
[07:26] <Joeve> the NY Times server is slow as heck, millions must be logging in
[07:26] <alphabuck> nice of canada to allow that
[07:26] <ShowTime> and we're sending all international arrivals to canada
[07:26] <Nancy> katrina` all planes are being grounded so they can take over the air over the entire country
[07:26] <Spammi> Actually, yes, we'll see if shrub is a leader...I hope I'm wrong, and I hope he rises to the occassion.
[07:26] <SharpEye> 4We will be in Martial Law by Sundown
[07:27] <JGM36> 21I don't like the way Haig pronounces the word "against"
[07:27] <tom3> sharpie, did your militia buddies do this??
[07:27] <Stevetalk> CNN headquarters should be under guard too
[07:27] <clay45> can our military function without the pentagon?
[07:27] <ShowTime> Spammi the people around him will rise to the occasion:)
[07:27] <PixyStix> Oh SharpEye...stop that. This is a dark day...let's have cool heads prevail.
[07:27] <SharpEye> tom3, up yours pal
[07:27] <Spammi> ShowTime, I sincerely hope so.
[07:27] <ShowTime> lol tom3
[07:27] <KenBz> go - he works within two blocks of the world trade center. Given the sick nature of some people in here right now, I won't say where
[07:27] <JGM36> 21clay45, yes
[07:27] <Stevetalk> SharpEye, you may be right as far as new york goes
[07:27] * Spammi is grateful her brother no longer works in NYC
[07:27] <tom3> sorry, sharpie, i'm in no mood for sex right now
[07:27] <rip-rap> unreal
[07:28] <xstanx> second building they are saying might fall
[07:28] <Joeve> This only proves how utterly stupid and wasteful SDI is...suppose those planes had nukes aboard them...
[07:28] * ShowTime makes notes to stay at least 2 blocks away from the WTC to avoid ever meeting KenBz
[07:28] <Bubble> riley morning
[07:28] <zz> my god .. street shots in NYC.. it looks like a ghost town
[07:28] <JGM36> 21Hi Riley
[07:28] <Nancy> PixyStix don't kid yourself about martial law being declared - it ALREADY was declared for the WTO meeting
[07:28] <go_> KenBz....oh boy....I pray he didn't get injured from the falling building
[07:28] <juleee> spammi, my son is headed for NYC now, he works for nyc EMS
[07:28] <Spammi> zz, amazing, isn't it? NYC.
[07:28] <Blooming2000_Dad> When I see all of the ranting in #cnn_newsroom I am glad our leaders have cooler heads and will wait until the shock wears off before making retaliatory decisions.
[07:28] *** Quits: threefourtyone (Connection timed out )
[07:28] <NCRICH> This had to be well planned. Where has the FBI, CIA and all the other investigative agencies being doing, sitting on their butts?
[07:28] <tom3> they're telling everyone in lower manhattan to walk north
[07:28] <Spammi> juleeee....wow
[07:28] <go_> oh no
[07:28] <rip-rap> whoa!!!!
[07:28] <zz> tower colapsing
[07:28] *** Quits: badmojo (QUIT: User exited )
[07:28] <tom3> jesus
[07:28] <Nancy> the rest of the WTO has fallen
[07:28] <xstanx> second one is falling
[07:28] <ShowTime> second tower collapsed
[07:28] <Spammi> Rich, what a good question and one I wonder about.
[07:28] <rip-rap> what cheap-ass buildings
[07:28] <juleee> both building has now collapsed
[07:28] <Pame> The second town just collasped????????
[07:29] <alphabuck> domestic air travel will never be the same. theyll be treating a 100 mile commuter flight no differently than travel to syria
[07:29] <ShowTime> more deaths
[07:29] *** Quits: Witch (QUIT: User exited )
[07:29] <ShowTime> yes Pame
[07:29] <ShowTime> the first tower that was struck
[07:29] <Twoputt> Oh goodness.
[07:29] <Blake> 12 The ENORMITY of this has not even set in yet
[07:29] <ShowTime> wow a whole new view in NYC
[07:29] <JGM36> 21How fortunate that this attack didn't happen on December 31, 1999
[07:29] <juleee> Guiliani could be in there
[07:29] <Blake> 12 2nd tower gone!
[07:29] <juleee> suppose to be bomb proof
[07:29] <Zeno> OHMIGAWD!
[07:29] <cosmo> Equivalent to Pearl Harbor, Blake
[07:29] <katrina`> the other tower just collapsed
[07:29] <ShowTime> there's pandamonia right now
[07:29] <tom3> 4 THIS MEANS WAR!!!
[07:29] <SharpEye> WTC IS GONE
[07:29] <PlagueRat> Car bomb outside of State Department
[07:29] <Spammi> NYC died.
[07:29] <ShowTime> yes tom3
[07:29] <Zeno> My company had a meeting in the Second tower today :(
[07:29] <juleee> oh god
[07:29] <BigBadWolf> The World Trade Center is gone
[07:29] <SharpEye> 4 The WTC IS GONE !!!
[07:30] <JGM36> 21Hi Saline
[07:30] <ShowTime> a whole new skyline in NYC
[07:30] <juleee> no more
[07:30] <Spammi> Anyone else crying?
[07:30] <ShowTime> yes it's gone shooby
[07:30] <PolarNoid> both buildings down..
[07:30] <PlagueRat> We just got toned.
[07:30] <ShowTime> SharpEye
[07:30] <PlagueRat> BYE
[07:30] *** PlagueRat has left IRC
[07:30] *** Quits: PlagueRat (QUIT: User exited )
[07:30] <Riley> Tom.........not necessarily
[07:30] <Zeno> 4 this is WAR!
[07:30] <ShowTime> Saline !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[07:30] <rip-rap> welcome to the new urban renewal
[07:30] <Pame> Spammi I am.....
[07:30] <SharpEye> I would guess the Death toll is about 100,000 already
[07:30] <tom3> if bid laden did it, we should nuke afghanistan
[07:30] <ShowTime> Saline , war is declared on the US
[07:30] <BigBadWolf> :-(
[07:30] *** shooby sets mode: +b *!*@
[07:30] <juleee> this is horrible
[07:30] <rip-rap> all your trade center are belong to us
[07:30] <tom3> who got banned??
[07:30] <Spammi> Whoever did this...should pay....dearly.
[07:30] <ShowTime> is that me shooby ?
[07:30] <ShowTime> ok, no, eh
[07:30] <ShowTime> yes Spammi
[07:30] <JGM36> 21REPORT... there may be another hijacked plane headed for DC
[07:31] <cosmo> I lot of innocents will pay too Spammi. Unfortunately.
[07:31] <Riley> Spammi......absolutely
[07:31] <cosmo> I=A
[07:31] <Zeno> What are we going to do?
[07:31] <tom3> spammi i'm crying inside
[07:31] <JGM36> 21Brian Wilson on foxnewz
[07:31] <Spammi> cosmo, that's why I'm crying
[07:31] <PixyStix> tom3...please stop that...please. I fear a vengeful reaction that will only cause greater tragedy...and escalate this thing into who-knows-what.
[07:31] <ShowTime> Blake it will be shut down
[07:31] <Keystone^> FBI is responsible for protecting us from this. Too bad they are so busy chasing Hate crimes and church burnings.
[07:31] <rip-rap> zeno, i am gonna have another donut
[07:31] <tom3> sorry, pixy, i'm just so angry and frustrated
[07:31] <cosmo> Keystone^, shove it
[07:31] *** Quits: juleee (QUIT: User exited )
[07:31] <SharpEye> 12I would guess the Death toll is about 100,000 already
[07:31] <go_> Hijacked plane on way to DC
[07:31] *** Quits: Joeve (QUIT: User exited )
[07:31] <Keystone^> Cosmo, Well its true. They are spread too thin.
[07:31] <PixyStix> tom3...I'm just sick inside...and afraid of what lies ahead. :-(
[07:31] <go_> NOW
[07:32] <SharpEye> Go, YIKES.
[07:32] <ShowTime> i heard that go_
[07:32] <alphabuck> whos reporting the dc plane?
[07:32] <go_> see FNC
[07:32] <KenBz> I just got a call from my son's girlfriend - she spoke to my son and he's walking home, on 15th st, far away from the disaster, thank god 1000 times over. he's been trying to call everyone, and she was the first he got through to
[07:32] <zz> PixyStix how long have I been saying.. we are in the unraveling .. headed towards the next crisis..
[07:32] <Sharonelle> Man o man - this is really something
[07:32] <alphabuck> unreal how that building just imploded
[07:32] <JGM36> 21More people will die because of the smoke than because of the explosions.
[07:32] <Spammi> Well....I think it's fair to say.....the world will be different after today.....and our country will be too.
[07:32] <Zeno> How many of us here, will have lost someone in NYC today?
[07:32] <ShowTime> where is smirks
[07:32] <Al> Ken great news
[07:32] <cosmo> I'm happy for you KenBz.
[07:32] <go_> KenBz....thank God! :)
[07:32] <ShowTime> smirks , take shelter there
[07:32] <Pame> Ken....thank God Ken your son is OK.....sincerely.....
[07:32] <alphabuck> whos reporting the dc plane?
[07:32] *** shooby sets mode: -b *!*@
[07:32] *** shooby sets mode: -b *!*@
[07:32] <zz> JGM36 that is what I asked quite a while ago.. how can you live inside that smoke?
[07:32] <Stevetalk> Hello maggie
[07:32] <rip-rap> this is just what Saturday Night Live predicted when W won the white house
[07:32] <Spammi> Ken, I'm glad. Really. This is no time for bickering.
[07:32] <Pame> My daughter in law is in Chicago.....I want her to go home NOW......
[07:32] <PixyStix> hello maggie
[07:32] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o maggiejo
[07:32] <JGM36> 21Thank God, KenBz
[07:32] <tom3> this was a orchestrated attack, the work of professionals
[07:32] <Zeno> rip-rap :(
[07:33] <Spammi> tom3, indeed.
[07:33] <cosmo> bbl
[07:33] <rip-rap> next thing we will here is the Great Lakes are on fire
[07:33] <CarlSwanson> maggiejo, good day to be in Austrailia...
[07:33] *** Quits: cosmo (QUIT: User exited )
[07:33] <maggiejo> Stevetalk hello
[07:33] <maggiejo> ixy hello
[07:33] <Blake> Will the jets shoot down the hijacked plane?
[07:33] <JGM36> 21Hi RiRi
[07:33] <Spammi> Hi, Ri.
[07:33] <KenBz> Does anyone in his right mind still think we're safe because the USSR isn't there anymore? Does anyone in his right mind still think that you can negotiate with people who fanatically believe they get eternal glory if they kill you?
[07:33] <maggiejo> shooby hisya
[07:33] <ShowTime> the'd better Blake
[07:33] <Laura> KenBz, Thank God, I'm very happy for your son's safety...
[07:33] <RiRi> hi JGM
[07:33] <maggiejo> hiya
[07:33] <Pame> Blake they will have to......
[07:33] <alphabuck> yea there would be peace in the middle east and the conference on racism would have ended differently if al gore was prez
[07:33] <RiRi> hiya Spammela
[07:33] <rip-rap> yes, they will shootdown and plane that does not respond to orders
[07:33] <KenBz> LEARN something from this absolute devastation.
[07:33] <BigBadWolf> There are reports of another high-jacked plane headed for Washington?
[07:33] <Bubble> maggie / RiRi
[07:33] <Keystone^> Alphabuck, LOL
[07:33] <shooby> hi Iris
[07:33] <tom3> jesus
[07:33] <CarlSwanson> Di :(
[07:33] <RiRi> hiya bubble, shooby
[07:34] <Anders> :(
[07:34] <Pame> Car bomb has exploded at the State Department......
[07:34] <Bubble> hi Di
[07:34] <Di> Carl... I'm sobbing. :(
[07:34] <Pame> RiRi, shana maidalyn!
[07:34] <rip-rap> all I know is that my SS Check better not be late next month
[07:34] <BigBadWolf> America is under attack!
[07:34] <ShowTime> {{{{{{{ Di }}}}}}}
[07:34] <KenBz> My wife's office has two or more people with family who work in or near the twin towers. They're terrorstricken and I don't blame them
[07:34] <Sharonelle> Hi, Di LTNS
[07:34] <maggiejo> bubble hello
[07:34] <JGM36> 21Hi Di, Anders
[07:34] <ShowTime> i'm worried about smirks, the plane is heading to his city
[07:34] <Pame> Show where is smirks?.......
[07:34] <Di> People in the other rooms are actually gleeful about this. They are taunting us. It's horrible.
[07:35] <Pame> He was here a bit ago.....
[07:35] <ThangDrinkingCoffee> 5hi JGM! Di!
[07:35] <Keystone^> Military aircraft flying over DC. Notice not over other cities. Not enough Pilots or planes.
[07:35] <RiRi> pame..zeise punim
[07:35] <Blake> My God, you realize as many as 30,000 people may have died
[07:35] <LindaWS> RiRi, :)
[07:35] <Spammi> Di...nothing like THAT to pull us all together. WE are bigger and stronger than any of them.
[07:35] <ThangDrinkingCoffee> Blake: could be more :(
[07:35] <Pame> Keystone, Dobbins AFB just emptied out a little bit ago.....
[07:35] <Anders> I have no words.... it's amost like USA is under some kind of attack.
[07:35] <shooby> Di : we dont act like that in here, thank God
[07:35] <LindaWS> Blake 2 towers are down, that may be conservative estimate
[07:35] <RiRi> morning Linda
[07:35] <KenBz> almosyt?
[07:35] <Spammi> Anders, we are
[07:35] <SharpEye> 12I would guess the Death toll is about 100,000 already
[07:35] <ShowTime> matt lauer is crying
[07:35] *** Quits: Stevetalk (Connection timed out )
[07:35] <LindaWS> Riley . not a good morning.. condolences
[07:35] <Laura> Anders, we ARE under attack
[07:35] <clay45> a highjacked plane crashed in somerset county pa
[07:35] <ShowTime> it's in his voice
[07:35] <Spammi> shooby,no, we don't.
[07:35] <Keystone^> This is why we need a militia.
[07:35] <LindaWS> aircraft headed to dc or nyc are rerouted to canada
[07:35] <Laura> ShowTime, all the anchors I've heard have shaken voices
[07:35] <LindaWS> I am freakednow
[07:35] <Spammi> Yes, he is, Showtime. I don't blame him.
[07:35] <Sharonelle> Ap says car bombing at State department
[07:36] <LindaWS> canadian airports are taking american flights
[07:36] <Di> To hell with the constitution, I wish CNN would ban people who are gleeful about this tragedy. It's so dispicable.
[07:36] <KenBz> sharpeye - you love this, don't you. This is just great to you, isn't it? You are one sick sick thing. I have trouble calling you human right now
[07:36] <Zeno> SharpEye that many?
[07:36] <ShowTime> LindaWS all overseas flights are diverted to canada
[07:36] <clay45> the local pa tv station says a highjacked plane has crashed in somerset co pa
[07:36] <Al> Right now the main concern has to be the victims of the bombing----
[07:36] <SharpEye> Zeno, yes, I would think so
[07:36] <Anders> what is it about those airplanes
[07:36] <LindaWS> ShowTime , yes my husband works in the city centre so does my son
[07:36] *** shooby sets mode: +b *!*@207.207.244.vJ65=
[07:36] <Zeno> SharpEye. wow
[07:36] <Anders> emtied from the air base
[07:36] <alphabuck> clay45..wow. shot down maybe?
[07:36] <Twoputt> In Boston the Hancock and Prudential Towers have been evacuated.
[07:36] <Anders> is there some military threat there too???
[07:36] <LindaWS> cant you people get along, for heavens sake this is a terrible disaster
[07:36] <ShowTime> know how you feel Di
[07:36] <Zeno> Is Bush up to this?
[07:37] <LindaWS> Zeno no
[07:37] <Keystone^> Lets hope New Yorkers don't take advantage of situation and begin rioting and looting.
[07:37] <Spammi> Zeno, his people better be.
[07:37] <ShowTime> Zeno the people around him are
[07:37] <tom3> how could three airplanes be hijacked on the same day??? what the hell happened to airport security???
[07:37] <LindaWS> his goofy face offers no leadership
[07:37] <LindaWS> car bomb at state dept
[07:37] <Spammi> All he needs to do is show up.
[07:37] <alphabuck> tom3...thats why they highjacked domestic flights
[07:37] <LindaWS> where is clinton?
[07:37] <rip-rap> airport security has been a well guarded yth
[07:37] <LindaWS> is Clinton ok?
[07:37] <ShowTime> right tom3 , why wasn't it reported to the atc
[07:37] <rip-rap> airport security has been a well guarded myth
[07:37] <tom3> September 11, 2001, a day that will live in infamy...
[07:37] <LindaWS> we need Clinton
[07:37] <PixyStix> Oh my...report of 747 down in PA
[07:37] <Twoputt> tom3, It's easy to hijack an airplane if you want to... you don't need to take any weapon on board.
[07:37] <LindaWS> rip-rap no kidding
[07:37] <Spammi> tom3, I told my kids...they are watching history :<
[07:37] <ThangDrinkingCoffee> wb Aurora!
[07:37] <Sharonelle> Unconfirmed that a plane is down in Penn per CNN
[07:37] <LindaWS> PixyStix what?
[07:38] <JGM36> 21Hi Aurora
[07:38] <PixyStix> Linda...that's all I know
[07:38] <alphabuck> i be they shot that plane down in PA if thats in fact true
[07:38] <LindaWS> Pa? pennsylvania?
[07:38] <Aurora> ty, ThangDrinkingCoffee ty JGM36
[07:38] <PixyStix> Linda...yes
[07:38] <Anders> penn?
[07:38] <ShowTime> i wish the media would get away from WTC
[07:38] <Zeno> I have to go to work. I just heard some of my coworkers were in the WTC :(
[07:38] * LindaWS is freaked
[07:38] <rip-rap> i hope the Hershey plant is safe
[07:38] <CarlSwanson> zeno, good luck
[07:38] <Aurora> Zeno :-((((
[07:38] <LindaWS> Zeno .. I would guess that we will each share this grief
[07:38] * ThangDrinkingCoffee has been freaked since an hour ago
[07:38] <Di> Oh, Zeno, I'm so sorry.
[07:38] <ShowTime> Zeno lots of tourists where there
[07:38] <Sharonelle> rip-rap - I hate Hershey chocolate - it's full of wax
[07:38] <Anders> zeno, oh god.........
[07:38] <go_> 80 mi SE of Pittsburgh....PLANE DOWN
[07:38] <JGM36> 21fox confirms plane crash 80mi SE of Pittsburg
[07:38] <LindaWS> condolences everyone
[07:38] <Spammi> Zeno :< Take care...that is awful.
[07:38] <LindaWS> go_ what?
[07:38] <Keystone^> Rip-Rap, It is , Hersey had missle defense. They can shoot almonds out smoke stacks.
[07:38] <Al> My cousin's husband works in that area---oh man
[07:38] <CarlSwanson> Sharonelle, hear hear!! hehehe....
[07:39] <go_> LindaWS....watch FNC
[07:39] * Zeno is shking a lot
[07:39] <Zeno> bi
[07:39] *** Disconnected
Session Close: Tue Sep 11 07:39:08 2001

Session Start: Tue Sep 11 19:48:54 2001
[19:48] *** Now talking in #News_Cafe
[19:48] *** Topic is 'Blood Donations Needed in NYC, Donate at Any Red Cross Center '
[19:48] *** Set by Melodyy on Tue Sep 11 13:47:13
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[19:48] <Keen> m ca no we dont. we have free speech here. nice try, numbnuts
[19:48] <Zeno> Hi
[19:48] <DanielBSC> Did we learn nothing from our WW2 mistake of placing American citizens of Japanese-heritage in "camps". Just because someone is from the middle east and the persian regions does not automatically make them a terrorist. This nation is founded on principals of justice. How is justice served by testing nuclear weapons on the followers of the Taliban regime as I saw quoted here. This wasn't just an attack on the US, it was an attack on humanity.
[19:49] <Brianna> hi Zeno
[19:49] <Socrtease> Carl, always. we may even getted heated at tims but debate and dissagreement is what makes this country better than all others
[19:49] <asa250> hey Zebo
[19:49] <Havoc> ^5 Spammi
[19:49] <Thang> Spammi: what are they searching for?
[19:49] <Jed> RANTAGONE - I hope for your sake you don't live anywhere near Kabul!
[19:49] <T-DES> Zeno, hey there!
[19:49] <Thang> hi Zeno!
[19:49] <Zeno> hi Brianna
[19:49] <JGM36> Hi Zeno
[19:49] <DanielBSC> It was meant to bring fear and to demoralize.
[19:49] <Zeno> hi Thang, T-DES
[19:49] <Sonia> M_ca, good point
[19:49] <float> Beowolfs...it is very important we treat the countries that help terrorists the same as the terrorists themselves
[19:49] <Havoc> Jed: Why?
[19:49] <Glenlivet> bohunky ... not all Americans are gun hugging radical right wing "patriots" ... whose motto is kill 'em all and let God sort it out.
[19:49] <bohunky> cosmo: must be a record
[19:49] <float> Hi Zeno
[19:49] <Zeno> hi JGM36
[19:49] <Zeno> hey float
[19:49] <neezel> Jed, it would be tooo easy
[19:49] <JimL> float, if Bush peed his pants, you'd say that you supported that too.
[19:49] <asa250> is there still a Kabul?
[19:49] <Spammi> Thang, not sure. Apparently some people there have ties to people they are looking at....I guess as suspects
[19:49] <jan> Daniel: yes. keep talking. people need to to learn this.
[19:49] <Beowolfs> float, I have reason to believe that I know who was behind this attack. I have reason to know who contribvted what.
[19:49] * Zeno wades in to the discussion
[19:49] <Brianna> lol JimL
[19:49] <LaDiva> Zeno, welcome
[19:49] <Zeno> PlagueRat howdy
[19:49] <Keystone^> Daniel, Bush won't do what FDR did and put Arab Americans in Consentration camps.
[19:49] <Beowolfs> float, I agree
[19:49] * CarlSwanson passes the hat to start a collection for so we can buy RANTAGONE a nice condo right near the Presidential Palace in Kabul...
[19:49] <JimL> hi Zeno :)
[19:49] <Jed> Havoc - We need a debater....
[19:49] <Zeno> thanks LaDiva
[19:49] <bohunky> cosmo: if that's true, rare as it would be, then no palestinians will be killed becuz of it
[19:49] * Socrtease is a gun hugging radical left wingger
[19:49] <Thang> Spammi: I see!
[19:49] <Zeno> good to see you JimL
[19:49] <Havoc> Jed: Ah. ;)
[19:49] * Glenlivet tosses Zeno back into the gallery
[19:49] <float> JimL....you're just out of touch dude...you should have been closer to the explosion.
[19:49] <LaDiva> 4 Do not discuss chatters who are not present.
[19:49] <neezel> Zeno, I hope you can wade deep!!!!
[19:50] <Spammi> Zeno...was everyone ok with your company?
[19:50] <bohunky> Jed: a Master one?
[19:50] <ron_s> hey Zeno
[19:50] <Pixelau> I have a Post Office box.
[19:50] *** Quits: Socrtease (QUIT: User exited )
[19:50] <Spammi> Thang, they were vague.
[19:50] <M_Ca> van with explasives just stopped!
[19:50] <MountainMonk> Bot, unfortunately I do. We are a tabloid nation. americans don't give a damn if Israel were to annihilate every Palestinbian on earth. You dehumanize your victim, you call him a savage and a terrrfoist, you control very large sectors of the worlds medfia, you can get away with genocide with a smile, and noone gives a damn. Yes, I knopw America too damn well.
[19:50] *** LaDiva sets mode: +b *!*@130.67.74.fB12=
[19:50] *** RANTAGONE was kicked by LaDiva (LaDiva )
[19:50] <Keen> keystone can you avoid talking politics for one day or are you incapable of doing that?
[19:50] <Spammi> Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, LaDiva!
[19:50] <DanielBSC> I know that Keystone... I'm just surprised by those who want to just randomly kill to "solve" terrorism.
[19:50] <Zeno> Spammim. it appears they were ok afterall, They misssd a cab and were late
[19:50] <M_Ca> on the George Washington bridge
[19:50] <cosmo> he's not present now. lol
[19:50] <Brianna> M_Ca, where???
[19:50] <MountainMonk> sorry Bot, lol
[19:50] <Brianna> k
[19:50] <Spammi> Zeno, thank goodness
[19:50] <JGM36> Bless You
[19:50] *** Quits: Gearry (QUIT: User exited )
[19:50] <neezel> laDiva clap, clap, clap
[19:50] <CarlSwanson> keen, actually, on that score, it;s about 10 to 1 from your side on this...
[19:50] <Zeno> hi ron_s. I know you are in New York. good grief!
[19:50] <Pixelau> M-C> where'd you hear that?
[19:50] <JimL> float, you think reality is only what you see on your TV.
[19:50] <Thang> Spammi: seems very vauge, but I guess at this time, they would take any micro lead!
[19:51] <Zeno> Spammi. sometimes luck has a lot to do
[19:51] <bohunky> really pisses me off the lies about Israel attacking Palestinians. Read any Arab paper anyday of the week & see the hatred of Israeli people
[19:51] <Spammi> Thang, they aren't saying much.
[19:51] <ron_s> Zeno, I'm in PA now actually, but its still scary as hell
[19:51] [JGM36 SOUND]
[19:51] <cosmo> neezel, you are English, right? Living in Germany?
[19:51] *** Quits: Jeremiah (Connection timed out )
[19:51] <bohunky> Israel doesn't attack palestinians
[19:51] <neezel> Cosmo Yah, why?
[19:51] <float> ron_s it's amazing we cut all flights immediately
[19:51] <MountainMonk> bohunky, I'm not one sided on this, but I will say this. the occupation is the root cause.
[19:51] <Spammi> bohunky, right. They defend themselves against Palestanians who attack them.
[19:51] <KenBz> The Jew haters (I didn't say Israel, because it's not restricted to Israel for many of this bunch) are out in force tonight. This must be a wonderful opportunity in their eyes
[19:51] <cosmo> neezel, just curious about your use of the english language.
[19:51] <M52CT> this is just a nightmare
[19:51] <Aero> FBI headed to George Washington Bridge ... van may have explosives
[19:51] <Keen> carl right now all i see is crap from keystone but im curious what you think "my side" is. surely you dont think i'm on the same "Side" as these jew hating left wing clowns?
[19:51] <LaDiva> 4 You can read CNN's Community participation guidelines at http://cnn.com/discussion/standards.html for clarification of chat room standards.
[19:52] <float> aero eh?
[19:52] <ron_s> float, I think it was right to do that.
[19:52] <float> Aero...when?
[19:52] <bohunky> MountainMonk: are u talking about occupation or attacking....or do u know?
[19:52] * Thang remembers that neezel is living in Frankfurt.....and there is no good junk food
[19:52] <jan> neezel: are you an American?
[19:52] <Aero> float right now
[19:52] <Spammi> Bill Richardson is saying it's the son of Bin Ladin....
[19:52] <Keen> ken its never just israel, its jews whereever they are
[19:52] <float> Aero..what network?
[19:52] <Sonia> Keen, free speach ha? you support it? didn't you just suggest that I find a chat room in palestine? and you claim you support free speech?
[19:52] <M_Ca> Israel is practicing religious apartheid, and commiting genocide in its greed for the land.....Sharon is a war criminal, on a par with milosevich......and belongs on trial in the Hague
[19:52] <MountainMonk> KenBz. I'm not that, I'm just someone who stands up and says what needs to be said./ You can't keep the iron fikst on a people forever, and expect no consequences.
[19:52] <Laura> Aero, source?
[19:52] <Aero> MS NBc
[19:52] <LaDiva> Folks, big news - this isn't about Israel tonight.
[19:52] <JimL> I think Bin Laden is paying back the Bush family for the Gulf War.
[19:52] <Keen> sonia yes. people like you who hate america can find your own chat rooms
[19:52] <Aero> MS NBC too
[19:52] <float> Aero..hmm.
[19:53] <Keen> ladiva it is to the jew haters
[19:53] <Spammi> M_Ca, if this is how Palestanians act, they are people to be feared. It would be the same in this country, if we had people who routinely attacked innocents.
[19:53] <Zeno> LaDiva. This is certainly bigger than OKC
[19:53] <Roger_A> LaDiva, to a couple, it's always about the Jews.. always..
[19:53] <float> thanks I'll check it out
[19:53] <Beowolfs> JimL, Bin Laden couldn't have pulled this off alone.
[19:53] <Aero> float see it?
[19:53] <MountainMonk> LaDiva, unfortunately, this crap is ALWAYS aboiut Israel.
[19:53] <Keystone^> FBI agents have been pulled from Gun Control investigations and are finally working to prevent more terrorism.
[19:53] <float> I"m gonna go look now..thanks Aero
[19:53] <bohunky> the "dirty American" has gotten very dirty today & He's gonna sweep some floors. its gonna be fair but it aint gonna be pretty
[19:53] <float> Night folks
[19:53] <cosmo> Aero, good use of the censor buster :)
[19:53] <jan> JimL: funny, but they weren't anywhere near those buildings today.
