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Part 2 - Showdown and Arrest
(Part 1 - The Protest)

Welcome back gardeners and all those who have followed Cowtippa's riveting story…

We last left off with Cowtippa entering Broadway for a peace march…Here is the rest of the story…You'll find it as fascinating, riveting and shocking as I have, I'm sure…

Cow entered the Times Square area along with several dozen protesters…By this time the NYP apparently had had enough and started to beat up people and started arresting people…Someone yelled to link arms together (an old Vietnam War protest ploy that many of us used back in the day)…Cow linked his arms with a man on one side…Within moments, the police pulled this man out and arrested him…Cow was pretty upset by this, feeling he should have held on tighter, but as I explained to Cow the police would have clubbed him and arrested him also…

The march continued down Times Square and around 39th St things started to take a drastic turn for the worse…Thirty ninth St is where this march was going to end…One way or another…There was construction scaffolding half way down the block on one side and police blocking them in on 39th on both sides…This was it, the showdown….It was going to end right here…One way or another…

NYP surrounded the protesters inside the scaffolding and there was a stand off between the protesters and the police…They had no where to go…Cow told me that at that point more and more police showed up…Riot police, ready for, you decided…The police were ready for arrests…They had plastic handcuff bands looped through their belts…They were fully prepared and ready to "rock and roll"…The police told the protesters at this point, "you either go east and leave….OR you got west and get arrested"…Well folks, NO surprises here…They were obviously trapped…And no matter which direction they were going to go, they were going to be arrested…

Star at approximate location of arrest


At this point, NYP said nothing to the protesters and just started cuffing them with the plastic bands…Note: Nothing was said…No "you're under arrest"…And no reading them their Miranda rights…(author's note, I'd like to hear anyone else's experiences if you've also had the same thing happen at a protest)…They were simply "taken"…

Two NYP grabbed Cow, cuffed him really tight and with no search of his person…He could have anything under his big, puffy coat but they still did not search him…He was taken to a waiting NYPD "paddy wagon" which is essentially a truck that looks like a big, bread delivery truck…Its unheated inside, with only room to seat 12 people…There is a metal divider to segregate those arrested by their gender…Cow was the first one placed inside…More and more were loaded inside and eventually a total of 20 were inside on the "male" side…Some sat, others stood and some sat on other peoples' laps…Eventually they did move the women to one side and the men to the other compartment up front…This is an unheated, metal box…The cuffs on the women were much more loose then those on the men…Eventually some of the women were able to get one side off…One of the women had a cell phone and they were passing it around to make calls…

One of the women had to use the bathroom, but there aren't any on board a paddy wagon…The police were not allowing anyone off the paddy wagon so she had to squat down and use the floor…

Cow got a "business card" from one of the protesters arrested with him…The man was an architect from Connecticut…He over heard others giving their occupations…The group included students, teachers, artists…Most were in their 30's and a few were older, in their 40's…Eventually another paddy wagon was filled up and two city buses brought in to hold more arrestees…All of this on 39th St…

They were held a total of 5 hours in the paddy wagons and on the buses…The women in the back of the paddy wagon were in near darkness and the men's side had a small window to look out of…

After holding the two paddy wagons and the two city buses, the police decided to move them to the Javitz Center…Again, this is 5 hrs later…No bathroom breaks, just the inside of the paddy wagon…A COLD paddy wagon, remember I said in part one that the temps were below 20 degrees and it was windy that day…Then there was a change of plans, no Javitz Center afterall…The plan changed and they were then taken to One Police Plaza which are right behind all the courts in Chinatown…Again there was another delay, this time because of the amount of other buses and paddy wagons bringing in more protestors…This was another 2 hour wait, again in the freezing cold and now darkness…

Then there is another change of plans…They are now moved again…To the 7th Precinct which is under the Williamsburgh Bridge, near Delancy St downtown…This was a deserted jail…Had been so for quite awhile…Since Cow had been arrested first, they called him in first…Much to his great relief he would finally be able to relieve himself…

They eventually ended up 3 people to a 6X9 cell…Old remnants of other arrests and detentions lingered, such as old bloodstains on the wall…Again more hours pass…It was then decided that they needed to be fingerprinted…This was one thing Cow did not want to happen…An invasion of his privacy, his fingerprints being taken…Remember, no one said he was under arrest and no one Mirandized him…To me personally that would have been a clear violation of my civil rights and Cow indicated that to me also…But I'll let you the reader decided…

Since this abandoned precinct did not have fingerprinting equipment at this location, again they were being moved…Except this time they were shackled together chain gang style and once again let out to the paddy wagon…They ended up no more then 250 feet from Cow's place in Tribeca in a detention center in the subway area…Once fingerprinted electronically they were once again brought back to the 7th Precinct…His ordeal started at around 6 pm Saturday night and ended approximately 10 am the next morning…

Any outstanding warrants were being checked for from 4 am to 10 am…After none apparently appeared for any of the protesters in his group, they were finally brought out of the cells…At this point, they were told to sign a piece of paper saying they were to come back and appear before the judge…It is essentially a "traffic" ticket appearance…All these arrests, all this "muscle", all of this moving around, time, expense for what?…A violation of every Americans civil rights and 1st amendments rights to free assembly and protest?…Is anyone watching this?…Or is this just more intimidation…

Cow reported something that I found of particular note…Every protester was privately "questioned" about future planned protests in NYC…An interesting side note…But as Cow told me, they could do the same thing he did and that was to do a "Goggle" search on a computer and find it for themselves…Good for you Cow!

Now every American reading this should be asking themselves, is the America we want?...Is this what our fore fathers had in mind?…Our ability to protest against our own government, speak our minds?…This is something out of a Police State and NOT the America many of our ancestors made there way here to the Promised Land of America…Did we not have the Boston Tea Party?…Is anyone listening to history?…Where are the voices we've come to trust and listen to speaking out about an outrage such as this?…Where are you people?…Where are our voices?…You decide…


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