Come to the Garden Party!.....

You'll find the almost rich, almost famous and absolutely gorgeous people there....We're dishing it out, telling you all the latest gossip and the best news about the prominent people of #news_garden...We're only the best and the brightest on dalnet....

Well, hello again all you gossip fans!...Time for a catchup.....Grab a cuppa tea or coffee and let's sit and chat.....Here's some things that are old and some things that are new....

I'm going to start with the Memories (click on the pictures to see a larger version).....Then we'll get to the new stuff!....I like to keep you waiting and in suspense....

First off we have a GREAT memory by Tom3....He told me in an exclusive interview that he remembers sooooo vividly his first trampoline try way back when he was 6!...Couldn't remember where on vacation his family was, but has this vivid memory of jumping non stop on the trampoline....He was with his mother, father and sisters and brothers...He confided to

Jump, Tom3, Jump!

me that this memory is still sooooo strong after almost 40 years!....

Suzzie shared one of her favorite memories with me also...It seems one time when she was about 12, Suzzie, her parents and her two younger brothers were on their houseboat ....One Sunday afternoon they were moored in one of the many coves that dot the shoreline of Lake Lanier...It began to rain and as Suzzie tells me, going in the water in the rain, even if there wasn't any thunder was a DEFINITE No No by her mother....But this Sunday was a little different......It seems even Suzzie's mom and dad were in a playful mood and decided to jump into the water, rain or no rain......Suzzie said she couldn't believe her eyes!....She was yelling "Ya'll are CRAZY"....Finally, when she was convinced that it was OK, Suzzie joined in the fun.....She remember them swimming out many yards with their Ski Belts on throwing an apple back and forth....Suzzie said she can STILL see that day in her mind, even today....

SuzzieQ and her brother elfs

Here's a picture taken a few years before the rain and the lake story showing a 6 year old Suzzie with her two brothers at Christmas ....


Plus a picture of little Miss SuzzieQ fresh from her bath.

Our cherie had another wonderful memory for me....Her's was from some kind of hula dance she was in when she was living in Venezula where her father (who was an Engineer for the then Esso Co) had an assignment...She was a little fuzzy on all the details, BUT she remembered she liked shaking her booty to the music....Interestingly, my dad also worked for Esso about the same time as a lawyer in NY and I have a picture taken in about the same era of me as a hula dancer...Hehehe must have been an "Esso thing"....The only

Dance, Cherie, Dance!

thing I CAN remember is the "lei" around my neck was made out of popcorn and I remember eating it....Our cherie is the 3rd hula dancer from the left....

Here are Xena's memories, in her own words....I wouldn't DARE touch Xena's wonderfully expressive way:

Memories....My "toutou", my maman's perfume, my papa's kisses....Being spoilt by elder sisters and brothers... A TouTou is a stuffed teddy-bear. I would bring it with me everywhere. Janine, my mother's helper, would wait till I napped before washing it... I think by hand..was soooooo And, one

Baked Toutou for Supper, Xena?

day as I guess we had no dryer then(?) she put it in oven to dry it....And I come into kitchen and saw it in oven!!!!!! My terrible, worthless older brother Stéphane then gleefully told me it was to be our dinner!!!!! I had hystérics!!!!!!! Seems I almost passed out!!!! LOL LOL! Bit Janine when she came to see what was Big brothers can be terrible....My maman had to come.... And my brother got spanked when my father came back.... I had this Toutou till it fell apart

Our "resident" Gentleman to the Manor Born, is Jed...Jed shared some wonderful memories about this beautiful oil painting of himself when was very young... Jed grew up on the upper East Side of Manhattan, NY. He has wonderful memories of going to Central Park, which overlooks the East River with his "Nanny"...

Sit Still, Jed, Sit Sill!

He said some of the memories are vague, but he remembers that his father was "off fighting Algerians somewhere" and that he was being raised by his mother and grandmother...

The painting was done by an artist in residence in his apartment building, named Dorothy Jorolomen and he would go to her apartment for the sittings...He doesn't remember it as unpleasant and it is a wonderful painting....He thinks his sister may have the painting...

Jed also added that his hair was that beautiful red color until it finally turned white....

What a cutie he was!

Alllie shared these wonderful photos of herself, her beloved dog, Shep and her first attempt at a Playboy layout (they told her to come back in 20 years)....I'm going to let YOU, the reader, read first hand in her words....:

Alllie auditions for Playboy

When I was little I was left with my grandparents a lot. I loved them dearly and they spoiled me rotten. They were poor farmers but since I was happiest there I think that's why fancy houses and material possessions are not important to me, because they

Alllie and Shep,
the best dog that ever lived.

didn't have those things, yet being there, being with them, feeding the chickens, collecting the eggs, playing with the dogs and cats, roaming through the fields and woods, was when I was happiest.

Now the new memories that are being made!...

Our precious channel Brat, Michy is going to be a momma....We, the doating "aunts and uncles" of the channel will be pleased to know that Michy has had her first sonagram of "the bean"...That is what Michy is refering to her wunderkind

Michy's Bean

for the moment as...It seems "the bean" is about 8 weeks into his/her journey of gestation within Momma Michy....Momma Michy reports that her due date has been set by her doctor as May 26th....That is my mother's birthday and trybe's husband's birthday, too....We are so happy for Michy and "Dude".....Start listing your presents at Target' for Brat Michy and her "bean" ASAP!

Lastly, I ran into {crazylady} last night....She reports that both her grandsons are growing like weeds....I believe Marcus and Derek are about 18 mos old now....Marcus and his mom, live with crazylady and her husband in North Myrtle Beach, SC

CrazyLady's Grandsons!

and Derek and his mom and dad have a nice condo in Little River, SC which is only a stone's throw away....Crazylady said that little Derek will be having a new baby brother/sister in about 5 months....We wish them ALL well!

Send your Halloween plans, costumes, food ideas, anything!!! Send them care of alllie.

Until next time...



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