[19:53] *** Quits: float (QUIT: User exited )
[19:53] *** Quits: MrMalo (QUIT: User exited )
[19:53] <Beowolfs> Aero!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[19:53] <Pixelau> Night float
[19:53] <Laura> gonna go watch the tube, later folks :)
[19:53] *** Quits: Laura (QUIT: User exited )
[19:53] <LaDiva> Zeno, of course it is :(
[19:53] <CarlSwanson> JimL, who was he paying back for the Khobar Towers and the two embassy bombings?
[19:53] <Sonia> Keen, I am american. just because I do not agree with you that makes me something else? is this also part of your definition of free speech?
[19:53] <JimL> Sonia, would you say that about Christians on account of McVeigh?
[19:53] <Roger_A> Hi Zeno
[19:53] <Aero> Beowolfs hey
[19:53] <Roger_A> Beoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
[19:53] <Zeno> LaDiva. I doubt they will turn the WTC site into a memorial
[19:53] <Zeno> Hi Roger_A
[19:53] <cosmo> rogooooooooooooooooooooo
[19:53] <Beowolfs> Roger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[19:53] <Cali_Gal> Was McVeigh a Christian?
[19:53] <Roger_A> Cosssssssssssssssmo
[19:53] <Sonia> M_ca, in a perfect world, Ariel Sharon would have been in the Hague two decades ago
[19:54] <snaily> What if it turns out white supremacists did this.. we'll have to discuss racism
[19:54] <Keen> sonia i think its time i stop wasting my time talking to a jew hater.
[19:54] <KenBz> Mountain - I didn't mean you personally. But now that you mention it, what "Iron fist" would that be? Palestinian Arabs are in a declared state of war with Israel, and Israel's response has been to give them land, fund their "police force" (paramilitary force in truth) and provide jobs for them that their Arab brothers would never give them.
[19:54] <ron_s> I think I'm gonna head to watch the tube for now too....later folks
[19:54] *** Quits: NCRICH (Connection timed out )
[19:54] <Beowolfs> snaily, forget it
[19:54] <Roger_A> cya ron
[19:54] * CarlSwanson wonders how this act is going to affect the Afghanistani refugees on that cargo ship? Anyone going to take them now?
[19:54] <Thang> good night ron_s!
[19:54] <Spammi> White supremists would target minorities.
[19:54] <Keen> kenbz never enough
[19:54] <snaily> How much resources does it take to get on a plane with a plastic knife anyway
[19:54] <M_Ca> Spammi......i repeat....THIS IS HOW MADMEN ACT, AND WHAT MADMEN DO. Nationalities did not do this to us, A Religion did not do this to us....a race did not do this to us.....MADMEN DID!
[19:54] *** Quits: ron_s (QUIT: User exited )
[19:54] <KenBz> Sonia- In a perfect world you would have married Von Ribbentrop. Too bad for you, but you can't have everything
[19:54] <CarlSwanson> snaily, all it takes is pants... and a plastic knife
[19:54] <Keen> lol kenbz
[19:54] <Keystone^> McVeigh saw an injustice and took action. We may not like the action, but that is facts.
[19:54] <bohunky> MountainMonk: no this isn't about Israel directly & I apologize cuz I brought it up about Arafat. It was just a humorous side remark & I probly shouldn't have
[19:54] <LaDiva> M_Ca, that's right.
[19:54] <Spammi> M_Ca, and their followers celebrated in the streets.
[19:54] <Sonia> keen, ya, just when you lost the argument, how convinient.
[19:54] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o heart
[19:55] <CarlSwanson> heart!
[19:55] <MountainMonk> CarlSwanson, Bin Ladens beef isn't identical to the Palestinians. His beef is American forces in his homeland, which he consdiers sacred ground. He has common cause with the Palestinians, but not for the same reasons.
[19:55] <T-DES> wb heart
[19:55] <heart> hi CarlSwanson
[19:55] <Keen> lol the jew hater just cant stand being ignored
[19:55] <Beowolfs> snaily, It's not the weapons. It's the timing, the selection of the planes and the execution. YOu are totally clueless
[19:55] <LaDiva> Oh puhleeeeezzzzz, McVeight took action over what injustice? Good lord.
[19:55] <LaDiva> McVeigh
[19:55] <Spammi> I have nothing against those who also find this reprehensible.
[19:55] <Keen> poor poor jew hater
[19:55] <JimL> Keystone, gosh...I can't believe you would defend McVeigh.
[19:55] <Pixelau> It seems like everything is in slow motion. Maybe becuse they just keep showing NYC burning ... burning .....
[19:55] <Roger_A> Keystone^, then you must support this action. Interesting.. and as usual, inane.
[19:55] * Aero wonders where the heros are even if they had knives
[19:55] <Keen> ladiva my reaction exactly
[19:55] <JGM36> Sonia, in a "perfect world", it wouldn't be necessary to declare a Jewish state because the rest of the world would accept Jews.
[19:55] <bohunky> But the righteous anger is welling up in patriotic good, charitable Americans today & the line has been drawn.
[19:55] <Keen> roger exactly
[19:55] <snaily> The news said Osama has 25,000 followrs
[19:55] <KenBz> It's amazing how far this bunch will go to contort a rationale for murderous terrorists
[19:55] * Zeno begs people NOT to jump to conclusions. Remember OKC and Atlanta
[19:55] <heart> looks like I came in just in time...
[19:55] <CarlSwanson> Aero, you see the jets around the Capital Building today? :(
[19:55] <jan> Mountain: color me ignorant, but Bin Ladin doesn't have a 'land'
[19:55] <LaDiva> Just when I think my stomach can't be turned further, we get the *SAINT TIMOTHY MCVEIGH* post.
[19:55] <Spammi> That was small potatoes considering this, Zeno.
[19:55] *** Quits: upnorth (Connection timed out )
[19:55] <Beowolfs> Aero: Might I suggest that they showed up in the plane that crashed in Penn>
[19:55] <DanielBSC> bohunky... both the people of Israel and Palestine are simply humans. They are, just as the people in Ireland, hoplessly spiraling from centuries of feudal hatred. They no longer, nor likely ever will, view each other as brothers and sisters on this planet. There is no justification any longer for the killing that anyone does to another for the sake of land, posessions or religion. What happened today made me physically ill with grief for the massi
[19:55] <T-DES> Zeno...good point....
[19:55] <Sonia> being against the killings of 11 year old children makes me a jew hater? what a bigoted post you just did
[19:55] <MountainMonk> bohunky, we all hope for the peace of Jerusalem. I know I do at least.
[19:55] <Aero> CarlSwanson missed em
[19:56] <Spammi> LaDiva...argh....must be on my ignore list...glad I missed that one.
[19:56] <Havoc> The most happy American today -------- Gary Condit. Safe.
[19:56] <JGM36> snaily, something tells me he doesn't have a big enough bunker
[19:56] <Keen> kenbz and you wonder why i am always so happy to dissasociate myself from these left wing nuts
[19:56] <Blake> I think McVeigh was justified in being angry over Waco, but not justified in his bombing
[19:56] <Keystone^> Roger, Actually you can understand why people do what they do without supporting what they do. I understand why Bin Ladin would do this. I don't support it.
[19:56] <Zeno> Spammi. indeed. but we just don't know who did this yet.
[19:56] <T-DES> wb Melodyy
[19:56] <CarlSwanson> Havoc, uncool man... not today
[19:56] <Glenlivet> Spammi ... so your logic is it's okay to be really, really wrong ... why not find out the facts first?
[19:56] <T-DES> wb NCRICH
[19:56] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o Melodyy
[19:56] <Spammi> Havoc, he is certainly out of the headlines! :)
[19:56] <Melodyy> Hi, T-DES :)
[19:56] <CarlSwanson> Melodyy!
[19:56] <Keen> sonia what makes you a jew hater is your hatred of jews. i dont know or care what you think about anything else
[19:56] <JGM36> Hi Melodyy, NCRICH
[19:56] <Havoc> CarlSwanson: Yea...that was out of line.
[19:56] <Thang> hi Melodyy!
[19:56] <Melodyy> Hi, Carl
[19:56] <Roger_A> Keystone^, but you support McVeigh's actions?
[19:56] <Melodyy> Hello, JGM36
[19:56] <jan> Sonia: do you hate jews?
[19:56] <Melodyy> Thang!!!!!
[19:56] <KenBz> how did the 11 year old get killed? Because the child was targetted specifically, or tragically in the wrong place at the wrong time? Palestinian suicide bombers are targetted SPECIFICALLY to children and women. If you can't see the difference, then you're what you appear to be
[19:56] <MountainMonk> did someone say the 'C' word? :(
[19:56] <Keen> roger you just nailed him
[19:56] <M_Ca> Spammi.....well? wonder why we have so many enemies......our foreign policies are rather inhuman, don't you think? maybe that has something to do with it.......not that anything justifies the killing of innocents......but we support just such acts daily with our finances and policies....
[19:56] <cosmo> Havoc, not out of line, just tacky. ;)
[19:56] <CarlSwanson> Havoc, not as bad as most today,, this is just too sad to play with...
[19:56] <NCRICH> ty T-DES, Hi JG...
[19:57] <heart> T-DES ...who hates me....I am a nice guy....
[19:57] <Pixelau> I guess Paula Zahn just joined today.
[19:57] <CarlSwanson> Conservative?? who????????????
[19:57] <Keystone^> Roger, No, I understand McVeigh's actions,
[19:57] * Zeno notes that the US planned for all kinds of high tech terrorism, chemical, biological, pack bacl nukes. But knives and airplanes?
[19:57] <Havoc> cosmo Yup
[19:57] <bohunky> Daniel: I agree.....but war is hell & aggression is naturally resisted. Religion strongest of cultures has no doubt faulty influences
[19:57] <Keen> roger great job
[19:57] <LaDiva> <--- thought perhaps the several dead 11 year old Palestinian children were being discussed for a minute.
[19:57] <jan> Zeno: pretty pathetic, huh?
[19:57] <MountainMonk> Pixelau, nah, she started two days ago, early morning.
[19:57] *** Melodyy sets mode: -b+b *!*@24.0.205.Kj110= *!*@24.0.205.*
[19:57] <Sonia> Keen, by the same token, I can call you an arab hater....even better, anti humanitarian
[19:57] <Spammi> M_Ca, this is different. No other country kills, with no regard to our innocent lives or even the lives of their own people.
[19:57] <Zeno> jan. the US only thoiught of things the US would and could use
[19:57] *** Quits: Blake (Connection reset by peer )
[19:58] <Keen> sonia you can call me whatever you want,. the difference is i have expressed no anti arab sentiment so you will just look like a moron for calling me that
[19:58] <cosmo> Spammi, there is precedent
[19:58] <jan> Sonia: out of curiousity, what is your national origon?
[19:58] <Keen> but be my guest
[19:58] <JGM36> Spammi, untrue.
[19:58] <M_Ca> it happens every day spammi.....and our country, your tax dollars and mine support it.....
[19:58] <JimL> Spammi, curious...NATO bombed an awful lot of civilians
[19:58] <Pixelau> M> oh, i only saw her .... seems like all evening ...
[19:58] <Beowolfs> nighters
[19:58] <JGM36> And plenty of precedent.
[19:58] <Keen> night beo
[19:58] *** Quits: Beowolfs (QUIT: User exited )
[19:58] <Havoc> <--- Was somewhat "Anti-Arab". Is now 100% ANTI ARAB. And doesn't really care who knows it.
[19:58] <Spammi> M_Ca, JimL, they weren't aiming for them. We aren't perfect, but we aren't like THAT.
[19:58] <Zeno> LaDiva, Israeli dead since the escalation 130, Palestinian dead, 600
[19:58] <jan> Zeno: just like Tom Clancy said today. Too much Artificial Intel and not enough Human Intel
[19:58] <MountainMonk> Hatch says he has intercepts from associates of Bin Laden....'FOX'
[19:58] *** EdC is now known as Ed-CNN
[19:59] <Thang> hey, I remember someone here said what good it is to know martial art when they can own a gun
[19:59] * CarlSwanson reminds the room that in the 1960's, lots of planes were hijacked with knives,, we put armed Sky Marshalls on planes as a result. We need to put armed security agents on our domestic flights again, plain and simple. no pun intended
[19:59] <Zeno> jan thinking only INSIDE the box
[19:59] <Spammi> Zeno, now we have Americans dead....20,000???
[19:59] <LaDiva> Zeno, yes, I'm aware of the numbers, and often mention them myself. However, the dancing in the streets really upset me today.
[19:59] <JimL> Spammi, it's foreseeable when conducting an airwar, and NATO did so anyway.
[19:59] <jan> Thang: who said that?
[19:59] <Zeno> Spammi. probably. At least 800 at the Pentagon
[19:59] <Thang> heck, if I were on that plane, I could easily take out that guy with a knife
[19:59] <KenBz> This is exactly the happy horsemanure I expect from people who can't find anything Palestinians do wrong, and can't find anything Israelis do right. I keep waiting for them to find some Israeli act of defending itself that's ok, but they never seem to.
[19:59] <Keen> havoc im just anti murdering scum nutjobs. it just so happens that many of them are arab. those are the arabs i hate as well as the cowards who pass out candy and sweets when israelis and americans are killed
[19:59] <M_Ca> Spammi.....i suppose it depends whether you are watching it on tv or experienceing it first hand from the recieving end....
[19:59] <Spammi> JimL, again, we are not perfect. Not by any means.
[19:59] <LaDiva> Spammi, exactly. Why in the WORLD are we discussing Israel/Palestine?
[19:59] <MountainMonk> CarlSwanson, I agree completely.
[19:59] <Keystone^> Jan, Yep. We used to have hundreds of informats in the Middle East. That was before congress released their names during Iran-Contra investigations. This could have been prevented.
[19:59] *** Quits: Veritas (QUIT: User exited )
[19:59] <Melodyy> 6,15 It is now estimated that at least 800 !!! are dead in the Pentagon alone!!
[19:59] <Thang> jan: some pro-gun people
[19:59] <jan> Zeno: yes
[19:59] <DanielBSC> But we must also ask the more uncomfortable question: Why do the terrorists
[19:59] <DanielBSC> hate Americans so much? The answer is well known to many. It is nothing
[19:59] <DanielBSC> short of a revelation to others. It is an affront to some.
[19:59] <Spammi> M_Ca, we experienced it today.
[19:59] <LaDiva> <-- can find plenty wrong with both sides.
[19:59] <Melodyy> 800!!!
[19:59] * neezel thinks its time for bed for me 5 am and tmorow is another day I hope. Take care people, and...sorry, theres no easy way to say this, sorry for the nightmare of today- you are not alone folks
[19:59] <Zeno> LaDiva. it isn't pretty,
[19:59] <Melodyy> 800!!!
[19:59] <MountainMonk> CarlSwanson, we have to make sure those matials can be readily identified though.
[19:59] <JimL> Spammi, we're willing to kill civilians when we feel justified. :(
[20:00] <Melodyy> 800!!! in the Pentagon!!
[20:00] <LaDiva> Zeno, not at all :(
[20:00] <MountainMonk> martials
[20:00] <Zeno> Melodyy at least
[20:00] <Spammi> JimL, yes, I agree :< I know :<
[20:00] <Roger_A> KenBz, most of the chatters here aren't taking that line. Just one or two, and they are sick individuals who are worth nothing but pity.
[20:00] <jan> nite neezel
[20:00] <Melodyy> Zeno I know. :((
[20:00] <Havoc> Keen: Yep. I agree.
[20:00] <LaDiva> neezel, goodnight
[20:00] <bohunky> nite neezel..god bless
[20:00] <Keen> havoc >D
[20:00] <CarlSwanson> MountainMonk, yuppers.. and no Rent a Cops... US Marshalls and FBI agents,,,,
[20:00] *** Quits: lucie (QUIT: User exited )
[20:00] <Spammi> Nite neez
[20:00] <KenBz> Roger - they're worth nothing but pity? I agree with everything but the last two words
[20:00] <CarlSwanson> smirks :(
[20:00] <Spammi> Hey, smirkies
[20:00] <DanielBSC> First, we are a major world power, and with that power always comes resentment from the less powerful. Furthermore, the powerful almost always abuse some of their power by the sheer size of it. It is not intentional. It
[20:00] <JGM36> Terrorists hate Americans because of their support for Israel.... pure and simple
[20:00] <DanielBSC> is usually inadvertent. But it is still very real. This is normal in the history of the world.
[20:00] <Pixelau> I just cn't believe that SomeOne wasn't alerted that this was going to happen. Don't we have anymore spys?
[20:00] <Glenlivet> CarlSwanson ... no one seems to reconize how devastating this will be economically
[20:00] <JimL> some might say that makes us terrorists too, Spammi. :)
[20:00] <T-DES> smirks, greetings!
[20:00] <Zeno> 12 Will Congress declare martial law or declare WAR tomorrow?
[20:00] * Thang *resmirks* at smirks
[20:00] <smirks> hey CarlSwanson
[20:00] <Sonia> Keen, I do? aren't you the one who is absolutely sure this is a Saudi attack? here are some facts to adjust for your ignorant posts. Usama ben Ladin is an exciled Saudi. what he does does not represent the psotion of the Saudi government. Furthermore, Saudi Arabia is a US ally. did you watch the news during the gulf war? we attacked Iraq, not Saudi Arabia
[20:00] <M52CT> i hope they leave the part of the facade still standing as a memorial
[20:00] <Roger_A> Ok KenBz, contempt..
[20:00] <neezel> nite jan, LaDiva, Spammi an all!!! take care of yourselves....and each other ok?
[20:00] <Spammi> JimL, I'm sure they do think so.
[20:00] <smirks> hi Spammi
[20:00] <MountainMonk> CarlSwanson, see, we can work all this business out, right here in News Cafe. :)
[20:00] <smirks> hey T-DES
[20:01] <Spammi> neez, you too :)
[20:01] <LaDiva> neezel, absolutely
[20:01] <jan> Glen: we'll realize it when the stock market opens again.
[20:01] <CarlSwanson> Glenlivet, I was talking about that a while back.... we are talking hundreds of billions
[20:01] <Melodyy> Night, neezel
[20:01] <KenBz> Roger - You don't understand. "they're worth nothing" says it all
[20:01] <JimL> I'm not sure what the difference is
[20:01] <neezel> nite Melodyy
[20:01] <Thang> good night neezel!
[20:01] <Pixelau> Where is "Intelligence"?????
[20:01] * smirks *resmirks* back at Thang
[20:01] <neezel> you too thang
[20:01] <Keen> sonia you must be blind. i never said this was a saudi attack. try to read better please. you just end up looking like more of a moron
[20:01] <Roger_A> Ok KenBz, a moment of agreement..
[20:01] <Keystone^> Journalist have no troulbe finding Bin Ladin.
[20:01] <JGM36> "Osama bin Laden", "exiled", "position"
[20:01] <Glenlivet> CarlSwanson .. that is the tip of the iceberg ... world trade was destroyed today.
[20:01] <boiler> Zeno,,,Nort says,Bush will declare war on Bin Laden tomorrow
[20:01] *** Melodyy changes topic to 'A Time For Healing and to Pull Together! '
[20:01] <cosmo> 800 dead at the Pentagon. dang, the damage didn't look all that bad. how many people work at the Pentagon?
[20:01] <LaDiva> 4 Folks, please leave off the personal insults. Take a deep breath.
[20:01] *** Quits: neezel (QUIT: User exited )
[20:01] <DanielBSC> Our nation and corporations have a rather tragic record of often supporting an abusive foreign government in order to keep our capitalistic interests insured abroad. This means that we inadvertently abuse the downtrodden and the poor in other parts of the world. Yes, we might want to help them through creating employment in an underprivileged region, or by offering military aid, but often that employment is at almost slave wages, and the military help
[20:01] <MountainMonk> Glenlivet, you expect more attacks?
[20:01] <bohunky> Its my fault...I brought up Arafat...Isr/Pal isn't an issue today...division/bickering does not befit us today
[20:01] <Havoc> cosmo: 24,000
[20:01] <LaDiva> cosmo, many thousands
[20:01] <T-DES> Zeno.....interesting point about how far the US will react.....and how this may affect our freedoms and privacy....
[20:01] * Spammi will brb...more coffee...will be a long night
[20:01] <boiler> nort = North
[20:02] <M_Ca> confirmed FBI on the way to a van filled with explosives stopped on the George Washington Bridge.....
[20:02] <LaDiva> over 20,000
[20:02] <jan> bioler: can you declaree war on one person?
[20:02] <heart> later folks....this has been a long day...Carpe Diem....GW Bridge...Possible truck with explosives.....it may not be over
[20:02] <Thang> cosmo: 24,000
[20:02] <JGM36> Keystone, yeah, too bad the journalists aren't on our side.
[20:02] <CarlSwanson> 2 Considering the devastating financial loss this incident is going to lead to, a war might well be the only way to rescue the economy. War is Good Business... invest your son's and daughters.
[20:02] <Glenlivet> MountainMonk ... it wouldn't surprise me
[20:02] <bohunky> jan: yep
[20:02] <Keystone^> JGm, Yep.
[20:02] <CarlSwanson> heart, be well
[20:02] <Zeno> T-DES. I do NOT want the US to be turned into a cloxed society like Israel
[20:02] <T-DES> heart..yikes!!!!!
[20:02] <JGM36> bye Heart
[20:02] <bohunky> 3rd President declared war on pirates
[20:02] <Sonia> Keen, no dear, you called it a Saudi attack first. then you changed your mind
[20:02] <boiler> jan,,what North said,he said the third president did it
[20:02] <JGM36> "closed"
[20:02] <Keen> sonia i said that bin laden is a saudi. nice try
[20:02] <Roger_A> CarlSwanson, my nephew was recently discharged from the Army Reserves. I'm glad he's out for his sake.. and ours.. :)
[20:02] <bohunky> was it pirates????....who was it?
[20:02] * Havoc thinks more attacks are on the way
[20:03] <JGM36> That's what "shores of Tripoli" means, BTW
[20:03] <Zeno> 12 Should the draft be enabled?
[20:03] <MountainMonk> CarlSwanson, that is so old economy! Modern warfare is expensive, and huirts theeconomy. It's only a kick if you don't have hardware and a standing army to begin with. :)
[20:03] <Cali_Gal> Havoc, I agree.
[20:03] <jan> hey Notty.....;o(
[20:03] <JGM36> Hi NottyHead, Veritas
[20:03] <CarlSwanson> Roger_A, if I was ten years younger, I would have enlisted today. Seriously
[20:03] <Roger_A> Zeno, nope.
[20:03] <T-DES> Zeno.....perhaps a better example might be England reaction to IRA......
[20:03] <Keystone^> Bohunky, Better say who the third President was. Many people who went to public schools don't know.
[20:03] <Veritas> hey JGM36
[20:03] <Cali_Gal> Veritas, wb!!
[20:03] <bohunky> We can declare war on terrorists in general...nothing in Constitution sez we can't
[20:03] <NottyHead> Hi jan
[20:03] <T-DES> hey there, NottyHead!
[20:03] * smirks has a uniformed secret service car trolling the parked vehicles on massachusetts ave..checking liscense plates..every vehicle I can see lives here... but they're checking
[20:03] <NottyHead> Hi JGM36
[20:03] <Zeno> 12 If the draft is enabled, should women be included?
[20:03] <T-DES> wb Veritas
[20:03] <M_Ca> i suspect there is another shoe that will drop......i wonder how it will manifest? Biological (viral agents) car bombs?
[20:03] <Veritas> thanks Cali!
[20:03] <PlagueRat> Shortly after taking office Dubya said that he planned to stop taking phone calls at 9 PM and to be in bed my 11 PM... I wonder if he's in bed now.
[20:03] <JimL> Havoc, do you think if we identified the killers, and took them out, there will still be more attacks?
[20:03] <Havoc> Cali_Gal: Every towel head in the country with fertilizer and a truck is deadly now.
[20:03] <NottyHead> Hey T-DES
[20:03] <DanielBSC> These things in no way cause us to condone the act of terrorism, but it helps us to understand the motivation of the terrorist. In turn, this can help us to really solve the problem.
[20:03] <MountainMonk> CarlSwanson, that is so old economy! Modern warfare is expensive, and hurts the economy. It's only a kick if you don't have hardware and a standing army to begin with. :)
[20:03] <Roger_A> CarlSwanson, Many would join you.. but I would need to be 20 years younger.. lol
[20:03] <jan> Havoc: that is dangerous talk
[20:03] <Havoc> jan: Truthful talk.
[20:03] * smirks ... can you say AfGONEistan?
[20:03] <JGM36> Zeno, I can't support the idea of the draft for women in the USA
[20:04] <Pame> Anyone want to fly tomorrow?
[20:04] <MountainMonk> Roger_A, yep, I'm 8 years too old for military service.
[20:04] <CarlSwanson> MountainMonk, call me a throwback to the good old days of the Military Industrial Complex.... :)
[20:04] <bohunky> Keystone: uh, Adams?....I forget
[20:04] <NottyHead> So what seems to be the acceptable consensus? Declare war?
[20:04] <SharpEye> 4 800 Lbs of Explosives stopped headed to NYC
[20:04] <Keen> if bin laden is behind this we need to take him out ASAP. his money is financing these cowardly attacks
[20:04] <Veritas> martial law in a couple of weeks
[20:04] <T-DES> howdy, SharpEye!
[20:04] <smirks> hey SharpEye
[20:04] <jan> havoc: are all italians in the mafia?
[20:04] *** Quits: KenBz (Connection timed out )
[20:04] <Keystone^> Bohunky, LOL
[20:04] <Roger_A> hi SharpEye
[20:04] <MountainMonk> CarlSwanson, lol.
[20:04] <Spammi> Pame, oh, yes! I love to fly anyways under *normal* circumstances! (not)
[20:04] <JGM36> Hi SharpEye
[20:04] <Thang> Pame: depend on how high and how far
[20:04] <Glenlivet> NottyHead .. against whom?
[20:04] <bohunky> Keystone: but if u tell me his name I can see his face
[20:04] <Havoc> jan: I don't really care about the mafia or Italy right now.
[20:04] <SharpEye> hi everyone :(
[20:04] <JimL> MM, we don't get the economic bang for your buck (pardon the pun) with defense spending that we do with social spending, but it still primes the economy.
[20:04] <MountainMonk> SharpEye, where did you get that peice of info?
[20:04] * Zeno thinks the defense budget will increase now
[20:04] <Thang> hi Sharpeye!
[20:04] <smirks> fire actually still burning at the pentagon
[20:04] <Havoc> SharpEye
[20:04] <Keystone^> Bohunky, Well, Think of Sally Hemmings.
[20:04] <Sonia> Zeno, yup. Dumya found an excuse
[20:04] <SharpEye> MountainMonk, ms nb c
[20:04] <smirks> 100 to 800 dead inside the pentagon
[20:04] <NottyHead> Glenlivet: Bin Laden and anyone that we can prove has supported him and his organization.
[20:05] <jan> havoc: i was making a point about your generalization regarding American Arabs.
[20:05] <smirks> pewr arlington county fire department
[20:05] <Zeno> Sonia, it will be hard to oppose an increase now
[20:05] <CarlSwanson> SharpEye, what was it, Rosie O's lunch?
[20:05] <MountainMonk> SharpEye, and who was carrying it, Dupont?
[20:05] <LaDiva> 4 Folks, this is a real time for some circumspection. Please refrain from spreading rumors - the Internet's a bad place for this.
[20:05] <Glenlivet> NottyHead .. how do you know it was Bin Laden ... he denied responsibility.
[20:05] <SharpEye> CarlSwanson, Truck bomb
[20:05] <Keen> those taliban kooks will have to hand over bin laden if we ask for him
[20:05] <bohunky> Keystone: oh yeah Billy
[20:05] <MountainMonk> man, I have a bad feeling about this...
[20:05] <Keen> lol he denied responsibility. yes the trustworthy bin laden.
[20:05] *** Quits: NottyHead (Connection reset by peer )
[20:05] <Keystone^> Bohunky, Close, Both have Jefferson in their names.
[20:05] * smirks ... can you say AfBANGistan?
[20:05] <Havoc> jan: Look. Being "reasonable" and "politically correct" has cost probably 20,000 lives today. I'm not doing the PC thing any longer.
[20:05] <CarlSwanson> Many people on the news today were concerned that an ambulance would be used as a bomb....
[20:06] <MountainMonk> LaDiva, you don't believe that one, he cited a source?
[20:06] <tlb> mountain, a bad feeling is the proper attitude for a war.
[20:06] <Veritas> terrorist activities may continue
[20:06] * smirks ... maybe AfPOOFistan?
[20:06] <bohunky> Keystone: billy is nick for William
[20:06] <snaily> NBC says 1000 die in pentagon
[20:06] * Zeno moons the terrorists
[20:06] <LaDiva> MountainMonk, I'm just making a general statement - we've had a lot of rumor-mongering today.
[20:06] <Veritas> stock market comes to a halt.
[20:06] <JGM36> The song that we know of as "Yellow Rose Of Texas" was once sung as a slanderous attack against President Thomas Jefferson.
[20:07] <jan> Havoc: but that type of thinking could cause more innocent deaths.....be reasonable, man!
