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Pame^ is a bit under the weather so I (alllie) am subbing. Here are some Halloween memories and pictures (click on each picture for a larger version) from our NewsGarden chatters:

Memories from PlagueRat:

It shouldn't surprise you that Halloween is the sort of holiday that really appeals to a rat. There are so many wonderful memories to share. Some of the earliest memories include the Cal Tech pumpkin drop - where we would freeze a pumpkin in liquid nitrogen and drop it from the top of the 9 story library. It would shatter into dust. One year a group of us got black body suits and painted white bones on them. We took various simple music instruments such as flutes, xylophone (we called it the bone-o-phone), and drums, and did the Danse Macabre through the sreets of Santa Cruz. This is the mediaeval dance where death leads lords and ladies, peasants and serfs, all in a line of dance and death - the great leveler death. Bruegel painted the Danse in some of his apocalyptic scenes. Another year Mrs. Rat and I dressed up as 16'th Century Scots (actually we used our Renaissance Faire costumes) and went door to door with shot glasses crying out "Trick or Drink". If somebody would ask our preferences we'd say "What do ye expect? SCOTCH of course." Oh gawd, was I drunk by the end of that night. Then there was the year that I made magic pumpkin pie... I remember the beginning of that party, and I remember waking up about 5 AM in a room of about 30 sleeping people. Perhaps I put in a bit too much green leafy herb.

But nowadays my exploits are much more sedate. This year the fire department will dress up in our turnout gear, and starting around 5:30 we will set up the trucks and rescue unit at the three roads leading into the village, and use the lights to warn motorists that the kids of our little village are out and about. We will drive our mini firetruck around town giving rides to the kids, and we have a whole bunch of little bags of candy with STOP DROP ROLL printed on the different candies. Da rat is getting long in the tooth.


This is the amazing lizard costume Dixiegal's son Caleb is wearing this year:

Dixiegal's son Caleb, the Lizard

From Chicago7:

When I was seven I ended up in intensive care with pneumonia because I went out trick or treating with a croop cough :( tells me they almost lost me). My mom knew I was sick but I begged to she said, OK for a half hour" and bundled me uip. I took all of it off because it hid my cool costume. It was really my fault.
<GPReporter> what was your costume?
<Chicago7> It was a devil

So Chicago7 was a red even then!!

SuzzieQ's decorations for Halloween

SuzzieQ's Halloween Lights& Deocrations

From Maggijo:

I can be the 'scrooge' of Halloween ..whatever that is called LOL! I thought Halloween fun then [when maggijo lived in the US, in Waco, Texas]..wouldn't let a kid of mine participate in it now though... in fact mine were only allowed to go to shopping centers when we did live there years ago now ..too dangerous

They should scrap it .. It's too commercial.... and certainly unsafe for kids too go wandering around a neighborhood ... there had been 'stories' in Waco where we lived of cats being killed and poisoned candy etc so the majority of kids went to the mall and the storeowners handed out candy in a safe environment ..a shame that kids can't enjoy what Halloween used to be.. I used to work in a supermarket in Waco..the Halloween aisle was like hell!!! no appreciation by kids or mothers of anything in it..everything got ripped open,broken, messed up..always had to get someone to clean it was disgusting !!!

A great picture from MrMalo, who's vision must be extraordinary:


From Trybe:

<GPReporter> did you trick or treat as a child?
<trybe> yes, of course! I still do. I wear a costume and take neighborhood kids. This year I am going as a face and a mole on my nose...heheh. Last year I took 4 kids when it first gets dark. I bring a bag, so yeah [I get candy]. I am small..5 ft 99 lbs...I fit right in with the kids.

2 years ago I took 3 kids trick or treating...went to a friend's house where her hubby was dressed as a bum, laying on the porch. When we came up to the top step, he jumped up...scared the hell out of me...while the kids I brought thought it was hysterical. I fell backwards down the stairs! My candy went flying...and then my friends snapped pictures of me picking it all up in my wizard costume. She showed everyone at the next civic association meeting...I was

Some funny stuff sent in by various chatters:

Patty says: Dear Friend - It is *imperative* that you read the following article: AN INTIMATE GLIMPSE BEHIND THE SCENES AT THE SIZZLING 2002 GOP HALLOWEEN DRAG BALL & FUND-RAISER

From Patti


From CableGuy


From Patti


From Patti


A witch who didn't watch where she was going!!


Send your Halloween pictures to Alllie!




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