Flash Presentation



The events of September 11th seemed surreal to me...I honestly thought the patron who first told me about the plane going into the WTC was drinking. Till I saw the second hit. I was as shocked and numbed by it initially as everyone else, then frightened for my family. I remember calling all the members of my immediate and extended (very large) family that day...just to be reassured that everyone was accounted for.

I went to work the following day armed with a cell phone I absolutely hated carrying, (just to have a connection)...and with specific orders to my two girls and my husband to stay in touch, check in at a specific time. They all did. I was were so many. Senior citizens began arriving at the library that morning,( unusual for them because they all have a set schedule when they make the weekly trip). Wednesday morning was not their set times. Turns out they needed to talk. Like me...they were shocked, afraid...and needed human contact. I did my they did also. I'll always be grateful to them for that.

As the weeks went on, with me peeled to the tv, radio and shock turned to anger...and my anger turned to helplessness. The world events seemed so far out of my reach, I couldn't see anything I could do to try to stop the madness...or even to understand it. But that changed with one call from my sister. She's also a newsie...and is a member of a sewing newsgroup. She told me about the grassroots effort coming alive to make a quilt in honor of the victims and for the families of the victims. Based on the idea of the aids quilt square for each known victim. I jumped at the chance to get involved...even tho quilting is not my thing. I jumped headfirst into it with something I could do it up. Gain publicity for the effort...and funding to make it a reality. It gave me made me feel like I was contributing to a necessary and worthwhile goal. It eased the helplessness. It may sound very naive...but it is the truth. I wasn't sitting in a chatroom placing blame.....and I wasn't demeaning the issue by turning it into a political contest of wills. I finally had a constructive way to voice support for the victims' well as every single person in Amercica who was as effected as I was by that awful footage seen on 9/11. I spent many hours contacting those people I knew in the media...and those I didn't know. The thing ballooned after the first Boston Globe article.

I'm very proud that on this anniversary, September 11th, the quilt will be shown here in Boston. And I have the satisfaction in knowing that I had a part in it. One thing I have learned is that one person's small effort can make one giant difference. I'm proof of it

Trybe, August 20, 2002