[20:07] <MountainMonk> LaDiva, that we have, most of it coming from the tube, not in here. :)
[20:07] <Pixelau> oh no, "at least 800 dead, injured reported at Pentagon" it says
[20:07] <smirks> Arlington county Fire Department put the number at 100 to 800 dead in the pentagon
[20:07] <Thang> Zeno: don't make them angry again
[20:07] <bohunky> actually there's no better place for rumours than the internet
[20:07] <Keystone^> Well I don't think Daschle, Gepheart and Hillary will oppose CIA funding now.
[20:07] <smirks> moments ago
[20:07] <LaDiva> MountainMonk, yep, which is fine - but we've had reports of ICBMs being fired, among other things.
[20:07] <Pixelau> (oh, incl. those on the airplanes....
[20:07] <Sonia> jan, do not bother, he/she said he/she is an anti arab, here ----> <Havo> <--- Was somewhat "Anti-Arab". Is now 100% ANTI ARAB. And doesn't really care who knows it.
[20:07] * Spammi is crying again...they just showed a mother who had spoken to her son from the air before his plane crashed :< Now...the brother of one of the pilots :<<
[20:07] *** Quits: donna (QUIT: User exited )
[20:07] <tlb> no, thats 800 dead AND injured. including the people in tehairplane
[20:07] <Zeno> Thang :(
[20:07] <Keen> Go havoc!
[20:07] <smirks> yes, tlb
[20:07] <bohunky> JGM36: no way......really?
[20:07] <bohunky> how so?
[20:07] <Pame> Has ANYONE seen tribe today?.....has she been in?
[20:07] <JGM36> awww, Spammi... << hu>>
[20:07] <smirks> pentagon personnel dead is put at 100 to 800
[20:07] <LaDiva> Pame, yes, she was in a while ago
[20:07] <Spammi> Pame, a few times. She left.
[20:08] <smirks> yes..she was in this morning, Pame
[20:08] <kitty> tribe's been in and out
[20:08] *** Quits: cosmo (QUIT: User exited )
[20:08] <Pame> OK....was concerned about her.....
[20:08] <bohunky> JGM36: her eyes as bright as diamond?
[20:08] <Pame> smirks how are things in DC?
[20:08] <Sonia> tlb, I am afraid this number will go up quickly :(
[20:08] <Spammi> She's ok...just upset, Pame.....
[20:08] <Roger_A> Pame, yeah.. she's ok.. stressed, but ok.
[20:08] <jan> Spammi: i saw it too. this is too sad.
[20:08] <JGM36> bohunky, yep... Sally Hemmings was the "rose" of Jefferson, according to the parody
[20:08] <Havoc> Sonia: We don't need 'reasonable" today. Save that for the budget debate.
[20:08] <DanielBSC> smirks... I remember when everyone thought the OKC bombing was a terrorist act by the middle east... It turned out to be one of our own. Does anyone remember the Olympic park bombing?? I'm not saying that I think an American pulled this off, in fact I do tend to believe it would be something bin Laden would pull off -- especially with his funding and how orchestrated the events took place... I just think we should be wary of pointing fingers until fa
[20:08] <CarlSwanson> this is absolutely unbelievable....
[20:08] <smirks> Pame...quiet... very quiet..streets are deserted...
[20:08] <Pame> I think we're all stressed and tired and upset....
[20:08] <Spammi> jan, I can't believe they'd interview the families.....
[20:08] <tlb> sonia its possible, we'll see
[20:08] <Pixelau> Car> it is
[20:08] <Spammi> Pame, I just got new coffee. I know I can't sleep.
[20:08] <Pame> smirks here also, I was out for a short time a little bit ago....
[20:08] <jan> Spammi: as sick as it is, people need to know.
[20:08] <Keen> we'll be pointing more than fingers at bin laden if he did this
[20:08] <MountainMonk> I'll be up tonight. :(
[20:08] <Sonia> Havoc, ya, let's just act like a bunch of bigots, is that your suggestion?
[20:09] <JGM36> bohunky, yes, I think you know the lyrics of today
[20:09] <bohunky> JGM36: wow!....I don't know what to think of that......ponder....hmmmmmmm....ponder...
[20:09] <Glenlivet> JGM36 ... only problem is ... Texas didn't exist in Jefferson's days.
[20:09] <LaDiva> DanielBSC, agreed, it's important, no matter what we may *think*, to measure the reaction until we KNOW who did this.
[20:09] <Spammi> jan, that's true...but give the families time...they had nothing major to share....
[20:09] *** Quits: M52CT (QUIT: User exited )
[20:09] <Havoc> Sonia: Call it what you want. Like I said, my political correctness is over with. (What little I had)
[20:09] <T-DES> 0,12*** We encourage spirited debate, but PLEASE direct your enthusiasm to the issues and not indulge in personal insults or derogatory remarks to other chatters. Thanks. ***
[20:09] * Spammi puts Sonia on ignore too...not the night to start defending those who prolly killed 20,000 or more Americans
[20:09] <Pixelau> My eyes are burning, but i know i'll be up again tonight.
[20:09] <Sonia> being civilized is the same as political correctness?
[20:09] <Zeno> Imagine there's no heaven,
[20:09] <Zeno> It's easy if you try,
[20:09] <Zeno> No hell below us,
[20:09] <Zeno> Above us only sky,
[20:09] <Zeno> Imagine all the people
[20:09] <Zeno> living for today...
[20:09] <Keen> spammi and she claims to be an american
[20:09] * smirks DanielBSC... the jury is still out on OKC...Terry Nichols was in the phillipines until the first week of april...he then went directly to mcveigh upon returning to the US... you don't have all teh facts, either... scold elsewhere
[20:09] <Pame> Airport security HAS to change!
[20:09] <JGM36> Glenlivet, the song existed before 1845 when Texas was admitted to the Union.
[20:09] <bohunky> Glen: maybe Sally was a girlfriend of Jefferson's mexican friend Tejas
[20:09] <Thang> go to sleep, MountainMonk! staying up will not fix anything
[20:10] <Havoc> Spammi: She's probably defending Andrea Yates too. I know her type.
[20:10] <jan> Spammi: i am so afraid to go to work tomorrow. i have business associates in those buildings. one works on the 102nd floor of the first building that was hit...
[20:10] <Keen> lol havoc
[20:10] <Pixelau> Zeno:) John Lennon
[20:10] <Zeno> Imagine there's no countries,
[20:10] <Zeno> It isnt hard to do,
[20:10] <Zeno> Nothing to kill or die for,
[20:10] <Spammi> Keen, if she is....she doesn't have much respect for the lives of our people :<
[20:10] <bohunky> or just a mexican friend
[20:10] <MountainMonk> Thang, it's my temperament, can't be helped.
[20:10] <Spammi> Havoc, heh. I kind of defended Yates :) :P
[20:10] <Keen> spammi we dont need "americans" like that
[20:10] <Zeno> No religion too,
[20:10] <Zeno> Imagine all the people
[20:10] <Zeno> living life in peace...
[20:10] <bohunky> Zeno: not a good day for that sentiment
[20:10] <Glenlivet> JGM36 .. why don't you look up the date Jefferson served as President ... you'll find it was Pre 1836.
[20:10] <Keen> they love our free speech and our supermarkets
[20:10] <jan> Pame: i agree. those people are half asleep.
[20:10] <Havoc> Spammi: Quit that.
[20:10] <smirks> pentagon wil be open tomorrow morning
[20:10] <Zeno> Pixelau Nothing is more appropriate right now
[20:10] <smirks> for business
[20:10] <Spammi> Keen, if they like Islam so much, let them give it a try a live it.
[20:10] <CarlSwanson> 2 It would be nice to see the scroll in here stop for a few seconds as we consider the people who lost wives, mothers, sisters, fathers and brothers today, and those who will be lost as this calamity plays out in the comming months. 13 A Moment of Silence, in respect our fellow Americans who died and the loved ones they left behind.
[20:10] <Pixelau> you may say i'm a dreamer, but i'm not the only one ....
[20:10] <Zeno> bohunky this is EXACTLY the time for it
[20:10] <Spammi> Havoc, lol.
[20:10] <Thang> MountainMonk: I know....but you still need to sleep
[20:10] <MountainMonk> Glenlivet, elected first time in 1800 in fact.
[20:10] <DanielBSC> I'm not trying to scold, I trying to encourage justice by knowing facts before we act.
[20:10] <smirks> *pray*
[20:11] <bohunky> Zeno: as in love ur enemy?
[20:11] <JGM36> Glenlivet, remember that many other songs.... God Save The King, for example, were refitted with American lyrics.
[20:11] <Keen> spammi they can be muslims in the us.
[20:11] <Zeno> Imagine no possesions,
[20:11] <Zeno> I wonder if you can,
[20:11] <Zeno> No need for greed or hunger,
[20:11] <Glenlivet> MountainMonk ... Texas didn't come into being until 1836
[20:11] <Zeno> A brotherhood of man,
[20:11] <Zeno> imane all the people
[20:11] <Zeno> Sharing all the world
[20:11] <Spammi> Keen, true.
[20:11] <jan> Carl: thanks....nice thought
[20:11] *** Quits: Brianna (QUIT: User exited )
[20:11] <smirks> God Bless Them, Carl
[20:11] * Aero asks if anyone has any news on the 2 overseas inbound to US flights that were suspected of being hijacked?
[20:11] <Zeno> bohunky, isn't that how Christ would want it?
[20:11] <bohunky> Zeno: no today is a day of consolation, prayer, sorrow, help
[20:11] <Pixelau> oh ~~ oh ~~~
[20:11] <MountainMonk> Glenlivet, it was there, but a State of Mexico (New Spain)
[20:11] <Thang> hi clay!
[20:11] <jan> Aero: say what?
[20:11] <Sonia> Spammi, ha? when did I defend them?
[20:11] <Zeno> bohunky and love
[20:11] <Pame> Aero, I just heard a plane flying, but it was VERY high up......
[20:11] <JGM36> Glenlivet, the song that WE KNOW OF TODAY as "Yellow Rose Of Texas" is from the 1700s.
[20:11] <Havoc> DanielBSC: Here's your "facts". Libya. Afghanistan. Sudan. Iraq. Iran. Investigation over. Vaporize them.
[20:12] <asa250> Zeno...I feel the love.....even willing to "hug" some of the repubs here....but not all....I still have some honor.
[20:12] <Sonia> Spammi, what post are you refering to?
[20:12] <Zeno> 12You may say Im a dreamer,
[20:12] <Zeno> but Im not the only one,
[20:12] <Zeno> I hope some day you'll join us,
[20:12] <Zeno> And the world will live as one.
[20:12] <Thang> Aero: nope ....sorry
[20:12] * smirks .. officially...the National Guard is patrolling the streets in Georgetown and Downtown
[20:12] <clay45> hi
[20:12] <JGM36> The new LYRICS are from the 1800s.
[20:12] <bohunky> No, he healed hurts, raised dead, fed hungry, He "said" forgive that u may be forgiven
[20:12] <MountainMonk> Thang, thanks, it's still early here. I'll probably tire soon enough. :)
[20:12] <LaDiva> We celebrated our sesquicentennial in Texas back in 1986.
[20:12] <Keen> spammi its more of a denial then a defense
[20:12] <Glenlivet> JGM36 ... actually it is a song about the Alamo ...
[20:12] <Aero> smirks did you ever get an update
[20:12] <Zeno> asa250. sometimes tragedy brings us together
[20:12] <Spammi> Gerald ford made a statement.
[20:12] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o Brianna
[20:12] <DanielBSC> havoc where is your respect for innocent life?
[20:12] <Pixelau> hi clay45
[20:12] <Spammi> Keen, I knkow.
[20:12] <Thang> wb Brianna!
[20:12] <Havoc> DanielBSC: Gone.
[20:12] <Aero> Brianna ;)
[20:12] <Pame> Wow Brianna!......Congrats!
[20:12] <DanielBSC> 'cmon
[20:12] <Brianna> ty Thang
[20:12] <CarlSwanson> LaDiva, you and I are unique texans,, you can spell it, I can pronounce it :)
[20:12] <T-DES> howdy, Brianna!
[20:12] <Brianna> thx Pame
[20:12] <LaDiva> CarlSwanson, hahaha
[20:12] <smirks> Aero..everyone stopped calling... I got no answer in teh offices i called... I took a nap...
[20:12] <Brianna> Aero :)
[20:13] <Keen> spammi someone actually said how do we know it was bin laden/ he denied responsibility. LOL
[20:13] <kitty> smirks is there marshall law in DC my nephew and his fiance are safe in their apt
[20:13] <LaDiva> <--- can spell AND pronounce!
[20:13] <bohunky> Zeno: turn the other cheek when U are hit.
[20:13] <Brianna> Hey T-DES
[20:13] <JGM36> Glenlivet, the TUNE has been used with several sets of lyrics.
[20:13] <MountainMonk> and I can say 'Dallas lost, SF won! Nah nah nah nah...
[20:13] <CarlSwanson> LaDiva, a friend of mine almost choked trying to say it once at Jim's Pier :)
[20:13] <Sonia> Zeno, well, this one seems to be taking us appart. IF you do not agree with Keen, then you are not american and Spammi just put me on ignore think that I support what happened today
[20:13] <Pixelau> wow, no commercial hijacked commercial plane in ten years (1991)
[20:13] <Zeno> bohunky, I learned to forgive when my family was killed. Have you learned to forgive?
[20:13] <Pame> Jesus, looking at a deserted LAX is REALLY creepy....
[20:13] <smirks> kitty .. not martial law exactly... but they'd like us all to stay inside tonight... the mayor said Dc will be open for business wednesday morning
[20:13] <LaDiva> That's sad - Barbara Olson was booked on the Monday flight, but stayed in D.C. because today was her husband's birthday.
[20:13] <Keen> i didnt say you werent american. i say your a poor excuse for an american
[20:13] <JGM36> LaDiva. I can back you up on HALF of that statement.
[20:14] <LaDiva> JGM36, what statement is that?
[20:14] <bohunky> Zeno: I hold nothing against anyone today
[20:14] <JGM36> AFAIK... you are quite excellent in your spelling.
[20:14] * smirks .. Barbara Olsen may have found that there IS hell to pay for your actions
[20:14] <MountainMonk> Pame, wait until you get a gander of NYC tommrrow.
[20:14] <bohunky> Zeno: does that mean I don't believe in social justice?....nope
[20:14] <kitty> ok thanks they both work in fed bldgs near big targets, whitehouse and state dept
[20:14] <LaDiva> JGM36, and my pronunciation is beyond compare :)
[20:14] <jan> smirk: so ture
[20:14] <asa250> the salvation army and red cross have funds for victims....100% go to victims....
[20:14] <jan> true
[20:14] <bohunky> Zeno: do U?
[20:14] <smirks> what a ay to go
[20:14] <JGM36> Whether you can pronounce these grand words, I have no idea.
[20:14] <Pixelau> brb
[20:14] <smirks> way
[20:14] <Keen> smirks she can no apologize to virginia kelley in person
[20:14] <LaDiva> JGM36, and thank you (the polite response)
[20:14] <Keen> now
[20:14] <Pame> MM, I know.....horrible.....
[20:14] <Sonia> Keen, as you said, you are very "free speech" oriented. and very tolerant of other opinions
[20:14] <CarlSwanson> smirks, it is well beneath you to say that... I am surprised you would
[20:14] <LaDiva> JGM36, in seven languages *GRIN*
[20:14] <Zeno> boiler. I believe in justice.
[20:15] <smirks> Keen .. well...
[20:15] <bohunky> Zeno: was the perpetrator caught,convicted, sentenced?
[20:15] <smirks> CarlSwanson .. I was surprised at her, too
[20:15] <Keen> sonia you can say them and i can respond to them. thats free s
[20:15] <bohunky> Zeno: where does forgiveness fit in ur justice?
[20:15] <smirks> Olsen wrote the book for money
[20:15] <Sonia> Keen, ya right
[20:15] <Keen> smirks some badass cosmic justice
[20:15] <aalfred> has the war started yet?
[20:15] <Zeno> Bot yes.
[20:15] <Zeno> bohunky yes
[20:15] <JGM36> LaDiv> Not including the Fourth Dimension Anne Heche language?
[20:15] * Thang knows LaDiva can speak Icelandic
[20:15] <CarlSwanson> 4 unreal that some people in here are suggesting Barbara Olsen deserved this... what kind of people come in here with that crap?
[20:15] <smirks> Keen .. I don't argue with things like that
[20:15] <bohunky> Zeno: didn't u forgive them?
[20:15] <aalfred> Why is FEMA setting up in cities where nothing happened?
[20:15] <Havoc> aalfred: Yes. It started at 8:40 this morning.
[20:15] <MountainMonk> Congress plans on doing alot of yakking tomorrow, not much else. Maybe they can form another choir?
[20:15] <Keen> one of the producers of "Frasier" was on the boston plane
[20:16] <Zeno> bohunky, yes I did.
[20:16] <LaDiva> JGM36, indeed not - my "Celestian" is quite rusty.
[20:16] * smirks .. normal people
[20:16] <Keen> carl no one is saying that. lighten up
[20:16] <JGM36> Boogooo ruennttt leeeeacntl
[20:16] <LaDiva> Thang *GRIN*
[20:16] <Pame> Oh jesus christ.....I didn't care for Barbara Olsen, but she was a HUMAN BEING and she was MURDERED!
[20:16] <DanielBSC> I agree Carl... that comment disgusted me.
[20:16] <JGM36> hehehe
[20:16] <jan> Carl: you're right. even i thought it. it's wrong.
[20:16] <CarlSwanson> un-freaking-real
[20:16] <bohunky> Zeno: & u argued for their freedom from guilt & judgement?
[20:16] <aalfred> Pame..well, yeah
[20:16] <tlb> well NBC is sticking to the 800 dead in the pentagon story
[20:16] <clay45> ashcroft says this was groups of 3 to 5......i do not know but suspect families of passengers have been interviewed and 3 to 5 people per flight had no family here
[20:16] <LaDiva> CarlSwanson, people with zero compassion as human beings.
[20:16] *** Quits: Zeno (Excess flood )
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[20:16] <clay45> or no family concerned
[20:16] <aalfred> MountainMonk?
[20:16] <Keen> lol smirks
[20:16] <Roger_A> wb Zeno
[20:16] *** Quits: Pixelau (Connection timed out )
[20:16] <CarlSwanson> Anyone suggesting they are "human beings" better have the DNA to prove it.
[20:16] <LaDiva> Olson's comments are not a concern here, or shouldn't be - the woman died in a terrible fashion.
[20:16] <Pame> Actually, even though I never agreed with her, I did admire her....
[20:17] <JGM36> Hi Zeno
[20:17] * smirks smirks LaDiva.. 'NUFF SAID there
[20:17] <snaily> at least she died instantly inthe end
[20:17] <Pame> LaD absolutely.....imagine her how her husband feels.......
[20:17] <aalfred> Barbara Olson deserved to be publically humiliated. Not smashed into the ground.
[20:17] <CarlSwanson> Jesus... un real
[20:17] <LaDiva> smirks, fine, then say nothing
[20:17] <smirks> impossible to get into manhattan tonite
[20:17] <Zeno> thanks
[20:17] <MountainMonk> <aalfre> Why is FEMA setting up in cities where nothing happened? <<< response to that
[20:17] <aalfred> smirks..why would anyone want to
[20:17] <jan> going to watch more tragic news. goodnight, friends.........God Bless America
[20:17] <Jed> Pame, I'm with you...she was fun to watch debate....
[20:17] <JimL> I never agreed with her, found her opinions disgusting, but don't like to see her killed.
[20:17] <kitty> I couldn't stand her and think her husband must have been crazy to tell her the other planes crashed
[20:17] * smirks .. LaDiva.. I don't HAVE to
[20:17] <bohunky> Barbara may have given clues to who did this
[20:17] <Melodyy> LaDiva The thing that keeps running through my mind is her husband's last memory of her voice.....whatever she may have been saying at the last instant of her life....
[20:17] <Keen> pame as badly as all the other next of kin
[20:17] <LaDiva> Pame, the saddest part being she was supposed to fly out yesterday, but stayed for his birthday this morning.
[20:17] <Pame> Jed yes she was.....
[20:17] <Havoc> MountainMonk: It ain't over yet.
[20:17] <tlb> Olson died with courage. she reported what was occurring
[20:17] * Zeno thinks we will find people who died were random.
[20:18] <Keystone^> Barbera Olsen was a hero today. The information she gave will help lead to who is responsible.
[20:18] <Pame> Keen yes......LaD yes, I heard....
[20:18] <LaDiva> She died trying to help, if possible.
[20:18] <JGM36> Barbara Olson was wonderful as a panelist.... she had some really tough questions that I wish someone would make Condit answer.
[20:18] <Pame> She is an American Hero.....
[20:18] <Melodyy> Zeno AGreed. It wasn't the people; it was the symbolism of the buildings.
[20:18] <Keen> zeno why would you think otherwise?
[20:18] <aalfred> MountainMonk..what did you say was the reason? I'm afraid Bush and the VRWC will use this as an excuse to set up a police state. With FEMA in the lead.
[20:18] * smirks tlb.. olsen called the solicitor general of teh US in an attempt to save her own life
[20:18] <T-DES> Keystone^....I agree with you...
[20:18] <Zeno> Keen, I was sort of responding to how some people say some deserved it.
[20:18] <bohunky> Barbara was to be on Politically Incorrect tonite. She held off her flight yesterday until this morning to spend birthday breakfast w/ her husband Ted
[20:18] <Roger_A> tlb, I agree. I disagreed with her on politics, but admired her intelligence. She died courageously. I will miss her.
[20:18] <LaDiva> Good lord, the woman called her HUSBAND.
[20:18] <CarlSwanson> 4 I guess some people are so disassociated from reality and society that they can joke about 20,000 of their fellow Americans because they have "no close family connection"
[20:18] * smirks "wonderful panelist"... how about "wonderful LIAR"
[20:19] <Pame> Roger, yes.....
[20:19] <LaDiva> smirks, no respect for the dead at all?
[20:19] <bohunky> It is Ted's birthday
[20:19] *** Quits: Tom3 (QUIT: User exited )
[20:19] * smirks .. I call them as I see them
[20:19] <Keen> zeno i dont think anyone in here really thinks that, other than the america-haters
[20:19] <MountainMonk> aalfred, prepostioning? Only reason I could think of... don't know about the police state thing, I consider us to be under a usurper already, so...
[20:19] <JimL> yes, smirks...but she didn't deserve to die.
[20:19] <snaily> How can you criticiusm Barbara Olsen
[20:19] <Keen> i dont speak for those people
[20:19] *** Quits: Bandit (QUIT: User exited )
[20:19] <clay45> what are you talking about carl
[20:19] <asa250> carl.....you are making a strong case to claim the moral high ground.....it's not yours.
[20:19] <LaDiva> <--- had way too close a connection, but even if I didn't, how can people be so crass?
[20:19] <Roger_A> smirks, she took a position, one you don't agree with. That does not make one a liar.
[20:19] <aalfred> My father lives in DC and occassionally visited the pentagon.
[20:19] <bohunky> Barbara was a feisty & noble conservative advocate & respected by her liberal adversaries
[20:19] <LaDiva> smirks, you make yourself well-known in the room by your words.
[20:19] * smirks .. death is a part of life.. it is NOT sacred
[20:19] <aalfred> MountainMonk..yep
[20:19] <MountainMonk> snaily, I can criticise her very easily, but I won't, because she's dead.
[20:19] <Zeno> Keen. maybe. You don't know who did this heinous act yet now do you.
[20:19] <Cali_Gal> smirks, maybe someone will remember that on your special day. sheesh.
[20:20] <JimL> smirks, she died a very unnatural death
[20:20] * Thang was near death once.....a very short time ago
[20:20] <bohunky> life is sacred....death is .....who knows.....tragic
[20:20] * smirks smirks LaDiva.. TROLL AWAY... put me on ignore.. just GO AWAY..
[20:20] <LaDiva> Thang, and we're so glad you're here.
[20:20] * smirks smirks LieDiva
[20:20] <aalfred> They are doing serious price gouging. I am so glad I just happened to get gas yesterday
[20:20] * Melodyy hugs Thang...... I'm so glad you're HERE!
[20:20] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o Skullhunter
[20:20] <Pame> Thang honey, so glad you're ok now.....
[20:20] * smirks never adressed you, LaDiva... skip me
[20:20] <Melodyy> Hiya, Skullhunter
[20:20] *** Skullhunter sets mode: -o Skullhunter
[20:20] <Pame> Skull honey!
[20:20] <Keen> zeno nope
[20:20] <LaDiva> smirks, no trolling, I find your crassness about people's deaths to be horrid. But you're entitled to tell us more.
[20:20] <T-DES> bohunky.......good comment...
[20:20] <Skullhunter> hi Melodyy
[20:20] * Thang is glad to be here
[20:20] <Skullhunter> heya Pame hon
[20:20] * Abolish_Death-and-Taxes hugs melodyy
[20:20] <Glenlivet> LaDiva ... anyone who loves Bush is a fool to think this will make those who hate him so deeply love him.
[20:20] <Melodyy> Abolish_Death-and-Taxes ty :)
[20:20] <LaDiva> Abolish_Death-and-Taxes, welcome
[20:20] <aalfred> Will Bush allow the price gouging, the free market on gas, or will it be stopped
[20:20] * Zeno reminds people not to jump to conclusions
[20:21] <aalfred> $5 a gallon
[20:21] <Keen> lol things are back to normal. left wingers vs right wingers with some jew haters on both sides
[20:21] <CarlSwanson> in the past, the RIGHT in here has some pretty whacked, fringe of reality people, but I think we ALL saw the most reprehensible, unkind, disgusting comments come from the extremists on the left, who apparently think some people DESERVED this and others who claim this is directly related to President Bush.. "not leading". Unreal to revel in anyones death in such a manner, more disgusting to use the murder of so many innocent people simply as an excus
[20:21] <Skullhunter> Keen!
[20:21] *** Quits: riprap (Connection timed out )
[20:21] <MountainMonk> bohunky, hardly. She was the leader of the elves operation, that connected Ken Starr with the defunct Jones case. She was not liked by Democrats, and neither was her husband. Now let's leave it there out of respect.
[20:21] <Havoc> aalfred: $1.34 here in Atlanta - right now.
[20:21] <Cali_Gal> aalfred, that's been mentioned before. Where is that going on?
[20:21] <Abolish_Death-and-Taxes> aalf, quit rumormongering.
[20:21] <bohunky> Glenlivet: well which is it...one who loves or thinks?
[20:21] *** Quits: |Glitch| (QUIT: User exited )
[20:21] <Zeno> Glenlivet. shrub is not a fav of mine. but under the circumstances I am willing to give him ONE more chance. he better not boot this one.
[20:21] <DanielBSC> I agree Carl... and people say there is no such thing as a culture of death in America. Thousands of innocent people were brutally and horrifically murdered today. The weight of the saddness is quite heavy. Mrs. Olsen was an American, a human being, someone's daughter, someones wife... This is an increddibly sad moment for all humans.
[20:21] <Thang> $1.42 in Gainesville, FL right now
[20:21] <asa250> keen....you're the only one mentioning "jew hating"....projecting?
[20:21] <Keen> carl that is true but note that on some message boards i have seen some scum blame this on bill clinton
[20:21] <clay45> carl are you referring to my comment as a joke about people lives....the one referring to ashcroft?
[20:21] <T-DES> hello, riprap!
[20:21] <Abolish_Death-and-Taxes> gas would have been 5 a gallon if gore had gotten elected, anyway. <>
[20:21] <aalfred> Cali_Gal...they say $5 in texas and okc and $4 a lot of other places...arkansas
[20:21] <Thang> hi riprap!
[20:21] <Glenlivet> bohunky ... no one ever accused Bush of thinking ... he's not intelligent enough to do it.
[20:21] <Havoc> aalfred: Those gas prices are merely rumours.
[20:22] * smirks .. hey.. Olsen is sacred to you.. I understand.. I wouldn't want to have to apologize for that slime she wrote and peddled...some in here have no conscience, though..they only see the "GOOD" in her..that she GOT CLINTON... LOLOL... truth hurts
[20:22] <Cali_Gal> aalfred..lol.. O.K. Who is 'they'?
[20:22] <aalfred> Havoc..they are rumours on my TV with pictures
[20:22] <Abolish_Death-and-Taxes> aalf, nonsense
[20:22] <CarlSwanson> clay45, no. You were mild compared to some of your friends in here this morning...
[20:22] <LaDiva> aalfred, the governor of Texas has said NO GOUGING.
[20:22] <Zeno> CarlSwanson have you seen anyone try to implicate Clintn in this?
[20:22] <Pame> BREAKING NEWS!
[20:22] <JGM36> I wonder if the WTC attack of today was forecast by Nostradamus.
[20:22] <LaDiva> I really disliked Ms. Olson, but I find her death a real tragedy, along with all the deaths today.
[20:22] <aalfred> Abolish_Death-and-Taxes..nono..it's on TV. They are showing the pumps
[20:22] <asa250> Cheney was talking about terrorism yesterday in Lexington Ky....
[20:22] *** Quits: Sonia (QUIT: User exited )
[20:22] <Thang> 5JGM: that's my question 30 minutes
[20:22] <boiler> aalfred,,,$5.10 in Indy
[20:22] <Pame> 4truck on the GWB bridge is a truck full of explosives......
