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September 11,2001 was a day just like any other until my secretary came running into my office screaming "Turn on the TV!"

I turned it on not more than a minute before the second plane crashed. I was stunned. I sat at my desk. Watching the planes crashing again... and again... and again.

About twenty minutes later the phone rings and it's my brother, who lives in Somerset, Pennsylvania, saying a plane just went down out side of Shanksville.

Shanksville ? Somerset? Was he kidding me? NOTHING ever happens in Somerset! Sadly, he wasn't kidding.

That night as I was watching the news my phone, which had been ringing all day, rang again. It was the office saying that they where sending a team of engineers including me to New York City and that I was to be there in the morning.

Ground Zero has changed my life forever.

Being there among:
The rescue workers.
The countless volunteers.

It made me see that even in the darkest of hours the best of America still shines bright.

It has beenalmost a year since that horrible day but part of me is still full of anger, another part is full of sadness and yet another part is relived that no member of my family was involved.

I also remember this one fact:

America was attacked because we are the brightest beacon of freedom in the world.

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Word Trade Center, NYC, NY
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Taken on my second trip to New York City in January 2002, this picture shows the remains of the Word Trade Center Tower One.

After Tower One fell the cross pictured was found standing in the rubble. It stands there to this day.

The base of the WTC site.
When I saw this poster I started to cry. It was left by someone at the base of the WTC site and is a very touching tribute to the NYC
This tribute was erected shortly after 9-11. There are flags,banners, flowers and many pictures left by people from all over the world.
These are some of America's best.
Flight 93, Shanksville, Pennsylvania

Like the WTC site in NY a wall was erected near the Flight 93 crash so the public could leave messages, prayers etc.
This picture is also from the United Flight 93 crash site. These red, white and blue angels were done by a local Girl Scout troop, one for each victim of the crash.

In the foreground is the impact site (near the tree line), Lambert's field. It was owned by John Lambert and now is owned by the feds. It is fenced off and no one but family members are permitted near it.
This wreath is covered with pictures of all those who lost their lives on Flight 93. It was donated by the town of Shanksville.
This cross is at the Flight 93 crash site. The circular memorial to the right was given by the local Kawains club and includes a flag for each person who went down on Flight 93.

It is believed that flight 93 came over the hill top pictured before crashing.