Come to the Garden Party!.....

You'll find the almost rich, almost famous and absolutely gorgeous people there....We're dishing it out, telling you all the latest gossip and the best news about the prominent people of #news_garden...We're only the best and the brightest on dalnet....

One of our chatters is taking a hiatus....Aool, who is a student in Pakistan wrote a lovely letter to us and instead of me telling you what he said, you can read his letter for yourself....Here it is:

Hey there

Well I went to the website again ... and I missed all you guys so much ... I cannot get my newsgarden mail configured but I would like you to mail up all of the guys and tell them hi for me ... and tell them I miss em ... and I love em ... and I don't think it will work out ... so we have to start seeing other channels now ... I know it is hard but we have to start it now ... I know it'll be hard and I know I can't get over you but whenever I can be on dalnet I'll come and join you guys ... I hate to break up like this ... I hoped there was a better way ...

Well, whosoever reads this mail please tell everyone that I miss em and that I'll be back as soon as I can log onto DALNET ...


Patti whispered in my ear the other night, that her son Matt is marrying his beloved, Jen this weekend in Michigan...Matt and Jen make their home in Illinois...They will be exchanging vows Saturday, Sept 28th, 2002, at 2PM in St Paul's Church...Following their nuptials will be a lovely reception at a local restaurant....

Patti tells me that the Bride's Mother formal gown and the Bride's maids will all be wearing Periwinkle Blue...Patti hasn't revealed her stunning dress to me yet...But I'm sure we'll be treated to some great pictures in the months to come... Matt's life-long friend Joe is here from Denmark and will be the best man. Jen's father recently passed away, so her mother, Mary, will give the bride away at the nuptials...

Congratulations Patti and many happy and healthy years to the wonderful young couple...May God bless you all....

Also whispering in my ear was SuzzieQ...Seems she's had a new addition to her family...Her adorable nephew, Bryan was born this past July 29th, 2002...He's the son of Suzzie brother and his wife...Bryan joined big brother Billy, who was born August 2, 2001...These two cuties are gonna break hearts one day....

Stay tuned gossip fans....There's MUCH more to come...



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