[20:22] <Keen> asa does the shoe fit? i didnt know you are a jew hater
[20:22] <aalfred> LaDiva..yes..all the deaths
[20:22] <CarlSwanson> Keen, they are wrong as well... this is not about making political points.
[20:22] <Skullhunter> I wonder, would that be more or less reprehensible than any of the comments from the right expressing a desire to "turn Afghanistan into black, fused sand" or similar chest-thumping macho idiocy.
[20:23] <Keen> carl i agree. its sick
[20:23] *** Quits: riprap (Kill by NickServ (GHOST command used by rip-rap) )
[20:23] <Zeno> aalfred asa250 is no jew hater
[20:23] <Abolish_Death-and-Taxes> where, aalf, downtown manhattan?
[20:23] <JGM36> I liked Mrs. Olson and I found her death a real tragedy, as all of these have been.
[20:23] <NCRICH> LaDiva...I concur. And she wasn't bad looking either.
[20:23] <Thang> 5JGM: I thought he wrote something about the fall of great towers...but I could be wrong
[20:23] <asa250> I'm surprised Cheney's quotes aren't all over the national news....very much on target....almost like he knew something.
[20:23] <Zeno> CarlSwanson will you contineu to say that when budget talks resume?
[20:23] <aalfred> LaDiva..apparently the free market pays no attention to the governor of Texas
[20:23] <Spammi> Oh gawd. Cell phone calls are being made from some people stranded in the bottom floors of the WTC !
[20:23] <Aero> smirks personally I agree with you... I didn't care for her... but thats no way for anyone to die
[20:23] <MountainMonk> JGM36, fair enough.
[20:23] <bohunky> MountainMonk: I didn't say she was liked, altho she was even by many of her liberal adversaries. Oh u mean the defunct drag $870,000 thru a trailer park case that eventually impeached a Prezedint & exposed him for the liar, rapist, & red chinese traitor he is?
[20:23] <Abolish_Death-and-Taxes> skull, nuking afghanistan is redundant.
[20:23] <Keen> spammi really?
[20:23] <Spammi> trapped survivors.
[20:23] <aalfred> asa250..do you think there is any possiblity that they could have known what was coming and let it come?
[20:23] <Spammi> Yes...on CNN
[20:23] <Keen> wow
[20:23] <Abolish_Death-and-Taxes> since much of it looks like it was already nuked
[20:23] <DanielBSC> smirks.... I sense much anger in you... the good is in you, I can feel it... Put aside your hatred and come back to the light side of the force.
[20:23] <Spammi> Yeah. Wow.
[20:23] <JGM36> And NYC is probably what Nostradamus calls "The New City"
[20:24] <Skullhunter> Abolish_Death-and-Taxes, more like pointless and stupid, but redundant would also work.
[20:24] <NCRICH> Spammi...I think that'
[20:24] <MountainMonk> bohunky, yeah, the case that was ruled without merit on all it'sa allegations, that one.
[20:24] <Zeno> JGM36 you need to go to skepdic.com
[20:24] <JGM36> Nostradamus specified that the attack would come in September (the 9th month)
[20:24] <bohunky> dang! MountainMonk!...I'd really rather not go there either. I'm really trying to keep my righteous anger within today's event parameters
[20:24] * smirks Aero.. GOD decided she would die like that... not I
[20:24] <bohunky> MountainMonk: ok
[20:24] <Abolish_Death-and-Taxes> now, aalf, WHERE was 5 a gal gas being reported from?
[20:24] <JGM36> And that it would be preceded by a comet (Hale-Bopp)
[20:24] <MountainMonk> bohunky, now let's drop it.. that is last centuries news.
[20:24] <Glenlivet> JGM36 ... he also forcast the "idot son would assend the throne".
[20:24] <Abolish_Death-and-Taxes> downtown manhattan? or somewhere else
[20:25] <CarlSwanson> 4 this hasn't even gained reality status with us yet... when we see how many died... try ripping 100 pages out of your Phone Book, that is how many people died
[20:25] <Zeno> bohunky it looks like the Islamic god is more powerful than your christian god.
[20:25] * smirks .. just points that out...
[20:25] <Thang> hey, today is 9/11......that makes 911
[20:25] <JGM36> Yes, Thang, that's right
[20:25] <Pame> thang that was mentioned earlier......
[20:25] <MountainMonk> Thang, very creative of you. And you say I should go to bed? :)
[20:25] <NCRICH> Spammi...It''s the two police officers they were referring to earlier, I think...
[20:25] <boiler> Abolish_Death-and-Taxes,,,it is some places in Indy
[20:25] <DanielBSC> Zeno... reboot your head
[20:25] * Spammi doesn't think that killing innocent people makes you powerful
[20:25] <bohunky> Zeno: I should just click u off....but maybe we need the humor tonite
[20:25] <JGM36> way earlier.
[20:25] <Cali_Gal> DanielBSC..lol..
[20:25] <aalfred> Abolish_Death-and-Taxes...Texas and OKC according to my TV. $4 in some places locally. They said that one station raised prices 10 cents within a few minutes of the first hit
[20:25] <Spammi> Rich, they're saying survivors trapped in the WTC
[20:25] * smirks .. can you say AfBOMBistan
[20:25] <Thang> Pame: oh....well, I guess I am a slow thinker :)
[20:25] <asa250> bohunky....I thought you were providing humor?
[20:26] <Pame> thang that's ok......
[20:26] <bohunky> Zeno: Islamic god? u mean Allah?...God of Abraham?
[20:26] *** Roger_A sets mode: -o Roger_A
[20:26] <Thang> MountainMonk: you should still go to bed :)
[20:26] <JGM36> smirks, how about A-Bomb-istan ????
[20:26] <Skullhunter> Bah, Nostradamus. Even if we could properly translate works written in poetic form in an old French dialect that the writer was known to have purposely written out of order, so many of his 'predictions' haven't come true.
[20:26] <MountainMonk> Thang :)
[20:26] <Zeno> Skullhunter try www.skepdic.com :)
[20:26] <smirks> JGM36... we won't be the first to use it..they didn't... but it is a thought
[20:26] *** Quits: LaDiva (Kill by NickServ (GHOST command used by Guest91475) )
[20:26] <Keen> spammi hitler tried terror bombing of london during ww2. that didnt work either
[20:26] <NCRICH> Yea Spammi, two police officers in the basement called their wives.
[20:26] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o LaDiva
[20:26] <Spammi> Warren CHristopher right in telling AMericans not to take this out on Arab-Americans, like we did with the Japanese....
[20:26] <bohunky> asa250: I always try, but today I've not enjoyed the joy of my self too much
[20:26] <aalfred> I wonder how many people are in the #newsroom
[20:27] <Spammi> Rich, oh, ok. Maybe that was it.
[20:27] <MountainMonk> none of Nostradamus so-called 'prophesies' hascome true <heavy eyerolling phas>
[20:27] <Zeno> 518 aalfred
[20:27] <Havoc> Spammi I heard that. Fat chance.
[20:27] <Keen> arabamericans didnt do this
[20:27] <JGM36> Skullhunter, I'm not completely gullible.... I don't fall for that whole John Edwards Crossing Over crapola.... but Nostradamus has always been a favorite of mine.
[20:27] <aalfred> Zeno..weren't there more for OJ?
[20:27] <MountainMonk> aalfred, too many I'd guess
[20:27] <bohunky> isn't Rome at 40-45 degrees also?
[20:27] <Pame> Keen, no they didn't......
[20:27] <T-DES> wb fleep
[20:27] <Thang> Skullhunter: he did it so he would be called a witch
[20:27] <fleep> rehowdy T-DES
[20:27] <Spammi> Havoc, probably not, but I sure wouldn't blame them for what these nuts did.
[20:27] <Thang> wb fleep!
[20:27] <smirks> fleep fleep fleep
[20:27] <Zeno> aalfred maybe. more maybe for Princess Di.
[20:27] <Abolish_Death-and-Taxes> yes, you should never drop bombs or missles on englishmen. putting them to the sword is much more fun.
[20:28] <Havoc> Spammi: Maybe not -- but I don't care to run into one tomorrow. Might be a bad day.
[20:28] <fleep> Thang, smirks, rehowdy
[20:28] <Pame> Do you think, they are so concentrating on the airlines.....if they might not have OTHER tricks up their sleeves?
[20:28] <fleep> looks like we're running out of steam here
[20:28] <asa250> womder how cheney's heart is holding up...
[20:28] * Thang can't keep his eyelids up much longer
[20:28] <Spammi> Havoc, I could deal with it...seperate the terrorists from regular people who are prolly as baffled as the rest of us.
[20:28] <JGM36> bohunky, but Rome is *certainly not* THE NEW CITY..... it is AN OLD, OLD CITY.... old in Caesar's day.
[20:28] <MountainMonk> heaviest day for Newsroom was 1-1-00, right CarlSwanson?
[20:28] <aalfred> Didn't Hitler use the bombing of the Reichstag to make an excuse for setting up a police state?
[20:28] <smirks> is up for awhile
[20:28] <Thang> good night people!
[20:28] <MountainMonk> aalfred, yes, blamed it on the commies.
[20:28] * Cali_Gal gets a blankie and tucks Thang in
[20:28] <LaDiva> I suspect (and hope I'm right) that THIS was THE operation. That this was a very successful rendering of their big plan.
[20:28] <Melodyy> Night, dear Thang.
[20:28] <fleep> nite Thang
[20:28] <Aero> nite Thang
[20:28] <T-DES> nite thang
[20:28] <Spammi> Cya thang
[20:28] <LaDiva> 'night, Thang :)
[20:28] <MountainMonk> nite Thang
[20:28] <DanielBSC> nite thang
[20:28] <smirks> nie Thang
[20:29] <Havoc> Spammi: I 'reckon I'm not so 'understanding'
[20:29] <Abolish_Death-and-Taxes> "Keep looking.... keep watching the skies!"
[20:29] <smirks> nite, even
[20:29] <Pame> MM, I was there....stayed up all night and watched 2000 come in all over the world....
[20:29] <bohunky> JGM36: maybe the Vatican?
[20:29] <T-DES> pagenmystic, hey there!
[20:29] <asa250> aalfred....at this moment, the pubs are going over the chat logs......we're all in trouble
[20:29] <JGM36> bohunky, again..... OLD
[20:29] <Thang> have a great Wednesday and don't forget to pray for the people risking their lives to save others!
[20:29] <Zeno> LOL asa250
[20:29] *** Quits: Thang (QUIT: User exited )
[20:29] <NCRICH> CNN reporting the Van story.
[20:29] <MountainMonk> Pame, so was Zeno, and Carl, Go-Seki, we were there all night.
[20:29] <aalfred> Let us all remember that Bush gave 100 million to the taleban this year. I wonder how much of that went into training these people
[20:29] <Pame> MM, yeah and Roger, too....
[20:29] <Spammi> Havoc, I understand.
[20:29] <bohunky> JGM36: Seattle?
[20:29] <aalfred> asa250...time will tell
[20:29] <bohunky> ;-)
[20:29] <JGM36> bohunky, it seems when ole Nostro talks about "The New City" he means in the USA... which is in the New World.
[20:30] <Zeno> MountainMonk yeah I kept waking up when my head hit the keyboard..:)
[20:30] <MountainMonk> Pame, yep. That was one nice night. Best chat I've had on here..
[20:30] <DanielBSC> Hey... how come CLEO who knows all didn't predict today with her taro cards and warn the defense department hmmmm?
[20:30] <Spammi> I couldn't victimize innocent people though because of what extremists do...we all bleed.
[20:30] <Pame> I have an appt with a man tomorrow here in Atlanta.....his name is Bilal.....he is a Moslem.....
[20:30] <Spammi> But....I do understand...anger is high in many of us.
[20:30] <MountainMonk> Zeno, lol, that was the first night I remember seeing you.
[20:30] <fleep> DanielBSC, today scared Miss Cleo right out of her accent, if she was in NY
[20:30] <Zeno> 12 Nostradamus (1503-1566)
[20:30] <Spammi> Pame...I'd be kind of afraid to go.
[20:30] <DanielBSC> fleep LOL!
[20:30] <bohunky> JGM36: yeah, Ino but I didn't see no ball of fire come out of the center of the earth today. maybe tomorrow or maybe a mistranslation
[20:30] <Zeno> Centuries I, Quatrain 78:
[20:30] <Zeno> "D'vn Chef vieillard naiƒtra ƒens hebet¸, Degenerant par ƒ³auoir & par armes."*
[20:30] <T-DES> wb mac
[20:30] <Pame> Spammi, no.....I'm not going to be like that.....
[20:31] <JGM36> Hi mac
[20:31] <pagenmystic> 2 T-DES better than you all "condolances" to all yanks in the house
[20:31] <mac> howdy t-des and JGM36
[20:31] <Havoc> Pame: Could you give him a message?
[20:31] <Zeno> 12("To an old leader will be born an idiot heir, weak both in knowledge and in war.") I. 78.* (Some ungenerous souls think this quatrain refers to two birds named Bush solely because the younger Bush has a bit of trouble with the language. Codswallop!)
[20:31] <MountainMonk> two people rescued
[20:31] <Pame> Havoc NO....
[20:31] <bohunky> maybe center of the earth really meant 86th floor
[20:31] <Spammi> Pame, I wouldn't be scared of him...or not go because he is Moslem. I would be afraid he'd be a target after today :<
[20:31] <snaily> well i am going to go hope tomorrow is peaceful
[20:31] <mac> people already lined up at gas stations in austin tx (the idiots)
[20:31] <Abolish_Death-and-Taxes> i hope this incident does not result in a wave of domestic repression like pearl harbor did.
[20:31] <Spammi> snaily, you take care.
[20:31] <T-DES> pagenmystic....thanks for your kind comments....
[20:31] <Zeno> 4 Now THAT is a propheocy!
[20:31] <LaDiva> mac, goodness, and good evening
[20:31] <MountainMonk> well, 2 is better than none I guess.
[20:31] <Abolish_Death-and-Taxes> that would be tragic.
[20:31] <mac> howdy LaDiva
[20:31] <Skullhunter> Um, they also thought Nostradamus predicted a great force of destruction from the skies. In 1999. Sorry, the French fell for that rubbish during WW2, I'm not buying it.
[20:31] <Pame> 800 dead at the Pentagon.....
[20:31] <Zeno> wanna talk Nostrodamus?
[20:31] *** Quits: snaily (QUIT: User exited )
[20:32] <boiler> mac,,whats the price down there?
[20:32] <Spammi> They're lined up in Wisconsin too (bigger idiots...less likely to happen, especially in our little rural area here)
[20:32] <bohunky> old leader....back in Rome?
[20:32] <LaDiva> Nostradamus......1-800-No-Damus
[20:32] <Roger_A> http://www.cuddlecards.com/peace.html
[20:32] <kitty> Zeno did you know Nostrdamus was a physician famous for treating the plague and a secret jew, to otherwise he would have been killed
[20:32] <mac> boiler, thats a little unfair since I filled up about noon with diesel at $1.45 a gal
[20:32] <MountainMonk> LaDiva, lol
[20:32] <boiler> mac,,oh ok
[20:32] <Zeno> kitty yep and he was an astrologer too :)
[20:32] <JGM36> Hi Jalander
[20:32] <smirks> Clinton would hve bombed someone already.... bush is cvalling in the lawyers
[20:32] *** Melodyy sets mode: -b *!*@130.67.74.X400=
[20:32] <kitty> and many other disciplines of the time
[20:32] <Pame> Smirks we don't know that for sure.....
[20:32] <Jalander> gasoline is $6.00 a gallon in some places... prosecutors are looking into charges of price gouging
[20:33] <Zeno> 12 who wants to play FlingTheCow?
[20:33] <MountainMonk> 60lakoya60eno, he was an alchemist mainly,
[20:33] <mac> boiler, but i filled up because my tank was almost empty not because of panic
[20:33] <T-DES> Jalander, hello!
[20:33] <MountainMonk> oops
[20:33] <JimL> Hey STeven!
[20:33] <Spammi> Someone was stopped in NJ.
[20:33] <Aero> no explosives
[20:33] <fleep> smirks that is conjecture, we need to know who the target is first
[20:33] <asa250> Bush has to go confer with the cows...get advice
[20:33] <Stevetalk> Hey Jim!
[20:33] <Spammi> No explosives in the van.
[20:33] <smirks> Pame.. well... the world saw his swift responses...
[20:33] <Spammi> FBI
[20:33] <Jalander> smirks how pathetic can you get? Bush has done nothing wrong be an american and support the country geesh
[20:33] <mac> lets love each other and hate islam
[20:33] <Stevetalk> smirks, hiya
[20:33] <T-DES> wb Stevetalk
[20:33] <DanielBSC> Kitty.. Nostradamus' parents were Jewish. He was baptised and raised Christian by his parents to avoid persecution. Nostradamus was a staunch Catholic. His name means "Our Lady" in honor of the Blessed Mother.
[20:33] <pagenmystic> 2 T-DES our armed forces are also staying on high alert and we are getting blood drives going and emerg. aid
[20:33] <JGM36> Hi Stevetalk, Mudd
[20:33] <smirks> hey Stevetalk :)
[20:33] <kitty> i know
[20:33] <LaDiva> mac, let's hate the madmen, not all Muslims.
[20:33] <Stevetalk> Hey JGM36
[20:33] <Mudd> hello JGM36
[20:34] <Pame> As much as it is hard to say this......I have to put my faith (as limited as it is) in what the government is doing.....
[20:34] <Abolish_Death-and-Taxes> he has to, asa, cattle are an important voting block for the democrats
[20:34] * smirks .. "we will standdown our enemies"... not exactly a "swift response"
[20:34] <mac> LaDiva, i know i probably should not have said that, but does islam preach hatred for america?
[20:34] <kitty> he was not a devout by what i've heard a secret jew
[20:34] <LaDiva> mac, no, it does not.
[20:34] <Abolish_Death-and-Taxes> if he could peel them off, it would help at election time
[20:34] <LaDiva> mac, but the fanatics do
[20:34] <MountainMonk> Pame, and why do you feel you 'have ' to do that?
[20:34] <asa250> LaDiva...the fanatic muslims are not that different from the fanatic CC.....only more violent
[20:34] <T-DES> pagenmystic...hmmmm...I wonder how many countries are on "high alert" this day........
[20:34] <Pame> MM, because President Clinton said to......
[20:34] * smirks .. fact.. they feared clinton... they do not fear this goober
[20:34] <LaDiva> asa250, I agree that fanaticism is a danger in all religions......however, in this case, the extremists add the element of martyrdom.
[20:35] <bohunky> can't a person grieve....do we have to get back into partisan bickering so quickly?
[20:35] <Havoc> mac: Muslims are evil cowards. Dancing in the streets right now. I'd love to see them enjoying a nuclear winter.
[20:35] <MountainMonk> Pame, lol, and why do you feel you have to do what Big Dog says?
[20:35] <kitty> I think that has truth to it smirks
[20:35] <Cali_Gal> Who feared Clinton?
[20:35] <Pame> MM, cause I trusted him.....
[20:35] <smirks> kitty... I just read what I see...i don't make the facts
[20:35] <bohunky> Cali-Gal: women
[20:35] <mac> havoc, yes, i am so full of anger now, a few nukes in that part of the world would take out a few of the fanatics
[20:35] <MountainMonk> Pame, and you really believes he has confidence in this crew?
[20:35] <DanielBSC> bohunky!! Yes!!
[20:35] <Cali_Gal> bohunky..lol..I agree..that's a fact.
[20:35] <Pame> MM, I don't know.....
[20:35] <Abolish_Death-and-Taxes> yes jalander, we know. why are you telling us again?
[20:35] <Skullhunter> Well, there's the pot calling the kettle black.
[20:35] <Glenlivet> Jalander .. Bush got the war he wanted
[20:35] <LaDiva> Havoc, and Christians are what??? You can't brand a BILLION people by the acts of some.
[20:35] <Havoc> mac: I agree.
[20:36] <pagenmystic> 2 Gee I wonder T-DES
[20:36] <Abolish_Death-and-Taxes> take a vallium.
[20:36] <smirks> we won't use nukes..we were not nuked
[20:36] <Jalander> Glenlivet how pathetic can you get? Bush has done nothing wrong be an american and support the country geesh
[20:36] <Spammi> We don't need nukes.
[20:36] <DanielBSC> Amen LaDiva
[20:36] <mac> does islam teach suicide missions for the glory of allah?
[20:36] <Havoc> LaDiva: I just did. And I'm not apologizing for it.
[20:36] <bohunky> New York thruway's closed man!
[20:36] <Spammi> We do need to retaliate, once we know for sure who did this.
[20:36] <Zeno> smirks we weren't nuked in WWII. why not now?
[20:36] <LaDiva> Havoc, of course you won't.
[20:36] <Jalander> Spammi why not use nukes? we have lost enuf lives in this
[20:36] <Havoc> LaDiva: Face reality.
[20:36] <MountainMonk> Pame, ok, let me say this, he is being a Statesman, like his wife today. The old 'rally 'round the flag boys'. Feel free to rally.
[20:36] <Glenlivet> Jalander ... I am an American ... and a patrotic American will never support our installed dictator.
[20:36] <JGM36> What did Russia learn from Chernobyl? One thing they learned is, they are downwind from all of their neighbors... if they nuke someone, they get fallout.
[20:36] <LaDiva> Havoc, I face it daily.
[20:36] <Pame> Why hasn't Martial Law been declared?
[20:36] <mac> I bet Yassar Arafat is shaking in his boots now
[20:36] <Pame> MM, right now, that's all we've got....
[20:36] <Zeno> Pame, Congress was closed today
[20:36] <Jalander> Glenlivet get out of the country then
[20:36] <asa250> Jalander...Bush has been on vacation for a month...his people in charge have been campaigning and ignoring the threats......face facts
[20:36] <LaDiva> Havoc, next time a fundy Christian goes off his nut, I should condemn a billion Christians?
[20:36] <Havoc> LaDiva: Generalities are fine for me in a time like this.
[20:37] <smirks> Zee... no one is invading...trying to take over the world...just collapse our financial system
[20:37] <Cali_Gal> Glenlivet, I guess you're fighting a personal war...sheesh.
[20:37] <kitty> nukes are bad for allies you never know how much damage for how long
[20:37] <aalfred> mac..isn't there a long history of that kind of thing...and the belief that if a moslem man dies that way he will be in paradise with 72 virgins?
[20:37] <Pame> Zeno yes I know.....
[20:37] <bohunky> Feel free to retaliate swiftly & firmly
[20:37] <LaDiva> Havoc, I'm sure they are.
[20:37] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o crazylady
[20:37] <Jalander> asa plenty of room in moslems countries for you too
[20:37] <Zeno> Pame doesn't Congress have to decalre martial law?
[20:37] <Skullhunter> Define irony: man calling others evil cowards and then calling for the incineration of hundreds of thousands of noncombatants and the eventual painful and protracted death of thousands more from radiation-related syndromes.
[20:37] <Pame> crazylady WB.....
[20:37] <Melodyy> CRAZYLADY!!!! :))
[20:37] <Havoc> LaDiva: Next time a fundy Christian flies into a few buildings --- I'll join you.
[20:37] <Abolish_Death-and-Taxes> JGM, i thought what russia learned from chernobyl was to quit saying 'containment vessels? what are those?'
[20:37] * smirks Zeno.. is our financial system enough of a reason to use nukes?.. I don't think so
[20:37] <Spammi> aalfred, if it is, it's a very dangerous (and strange) religion.
[20:37] <T-DES> crazylady, howdy!
[20:37] <Pame> Zeno, no the President does.....it suspends the Constitution and Congress, too.....
[20:37] <Veritas> hey crazylady
[20:37] <DanielBSC> CRAZYLADY... It's Daniel.... Haven't talked to you in months... How Are You!!!
[20:37] <Spammi> Hey, crazy
[20:37] <Zeno> Pame oh ok
[20:37] <mac> aalfred i try (at times) to love all peoples, but my love for fanatic islams is a bit small at the moment
[20:37] <asa250> Jalander...my family was probably here before yours and did more to establish this country .....I probably have done more too...think I'll stay...thank you.
[20:38] *** Quits: Keen (Ping Timeout )
[20:38] <Zeno> smirks. oil was enough reason to use FAE in Iraq.
[20:38] <LaDiva> mac, agreed on that point.
[20:38] <Pame> 300 firefighters are missing.....this man is crying on CBS......
[20:38] <MountainMonk> Skullhunter, brave new world indeed!
[20:38] <crazylady> DanielBSC not doing good tonight son is in the army and I have no idea where he is right now :)
[20:38] <Zeno> smirks, and firebombing would probably kill more anyway
[20:38] <crazylady> DanielBSC how are you and your 200 kids and wife
[20:38] <Spammi> Pame, yeah, poor man :<
[20:38] <smirks> Zeno .. oil was enough of a reason to molilize...
[20:38] <Jalander> <---- can't believe the sick people in here that would dare say one word against the president time to close ranks... ever hear how people who hated FDR rallied to support him after Pearl Harbor? but I guess that was too much to expect from the left wing democratic hate mongers
[20:38] <bohunky> Zeno: or maybe our friends in Kuwait who sell us the oil
[20:38] <Cali_Gal> asa250..lol..are you really resorting to a 'we were here first,' type of argument?
[20:38] <MountainMonk> nuke 'em. What a bunch of crock....
[20:38] <DanielBSC> Crazylady.. My family will hold him in our prayers tonight...
[20:38] <Zeno> Bot there are no American friends in Kuwait. It is a monarchy
[20:38] <LaDiva> Jalander, please, plenty of folks blaming this on Clinton, too.....we see the absurdity.
[20:38] <Abolish_Death-and-Taxes> i've turned off the news, i'm watching 'the man from planet x' on turner classic movies.
[20:39] <Cali_Gal> LaDiva, WERE...those nuts aren't saying much now.
[20:39] <mac> Kuwait should help us get Bin Ladin
[20:39] <LaDiva> Cali_Gal, and hopefully won't.
[20:39] <DanielBSC> Crazy... funny you should mention that... you know that my wife miscarried last Feb.... Well, we got the good news two weeks ago.... another on the way... :-)
[20:39] <bohunky> Jalander: ranks are closing....just the petty & worthless are being weeded out...fortunate
[20:39] <Skullhunter> MountainMonk, it's sickeningly ridiculous. "How dare they kill civilians, let's nuke them all and let them watch their children die retching up blood!" But the irony is lost on them, I'm afraid.
[20:39] <asa250> CAli...that was in response to a you can live in a moslem country comment...fitting
[20:39] *** Quits: kitty (QUIT: User exited )
[20:39] * smirks .. people sayig this is the most tragic day in american history probably forget gettysburg
[20:39] <M_Ca> Fact: 1/3 of ALL us Financial transaction used to be funnelled thru the World Trade towers....
[20:39] <Cali_Gal> LaDiva, I'm watching others blame Bush... STILL doing so. That's Patriotism?
[20:39] <Jalander> MountainMonk I believe we are in our rights to nuke Afghanistan today... no reason at all not to... they have harbored and supported an avowed enemy of america.. one who has already been indicted for killing dozens of americans
[20:39] <bohunky> LaDiva: don't think too many are blaming this on Clinton
[20:39] <Spammi> Now it's more than 300 firefighters missing :<
[20:39] <MountainMonk> Kuwatis are too busy hanging out in their hot tubs and buffing their Philipino maids.
[20:39] <pagenmystic> 2 Cali_Gal maybe he should crawl back under his rock with a bottle of glenlivet
[20:40] <LaDiva> Worst day of casualties thus far in American history - Antietam, 22,000 or so.
[20:40] <mac> Glenlivet good god, there is a major tragedy in our nation tonight and you guys are arguing about bush being president
[20:40] <Zeno> smirks were you alice when JFK was assassinated?
[20:40] <crazylady> DanielBSC OWNDERFUL!!!!! I just got my first grandbaby!!! August 23rd and another on the way in December
[20:40] <Jalander> Skullhunter not in here they aren't look at these sick fools say negaitve things about Bush
[20:40] <T-DES> hello, goodolemr!
[20:40] * smirks .. thousands of men walked into fields of crossfire there... instant death
[20:40] <asa250> Jalander...you want to nuke the same country Bush gave 100 million to this year?
[20:40] <Havoc> LaDiva: Unfortunately we will far surpass that.
[20:40] <smirks> Zeno -- I was 3
[20:40] <LaDiva> Cali_Gal, the time hardly matters - earlier today, it was blame-Clinton. Bad idea on either end.
[20:40] <JGM36> "alive"
[20:40] <boiler> Jalander,,,why did we just give them millions of dollars then?
[20:40] <T-DES> BigBadWolf, hey there!
[20:40] <Cali_Gal> pagenmystic, people who talk like that show themselves for their weak minds.
[20:40] <DanielBSC> Congrats..... its now Gramma Crazylady!!!
[20:40] <Mudd> any further word from Saddam on today's events.?
[20:40] <MountainMonk> Jalander, a 200 mile shared border with the Republic of Russia, comes to mind as a reason not to. :)
[20:40] <Zeno> smirks THAT was a bad day
[20:40] <Skullhunter> Cali_Gal, patriotisim doesn't equal blind loyalty. Otherwise, you'd have to count every single American who spoke ill of Clinton as a seditious traitor, since he too once held the office that Bush now holds.
[20:40] <BigBadWolf> Hey, T-DES
[20:40] <Glenlivet> mac ... considering that Bush foreign policy created this tragedy .. why not?
[20:40] <Cali_Gal> LaDiva, I don't see why it should continue.
[20:40] <smirks> Zeno.. yes..
[20:40] <crazylady> DanielBSC LOL yep
[20:40] <MountainMonk> 2000
[20:40] <Jalander> asa250 you have blabbed that in here for months but have yet to post a source you can put up or shut up
[20:40] <Spammi> Skull, pretty hypocritical, no?
[20:40] <pagenmystic> 2 you bet
[20:40] <Stevetalk> again, this has been in the planning stages long before bush took office
[20:40] <Stevetalk> ackack
[20:40] <mac> Glenlivet how did his policy create this event?
[20:40] <MountainMonk> Jalander, a 2000 mile shared border with the Republic of Russia, comes to mind as a reason not to. :)
[20:41] <LaDiva> Cali_Gal, why did it continue this morning? People may express their opinions, within the standards guidelines.
[20:41] <Cali_Gal> Skullhunter, but to continue to blame Bush for this? That's Nonsense, and quite laughable.
[20:41] <Jalander> MountainMonk timne to tell russia how the world works... it works because america makes it work...
[20:41] <mac> Glenlivet, you certain it wasn't Bush Sr you meant?
[20:41] <Spammi> Hi Notty
[20:41] <crazylady> hi NottyHead
[20:41] <asa250> Jalander...that is the first time I have posted that....and you don't tell me what to do..
[20:41] <tlb> Putin has endorsed a strong response to the attack
[20:41] <Skullhunter> Spammi, I've been seeing a disgusting level of hypocrisy from both sides all day.
[20:41] * Zeno notes the jingoism
[20:41] <bohunky> intelligence was prevented from pursuing Laden....not no more
[20:41] <T-DES> howdy, NottyHead!
[20:41] <NottyHead> Hi Spammi & crazylady
[20:41] <JGM36> Hi NottyHead
[20:41] <Glenlivet> mac ... by refusing to get involved in world affairs ... and his religious policies which have only flamed the hatred of America around the world.
[20:41] <LaDiva> NottyHead, welcome
[20:41] <NottyHead> Hey T-DES
[20:41] <mac> Bush has not been in office long enough to have a foreign policy Glenlivet
[20:41] <Spammi> Skull, I have too. I think some of it is grief.
[20:41] * Mudd notes Zeno's noting of jingoism.
[20:41] <Havoc> Jalander: Agreed. Russia AND China should either support our nuclear attacks or suffer attacks themselves.
[20:41] <NottyHead> Hi JGM36
[20:41] <Cali_Gal> LaDiva, both sides were blaming. I'm kinda surprised anyone is still spouting that kind of bunk at this time...but you're right. They have the right to their opinions.
[20:41] <MountainMonk> Jalander, I'm sure they will appreciate that sentiment as radiocative clouds stream over there countryside and cities. :)
[20:41] <NottyHead> Hey LaDiva
[20:41] <LaDiva> mac, when is he planning on getting one?
[20:42] <Zeno> Hi dear Mudd
[20:42] <Jalander> asa250 you are a traitor stabbing the leader of the country in the back when we should be looking for who did this... be very ashamed
[20:42] <Mudd> Some stuff, eh Zeno?
[20:42] <Skullhunter> Cali_Gal, we have the freedom to do so. At least, we should have the freedom to do so without being branded as traitors.
[20:42] <mac> LaDiva probably had one this morning about 9ET
[20:42] <LaDiva> mac, Bush, a foreign policy, today? LOL
[20:42] <Zeno> Mudd, I thought nothing would top the Mariners...I was wrong..:(
[20:42] <Glenlivet> Jalander .. America has no leader ... we have a Republican installed dictator
[20:42] <asa250> Jalander....and when and where did you serve.....I was in Vietnam when bush was awol....
[20:42] <LaDiva> "Isolate, isolate, isolate," maybe.
[20:42] * smirks .. was hoping 7-11 at 17th and R would be open.... hmmmm
[20:42] <mac> LaDiva, its not one the arabs are gonna like
[20:42] <pagenmystic> 2 Brianna !!!!! darlin' I almost didn't see you up there
[20:43] <aalfred> Glenlivet..that is what is scariest. We have a crisis and no real president
[20:43] <Jalander> asa250 yeah sure I bet you were hauling typewriters around for gore the whole time
[20:43] <Mudd> There ya go, Zeno...slippin in a plug for AMerica's best Baseball team. :)
[20:43] <MountainMonk> smirks, don't you hate it when they take their name seriously? :)
[20:43] <Melodyy> This is probably not the best time to be bashing the President about partisan political ideology. Thousands died, today. Hardly the time to be bashing the president.
[20:43] <Zeno> Mudd they want to bomb laden yet they don't know who did it. VERY 4 revealing
[20:43] <Jalander> Glenlivet when you find ANY count gore won let me know...
[20:43] <mac> aalfred no real pres as in not elected or as in not a human being?
[20:43] <Cali_Gal> Melodyy, that's where their "heart" is...lol.. it's rather sad.
[20:43] <Glenlivet> aalfred ... don't be shocked if Bush doesn't declare martial law and become a full fledged dictator
[20:43] <LaDiva> Actually, perhaps in bad taste, but each gets their opinion.
[20:43] <Jalander> Melodyy it confirms the incredible sickness of the pathetic left
[20:43] <Mudd> Well...Zeno, I"m one to think that bin laden had some hand in this...
[20:43] <smirks> MountainMonk.. yes... they don't have a lock on eh door, though...I'm thinking about driving over..it's only 34 blocks
[20:43] <LaDiva> Jalander, give it a break....it was the all-Clinton-bash earlier.
[20:43] <DanielBSC> niters everyone... gonna try to make a better night from a yucky day. I'll pop in (like Aunt Clara) again sometime soon. Remember... spread peace... use words if necessary!!!
[20:44] <Cali_Gal> Jalander, right...lack of focus.
[20:44] <bohunky> Zeno: Laden announced his attack on US interests. Laden trained pilots for Boeing planes that were used
[20:44] <Skullhunter> I mean, come on people, is this Soviet Russia? We have to denigrate and crush everyone that doesn't form up and march with the rest of the nation? Screw that. If you take that position, then you'd better never, ever knock socialisim or communisim again, since you're embracing the most poisonous aspect of it, blind allegiance to the State.
[20:44] <Zeno> Jalander, bohunky I find your desire to kill someone , anyone (as long as it is an Arab) very recealing.
[20:44] <Melodyy> It's in bad taste and revealing, too, of a lack of taste and character.
[20:44] <Pame> Oh for crissake......you can dislike Bush but still feel terrible for the whole country.....
[20:44] <LaDiva> Melodyy, ON EITHER SIDE
[20:44] <asa250> Glenlivet....when the market reopens....it could be a disaster....an margin calls.....
[20:44] <M_Ca> We don't need a missile defense...we need a jetliner defense shield
[20:44] <Havoc> I notice the liberals are not concerned today about education, healthcare, or social security. Interesting. Maybe they can understand now what the REAL function of our Federal Government is.
[20:44] <Zeno> boiler you know who did it now?
[20:44] <MountainMonk> Melodyy, your President, not mine. Let's get that straight. I'll give hiom some distance now, because this definately rates as an emergency. I expect him to do virtually nothing though.
[20:44] *** Quits: DanielBSC (QUIT: User exited )
[20:44] <Jalander> Glenlivet well if you didn;t know this... clinton passed the laws that would allow Bush to do it... including the ability to take personal propoerty in time of crisis... thank you bill clinton
[20:44] <mac> its time for nukes on Laden's camps
[20:44] <bohunky> Zeno: Laden announced in June that it was time to stiked US & Israel where it hurts
[20:44] <LaDiva> But I'm seeing more of the sense of a lack of leadership than actual blame on Bush.
[20:44] <boiler> Zeno,,,did what?
[20:44] <Glenlivet> asa250 ... it will be a melt down .. foreign markets were down today by as much as 10%
[20:44] <Melodyy> MountainMonk Oh. I didn't realize you weren't a citizen. My apologies.
[20:44] <Cali_Gal> LaDiva, what would you do as President at this moment?
[20:45] *** Disconnected
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[21:56] * ML sees the childish slander continue from the Nov election losers
[21:56] <Camille> Hi TDES
[21:56] <Brianna> float, i listened to you spew hatred no matter what with clinton. how does it feel now its your boy?
[21:56] <GeeWhiz> cosmo, I have long thought we need to toss them to the wind, but even that will not guarantee our security from terrorism
[21:56] <T-DES> howdy, Zeno!
[21:56] <cosmo> float, you call liberals cheap? I thought liberals always wanted money?
[21:56] <Zeno> Back you old wardogs
[21:56] <Roger_A> hi Zeno
[21:56] <Brianna> Hi Camille
[21:56] <float> Locke...but instead you take the time to attack Bush as if he is ht eissue.
[21:56] <maggiejo> Camille !!
[21:56] <Zeno> hi Roger_A
[21:56] <Brianna> wb Zeno
[21:56] <Zeno> hi T-DES
[21:56] <Zeno> hey Brianna
[21:56] <Roger_A> Camille!!
[21:56] <T-DES> boiler...do you have a url?
[21:56] <maggiejo> zeno !!
[21:56] <PlagueRat> bohunky - I was wiling to give Bush his chance... he's blowing it... he ran around like a chicken, and when he finally returned to his office he gave a weak reading of a poor speach. I am UNINSPIRED. I detested Reagan, but I could recognize that he was inspirational and could give great rallying speaches. We needed a man like Reagan in the WH today, not a cowardly drunk who can't even speak well.
[21:56] <T-DES> wb Bubble
[21:56] <Camille> Hi Brianna and maggiejo and Roger!
[21:56] <Zeno> maggiejo!
[21:56] <Cal> T-DES I am hopeful that in her phone calls to Ted that she was able to pass along some info that may be helpful in the investigation
[21:56] <Glenlivet> float .. I suppose you are in total shock ... you have just discovered that people refused to accept a dictator ... no one will rally behind Bush
[21:56] <maggiejo> Bubble Hi
[21:56] <Brianna> Hi the real Bubble
[21:56] <boiler> T-DES,,,yes you want?
[21:56] <MountainMonk> ML, are those GOPers still complaining they got caught stealing the election? What a bunch of sore losers!
[21:56] <Bubble> hi T-DES
[21:56] <float> Brianna......did I ever attack Clinton for sticking up for America....were we attacked like this?
[21:56] <cosmo> GeeWhiz, there is a reason that so many terrorists are after us. the same reason why so many hated the English Empire in the past.
[21:56] <Writer9554> ML nobody cares about the GOP and its poor leadership....
[21:57] <bohunky> it is easy to not the unpatriotic, unAmerican, the petty, & worthless in times like these. Weeds to be pulled....yes, they come back but never produce
[21:57] <float> Glenlivet....this is not about Bush
[21:57] <T-DES> boiler....send me the URL by prv msg...
[21:57] <Bubble> hi brianna (real Bubble?)
[21:57] <Locke> float: well perhaps you should deftly steer the conversation in another direction, by presenting a thought-provoking alternative topic
[21:57] <float> It's about America.
[21:57] <Zeno> float, sure you did. But I don't have the logs.
[21:57] <asa250> dmoore....but with Bush....and Rumsfeld, who has worked on NMD for 7 years, NMD has been the #1 priority of the Defense Dept....at the expense of all else....including terrorism.
[21:57] <bohunky> easy to note
[21:57] <Brianna> float, think back. you never did care about anything then
[21:57] * ^imagi^ PR You are one sick puppy
[21:57] <Locke> I find that these direct attacks rarely change anyone's mind
[21:57] <float> Locke....how about a national tragedy?
[21:57] <GeeWhiz> so many terrorist are after us because we do not have the soviet empire to keep them in line
[21:57] <ML> MountainMonk if you think that then you need your head examined
[21:57] <Glenlivet> float ... but is is ... or rather Bush's inept leadership
[21:57] <dmoore> ML--Bush is not my cup of tea, but that's beside the point. These people weren't attacking Bush, they were attacking America and their twisted view of what it stands for.
[21:57] <MountainMonk> float, than why don't you stop making it about that sniveling little twit bush?
[21:57] <Zeno> omagi, but PlagueRat is MY sick puppy!
[21:57] <float> Brianna.....I never attacked Clinton for defending America
[21:57] <PlagueRat> imagi - were YOU inspired by taht speach??? I found it tepid... boring...
[21:57] <T-DES> Cal...yeah..i think she is going to be one of the heroes of today's events...
[21:57] <bohunky> Locke: think Ben Laden's a pretty nice guy?
[21:57] <ML> dmoore no disagreement here
[21:57] <Writer9554> dmore wtg
[21:57] <float> MountainMonk...you guys are
[21:57] <Brianna> lol
[21:57] <^imagi^> PR You are one sick puppy
[21:58] <willow> hey camille!
[21:58] <MountainMonk> float, Democrats?
[21:58] *** EdC is now known as Ed-CNN
[21:58] <Locke> float: yes, let's talk about it. I think anarchists may be involved. I think we shouldn't rush to assume that it is bin laden.
[21:58] <cosmo> imagi, I thought you liked Reagan?
[21:58] <Bubble> hi maggggggggie...
[21:58] <cherie> nite everyone
[21:58] <Camille> float, we need leadership...not a Burger King trainee
[21:58] <float> Camille....shut up
[21:58] <Camille> Hi willow!
[21:58] <^imagi^> cosmo I do..so what?
[21:58] <maggiejo> bye cherei !
[21:58] <maggiejo> ie
[21:58] <Brianna> exactly Camille!
[21:58] <cherie> maggiejo...nite...
[21:58] <float> Camille...maybe you can get a job with Osama...
[21:58] <Writer9554> wtg Camille
[21:58] <bohunky> Locke: what proof or hint do u have to base that thought on?
[21:58] <Pame> Compare Bush's speech to FDR's or Reagan's fire.....do you see a difference?
[21:58] * Zeno wonders where Dr Strangelove is when you need him
[21:58] <cosmo> imagi, so why get on PR's case when he is suggesting a reagan would be good at this time?
[21:58] <Locke> I grant that bin laden has already forfeited his life, and we ought to capture and prosecute him, but what I am most concerned about is stopping whoever is behind this.
[21:58] <Pame> CAMILLE!!!!
[21:58] <ML> Locke for example ?
[21:58] <Brianna> lol Pame
[21:58] <float> Pame.....let's judge what Bush does to combat terrorism.
[21:58] <Camille> PAME!!!!!
[21:58] *** T-DES sets mode: +b *!*@66.61.10.*
[21:58] <BigBadWolf> http://groups.google.com/groups?hl=en&th=54ab4d241c34e0cc ---- That is the 911 prediction thread
[21:59] <bohunky> Locke: who is behind this.....any clues whatsoever?...any?
[21:59] <Camille> float, incidents like this is why we need to have qualified Presidents
[21:59] <GeeWhiz> it would only take one bold act to send the message. Abduct someone like Kadafi and mail him back to Libya one piece at a time. No state would harbor these nuts then
[21:59] <Zeno> float, well from his past exploits as a fighter pilot. we don't have a lot to look forward to.
[21:59] <bohunky> Locke: what anarchist group?...faction?...individual?
[21:59] <dmoore> Writer--I'm angry. I'm angry at the murderers, whoever they are. The rest is beside the point. I wish the best for our entire government, elected and permanent, as they get to the bottom of it.
[21:59] <PlagueRat> imagi - you recognize Reagan's ability to give STIRRING speaches... you quote him all the time. Reagan wouldn't have read such a boring speach in a monotone. Reagan would have spoken from his heart and RALLIED the country. Bush's performace will be forgotten .... he's no Reagan... he ain't even his own Daddy... and that's not much.
[21:59] <Pame> Float, he'll fly around the country landing here and there.......screaming "Don't make me go out there!".....
[21:59] <Keystone^> Float. Exactly, Will Bush weaken the CIA and FBI like Clinton did?
[21:59] <Glenlivet> float .. if Bush repeats his "leadership" ... he'll apologize to bin Lauden and send him a check for 25 mil
[21:59] <cosmo> LOL Zeno :)
[21:59] <ML> Camille like Gore ? LOL
[21:59] <Locke> bohunky: I studied the anarchists a few weeks ago. They have sophisticated technology, and they too were hinting that "something big" was going to happen soon. They hate world trade and capitalism and the military/industrial complex. So, they have motive, method, and opportunity, especially as many of them are normal-looking americans.
[22:00] * smirks .. seriously...chocolate and reese's run (for willow) to 7-11... let's test the limits of today... :))... brb
[22:00] <smirks> is afk
[22:00] <Locke> added to this, I believe bin laden would be gloating if he had done it
[22:00] <Brianna> Zeno, he saved texas from the north vietnamese
[22:00] <Veritas> oh, Bush will combat "terrorism alright"; he'll call martial law, then confiscate the guns and we'll have no defense against The terrorists
[22:00] <BigBadWolf> Reagan was the best president, I agree PlagueRat
[22:00] <cosmo> Who woke up Keystone^? Go sit in the corner.
[22:00] <asa250> Keystone...do you mean, will Bush take some of the CIA resourses from drug dealing and put them on anti terrorism?
[22:00] <Zeno> cosmo with our luck Bush will think he is attacking Afghanistan and end up in the Congo
[22:00] <Locke> it's only a theory, but I find it disturbing that to have an alternative theory such as this is considered to be somehow unamerican
[22:00] <GeeWhiz> you are seeing the most over looked success of Clinton today. He rebuilt FEMA from the ground up
[22:00] <bohunky> Locke: ok, u have ur own personal clue....email the Pentagon
[22:00] <dmoore> PlagueRat--in two words: "Who cares?" Everyone knows Bush is no orator. So what?
[22:00] <Zeno> Brianna yeeha!
[22:00] <Camille> ML, Gore would be in control...not dazed
[22:00] <ML> Camille oh yeah ..lol
[22:00] <Zeno> Camille and at least act and look presidential
[22:00] <Writer9554> Veritas DON'T give the dictor any ideas....
[22:01] <Keystone^> Asa, No since Drug money funds Terrorism, Best to take money from Gun Control investigations.
[22:01] <PlagueRat> dmoore - in times of national stress, we need a leader who can pound the bully pulpit and rally the troops.
[22:01] <cosmo> Zeno, woe to him if our people accidently hit an aspirin factory. I'm sure the pubbies will be all over him for that. Ha!
[22:01] <Veritas> Writer9554, he already has them
[22:01] <bohunky> Locke: its not unAmerican....U moreso expressed doubt that Laden had anything to do with it
[22:01] <Zeno> LOL cosmo
[22:01] <BigBadWolf> this isn't a speech class people, this is real life. Some people aren't good talkers. Get over it.
[22:01] <MountainMonk> If shrub had just given the impression that he gave a damn, that these weredn't just more cue cards Hughes was forcing him to read, than maybe he would have inspired 'confidence', at least in the gulllible' as it is, he was a stiff zombied who said essentially nothing. Blair and Chirac were more animated, let alone Sharon.
[22:01] <asa250> Locke....tonite here I have seen two american veterans from Vietnam charged with being unpatriotic....traitors....
[22:01] <Zeno> BigBadWolf the problem though is Bush not only speaks poorly, he thinks poorly too
[22:01] <Brianna> BigBadWolf, or good thinkers. he is a good drinker. i will say that
[22:01] <Locke> bohunky: I just don't understand why he would deny doing it. it's not like doing so would increase his chances of survival
[22:01] * willow wants to hear more statements from the senators, congress persons, etc. to see how our future presidential leaders handle themselves in a crisis
[22:01] <Aero> how can the media keep asking how our mental health is after they show the jets slam into wtc every 3 minutes
[22:02] <cosmo> Zeno, some of these SOB's actually suggested that Clinton purposefully went after that aspirin factory. Oh they opened the door to their own ruination.
[22:02] <Locke> asa250: well, that's bound to happen in a stressful time like this. the important thing is to never lose sight of our right to speak our minds
[22:02] <Brianna> MountainMonk, i agree with you :(
[22:02] <Veritas> Aero, it is called "conditioning the masses"
[22:02] <MountainMonk> Aero, that is unnerving, isn't it?
[22:02] <bohunky> But, if...sniff,sniff...if Bush would've spoken more eloquent...sniff,sniff..ly...or said more...or touched my
[22:02] <PlagueRat> willow - GOOD POINT... this is a great proving ground for future presidential candidates.
[22:02] <BigBadWolf> Bill Clinton was a good talker, in a crooked used car salesman sort of way.
[22:02] *** T-DES sets mode: -b *!*@66.61.10.*
[22:02] <dmoore> MountainMonk--do you feel any less secure, or less sure that things are being done to get to the bottom of things, because of the speech? I don't like Bush, but his speech didn't change how I feel about the situation one iota.
[22:02] <Zeno> cosmo. the right wingers have poor vision and even worse public relation skills
[22:02] <fleep> Remember the Challenger? Same thing. Relentless repetition.
[22:02] <GeeWhiz> I think that George II did an okay job today. The Secret Service had him in deep protection, but I think he was very deliberate in the design and delivery of his speech. I would have been out in front of the cameras with a shotgun looking for somebody to shoot
[22:02] <Brianna> he didnt seem to give a darn. but then he never has
[22:02] <MountainMonk> Sharon is always 'animated'. :)
[22:02] <Cal> exactly BigBadWolf a liar
[22:02] <Brianna> wb midwest
[22:02] <Pame> bohunky, a HS kid in a first year speech class could have done MUCH better.....
[22:02] * PlagueRat offers T-DES $10 to hit that button again. :)
[22:03] <T-DES> nite PlagueRat
[22:03] <midwest> Brianna, left due to glitches in internet
[22:03] <MountainMonk> dmoore, neither did it I.
[22:03] <T-DES> nite folks
[22:03] <Roger_A> 12 I can see the bumper stickers now. 10 PlagueRat for President!! He will Curl your Tail!
[22:03] <asa250> dmoore....I didn't feel like Bush's speech indicated any definitive action would be taken.....
[22:03] <bohunky> Locke: very simple....HE MADE THE HIT!!!!...It was devastating more than he ever imagined & he now knows he's a dead man
[22:03] <GeeWhiz> nite T\
[22:03] <fleep> nite T-DES
[22:03] <PlagueRat> T-DES - you do that and then LEAVE???
[22:03] <willow> yes, plaguerat, i would like to hear a statement from both Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Dole, Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer
[22:03] *** Quits: T-DES (QUIT: User exited )
[22:03] <MountainMonk> night T-DES
[22:03] <midwest> T_des...nite
[22:03] <PlagueRat> T-DES - STAY AND SUFFER WITH US
[22:03] <Writer9554> The GOP do not like us downing Bush, but they will be the first to down Hillary when she comes out and speaks... after all she is a senator from NY where it happened.... watch the tables turn and the attacks begin by the GOP when she speaks out.....
[22:03] <Zeno> cal, how soon you forget Bush lies about his criminal past
[22:03] *** Quits: Bitmap (Connection timed out )
[22:03] <MountainMonk> I enjoyed T Des's company tonight. :(
[22:03] <PlagueRat> willow - I know Di Fi made a statement...
[22:03] <dmoore> MountainMonk--then who cares? We spend too much time aiming our guns in the at a gnat when a bear is standing behind us.
[22:03] <Cal> willow hillary was on today and offered nothing
[22:04] <Locke> I thought honestly that Bush's latest speech was very good (for him), with very little fake texas accent, and no "special words", but it was so short
[22:04] <Zeno> willow all women eh?
[22:04] <ML> cosmo no he thougt it was a chemical factory..and we know the rest of the story...oops
[22:04] <float> test
[22:04] <Brianna> Writer9554, thats true.......only they think only we should toe their line
[22:04] <bohunky> Hillary made statement today....zzzzzzzzzzz...Bush was better
[22:04] <GeeWhiz> I have actually been agreeing a lot today with people who I normally think are idiots
[22:04] <willow> oh yeah??? PlagueRat, what about a statement from Hillary Clinton??? this tragedy happened in her own senatorial backyard
[22:04] <Brianna> Cal, same with shrub
[22:04] <Camille> writer, but politicizing Hillary's situation will be ok with the right wingers...I can hear it now
[22:04] <Veritas> did hillary say any kind words about Barbara Olson's death?
[22:04] * Zeno told you months ago we needed background checks and a 5 day waiting period on knives!
[22:04] <Pame> Hillary has made a statement.....
[22:04] <dmoore> Writer--I'll dismiss them, too, then. ;)
[22:04] <Keystone^> Hillary said she saw no danger while she was vacationing in the middle east.
[22:04] <Roger_A> Writer9554, so far, Sen Clinton, Speaker Hastert, Maj. Leader Daschle, Sen Feinstien and others have made statements, and there were no partisan attacks. For that, I'm glad.
[22:04] * willow needs better access to the media during the day
[22:04] <Cal> bohunky he was much better
[22:04] <float> Zeno...hardee har har
[22:04] <midwest> Brianna, what bothers me is what about tomorrow...will this happen again and when and where
[22:04] <MountainMonk> dmoore, I was just being responsive, you are in the right, in the end, the fact that shrub is ineloquent and clueless counts for nothing. We will survive this.
[22:04] <ML> Veritas who cares what she says ?
[22:04] <BigBadWolf> Hillary made a statement on CNN, I thought, eariler, she did ok, I had no problem with her at all
[22:04] <PlagueRat> willow - she may or may not have made a statement .... I was somewhat out of touch most of the day. I stood a Memorial Watch at the fire station from 11 AM to 6 PM....
[22:05] <Zeno> 12 Knives are evil
[22:05] <Cal> Roger even clinton came out today and said that Americans should rally around Bush
[22:05] <Veritas> ML, just curious, don't jump down my neck just because Bush can't keep any campaign promises
[22:05] <bohunky> Cal: yep, even GW can outspeech Hillary....big whoop
[22:05] <Roger_A> BigBadWolf, she made it plain she supported the President, as she should.
[22:05] <Writer9554> bohunky and she will speak more tomorrow and watch what ypou Gopers say then,,, so get used to it if we have to put up with GOP BS, then the GOP can put up with democrats
[22:05] <dmoore> MountainMok--I'm sorry if I seemed to b picking on you. I guess I just expect so much from you. ;)
[22:05] <GeeWhiz> I cannot help but think that in the days ahead we will hear that someone like Donald Trump or that ilk was in the WTC
[22:05] <willow> PlagueRat, i was totally out of touch today...the only media i could get was limited to cnn online
[22:05] <MountainMonk> Hillary sang the praises of the shrub, it was quite entertaining seeing her pledge her loyalty.
[22:05] <asa250> Roger...highly placed politicians have to be nice at times like these....we can tell the trugh
[22:05] <Roger_A> Cal, Yep
[22:05] <asa250> truth
[22:05] <PlagueRat> 2I wish my statements were as important as floats.
[22:05] <Zeno> Roger_A, but she didn't really mean it :)
[22:05] <Roger_A> hehe Zeno
[22:05] <Brianna> thats right. you dish it out, you take it. and quit whinning about it
[22:05] <Roger_A> perhaps she did
[22:05] <bohunky> Writer: Hillary hasn't said anything since Watergate
[22:05] <willow> me too
[22:06] <Keystone^> You can be sure Hillary is very sad about today. She lost a lot of voters when those buildings colasped.
[22:06] <cosmo> Go Brianna :)
[22:06] <MountainMonk> dmoore, like I said, I was responding to another string. In thecend you are right.
[22:06] <Roger_A> 12 NOT ME.
[22:06] <asa250> Rat....get divorced and live like a monk for 10 years....then you will argue with the passion of float
[22:06] <BigBadWolf> Was Gary Condit with the Congress and Senate singing God Bless America today?
[22:06] <Veritas> Keystone^, she doesn't care
[22:06] <PlagueRat> willow - *laugh* Some critics will claim that being reliant on CNN for your news means you are totally ignorant. I won't go that far...
[22:06] <Brianna> lol asa
[22:06] <willow> hehehe asa
[22:06] <midwest> Brianna, you go ....
[22:06] <ML> Veritas 8 months in and that's it ? whew other presidents wouldn't like that kind of chance
[22:06] <Keystone^> Verias, She cares about the Votes she lost.
[22:06] <bohunky> Keystone: not really.....not in WTC
[22:06] <MountainMonk> BigBadWolf, no, he was out partying, knowing he is nolonger a news item.
[22:06] <maggiejo> Hillary made a very fine statement and is going to of course back the President so why can't everyone in here forget the partismanship for just ONE day and act like Americans ?
[22:06] <Veritas> ML, 8 months in and already he's broken his campaign "promises"
[22:06] <willow> PlagueRat, i was a total victim...i couldn't get access to any of the other news outlets, save what i could get from Yahoo....
[22:06] <cosmo> rofl asa250
[22:06] <bohunky> BigBad: I combed the group 3 repeats & didn't see him
[22:07] <ML> Veritas like ?
[22:07] <Zeno> Keystone^, who was the one campaigning when it happened? On guess and you can't say POTUS
[22:07] <dmoore> MountainMonk--that was my attempt at contrition. You are a sensible person and I kinda picked you out of a crowd to be cranky at.
[22:07] <Writer9554> The GOP wants us to united except when it comes to NY senators, then we can be divided....
[22:07] <PlagueRat> asa250 - float got married at 6 years old?????
[22:07] <cosmo> Writer9554, to hell with the GOP
[22:07] <Zeno> MountainMonk that is the second compliment yuo got from a right wing extremist tonight. 12 What are you doing wrong?!!?!
[22:07] <bohunky> maggiejo: I've been trying to do that all day & successful until tonite in here....today's anger overflows on some in here & I apologize
[22:08] <Camille> maggiejo, I think opinions are all over the map today. Nobody can believe it happened and don't know what to really think.....partisan will be far more rigid in the coming days. I predict things will get quite ugly.
[22:08] <Writer9554> cosmo exactly
[22:08] <dmoore> PlagueRat--phew. Talk about your overachievers!
[22:08] <float> unbelievable
[22:08] <MountainMonk> dmoore, we all feel cranky I suspect. Noone to strike at, noway to help or ease the suffering, a world that just seems more and more hostile. You are right to feel as you do, and I blame noone for blowing off steam today. I've done my share, that's for sure. Thanks for your kind words.
[22:08] <float> this is not another 'news' day
[22:08] <bohunky> Intelligence had tails on Ben Laden until about a yr ago
[22:08] <midwest> Camille,,,I believe your right
[22:08] <float> this is America's worst day
[22:08] <GeeWhiz> I would rather here more eyewitnesses and less politicians right now. I want facts, not opinions
[22:08] <cosmo> Camille, yes Shrub will be pushed by his constitutents to act. He's gonna blow it.
[22:08] <float> all you liberals think is 'oh goody'....we get to attack Bush now
[22:08] * Zeno opens a poll. Which would you rather the culprit be: Homegrown or Middle Eastern?
[22:08] <Keystone^> Bohunky, True, Clinton Adm. lost track of Bin ladin.
[22:08] <dmoore> Zeno--if you think I'm a right-wing extremist, you haven't been paying attention.
[22:08] <ML> Zeno well as a leftwing extremist ..hey
[22:09] <MountainMonk> Zeno, alot of rightwingers like me, you've nver noticed that? :)
[22:09] <PlagueRat> float - apart from the fact that you are wrong, you are also full of fertilizer.
[22:09] <Cal> amazing huh float
[22:09] <float> Cal...very
[22:09] <bohunky> Camille: but it shouldn't....the petty partisan bickering does not measure to the tragedy & tasks at hand
[22:09] <Zeno> MountainMonk you're doing something wrong ;)
[22:09] <cosmo> Keystone, and Bush admin never found him.
[22:09] <GeeWhiz> saw first time today the person falling from way up the WTC. So tragic
[22:09] <float> Cal...it indicates how weak they really are.
[22:09] <float> Cal...full of hate, full of spite
[22:09] <Pame> OHHHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOOO!......
[22:09] <float> Cal....complete cowards
[22:09] <Pame> NO!
[22:09] <Pame> NOT!
[22:09] <Keystone^> Cosmo, Well they will very soon.
[22:09] <Brianna> float, remind you of anyone?
[22:09] <Roger_A> Zeno, odds are, Middle Eastern. For the apparent financing, and coordination. But I do not profess to know
[22:09] <Bubble> hi Mingching
[22:09] <MountainMonk> Zeno, lol, it's because I'm temperamentally a conservative, just not a Republican. :)
[22:09] <Pame> OMG NO!
[22:09] <Brianna> Hi Mingching
[22:09] <Zeno> 12 Did Eric Rudolph do this?
[22:09] <Mingching> hi Bubble
[22:09] <Glenlivet> float ... the GOP can go to hell as far as I am concerned ... they are responsible for installing our dictator ... and I have no intentions of playing nice any longer.
[22:09] <clay45> float....you can not understand conviction that we really fault bush and his policies for causing this
[22:09] <bohunky> cosmo: Sr?....yeah, always had a hard time w/ him
[22:09] <maggiejo> bohunky no need for you to apologise, those who cannot unite as a people for the most devastating day in America's history, need to apologize to their country imo.
[22:09] <PlagueRat> float - just keep saying those things and eventually you may even convince yourself that you are better than SOMEBODY....
[22:10] <float> Hi Mingching
[22:10] <float> Brianna...yes...Clinton
[22:10] <float> your hero
[22:10] <maggiejo> Mingching !!
[22:10] <Mingching> Float
[22:10] <Camille> cosmo, Bush has to be strong and not let national emotions take over...but I don't have any clue that he is a strong enough leader to dodge such a dangerous bullet. This is the ultimate test of Bush.
[22:10] <Zeno> Roger_A, I was trying to add up how much a dozen knives and a Microsoft Flight sim cost. Not a lot...:(
[22:10] <Mingching> maggiejo
[22:10] <Cal> hey Mingching
[22:10] <MountainMonk> I'm with Roger_A, probably Middle Eastern, but lets hold our cards, we made that mistake before
[22:10] <Brianna> float, i meant yourself
[22:10] <Mingching> hey Cal
[22:10] <float> Brianna...how would you know?
[22:10] <Veritas> ML, like he's "pro-life", yet slyly gets by that and goes along with embryonic stem cell research. Plus, that will extend beyond his "limits", because they can extend the lines.
[22:10] <bohunky> maggiejo: I apologize for them....Our country needs us united
[22:10] <cosmo> Exactly Camille, and I'm afraid he will want to "proove himself" and go off half cocked.
[22:10] <GeeWhiz> That microsoft sim is supposed to be so realistic you can log it as sim time
[22:10] <Writer9554> maggiejo people do not need to applogize for speaking out against an appointed presdient
[22:11] <float> cosmo......and if he does not?
[22:11] <PlagueRat> float - the death of 20,000 people IS A TRAGEDY... the country needs to solve the problem. But that doesn't erase the fact that Bush has filed to act like a leader today, and that simply emphasizes how badly we got took.
[22:11] <Brianna> float becuase you have been so hate filled. so willing to hurt anyone who didnt think Your way
[22:11] <Zeno> Gearry no doubt
[22:11] <Roger_A> Zeno, true, but the organization of such an effort is not easy, and I don't see any home grown groups with either the capability, or the motivation, for such an attack.
[22:11] <cosmo> float, no. Wait until you know where to shoot.
[22:11] <bohunky> maggiejo: I'll kick their a**e* later ;-)
[22:11] <ML> Glenlivet then maybe you should try some valium ?
[22:11] <float> Brianna..who have I hurt?
[22:11] <float> Brianna am I the issue now?
[22:11] <float> PlagueRat..he's my leader
[22:11] <Brianna> Hi Obscene
[22:11] <Mingching> obxscene
[22:11] <MountainMonk> GeeWhiz, it's ok, I recreated JFK2s last flight plan, but had to use a Cessna, so couldn't learn anything from it. Instrument were ok at duck in my sim.
[22:11] <Mingching> obscene
[22:11] <Zeno> Roger_A, I dunno, I am waiting to see. I have not made a conclusion yet. thoughit is easy to pick Laden
[22:11] <Skullhunter> cripes, I still can't believe the reverse angle shot on the second plane hitting the south tower. Cut through it like an axe, no wonder it fell like it did.
[22:11] <ML> Veritas and that to you is "breaking all his campaign promises " ???????
[22:11] <float> cosmo.....and we're not investigating this in the strongest fashion possible?
[22:11] <MountainMonk> dusk
[22:11] <Obscene> Hello!!!!
[22:12] <Roger_A> Zeno, we agree there.
[22:12] <PlagueRat> float - yeah, well, not surprising that you choose a drunken tounge tied stumble bum underacheiver as your leader.
[22:12] <Obscene> Hi Brianna
[22:12] <Obscene> Hi Mingching
[22:12] <dmoore> Roger_A--I have to agree with you there. But one thing I heard once and then it seemed to be dropped was the Red Army Faction (Japanese)--doesn't need to be Arab.
[22:12] <cosmo> float, I'm sure we are. And if he shows some restraint and waits he'll be more respected.
[22:12] <Obscene> FLOATER!!!!!!!!!!!
[22:12] <float> PlagueRat...I know..you'd rather have a thousand day pothead ruling the roost who tried by 4 votes to steal the election
[22:12] <maggiejo> Writer9554 Bush,Gore<Clinton, aren't what it is about today , the country is torn apart and all some can do is try to tear it further apart..just saddens me that being united as a ppl for just one day seems so hard..
[22:12] <float> Hello Obscene!
[22:12] * PlagueRat still suspects the The Montana Freemen.
[22:12] <Zeno> Roger_A. Colombia is being ignored too. Ochoa was just extradited
[22:12] <Camille> float, what did Bush say tonight that made you feel that this couldn't happen again tomorrow?
[22:12] <GeeWhiz> Monk, has been years since I tried it. Itw as very realistic but I did not like having to do trim and all that stuff. I just want to do loops in corporate jets
[22:12] <float> cosmo.....we only wait till we know who did it...then we take them out...this is an act of war.
[22:13] <bohunky> WRiter: its not just that...that combined w/ seemingly sympathy for those who criticize Americans in general. Yes, we're fat & sassy but we're not arrogant
[22:13] <float> Camille....I"ll tell you..
[22:13] <Cal> I am ashamed of some people here. America is better than this. and Americans should be also
[22:13] <MountainMonk> GeeWhiz, lol. They have Lears
[22:13] <asa250> maggiejo....I will unite in a heartbeat behind liberty and justice....but I will never bow to a tryantg
[22:13] <Mingching> 8,5What a horrible day in our nation's lifetime
[22:13] <PlagueRat> float - actually, I always favored McCain... but don't let facts get in the way of your attempts to use this disaster to drum up false support for the smiking chimp
[22:13] <float> Camille.....we will make NO disctinction between the terrorists and the nations that harbor them
[22:13] <Cal> yes Mingching just horrible
[22:13] <Brianna> my gosh. he seems as though he wants to call his mommy
[22:13] <bohunky> Writer: Brits & French are arrogant :-)
[22:13] <MountainMonk> what a horrible color to express it with. :(
[22:13] <dmoore> Zeno--I wonder about Saddam. Not because he's sort of the universal suspect, but he had lots of trained pilots and a bit of a grudge.
[22:13] <Camille> float, we never did before?
[22:13] <Glenlivet> Cal ... do you accept our dictator as your President ... if you do .. then you have absolutely no complaint.
[22:13] <GeeWhiz> Monk, yeah, I ahve played with those. I know a lot of guys who practice there instrument landings on them
[22:14] <ML> PlagueRat by the way you rant on Bush ..it seems like Gore would have been the second coming ?? of Mondale maybe ..lol
[22:14] <Writer9554> maggiejo when and if we had a true leader then I could agree with you but since that is not reality, then it is a sad day when people are proud to call Bush a leader of the civilized world...
[22:14] <cosmo> Cal, you can accept this incompetent first fraud if you want to.
[22:14] <float> Camille this means we will go after the terrorists wherever they are regardless of which country they are in, regardless of permission to get them
[22:14] <MountainMonk> GeeWhiz, I'm great at taking off, landing is another matter. :)
[22:14] *** Quits: upnorth1 (QUIT: User exited )
[22:14] <Brianna> right Writer9554!
[22:14] <Cal> Americans should unite and be supportive of America
[22:14] <float> This is war folks....it's not just another day at summer camp
[22:14] <Mingching> Cal, I should've stayed home.....i saw on the news before I left...i put in my 8 hrs. anyway
[22:14] <bohunky> dang! people!...Ben Laden is guiltier than Gary Condit & we've got thousands of bodies!
[22:14] <asa250> Cal....we would and will when we get it back
[22:14] <float> I don't believe it's sunk in yet for many of you
[22:14] <Obscene> 2The pentagon is at 80% efficeincy it has 4 sides left. 4/5 x 100% = 80%
[22:14] <cosmo> float, that is BS. What if they are hiding in England or Israel?
[22:14] <MountainMonk> float, would be nice to know who we are at war with?
[22:14] <maggiejo> asa250 this isn't about that this is about YOU and every other American still at war with each other when America itself has been attacked....
[22:14] <Pame> Yesterday is gone........tomorrow is.....iffy
[22:14] <GeeWhiz> Landings are not so bad. Do like in real life. Just pick a point on the runway and fly your plane to it
[22:14] <Brianna> he was selected by the sc not by the american people. my vote and yours did not count.
[22:14] <Zeno> dmoore. I suspect it may be someone no one has considered right now. The media is going for the easy target.
[22:14] <Camille> float, big deal..if they aren't identified, how can we go after them? If they are identified, why didn't we already go after them
[22:14] <dmoore> MountainMonk--that *would* be a serious complication--unless you wanted to fly only once.
[22:15] <float> MountainMonk...all terrorist groups now
[22:15] <float> all of them
[22:15] <PlagueRat> ML - once again you draw a false conclusion... you keep WANTING to paint me into your preconclusions... last tiem you called Clinton "the love of my life". Suddenly you decide that Gore is "the love of my life", RIGHT after I said that I favored McCain...
[22:15] <Mingching> Pame, that's scary
[22:15] <Writer9554> American are supportive of America but that does not mean we have to untite behind the select president
[22:15] <Glenlivet> Cal ... if Americans unite ... then our first order of business should be kicking the fraud sitting in the Oval Office out on his butt
[22:15] <MountainMonk> dmoore, lol, yes, landing is a big factor. Sorta important. :)
[22:15] <float> Camille...we will go after terrorist...the ones who did this..and all terrorists...this is the end of days for terrorism
[22:15] <Brianna> exactly, Glen
[22:15] <Writer9554> Glenlivet wtg
[22:15] <Pame> MingChing.....we don't know if they'll be more attacks today....and if there are, where?
[22:15] <cosmo> PlagueRat, you must be a heartbreaker to have so many Loves of your life. ;)
[22:15] <ML> PlagueRat when did i say Gore was ?
[22:15] <PlagueRat> Cal - i support AMERICA... I am saddened that America will have to get through this IN SPITE of the smirking chimp.
[22:15] <Locke> Writer9554: exactly. our duty is to our Fellow Americans, including shrub, but we don't have to agree with his crazy politics to pull together against a common enemy
[22:15] <Cal> True Americans will unite and support America and stop the pettiness
[22:15] <Zeno> Imagine there's no heaven
[22:15] <Zeno> It's easy if you try
[22:15] <Zeno> No hell below us
[22:15] <Writer9554> PlagueRat exactly
[22:15] <Obscene> 4 Nuke em till they glow and shoot them in the dark!
[22:15] <Roger_A> Cal, I've seen people blame Clinton, and every non conservative since Hoover, along with Bush, and every non Liberal since FDR. But let's not confuse doubt of Bush's abilities, with a lack of patriotism. For it is not so. I STRONGLY hope that Bush grows in this crisis. For it would be the best thing for the nation as a whole. But I am not confident he can.
[22:16] <Skullhunter> "Supportive of America" doesn't mean "keep quiet and don't speak your mind". I remind you all again, this isn't Soviet Russia. We're not supposed to be smashing people for not marching in lockstep with the rest of the nation. Just because someone doesn't call for bloody revenge doesn't make them any less than any other American.
[22:16] <ML> PlagueRat when did i say that Gore was that to you ?
[22:16] <bohunky> They don't have to nuke Laden....arrest him, transport him for fair trial & string his guts out lil' by lil' all the way back from Afganistan
[22:16] <Zeno> Above us only sky
[22:16] <Zeno> Imagine all the people
[22:16] <Zeno> Living for today...
[22:16] <GeeWhiz> When working on my license, I had trouble landing with a clean windsheild because I got used to lining up my approach by keeping a bug splatter on the center of the runway across the threshold
[22:16] <PlagueRat> ML - okay, you used the term "second coming" instead of "love of your life".... same difference. :18: ML: PlagueRat by the way you rant on Bush ..it seems like Gore would have been the second coming ??
[22:16] <Veritas> ML, if he even broke one; he'll break them all
[22:16] <maggiejo> Writer9554 you aren't even standing together as a nation of ppl let alone standing behind Bush
[22:16] <Camille> float, do be so confident...all terrorists groups are using today's events as a case study to copy. No deterrant...just more terrorism
[22:16] <Zeno> Imagine there's no countries
[22:16] <Zeno> It isn't hard to do
[22:16] <Zeno> Nothing to kill or die for
[22:16] <Mingching> Pame, those terrorists' days are numbered, I hope.......they've killed too many on our turf
[22:16] <midwest> Good night to all , pray for those who died and the families they left behind...
[22:16] <MountainMonk> float, even the Polisario, the Shining path? All of them?
[22:16] <Zeno> 12And no religion too
[22:16] <Zeno> Imagine all the people
[22:16] <Zeno> Living life in peace...
[22:16] <Brianna> gnite midwest
[22:16] <ML> same difference ? lol
[22:16] <Pame> MingChing we don't know.....
[22:16] <float> Camille that is why we will go after any terrorism group
[22:16] <float> MountainMonk....maybe so
[22:16] <Zeno> 12Imagine no possessions
[22:16] <Zeno> I wonder if you can
[22:16] <Zeno> No need for greed or hunger
[22:17] <maggiejo> midwest night
[22:17] <Cal> night midwest.
[22:17] <cosmo> float, including Americans?
[22:17] <Veritas> Klamath farmers plus other farmers in the US have had their water cut off. Bush does nothing
[22:17] <cosmo> float, skinheads?
[22:17] <Mingching> Pame, they can't hide forever
[22:17] <midwest> Nite....ALL
[22:17] <Writer9554> maggiejo excuse me but I do not as an American have to stand behind a select president and that is my right so get used to it
[22:17] <bohunky> Skullhunter: bloody revenge is the exaggeration...Is not revenge or justice warranted?
[22:17] <Zeno> 12A brotherhood of man
[22:17] <Zeno> Imagine all the people
[22:17] <Zeno> Sharing all the world.
[22:17] <Camille> float, with star wars missiles?
[22:17] <Mingching> nite midwest
[22:17] *** Quits: midwest (QUIT: User exited )
[22:17] <float> cosmo...any terrorists
[22:17] <Veritas> wildlife that farmers were taking care of are dead and dying. Bush does nothing.
[22:17] <Pame> I hope there were NO anthrax on board that plane, if so, my God NY will become a dying tomb.....
[22:17] <Brianna> you think alot of young men will line up to follow a guy who spent his time awol? i dont
[22:17] <Obscene> 2Zeno: have you taken part in any demonstrations supporting Bin Ladin?
[22:17] <Locke> we are a nation of individuals! that's where our famous ingenuity comes from! that's how we thought up the great strategies that have allowed us such dominance in warfare
[22:17] <cosmo> float, well I can get behind that.
[22:17] <dmoore> Roger_A--no matter what, he's the only President we got at the moment. I agree with you. We'll have plenty of time to argue over him some other time. Right now, I'm pulling for the people in power, and that includes him.
[22:17] <Mingching> Pame, no doubt, that was my fear
[22:17] <Zeno> 12You may say I'm a dreamer
[22:17] <Zeno> But I'm not the only one
[22:17] <Zeno> I hope someday you'll join us
[22:17] <Zeno> And the world will live as one
[22:17] <Glenlivet> float ... btw .. you remember my predicting gas would go to $3 ... well ... it's selling for $5 a gallon in Oklahoma tonight.
[22:18] <Locke> I tell you one thing -- no german would have thought to get native americans to talk in code for them
[22:18] <Zeno> Obscene. no why?
[22:18] <float> Locke...we are one nation.
[22:18] <PlagueRat> Pame - you got that right... although putting anthrax spores in a plane doomed to become a FIREball would be a poor vectoring strategy.
[22:18] <GeeWhiz> my understanding is most of those farmers can have water. They just are too cheap to dig a well and expect the gov't to provide it to them so they do not, lord forbid, spend some money to make money
[22:18] <float> Glenlivet..by sharks
[22:18] <Pame> MingChing the CDC here in Atlanta are on their way there in response....
[22:18] <Skullhunter> Veritas, I live near that area. The Klamath farmers were fools to grow crops that sensitive in the Klamath basin. It's part of Oregon's High Desert region. And even if the fed said the heck with the fish and wildlife, they still wouldn't have had enough water for the growing season. That's why they call it a 'drought'.
[22:18] <bohunky> Zeno: do u feel that gives comfort to others at a time like this?
[22:18] <Roger_A> dmoore, me too. For it would be the best thing for our nation. I hope he steps up, but I fear he can't. Let's hope I am pleasantly surprised.
[22:18] <Pame> Rat, true, but who knows.....
[22:18] <Obscene> Zeno: you are from the Seattle area.
[22:18] <MountainMonk> 12We are worried about the Golden Gate bridge here, and the Transamerica Pyramid, BofA building. You folks have local patrols going on?
[22:18] <Pame> Some COULD survive...
[22:18] <float> Glenlivet..that is not the marketplace, but opportunistic jerks
[22:18] <float> Glenlivet..much like liberals here tonight
[22:18] <Cal> Roger you will be
[22:18] <maggiejo> Writer9554 didn't say you had to but perhaps to stand with your fellow countrymen in an hour of need may be worthwhile.
[22:18] <cosmo> float, why are you calling us jerks?
[22:18] <Brianna> MountainMonk, theyve closed alot of roads into major cities here
[22:19] <Mingching> 4,1Has anyone heard from Samurai tonigh>?
[22:19] <Zeno> Bot I feel like it gioves comfort to people who are hurt
[22:19] <Cal> cosmo ????
[22:19] <Zeno> Obscene yes
[22:19] <PlagueRat> Pame - better strategy would be to spread them with tiny bombs (M-80 sized) from cars parked nearby...
[22:19] <Pame> MM, yes..... downtown Atlanta has a lot of federal buidlings, including a federal court house......
[22:19] <Skullhunter> bohunky, I have never said that we shouldn't do anything. I am saying that the last thing we need to start doing is swinging wildly like a punchdrunk prizefighter.
[22:19] <bohunky> Skullhunter: so they're fools eh...is that what Klamath is all about...fools wanting water?
[22:19] <maggiejo> Mingching no
[22:19] <Brianna> cosmo, thats all he knows how to do
[22:19] <Pame> Ming Ching, no why?
[22:19] <float> cosmo....because this is not another day...this is America's darkest day
[22:19] <Camille> dmoore, when it comes to the thousands and thousands of victims, this country needs to pull together. But if we are following along a failed path of defense then maybe this could be a constructive way to change that.
[22:19] <float> cosmo..it's not a day for partisanship
[22:19] <MountainMonk> float, stop it with the 'liberal' nonsense. Karma like that, you're likely to end up in a foxhole with one. :)
[22:19] <Locke> float: I understand that our views upset you, but do you accept that we have the right to be such awful jerks, even if it isn't polite?
[22:19] <Mingching> Samurai lives on the East coast
[22:19] <Writer9554> maggiejo I am standing with my fellow Americans and speaking out against your select president
[22:19] <Veritas> Skullhunter, they trusted that they could farm for the rest of their lives. THAT was the deal
[22:19] <MountainMonk> Brianna, where is that?
[22:19] <bohunky> Skullhunter: excellent suggestion...don't do that...so far ur the only one who has remotely suggested such
[22:19] <Glenlivet> float ... too bad you forget your vicious attacks on Clinton so quickly ... now you want to play nice ... forget it ... we are going to get Bush out of office as fast as the law allows
[22:19] <GeeWhiz> I do not think they would target the golden gate. not enough casualties. They would be more likely to take out lady liberty me thinks if those are the types of targets they were loking for
[22:19] <Pame> MingChing alot of do....I'm on the east coast....
[22:19] <float> Locke....you'll have to endure the consequences
[22:19] <Cal> It is a day to come together for America. Not a time to be little and petty
[22:20] <Skullhunter> bohunky, it's about fools growing crops in a desert region that don't belong in a desert region. What, did none of them ever hear the phrase "don't put all your eggs in one basket"?
[22:20] <dmoore> Roger--he's not alone in this. And I'm not talking about the people he brought in with him. There's also the permanent gov. (NSA) and I bet other governments are sniffing around.
[22:20] <float> Glenlivet..I never attacked Clinton for defending America..nor would I on America's blackest day
[22:20] <Zeno> Who is the enemy Obscene?
[22:20] <Obscene> Zeno: well isn't that where all the anarchists/Comunists are from these days?
[22:20] <Veritas> And Skullhunter, the Fed said the heck with the farmers, the American people, and the fish and wildlife, but said "let's save the sucker fish"
[22:20] <cosmo> float, we all agree something needs to be done. We've all been hurt. We just dont trust a usurper of the Presidency, a dry drunk, a liar and deserter as the one to do it.
[22:20] <asa250> Glenlivet...I say let's all unite behind liberty and justice...let Bush resign....get a real president.
[22:20] <PlagueRat> float - nonsense... you attacked Clinton for EXISTING. Give it a break.
[22:20] <float> This is not about Bush
[22:20] <ML> Glenlivet wake me up in 3 yrs ...meanwhile you can be angry in the meantime
[22:20] <Mingching> Pame, but Samurai is usually here, especially on an occasion like this
[22:20] <Zeno> Obscene where?
[22:20] <float> It's about war in America
[22:20] <float> PlagueRat....I already told you
[22:20] <Brianna> yes float did
[22:20] <PlagueRat> cosmo - you are assuming he's dried out... I'm not sure.
[22:20] <bohunky> Skullhunter: so the Klamath water issue is about foolish water requirements?
[22:21] <Mingching> Not that we've had similar occasions
[22:21] <float> cosmo....you forget the over a thousand times Gore got stoned.
[22:21] <maggiejo> Writer9554 then go ahead as you see fit and pray for those who died today who would be happy to just be alive regardless of who was President :-(
[22:21] <Pame> OMG look at this FOOTAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!
[22:21] <Glenlivet> asa250 .. my thoughts exactly ... I'll support our troops .. but will never support the fraud the SC gave us.
[22:21] <Obscene> Zeno: Seattle
[22:21] <cosmo> float, did I say Gore was the right man for the job?
[22:21] <^imagi^> some sick puppies in here
[22:21] <Cal> maggiejo :))))\
[22:21] <Pame> This is INCREDIABLE!
[22:21] <Mingching> Pame, what channel?
[22:21] <float> Pame..what's new?
[22:21] <Zeno> Obscene. where are you from?
[22:21] <Pame> MingChing CNN.....
[22:21] <PlagueRat> GORE - who is gore? Why does float keep bringing up gore? He's about as important as Dole or Dukakis....
[22:21] <MountainMonk> Pame. yopu saw CNNs low angle shot I see?
[22:21] <bohunky> Skullhunter: they refuse them water becuz they are fools?
[22:21] <float> cosmo...did you?
[22:21] <asa250> Glenlivet....I just hope the politians allow our troops to defend us
[22:21] <GeeWhiz> If this happened down the street from you, would you really be chatting politics right now or would you be out helping? I think that is a good measure of what kind of country we are
[22:21] <Cal> imagi for sure. It really saddens me
[22:21] <cosmo> float, no I didn't.
[22:21] <boiler> Veritas,,there's 35 million acres in the soil bank,we're paying farmers not to farm
[22:21] <Brianna> just turned on art bell. he's taking c alls
[22:21] <Skullhunter> Veritas, they made a decision that made the most sense. There wasn't enough water for them anyway, it would have only prolonged the inevitable, not magically extended the growing season to allow them to get their crops grown, harvested and to market. It wouldn't have worked, no matter what the outside agitators that have descended on the area say.
[22:21] <Pame> MM, its of a doctor who was THERE at ground zero when the building collapsed.....
[22:21] <Camille> cosmo, I agree it's painful to attack one of our own on such a horrendous day...the fact is more than half of the country doubts Bush's leadership ability when such a crisis demands leadership qualities, so it's a legitimate question.
[22:22] <Mingching> Pame, isn't it terrible?, I saw this one earlier
[22:22] <Writer9554> maggiejo that is exactly why your select president should resign becasue he is responsible for his lack of knowlege...
[22:22] <maggiejo> FUBUKI !
[22:22] <Pame> The sound was incrediable.....he hide behind a car and it turned to night.....
[22:22] <Writer9554> and he should resign
[22:22] <Glenlivet> asa250 ... you can look for Bush to declare martial law and suspend the Constitution and Congress
[22:22] * Zeno thinks maybe PeTa did this?
[22:22] <float> Camille...not true....its is simply not true over half of America is questioning Bush today
[22:22] <PlagueRat> Camille - I was giving him the benefit of the doubt... but that speach he gave was TERRIBLE.... he was totally uninspiring.
[22:22] <FUBUKI> hi
[22:22] <cosmo> Camille, I would have felt better if he'd given a decent speech today. It was dry, cold and lacking in inspiration.
[22:22] <Zeno> hi FUBUKI
[22:22] <MountainMonk> looks like bloody Berlin, 1945. :(
[22:22] <Mingching> hi fubuki
[22:22] <Skullhunter> bohunky, they refused them water because it wouldn't have done them any good. It'd be like giving a bag of candy to a starving diabetic.
[22:22] <Veritas> no, Skullhunter, if you will check your grocery prices in a while, you will see.
[22:22] <bohunky> Skullhunter: of course fools don't need water nor deserve water. Water should be prevented from fools
[22:22] <dmoore> Glenlivet--nonsense.
[22:22] <Pame> There are people coughing and choking.....
[22:22] <Obscene> .
[22:22] <asa250> Glenlivet...or for Bush to declare Marshall Law and that Jeffords is a Repub again.
[22:22] <GeeWhiz> I do not trust any single person's leadership ability in a tragedy like that. It is the strength of democracy that we have many leaders who can come together when push comes to shove
[22:23] <Veritas> you will also see that we no longer get food from the farmers who used to provide it
[22:23] <Pame> This doesn't look real......it doesn't look real.....
[22:23] <Glenlivet> dmoore ... like the nonsense that Bush would steal the election?
[22:23] <Mingching> Pame, yes,....and i had the nerve to go to work when this was happening
[22:23] <ML> Camille Clinton today said to "support president bush , not second guess him" so follow your leader
[22:23] <bohunky> Skullhunter: why don't they lock these fools up before they hurt themselves?
[22:23] <Brianna> no Pame, it doesnt
[22:23] <dmoore> Pame--I thought that all day. It looked like a movie with bad special effects.
[22:23] <float> PlagueRat...you may not like his tone, or whatever you dislike..but his words have meaning, I trust we both will see the words backed with a pounding retalitation
[22:23] <Pame> Please tell me this a movie.....
[22:23] <asa250> ABC is again doing a great job
[22:23] <PlagueRat> ML - CLinton ain't president anymore...
[22:23] <Writer9554> Glenlivet then we can have the USSC back him again
[22:23] <ML> PlagueRat he is to some women .......
[22:23] <Cal> People need to try to rise above their partisanship and be an American First
[22:23] <Camille> PlagueRat, it doesn't take a great memory to remember how Clinton could bring this country together under an extreme crisis like OK City. Even though the magnitude is far different. But the glaring lack in leadership with Bush is a legitimate issue.
[22:23] <Mingching> Pame.......this is a shocking day
[22:24] <PlagueRat> float - who knows... but he didn't inspire me 1/10'th as much as Hastert....
[22:24] <dmoore> Glenlivet--the GOP would call for his impeachment over that. You think they want to lose power?
[22:24] <deacon^> Cal- and fast
[22:24] <Skullhunter> bohunky, how conveniently you latch on to one element of my post and ignore all the rest. Let me spell it out for you. There wasn't enough water to do them any good, even if they drained that area dry and gave the farmers every single drop.
[22:24] <float> I'll tell you one thing...you liberals better hope your leaders don't politicize this.....You're gonna lose big in 2002
[22:24] <Veritas> The FED refused the water because the ESA and EPA wanted to save a sucker fish. They further want these farmer's lands. It is happening all over the U.S.
[22:24] <Zeno> Cal. too bad GOPers support America but seem to hate Americans
[22:24] <Writer9554> Cal we are being Americans and saying we do not like Bush the same way the GOP feel they can speak against Clinton
[22:24] <GeeWhiz> I think ABC has a horrible staff. They have done such a bad job with stuff in the past, I wouldn't watch if it were the only network on the air
[22:24] <MountainMonk> Mingching, nice to meet you sir. Sorry I didn't say 'hi' earlier. :)
[22:24] <cosmo> Cal, we Are Americans first. That does not mean blind fielty to a usurper.
[22:24] <Brianna> Pame, thats what i thought it was when i turned on the set
[22:24] <Glenlivet> dmoore ... with a suspended Congress ... they have no power to impeach
[22:24] <Cal> Zeno try to rise above it
[22:24] <Mingching> floar, this is no time to get out your party's flag
[22:24] <Mingching> float
[22:24] <bohunky> Skullhunter: and the water is now being used for??????
[22:24] <Pame> Ming a friend of mine's husband worked on the 78th floor....he has not been heard from....and someone said earlier they were late going to work and he worked on the 78th floor and everyone up there was dead.....
[22:24] <float> Mingching...that's what I have been saying
[22:24] <Zeno> Cal. who do you think did this?
[22:24] <Cal> Pettiness will do us no good at this time
[22:24] <Obscene> 2One of Clintons first actions as president was to reduce the number of spies we had overseas.
[22:24] <badmojo> so far bush has been doing pretty good, except with a few of the larger words on the telepromter, but hey, he really didnt have that much time to practice.
[22:25] <Brianna> float, thats all youve done every day here is politisize
[22:25] <Mingching> MountainMonk, I'm a lady, and nice to meet you to Sir
[22:25] <asa250> mingching...float is showing us his "war face"
[22:25] <float> cosmo.....what vote count did Gore win...any breaking new tonight on new Gore recounts?
[22:25] <dmoore> Glenlivet--When I lived in DC, there were troops in the street which seemed pretty surreal at the time. If Nixon didn't declare martial law, Bush won't/
[22:25] <Veritas> bohunky, the ESA and EPA are saving it so they can have their hemp farms
[22:25] <ML> Obscene hmmm
[22:25] <Mingching> asa....lol
[22:25] <bohunky> Veritas: ha
[22:25] <float> Brianna...no, I have responded to liberals nutty attack on Bush
[22:25] <MountainMonk> Mingching, more so the pleasure than, all mine. :)
[22:25] <float> news
[22:25] <Skullhunter> bohunky, it's being used to maintain habitat for several species of fish, which in turn are barely enough to provide food for fish-eating birds like the bald eagle.
[22:25] <Brianna> see float? thats all youve done so stop critizining those of us who do
[22:25] <cosmo> float, the USSC decided the election. Something specifically forbidden by the founding fathers.
[22:25] <PlagueRat> Obscene - trying to score political points over this, eh? Well, you just wait until float rips you a new one... (*laugh* as if float would EVER criticize anybody who said anything bad about Clinton).
[22:25] <Glenlivet> dmoore .. Nixon was legally elected ... Bush has already proven he'll do anything to get power
[22:25] <Brianna> bs float
[22:25] <Mingching> float, my apologies
[22:25] <ML> hey Mingching !
[22:26] <Mingching> hi ML
[22:26] <Mingching> ?
[22:26] <Zeno> Glenlivet, I don't think Nixon was legally elected.
[22:26] <float> cosmo....who recounted all the dimples to say Bush's lead increased 300% to 1,65?
[22:26] <float> Mingching np :)
[22:26] <Camille> Like it or not, Bush is what he is. A son of a President who was installed into the Presidency. If he can rise above mediocracy in the most extreme test, then so be it. If he can't then the people have a right act out against him in some democratic way or another.
[22:26] <Mingching> :)
[22:26] * PlagueRat caanot believe float actually said this sort of crap on this day.... --> 1:30: float: cosmo.....what vote count did Gore win...
[22:26] <bohunky> Skullhunter: now who is the fool?....nevermind, U've made that clear
[22:26] <Brianna> lol
[22:26] <Obscene> PlaugeRat: its true. He wanted to maximize the peace dividend.
[22:26] <Writer9554> Zeno where do you think Bush got his ideas from...
[22:26] <dmoore> Glenlivet--I don't like Bush. Didn't vote for him (or his dad) and won't vote for him next time. But you're making him into a bigger deal than he is.
[22:26] <float> PlagueRat...right....the popular vote does not matter.
[22:26] <Skullhunter> Funny, the farmers had no problem with the fed when they were getting subsidies to grow crops in an area that such crops don't survive. Now the fed is evil since they're not handing out money anymore.
[22:27] <Zeno> Writer9554. I don;t think bush actually thinks
[22:27] <float> PlagueRat....the Constitution provides the electoral vote decides the President
[22:27] <MountainMonk> 4I'm as opposed to the Bush Pretension as the next guy. I feel this is not a good time to be arguing this though. We can get back to old grudges later. Let's concentrate on matters at hand.
[22:27] <Writer9554> heheh Zeno LOL
[22:27] <Glenlivet> dmoore ... legit question ... what makes you think you will vote again?
[22:27] <Brianna> float, you love a loser. he has always been a loser is a loser now and will be a loser come tomorrow
[22:27] <float> PlagueRat...what vote count in FL did Gore win.? What recount breaking news is there tonight?
[22:27] * PlagueRat pats float on the head... *I'm sorry, I keep mistaking you for an adult*
[22:27] <Cal> here here MountainMonk
[22:27] <float> Brianna..he's President.
[22:27] <GeeWhiz> I am pretty irritated with the anti-Bush stuff today, and I don't like him. I think I will just turn in so I can go give some of my soy based blood in the a.m. Goodnight All
[22:27] <Veritas> bohunky if you go to the Klamath site, you would see what REALLY is happening.
[22:27] <Brianna> not mine he isnt, float
[22:27] <bohunky> Skullhunter: 5 firemen were fools for wanting water that protected fish crapped in.
[22:27] <float> PlagueRat....haha....you'd have a broken wrist to pat me on the head
[22:27] <Zeno> MountainMonkok let;s clean up, get the survivors out and figure out who did this. THEN decide on an action.
[22:27] <Mingching> 12My question is, who is giving blood?
[22:27] <deacon^> i don't think the impact of what happened today has set in......
[22:27] <maggiejo> night GeeWhiz
[22:27] <bohunky> Veritas: yeah I know
[22:27] <Skullhunter> bohunky, yes I have. The fool would be the one that would destroy an entire habitat to provide a piddling ammount of water that would sustain their farms for a few months.
[22:28] *** Quits: GeeWhiz (QUIT: User exited )
[22:28] <Mingching> nite Gee
[22:28] <float> Brianna...what are you doing here then?
[22:28] <Brianna> Mingching, they enough blood for now i saw
[22:28] <Veritas> Skullhunter, yeah, and YOU were eating the farmers' food they grew
[22:28] <Camille> Bush has no deep bench of support. He better perform...no crap press releases. So far, just lackluster readings of press releases. Doesn't look good.
[22:28] <badmojo> im sure the klamath farmers are very objective on their website
[22:28] <float> Brianna...lots of Democrats threatened to leave America...why are they still here?
[22:28] <Cal> good night Geewhiz and God Bless
[22:28] <Brianna> float, what do you mean what am i doing here?
[22:28] <bohunky> Skullhunter: ever been thirsty...ever had a home?..ever had chicken?
[22:28] <Brianna> float, cus we need money to leave
[22:28] <MountainMonk> Zeno, right, we can argue the shrubs legitamcy any old day. We have Americans suffering right now. Best to concentrate on that.
[22:28] <Obscene> .
[22:28] <PlagueRat> lessee - THOUSANDS dead in NYC, and we are talking about Klamatch Farmer's water rights? Boy, nice to see we got our priorities straight here.
[22:28] <Mingching> Brianna, good to hear, but they haven't recovered everyone yet
[22:28] <float> Brianna. don't worry..we'll buy you a one way ticket out of America
[22:29] <Brianna> true, Mingching. they will need more in a day or two
[22:29] <Veritas> it all ties in, PlagueRat, whether you want to see it or not.
[22:29] <dmoore> Glenlivet--I expect to be alive, so I suppose you expect there won't be an election. Sheesh, how old are you? Just in my lifetime, which has been a less turbulent time than some in this country, the country has been in worse internal danger than this.
[22:29] <Brianna> float, im waiting......
[22:29] <Zeno> MountainMonk, if this is homegrown, we are in deep doodoo
[22:29] * PlagueRat buys float a one way asbestos ticket...
[22:29] <badmojo> veritas: perhaps you can connect the dots for us.
[22:29] <MountainMonk> Zeno, I think it's not, and I think we are still in deep.
[22:29] <bohunky> people who support animals over people' homes, families, right to happiness can go eat w/ the animals...
[22:29] <Skullhunter> bohunky, yeah. But if I had to, I can MOVE to where there's water, shelter, and maybe a chicken or two. I'd be smart enough not to expect it to be GIVEN to me. Funny, that sounds almost like welfare. People expecting the government to provide what they can't provide for themselves.
[22:29] <Glenlivet> dmoore ... but never in your life have you had so much corruption sitting in the Oval Office ...
[22:29] <Cal> Rise above pettiness and support America
[22:29] <asa250> dmoore...are you sure about the danger we face.....we could have a biological attack....
[22:29] <deacon^> much to be said about the press, concentrating on condit for months and ignoring real issues like terrorism, but thats for another time..
[22:30] <cosmo> Ooo badmojo, you just asked for badjuju.
[22:30] <Zeno> 12 News Flash ...Bush Admin announces the Attack on America was done by a lone person!
[22:30] <Mingching> deacon^!!!
[22:30] <dmoore> Glenlivet--I worked for someone more corrupt--Nixon.
[22:30] <deacon^> hi Mingching
[22:30] <Pame> Zeno WHO??????
[22:30] <Brianna> when we get a real president, one who we elect i will support him. not this fraud though
[22:30] <MountainMonk> Zeno, a quadrophenic?
[22:30] <asa250> zeno...a deranged postal worker?
[22:30] <Pame> 4Zeno WHO??????
[22:30] <PlagueRat> dmoore - Nixon at least won the election.
[22:30] <float> 4One day when you liberls realize the significance of what happened today you're going to regret acting with such shallow hatred towards the President who will take very strong action to end world terror.
[22:30] <cosmo> Cal, what don't you understand. We do support America.
[22:30] <Glenlivet> dmoore ... GW makes Nixon look like a choir boy
[22:30] <fleep> Pame ... it was an attempt at levity
[22:30] <Camille> Today, thousands of Americans were killed by fellow Americans on American air flights...not truck bombs or car bombs. The fall out of this event is unimaginable.
[22:30] <Cal> cosmo read the scripts
[22:31] <Locke> float: I fail to see how more aggression will end aggression forever.
[22:31] <Zeno> Sorry pame. bad joke :(
[22:31] <Pame> fleep ok....
[22:31] <Roger_A> 1,15 http://www.cnn.com/2001/US/09/11/investigation.terrorism/ - 2,15http://www.cnn.com/2001/US/09/11/investigation.terrorism/-
[22:31] * Obscene finishes loading one 30 round banna clip with bacon fat bullets.
[22:31] <Pame> Zeno that's ok......
[22:31] <PlagueRat> float - one day, when you realize how partisan you are and how silly your words are, you will hang your head in shame...
[22:31] <bohunky> Skullhunter govt provide water??????? I don't see that...govt owns the water?
[22:31] <float> Locke...self defense is liberating
[22:31] <cosmo> Cal, I have been reading the scripts. You want us to support Shrub. Well, when he does something worth supporting he'll get that support.
[22:31] <float> PlagueRat..I stand by my statement
[22:31] <Brianna> lol
[22:31] <Roger_A> PlagueRat, that assumes that one day, he becomes self aware.
[22:31] <Locke> float: there will always be those who hate.
[22:31] <Mingching> Thanks Rog
[22:31] <asa250> Cal...not only do we support america.....some of us fought for it....some have suffered lifetime disabilities.....we are patriots.....
[22:31] <Skullhunter> Cripes, if some idiot decides to try and grow rice in Utah, you expect the government to babysit them and give them handouts, but goodness forbid someone who's actually destitute because of bad circumstances instead of bad choices should get a leg up.
[22:31] <Roger_A> 1,15 WASHINGTON (CNN) -- U.S. officials investigating the series of attacks Tuesday in New York and Washington are setting their sights on Osama bin Laden, the millionaire Saudi fugitive who has been blamed for past terrorist attacks against American targets.
[22:31] <Cal> cosmo no just rise above the partanships and pettiness.
[22:31] <PlagueRat> float - good, cause I sure wouldn't want to stand downwind of your statements...
[22:31] <bohunky> makes me want to strangle my own cat......here kitty!
[22:31] <Brianna> yes asa250
[22:31] <Pame> Wait.....has ANYTHING been said WHO the HIJACKERS were?.....
[22:31] <MountainMonk> Camille, the copy cat potential is scary. Hamas is probably looking at this and saying 'to hell with the knapsacks, we'll crash planes into Tel Aviv".
[22:31] <bohunky> Did I say I was upset?
[22:32] <maggiejo> DragonFeather !!
[22:32] <Mingching> no Pame, not yet
[22:32] <Roger_A> 1,15 "There are good indications that persons linked to Osama bin Laden may be responsible for these attacks," an intelligence official told CNN.
[22:32] <M_Ca> 4 Today dubbed Black Wednesday in the International Markets
[22:32] <Zeno> Pame, not yet. though we will know from the wreckage
[22:32] <dmoore> PlagueRat--and not with any manipulation, right? I was deeply involved in the '72 election. The GOP did all it could to get the weakest Dem candidate, and it did. When I regained my ethics, I left town.
[22:32] <DragonFeather> hi maggiejo
[22:32] <Cal> Such a sad sad day.
[22:32] <Pame> We have no description of their nationality....
[22:32] <float> Locke.... 3Eternal Vigilance Is The Cost Of Freedom
[22:32] <Mingching> I agree Cal
[22:32] <Pame> Zeno, not necessarily.....
[22:32] <PlagueRat> dmoore - Nixon was the last republican I voted for president...
[22:32] <Camille> MM, exactly. The reprecussions of this is staggering!
[22:32] <Roger_A> 1,15 Intelligence sources said they based their assessment on new information they had gathered Tuesday afternoon, hours after airplanes slammed into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. They did not rule out the possibility that other groups may have been involved.
[22:32] <badmojo> the nsc have a suspect, theyre just trying to fill in the missing links.
[22:32] <Zeno> Pame the PA crash will tell us
[22:32] <Skullhunter> What a wonderful double standard, no help for a mother with two kids and a deadbeat ex, but let's give all the help we can to some moron who tries to cultivate corn in Death Valley.
[22:33] <Cal> Mingching I would love to see more compassion and true heartfelt feeling
[22:33] <M_Ca> 4 We have an International Stock market crash on our hands folks!
[22:33] <PlagueRat> Skull- you got a point there.
[22:33] <Locke> float: how ironic that you would say that. constant vigilance in defense of free speach is exactly what I'm trying to accomplish
[22:33] <cosmo> Well, I guess we can call it the Quadragon now.
[22:33] <MountainMonk> Skullhunter, umm, there isn't any water in Death Valley.
[22:33] <bohunky> NO! don't jump to conclusions....maybe its another Ben Laden...Yosama or Yomama or Pullmyfinger Ben Laden
[22:33] <Roger_A> 1,15 Terrorism experts, after reviewing the magnitude of the attacks, said few groups in the world would have the resources to carry out such a highly coordinated sequence of destruction. One of those organizations, they said, would be the Al Quaida group headed by bin Laden, who also is the suspected mastermind of the 1998 bombings of two U.S. embassies in Africa.
[22:33] <asa250> Cal...I would too, but Bush is Bush
[22:33] <PlagueRat> Locke - you TOO have a good point.
[22:33] <dmoore> PlagueRat--I voted for him twice--and both times he lost the state where I voted, which was quite a trick in '72. (I voted in DC)
[22:33] <Mingching> Cal, again, I agree, this is a time to group together
[22:33] <deacon^> MountainMonk- we *could* also see copycats using other forms of agression from our own militias here in the states, far fetched perhaps, but a lot of nuts out there
[22:33] *** Quits: FUBUKI (Connection timed out )
[22:34] <Roger_A> 1,15 U.S. officials said they had received no credible claim of responsibility in the aftermath of Tuesday's events, but said their "working assumption" laid responsibility for the attacks on "overseas terrorism."
[22:34] <float> Locke....it's not the issue of free speech...today the issue is pulling together in the face of war in our home
[22:34] <Cal> Mingching yes
[22:34] <Glenlivet> Cal ... may I suggest you wake up and realize how much damage Bush has already done to this nation simply by how many hate him so deeply ... and I suggest you take your new found information and realize how wrong and bad Bush is for this nation.
[22:34] <float> Zeno..excellent point.
[22:34] <MountainMonk> deacon^, Arabs coopting rednecks? Nope, can't see it.
[22:34] * Obscene finishes loading one 12 round .308 winchester clip with bacon fat coated bullets.
[22:34] <Writer9554> What the GOP cannot deal with is that not all Americans are marching with the same tune that they feel they can speak out against but others are denied the same rights when they speak against their choice for president... I did not see the GOP give the same consideration for those of us that supported Clinton....
[22:34] <cosmo> deacon^, none of our homegrown nuts have yet demonstrated the willingness for suicide.
[22:34] <float> Zeno...the Penn crash will give details on the perpetrators
[22:34] <Camille> some small good news...two rescue workers were pulled out alive...good for them!
[22:34] <Locke> float: I personally encouraged several young men today to go join the army. it isn't Bush's army, it is our army
[22:34] <Roger_A> 1,15 From http://www.cnn.com/2001/US/09/11/investigation.terrorism/
[22:34] <Cal> Glenlivet I hope you can rise above this pettiness
[22:34] <Skullhunter> MountainMonk, you see my point. People try to grow crops unsuitable for an area, and they're not doing something stupid, but someone stuck in circumstances not of their own design is. I love conservative logic. It's so fun to dissect and lay its stinking guts open to public scrutiny.
[22:34] <fleep> bacon fat
[22:34] <bohunky> lies! all lies! We know the cellphones were down in Manhatten. this is VRW conspiracy to cover for the whacko fundamentalist white anarchist that did this
[22:34] <PlagueRat> Where is Sharpeye... he should be here claiming that there was no evidence that Airplanes ran into the WTC, and that the BATF had planted bombs in the buildings...
[22:35] <ML> no help for single moms with 2 kids and a deadbeat dad ? better check the county Da's and ask the former "deadbeat dads"
[22:35] <Mingching> fleep......love that bacon
[22:35] <Brianna> float, you never pull together not now not ever. i havent seen it
[22:35] <dmoore> float--how? There is no piece larger than a phonebook at the PA crash site.
[22:35] <cosmo> Locke, why would you encourage anyone to join the army? Don't you realize you could be sending them to their deaths?
[22:35] <Glenlivet> Cal ... I will oppose Bush every day his fraudlency sits on America's Oval Office ... that is my patriotic duty as an American.
[22:35] <badmojo> bohunky: haha good one.
[22:35] <Writer9554> wtg Glenlivet
[22:35] <MountainMonk> Skullhunter, where did you get this story? EVERYONE knows you can't farm in Death Valley. closest place to there you can farm is Indio.
[22:35] <Brianna> right Glen
[22:35] <asa250> if this had happened on Clinton's watch, the pub senate would be holding impeachment hearings right now
[22:35] <cosmo> hear here Glenlivet
[22:35] <Zeno> float, here is what the authorities will decide" the attack was perpetraed by a very small group of fanatics, 20 or less, who all died in the attack.
[22:35] <PlagueRat> ML - did Newt get help? Did Dan Burton get help????
[22:35] <clay45> yep glenlevit i am with you comrade
[22:35] <Locke> cosmo: because I am too old and skinny to go, and if it comes to war then somebody has to. they were talking about ditching off to canada to avoid service
[22:35] <Cal> Glenlivet :( Some things are more serious than petty feelings
[22:35] <ML> PlagueRat ?
[22:35] <float> dmoore....the Penn crash as far as forensic evidence is our best chance other than a residence or other communication record in America
[22:36] <MountainMonk> Glenlivet, you are suddenly popular. :)
[22:36] <fleep> Mingching, cholesterol seems to be a trivial concern in light of the day
[22:36] <PlagueRat> ML - dead beat dads...
[22:36] <Pame> My son got notified today that he passed his physical and reference check and got his job.....he got the call to come to work on Monday, at 6 pm tonight.....the man asked if anyone had called him to notify him and then apologized....he will never forget the day he was hired.......
[22:36] <bohunky> Yes, we saw the WTC drop like dominoes indicating strategically placed timed explosions working perfectly just like Timothy McVeigh's redneck cousin set them
[22:36] <Skullhunter> MountainMonk, I was trying to make a point through hyperbole. Klamath isn't Death Valley, but as far as the crops they're trying to grow there are concerned, it might as well be.
[22:36] <dmoore> float--again, how?
[22:36] <cosmo> Locke, then let them. There are plenty that want to join up of their own volition.
[22:36] <Obscene> Fleep: Bacon fat is considered unkosher and is strictly forbidden under islam.
[22:36] <Mingching> fleep, yes
[22:36] <float> Zeno...we will hopefully find who funded them...who trained them, who gave them shelter
[22:36] <ML> PlagueRat ..do they pay alimony or child support ?
[22:36] <asa250> great pame
[22:36] <Zeno> float. additionally they will say the group is connected to Laden but not directly and have no evidence yet of the direct orders, thus no big retaliation
[22:36] <Locke> cosmo: well, I only encouraged them, I didn't notify the authorities about their ungood thoughtcrime
[22:36] <Pame> asa, its a bitter sweet day....he will never forget this one....
[22:36] * Brianna bet next thing float will blame the liberals
[22:36] <Glenlivet> Cal ... there is hardly anything petty about seeing our Constitution overturned and a selected dictator installed into the Oval Office ... that is far more serious than anything that happened today.
[22:36] <fleep> Obscene oh, thought it was there to harden arteries in case the bullet didn't kill
[22:36] <cosmo> lol Locke
[22:36] <PlagueRat> ML - both Newt and Dan Burton failed to pay child support for a long time.
[22:37] <float> dmoore...I don't know...but that is the one crash site with contained evidence as opposed to the massive debris in New York or the Pentagon
[22:37] <Camille> Brianna, of course
[22:37] <MountainMonk> Skullhunter, lol, Klamath was land given to WWII vets. We have to protect that. It's unusaul for the watershed to be that low, but they will survive.
[22:37] <Zeno> float, this way the Us is not threatened anymore
[22:37] <Veritas> badmojo, opening the borders to let illegals in and the ones already here to be "nationalized". Look at today, not only "illegals" from Mexico, but those from other countries as well who can slip by "security", get on planes and run them into buildings full of people in the bldgs and planes. hello
[22:37] <Cal> Glenlivet :(
[22:37] <Cal> Such a sad sad day
[22:37] <Mingching> .
[22:37] <clay45> glenlevit that impostor will certainly try to use today to get re elected
[22:37] <Obscene> .
[22:37] <PlagueRat> ..
[22:37] <Zeno> ...
[22:37] <bohunky> And Bush's phony speech focusing on international terrorists to cover for his drunk, cocaine snorting redneck cowboy buddies who did this to make him look good
[22:37] <PlagueRat> :
[22:37] <Locke> cosmo: they were not convinced by my arguments anyway
[22:37] <Veritas> then, martial law is called; disarmament begins, and Janet Reno was appointed by Clinton for "domestic Terrorism" Dept of Defense. hello
[22:37] <Roger_A> ::
[22:37] <Zeno> :.
[22:37] <cosmo> Locke, :)
[22:37] <Brianna> clay45, yes he will
[22:37] <Roger_A> :-)
[22:38] <Zeno> :..:
[22:38] <fleep> bin laden is worth $200 million?
[22:38] <ML> PlagueRat and should we go through the dems in congress ?
[22:38] <float> Zeno....President Bush said we shall make no distinction between the terrorists and the countries that gave them shelter...they will be held equally responsible.
[22:38] <bohunky> Zeno/Locke: How'm I doin? ;-)
[22:38] <Aero> bohunky one hell of a novel
[22:38] <Roger_A> ( ).( )
[22:38] <PlagueRat> -___---===---___
[22:38] *** Quits: clay45 (QUIT: User exited )
[22:38] <cosmo> clay45, Shrubs career may very well hinge on his reactions to todays attack.
[22:38] <Skullhunter> MountainMonk, I understand that. But the point that some seem to be missing is that the watershed is too low to have helped them, even if they drained the basin of every drop and gave it to the farmers. It'd be like giving a man stuck in the desert an ice cream cone, and then leaving him where he was. The end result is still the same.
[22:38] <Locke> ..."First they came for the liberals, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a LIberal..."
[22:38] <dmoore> float--I live just north of there. The local stations got there before the cops and took lots of pictures. The plane hit the ground so hard at such an angle, there are no recognizable parts. Maybe they'll find something in the little bits, but no bonanza.
[22:38] <Mingching> Our own people died today.........pubbies and libs
[22:38] <badmojo> veritas: ???? and how does that even apply to klamath?
[22:38] <Pame> ( @ )V( @ ).....oh quit watching will I get undressed.....
[22:38] <DragonFeather> They often refer to Ben Ladin's wealth. I wonder if there is a way they can get his money?
[22:38] <Camille> veritas, ah the trash all immigrants Buchanan style of politics...so Pat thinks he can capitalize on this tragedy by pitting Middle Easterners against God Fearing true blue Americans...please...
[22:38] <Zeno> float, Bush is just saying that. he said simliar things with the China issue and failed to back it up
[22:38] <Glenlivet> clay45 .. that was always the Right's plan .. get a war started in hopes the people would rally behind Bush ... but it is falling apart at the seams
[22:38] <asa250> float...bush read a speech....did he understand....will he followup?
[22:38] <fleep> Guess money doesn't buy happiness
[22:38] <Veritas> badmojo, because in order to control the people during martial law, there will be rationed food.
[22:38] <Cal> exactly Mingching Americans. Fellow Americans
[22:38] <MountainMonk> anyone want to make a few million dollars? I've asked this before today, and didn't get any volunteers. You guys have no sense of adventure. :)
[22:39] <aalfred> dan rather has been on TV about 17 hours now. I watched him most of the time
[22:39] <PlagueRat> -/\/\/\
[22:39] <float> dmoore...we need a break..to find any clue as to who caused this crash..then we can investigate backwards to their supporters.
[22:39] <ML> a few million ?
[22:39] <float> asa250 cheap troll
[22:39] <Pame> Rat nipples.....
[22:39] <Veritas> Camille, you misrepresent Buchanan badly
[22:39] <dmoore> cosmo--I definitely agree that this may well be Bush's "defining moment". Unless, God forbid, something worse happens.
[22:39] <badmojo> veritas: i have no idea what you are talking about. what martial law?
[22:39] * Obscene finds his other clip.
[22:39] <cosmo> they found a car in an airport parking garage containing flight training manuals writen in Arabic.
[22:39] <bohunky> Aero: I got more....Condit caper was the distraction while McVeigh & Chandra incognito applied the timing devices after the fake execution & disappearance
[22:39] <Zeno> ( | ) mooning Bush!
[22:39] <MountainMonk> ML, quite a few, downside is, you will probably die. Game?
[22:39] <DragonFeather> They often refer to Ben Ladin's wealth. I wonder if there is a way they can get his money?
[22:39] <Roger_A> http://www.whitehouse.gov/news/releases/2001/09/20010911-16.html
[22:39] <Glenlivet> Cal ... never ever confuse Bush huggers with Americans ...
[22:39] <asa250> float...I never troll
[22:39] * Mingching wonders why the living fellow Americans are at odds when there is a killer out to get us all
[22:39] <DragonFeather> anyone?
[22:39] <Camille> veritas, I represent it exactly...you actually are glowing....how sick
[22:39] <float> cosmo..Titled 'DNC'
[22:39] <Skullhunter> Camille, yay, maybe we can put all the Middle Eastern citizens in camps like they did with the Japanese during WW2, they're obviously a danger to us all.
[22:39] <Writer9554> If Bush is so great how come the plane is still in China....
[22:39] <float> asa250 until tonight....?
[22:40] <PlagueRat> float - he really didn't read it as if he had good comprehension of it... of course, he probably had only seen it 15 minutes before, and was waiting for hte Cliff Notes version to come out.
[22:40] <cosmo> float, what happened to bipartisanship?
[22:40] <Zeno> .,.,.
[22:40] <Cal> Glenlivet :(
[22:40] <Veritas> badmojo, it means you cannot get on a plane to go anywhere. You are rationed food. you will have a curfew. and you will not be able to travel across borders without some problem
[22:40] <ML> MountainMonk it isn't a question to answer ?
[22:40] <badmojo> a car with arabic flight training manuals? That has bin laden all over it.
[22:40] <float> Camille...you actually do have a very fearful nature
[22:40] <Pame> the KNIVES were made up of plastic handles embedded with razor blades....
[22:40] <Camille> Skullhunter, yep the racists would love that
[22:40] <fleep> Mingching because some people would rather be right than alive
[22:40] <Veritas> no, Camille, you represent nothing of Buchanan
[22:40] <Roger_A> From "Run RMC".. Oh.. me so Bushy!! /~
[22:40] <asa250> Mingching.....because we want to be defended, not just lose our liberties and see our land raped
[22:40] <dmoore> float--I agree we need evidence. I'm just saying that I'm not sure that crash site is what you think it is. The crater was so comapct, they first thought it was a commuter plane.
[22:40] <MountainMonk> ML, I'd love to, if I had the funding.
[22:40] <Locke> Mingching: because at times like this, those in authority sometimes abuse their power in order to stifle all opposition to their policies, and we want to make sure that doesn't happen here.
[22:40] <float> cosmo...did I attack Clinton?
[22:40] <fleep> And that helicopter outside isn't making the night any calmer
[22:40] <Camille> Veritas, thank god
[22:40] <maggiejo> Mingching beats me..no wonder it was so easy for terrorists to do this ..a country so divided can't be protected against such acts.
[22:40] <PlagueRat> float - endlessly!
[22:40] <MountainMonk> ML, as you can tell, I'm no pacifist. :)
[22:41] <Skullhunter> Camille, indeed. After all, if they embrace their ethnic origins at all, or worship something besides the one true God, they can't be considered Americans.
[22:41] <bohunky> but all this will come out when Ben Laden is falsly accused & Perry Mason style takes stand in his own defense & tricks prosecutors into charging Americans for all crimes of the century
[22:41] <Locke> Not in America. Not again.
[22:41] <float> Plague there is no comparison to this and everything Clinton did
[22:41] <ML> MountainMonk :)
[22:41] <Cal> maggiejo hopefully some of the bitterness in here is localized.
[22:41] <Veritas> 2 weeks maybe till martial law. there will be more terrorism, because the terrorists aren't done with us yet.
[22:41] <Camille> Skullhunter, exactly!
[22:41] * Obscene finishes loading one 10 round 8mm Mauser clip with bacon fat coated bullets.
[22:41] <Zeno> Skullhunter, apparently the Islamic god is more powerful than the Christian one
[22:41] <float> This is an act of war...has'nt this sunk in yet?
[22:41] * Mingching wonders why the living fellow Americans bash each other at such a sallow time
[22:41] <float> 86% of Americans say this is an act of War
[22:41] <Locke> of course, we did imprison those japanese in WWII, and we did let Macarthyism happen, and we did let an election be stolen, but THIS time for sure we'll stick to the original founding principles
[22:41] <bohunky> Zeno: us said that before....why?
[22:41] <cosmo> What are you Veritas, the harbinger of doom?
[22:42] <dmoore> float--the problem is, we don't know who the enemy is.
[22:42] <Glenlivet> float ... your vicious attacks on Clinton is partly responsible for making Dems realize that we have to play by YOUR rules
[22:42] <Roger_A> maggiejo, I disagree. Tho we are divided on many issues in the US, I really doubt that ANY native born Americans were involved. Most Americans understand that political disagreements do not justify violence.
[22:42] <fleep> Mingching, misplaced and misguided rage
[22:42] <MountainMonk> ML, you'd think with all that cash offered up, someone would have at least tried to get to him. Even Arabs?
[22:42] <Skullhunter> MountainMonk, if I didn't have kids, I'd be there with bells on one a target was identified. I found out a friend lost five people today, two cousins in the tower and three on one of the flights.
[22:42] <PlagueRat> war following a coup... bad time for the US
[22:42] <Zeno> Mingching, unlike Pearl harbor, we do not know who the perpetrator is, thus the misfirected anger
[22:42] <Cal> Mingching I am so sad by what I have witnessed
[22:42] <float> Glenlivet....I attacked Clinton for what he did wrong.
[22:42] <Skullhunter> one=once
[22:42] <ML> Zeno power defined as what to you ?
[22:42] <Mingching> fleep, yes
[22:42] <bohunky> Locke: 2 out of 3 aint bad
[22:42] <float> Glenlivet....let's see what Bush does right to protect America
[22:42] <asa250> Maggiejo.....Bush embraces the Christian Coalition.....inflames the fundamentalist arabs....invites a holy war....and you wonder why we don't rush to support him?
[22:42] <Glenlivet> float .. and that is what we are doing with Bush ...
[22:42] <aalfred> We're at war..but with who
[22:42] <Zeno> bohunky said what?
[22:42] <Camille> Locke, those are lofty principals but we have a compromised leader that has no leadership qualities while having to pretend we do.
[22:42] <PlagueRat> Poppy Bush probably had the CIA crash the planes to give Dubya way to rally the country behind him....
[22:42] <fleep> Give us confirmation on who precisely to go after, and almost all of us will drop the rhetoric
[22:42] <float> Glenlivet...Bush bombed no one
[22:42] <cosmo> float, the only thing Clinton did wrong was being promiscous. BFD
[22:42] <DragonFeather> They often refer to Ben Ladin's wealth. I wonder if there is a way they can get his money?
[22:42] * Obscene opens up his handgun case
[22:43] <bohunky> Zeno: Islamic god/ christian god
[22:43] <badmojo> mebbe veritas will let us live on his planet while the earth goes through martial law.
[22:43] <Zeno> Ml., I knew you would bite
[22:43] <MountainMonk> Skullhunter, I have a daughter. That didn't stop folks in WW2. My dad was in 'Nam when I was 10. If yoiu die, it's not for nothing, in this case anyway?
[22:43] <Glenlivet> float ... it was reported today that the Bush administration knew about this three weeks ago
[22:43] <Zeno> bohunky. I am being satirical
[22:43] <Mingching> Ok, that's it!
[22:43] <float> PlagueRat...my god...you stoop lower and lower
[22:43] <float> cosmo....he never denied rape
[22:43] <cosmo> LOL
[22:43] [Mingching SOUND]
[22:43] <ML> MountainMonk what's the reward ? let's make it what ....$100,000,000 that's sounds inviting heh ?
[22:43] <maggiejo> Roger_A while everyone is too busy fighting over petty issues Americans are dead and dying..easy to get that cause no one is paying attention..too busy fighting with each other..just my opinion.
[22:43] <Zeno> Mingching :/
[22:43] <float> Glenlivet....for 8 years Bin Laden has made threats
[22:43] [Mingching SOUND]
[22:43] <ML> Zeno answer the question .......
[22:43] <badmojo> glen: where did you *ahem* read that.
[22:43] <PlagueRat> float - you ain't seen nothing yet... just watch the next line *grin*
[22:43] <float> Glenlivet..we had no warning this would happen
[22:43] <bohunky> Zeno: as in America christian/ plane pilots Islamic?
[22:44] <Skullhunter> MountainMonk, I couldn't conscience doing something I know would definitley without a doubt get me very dead on them.
[22:44] <Glenlivet> float .. and Bush just went on vacation and allowed it to happen ... he should resign immediately
[22:44] <float> PlagueRat...you're lucky you can hide on irc
[22:44] <Mingching> fleep, do you think i got my point across yet?
[22:44] <Camille> maggiejo, it's a venting process somewhat..but it's also a grief process
[22:44] <Zeno> bohunky. It's sarcasm. satire on the idea of a god even existing
[22:44] <DragonFeather> okay, I guess you people only talk to yourselves and not a newcomer with a sincere question, bye
[22:44] <MountainMonk> ML. last I heard, the Justice Dept had it at $40 million. Some in here have quoted larger numbers tonight, but that's the last official one I heard.
[22:44] <float> Glenlivet...cheap troll
[22:44] *** Quits: DragonFeather (QUIT: User exited )
[22:44] <dmoore> maggiejo--makes you nostalgic for the Cold War doesn't it? Then we had this nice foreign enemy instead of turning on each other.
[22:44] <Zeno> ML. what question? repeat it
[22:44] <PlagueRat> DATELINE - NYC - In a startling revelation, it turns out that The Tequila Twins were taking flight lessons from JFK... and drunkenly ran into the WTC after mistaking them for vertical runways....
[22:44] <Glenlivet> float .. the fact do hurt, amigo
[22:44] <MountainMonk> Skullhunter, understood.
[22:44] <Obscene> 2 10 little , 9 little, 8 little Taliban..
[22:44] <ML> Zeno won't play that game .....
[22:44] <Mingching> lol
[22:44] <Roger_A> float .. was that a threat? Hmm..
[22:45] <bohunky> Zeno: I understand & love sarcasm...it needs reference. I thot I saw urs but was looking for the funny
[22:45] <Mingching> Obscene......lol
[22:45] <float> Roger_A....was it?
[22:45] <Obscene> 2 7 little , 6 little, 5 little Taliban..
[22:45] <Zeno> PlagueRat, they thought Chandra's driver's license was a pilot license?
[22:45] <Cal> PlagueRat Im not sure that is appropriate. This is very serious
[22:45] <Skullhunter> dmoore, we turned on each other then too, lest we forget about Joltin' Joe McCarthy and his merry little band of witchhunters.
[22:45] <ML> MountainMonk i like the sound of 100 million :)
[22:45] <asa250> a great people "has" been moved
[22:45] <float> Roger_A.....uh...are you paying attention to the treasonous posts in channel?
[22:45] <maggiejo> Camille venting has been done for months now, now is not the time for it when there are thousands of Americans dead and more dying as the venting goes on.
[22:45] <float> Cal..you're not sure?
[22:45] <bohunky> Plague: vertical runways are the most difficult to land
[22:45] <MountainMonk> ML, I could live with 40, of course I'd probably need half that many men.
[22:45] <Cal> I dont think we should joke about this. It is much to serious
[22:45] <Obscene> 2 4 little , 3 little, 2 little Taliban..
[22:45] <PlagueRat> Cal - it's totally inappropriate... but float just keeps egging it on... so, I thought I'd give him a heaping helping.
[22:45] <Cal> float I am devistated at this all
[22:45] <float> Cal...they can't help it...to them this is just another exciting news day
[22:45] <ML> lol
[22:45] <MountainMonk> Cal, are you nder the impression I'm joking?
[22:46] <willow> PlagueRat, that is funny, tequila twins
[22:46] <Pame> In a cellphone call, a father of 3 called his wife to say the terrorists were killing the passengers and they KNEW they were going to die, but the 3 remaining took down the plane that crashed in PA.....he told his wife....."honey, I love you".....
[22:46] <Mingching> 12Just because we don't have the attackee, doesn't mean we have to attack each other, unless we did it
[22:46] <Camille> maggiejo, this country was attacked in a profound way and we are reacting in crazy ways...there is no script. In time to come, it may even get worse...I suspect it will. This is just initial reactions.
[22:46] <dmoore> Hello? Yoo Hoo!! The bad guys were the ones in the planes. Not other chatters. Sheesh, if I was in combat, I wouldn't want most of you in my foxhole.
[22:46] <Writer9554> maggiejo and do tell us what your great appointed leader did tonight in hsi speech to say anthing about having an national day of morning instead of stating that tomorrow will be as business as usual, then you ask and wonder why people do not support Bush the way you would like all Americans to do,,, When America once again has a leader that leads then we will be untied once again but not until that day once again arrives...
[22:46] <float> Cal...to liberals they can just call in sick
[22:46] <Zeno> Cal. it's part of the grieving
[22:46] <float> willow....not funny
[22:46] <willow> float, it is sooooo funny
[22:46] <float> sad
[22:46] <Zeno> Writer9554 magg is from Australia
[22:46] <Roger_A> treason? Oh yeah.. I see. So, disagreement with the person in the office of the President is treason to you, Mr Float? Interesting. Verry Verrrrrrrrrrrry Interesting. Sounds.. no.. SMELLS.. fascistic to me..
[22:46] <MountainMonk> anyway, age does make cowards of us all...
[22:46] <asa250> dmoore...if you were in combat, you wouldn't find any pubs around
[22:46] <Cal> Zeno well it makes me so sad that I type thru tears
[22:46] <aalfred> Pame...I can't get used to the idea that people in that situation...or like Columbine, can just call out
[22:46] <PlagueRat> Roger - sounds a little "
[22:46] <ML> Writer9554 you are free to mourn ...
[22:46] <MountainMonk> and kids. :)
[22:46] <dmoore> asa--wanna bet?
[22:46] <PlagueRat> Roger - sounds a little "Stalinistic" to me....
[22:47] <Zeno> cal, everyone goes through the stages of grieving at different rates
[22:47] <bohunky> tv reporting intelligence is 99% sure Ben Laden is behind the attack
[22:47] <Pame> aalfred, we are a cell phone nation.....
[22:47] <asa250> dmoore...very few in vietnam...
[22:47] <Roger_A> PlagueRat, sounds inane to me.. from a man/child..
[22:47] <Zeno> dmoore I would bet
[22:47] <Stevetalk> rehi
[22:47] <bohunky> but we must hold out for the final 1%.....
[22:47] <deacon^> wb Stevetalk
[22:47] <Mingching> hi Stevetalk
[22:47] *** Quits: ML (Connection reset by peer )
[22:47] <dmoore> asa--my family has a long history of manufacturing fine corn whiskey--at home, so to speak. ;)
[22:47] <Camille> Does anyone know how to react to such a profound disaster?
[22:47] <Brianna> hey Steven :)
[22:47] <Cal> MountainMonk I did not see your post so I was not referring to you
[22:47] <PlagueRat> bohunky - the same intelligence that identified Richard Jewell as the bomber, or missed th collapse of the Soviet Union????
[22:47] <bohunky> musn't be too hasty...
[22:47] <Zeno> LOL PlagueRat
[22:48] <MountainMonk> Cal, me and a fellow chatter were talking about going after Bin Laden. For real.
[22:48] <Stevetalk> Amazon's got a good set up. They've turned their home page into a site to accept Red Cross donations
[22:48] <bohunky> PlagueRat: yes, mustn't be too hasty
[22:48] <Stevetalk> Hey Brianna :*)
[22:48] <Brianna> Camille, we all do it in our own way. and maybe we dont even know what our own way is until something such as this happens
[22:48] <PlagueRat> Roger - it's that buildup of unused testosterone... poisons the brain.
[22:48] <Stevetalk> ty deacon^:)
[22:48] <Cal> Oh MountainMonk
[22:48] <Mingching> cool Steve
[22:48] <Roger_A> lol
[22:48] <badmojo> The same intelligence that fingered Wen Ho Lee for a chinese spy.
[22:48] <Stevetalk> hi Mingching!
[22:48] <bohunky> can't believe what u hear....making it up is much more credible
[22:48] <Skullhunter> PlagueRat, indeed.
[22:48] <Mingching> :)
[22:48] <dmoore> Zeno--doesn't matter--I don't drink. Gave it up when it was making me sick. Realized if it wasn't fun, it was pretty stupid.
[22:48] <bohunky> wait for the Warren Report
[22:48] <Abolish_Death-and-Taxes> plague, it was in their interest to present as frightening a picture of the russian military as possible
[22:48] <Writer9554> ML a true leader would have stated as much but since we have an appointed one what more can we expect....
[22:48] <willow> Faux news was reporting that American Red Cross did not need blood donations while at the same time CNN was reporting that they do....ok.
[22:48] <MountainMonk> not the first time I've thrown that idea out. All the patriots in the room just go limp. :)
[22:48] <Abolish_Death-and-Taxes> that way they could pick our pockets for the cold war for 50+ years
[22:48] <Abolish_Death-and-Taxes> 40+
[22:49] <Mingching> float, cut it out
[22:49] <Camille> brianna, agreed. It will take a long time to digest what happened today.
[22:49] <Brianna> bye float :) ur on ignore. dont need anymore of that
[22:49] <Brianna> Camille, yes it will
[22:49] <badmojo> float: what if it was saddam hussein who was responsible. Are you going to be as critical of GHWB?
[22:49] <MountainMonk> yep, that's enough of that.
[22:49] * PlagueRat watches float take of his clothes and run around the room screaming at the top of his lungs... WOW, not enough attention, eh dude????
[22:49] *** Roger_A sets mode: +b *!*@66.61.10.*
[22:49] <Stevetalk> willow, I heard 60,000 units available but more would be needed for the next couple of weeks and then to replenish stocks
[22:49] <fleep> muchas gracias
[22:49] <maggiejo> Zeno I am also American :-)
[22:49] <Abolish_Death-and-Taxes> float, i'm not aware of any evidence that clinton 'let bin laden go'
[22:49] <dmoore> float--and Bush took care of him right away, right?
[22:49] <Zeno> WTG Roger_A
[22:49] <Abolish_Death-and-Taxes> if you have some, i'd like to hear it.
[22:49] <Brianna> Pame, Billions!
[22:50] <Glenlivet> 4float ... let's play your game ... this is the same bin Lauden that was recruited, funded, and trained by Reagan
[22:50] <Stevetalk> oh float, float, float
[22:50] <Zeno> Glenlivet ayup
[22:50] <Stevetalk> Glenlivet, lol
[22:50] <bohunky> silly to believe Ben Laden who announced, trained, promised, to make extreme hit on heart of USA actually had the nerve to do it
[22:50] <Pame> bRIANNA YES....
[22:50] <asa250> Glenlivet...see many here you would want in combat with you....I don't
[22:50] <bohunky> Laden needed a few more Embassy practice runs I'm sure...fine tune it uno
[22:50] <Cal> Many Americans were killed today.
[22:50] <Skullhunter> Glenlivet, who's being harbored by the same Afghanistan that we sent $42 million to.
[22:50] <MountainMonk> brb
[22:51] <Locke> bohunky: international anarchists also made that threat
[22:51] <Mingching> Americans need each other now, more than ever
[22:51] <Stevetalk> Pame, Ben Ladin has 200 million of his own. How come no one goes after that?
[22:51] <PlagueRat> Steve - they might do so now...
[22:51] <Skullhunter> But go right ahead, focus on Clinton, let's just sweep under the rug the part about the men that made it possible for him to become what he is in the first place.
[22:51] <Locke> I imagine hardly a day goes by that someone doesn't declare their intention to bring down what they see as the Great Satan
[22:51] <Brianna> Mingching, if any of this was meant to make shrub ligetimate, it didnt work
[22:51] <bohunky> Skullhunter: why don't we collect our 42mil & clean some floors while we're at it
[22:51] <Stevetalk> PlagueRat, I hope so, I wonder if they ever tried
[22:51] <Stevetalk> ?
[22:51] <Glenlivet> 4float ... shall we play again ... this is the same bin Lauden that Bush gave 43 mil in January ... your tax dollars funded today's attack
[22:51] <Locke> it's pretty compelling, but it's not proof
[22:52] <Cal> yes Mingching
[22:52] * Obscene finishes loading one 6 round 45ACP clip with bacon fat coated bullets.
[22:52] <asa250> right brianna
[22:52] <Mingching> Brianna, i doubt that, even he looked surprised
[22:52] <PlagueRat> Glen - float's been given a time out...
[22:52] <Pame> My mother has now lived thru 5 wars with only ONE being on our soil.....from WW1 when she was just 6 to this one.....
[22:52] <bohunky> Skullhunter: or are there some precious varmits in Afganistan we would disturb?
[22:52] <Brianna> Mingching, he always does
[22:52] <dmoore> Locke--it's not like these guys have a strict hierarchy, unless it was state-sponsored. Several groups responsible for things in the past are loosely connnected. It may take some time to sort it all out.
[22:52] <Skullhunter> bohunky, here's a better question. Why aren't we asking why we gave them $42 million in the first place? Why aren't we asking why we paid for and TRAINED this psycho in the first place?
[22:52] <Zeno> Glenlivet. let's look at the entire story. Reagan fundd the Mujahadeen, then they turned on Bush when he put bases in Saudi Arabia for the iraq battle
[22:52] <Mingching> Brianna, people died today
[22:52] <Havoc> Silly people.
[22:52] <Brianna> Pame, has she said anything about todays events?
[22:52] <bohunky> Skullhunter: don't u already know that answer?
[22:52] <Bubble> hi Stevetalk, how r u today?
[22:52] <Camille> Skullhunter, why aren
[22:52] <bohunky> Skullhunter: remember the wall
[22:53] <Brianna> Mingching, i am very aware of that.
[22:53] <Locke> dmoore: exactly. sure, go ahead and capture bin laden, if we can, but by all means don't stop investigating, because it may not have been him at all, and we HAVE to stop whoever it was
[22:53] <maggiejo> cherie wb
[22:53] <Brianna> hi cherie
[22:53] <PlagueRat> bohunky - *LAUGH* now that is a humorous scenario... we declare war on some country, and they take the DOD to court to stop the war because of the endangered species act!!!!!!!!!
[22:53] <Pame> Brianna, she said she is very scared.....she's watched some, but can't take much for long.....
[22:53] <Mingching> hi cherie
[22:53] <cherie> maggiejo...hi....
[22:53] <Stevetalk> Skullhunter, I may be off in my dates but weren't we hoping the Taliban wouldn't destroy those statues if we gave them bucks?
[22:53] <cherie> Brianna...hello
[22:53] <Cal> hi cherie
[22:53] <cherie> Ming...hi...how are you
[22:53] <maggiejo> Stevetalk wb
[22:53] <bohunky> Skullhunter: they called it the Cold War, but that was the same people who arrested Richard Jewell eh?
[22:53] <Bubble> hi cherie
[22:53] <Pame> My dogs have been jumpy all day.....
[22:53] <cherie> Cal...howdy...
[22:53] <Stevetalk> cherie :*)
[22:53] <Brianna> Pame, okay. i wondered what she thought. she has alot of experience
[22:53] <Stevetalk> maggiejo, thank you
[22:53] <Skullhunter> bohunky, the only thing in danger of being disturbed here are the illusions that Bin Laden just popped up out of nowhere, which is what conservatives would like us to believe, when in reality it's conservatives policies that CREATED him in the first place.
[22:53] <cherie> Bubble...hello
[22:53] <Camille> we should be questioning and questioning and questioning how highjackers could so easily kill so many.....why?
[22:53] <cherie> Stevetalkk :)
[22:53] <Stevetalk> :*)
[22:53] <Mingching> cherie, trying to comprehend today's events
[22:53] <Pame> Brianna, I don't think it has all sunk in yet for her.....I don't think for us......
[22:53] <Stevetalk> bbiab
[22:54] <Stevetalk> hey Bubble!!
[22:54] <Stevetalk> bbiab
[22:54] <Mingching> cherie, how 'bout you?
[22:54] <bohunky> Skullhunter: who believes that?
[22:54] <Zeno> Skullhunter frm the Mujahadeen to Kuwait, reagan and bush created Bin Laden
[22:54] *** Quits: Stevetalk (QUIT: User exited )
[22:54] <cherie> Ming...i have been trying too...without success...
[22:54] <boiler> steve,,,it was for destroying the poppies,war on drugs
[22:54] <Cal> cherie a lot of hate here. It is so sad
[22:54] * PlagueRat waves... time to go... later.
[22:54] <Skullhunter> bohunky, yes, and the same people that thought Manuel Noriega and Saddam Hussein were trustworthy allies.
[22:54] <asa250> Pame...it hasn't sunk in on most here because they were not in danger
[22:54] <bohunky> Skullhunter: where are the good guys that do the dirty work?
[22:54] <Mingching> nite Rat
[22:54] <Brianna> gnite Rat
[22:54] <dmoore> Locke--and, on the assumption it was him, there are others around. We personalize these things--take care of just one person (be it Saddam or Bush or Bin Ladin or Clinton) and all will be well.
[22:54] <maggiejo> plage bye
[22:54] <cherie> Cal...i agree...i have been reevaluating my life certainly...this will do it
[22:54] <Locke> it just goes to show you, letting the government fund guerilla groups in other countries just isn't a good idea, especially if you do it behind people's backs and fund it with drug money
[22:54] <Roger_A> Nite Rat
[22:54] *** PlagueRat has left IRC
[22:54] *** Quits: PlagueRat (QUIT: User exited )
[22:54] <Brianna> Pame, yes thats true
[22:54] <Abolish_Death-and-Taxes> skull, i didn't think the invasion of panama was in any way justified
[22:54] <Pame> asa, for me it is real, I know someone who died there today....
[22:55] <Obscene> .
[22:55] *** Quits: tlb (QUIT: User exited )
[22:55] <Zeno> .....
[22:55] <bohunky> Skullhunter: its the best dictators & bad guys auditioning at the time.....geeez
[22:55] <cosmo> Pame, how do you know they are actually dead?
[22:55] <Locke> I envy those who can sleep
[22:55] <dmoore> Locke--you'd think we would have learned that in Iran.
[22:55] * Obscene finishes loading one 8 round 10mm clip with bacon fat coated bullets.
[22:55] *** Quits: Bubble (QUIT: User exited )
[22:55] <Pame> cosmo, there was a man on TV who survived and said he worked on the 78th floor, same as my friend
[22:55] <cherie> Ming...i have been watching the news..
[22:55] <Pame> 's husband.....
[22:55] <Camille> Pame, many in my class tonight were directly hit by today's event. I am grieving deeply for them.
[22:55] <Locke> dmoore: I hear the addiction to money and power is the hardest of all to break
[22:55] <Mingching> Obscene, please share the fat
[22:55] <Gearry> If you're going to dish it out, you'd better be able to take it.
[22:55] <cosmo> Pame, I'm sorry to hear that.
[22:55] <Pame> this man was late to work, and he said everyone in his office ont he 78th floor was dead.....
[22:55] <bohunky> Skullhunter: what good guy in Colombia are we setting up to save democracy for SAmer. & save the rain forest?
[22:55] <Mingching> cherie, same here
[22:56] <badmojo> pame: the north or south tower?
[22:56] <Pame> cos, so am I.....
[22:56] <dmoore> Locke--I don't know that from personal experience. :)
[22:56] <Skullhunter> bohunky, we don't have good guys that do the dirty work, we go the cheap and lazy route and get bad guys to do the dirty work, then whine and complain when they turn on us. You can't domesticate a rattlesnake. You either leave it where it is, or smash it when it tries to bite you. You don't try to teach it to do tricks for you, they only know one, and it involves their fangs and your flesh.
[22:56] <Pame> badmojo, #1 tower.....I'm not sure which one that is.....
[22:56] <Mingching> Ohhh Pame
[22:56] * Obscene finishes loading a second 8 round 10mm clip with bacon fat coated bullets.
[22:56] <badmojo> the north tower was hit first.
[22:56] <cherie> Ming...it is beyond words...
[22:56] <bohunky> Skullhunter: no we take out the bad guy when he turns on us.....or else we wouldn't be the good guys
[22:56] <asa250> Pame...I had a friend who got off the Edmund Fitzgerald two weeks before it sunk.....he has never gotten over it.
[22:56] <Mingching> cherie, yes it is
[22:56] <Brianna> we didnt though, bohunky
[22:56] *** Disconnected
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