Come to the Garden Party!.....

You'll find the almost rich, almost famous and absolutely gorgeous people there....We're dishing it out, telling you all the latest gossip and the best news about the prominent people of #news_garden...We're only the best and the brightest on dalnet....

Hello again all you gossip buffs......

This weeks column is devoted to not only our esteemed members, but to the non-human esteemed members of our lovely Garden Party....

Cableguy sent me these adorable pictures of his "Angel"...Angel is a rottweiler X husky...Cableguy says

he calls her a rotten husky...Ahaha cute...Angel loves spending her days chasing frisbees and taking long, lovely walks with Cableguy and his son...Isn't she a cutie? (Click on each thumbnail to view a larger picture).

Next we have the PlagueRat family...There's momma Flicka (which is Swedish for "little girl") who is a

Pojke/Porky and Beta

looking goofy

gorgeous Aussie Sheep dog...Flicka gave birth to several puppies last Commie Day, May 1st ...They were named by position of birth from Alpha to Epsilon ...Unfortunately, only Alpha and Beta survived ...Today, Alpha has become Porky Pojke because he's a glutton for food...Beta wasn't going to be staying with the Rat family, but by a twist of fate, none of the farmers could use another dog and lovely Ms Beta is now a permanent member of the Rat household...Porky has light red hair and Ms Beta is resplendent in her near black mane...

To be fair I had to include our feline members also....

Patti shares her home with Smokey!....He's a 10 yr old grey hair domestic short hair....Smokey is diabetic (I have a real affinity with Smokey because of it) and Patti has to give him daily shots of insulin...Poor Smokey, know what he's going through ...Smokey mainly likes to sleep and cuddle with Patti ....Smokey greets Patti at the door most nights when she gets home, and their traditional greeting is: She picks him up and when they hug, he puts his paw around her neck and nestles his head into her neck & shoulder. Think there are several single men on IRC who would envy this fat cat .....<wink>

ZZ^ shares her home with Guy....And what a cutie guy, Guy is...Guy is an adorable 6 month old Boston terrier ....Guy and zz^ spend their time out in the fields walking together...Guy has recently been enrolled in a training school locally...We wish him well and hope he gets all "A's"...

A gorgeous Golden Retriever, by the name of Sam aka Samskus waltzed into SuzzieQ's life about a year ago....She's not real sure of where he's been, but with

SuzzieQ he's got a great home...Suzzie tells me that when Sam first came to live with her, he slept in the bathtub...He also enjoys catching popcorn when its tossed to him...Suzzie says she thinks Sam is a senior citizen, about 11 years old....Sam's one lucky dog to have found Suzzie....

Dixiegal has a whole zoo at her house .....What a bunch of cuties! ....Dixie's got Sissy and King ....Two of the most adorable Poms I've seen in a long time ....They're 6 years old ....Joining them are Buddah and Missy, two other canine cuties Tiny, mother of them all. Then there's Rusty the kittie cat who just

Sissy & King
Buddha & Missy
Plus Tiny
Fred & Wilma
Pepples & Fred

turned 5 ...And no one can forget Wilma the ferret who's run off to "France" for an extended vacation ....Poor Fred was so lonely he's taken up with the adorable Peebles ...Iggy's was the odd man out, that's Dixie's iguna ....sadly Iggy died recently. Dixie, you've got the best zoo in town!....

No column would be complete without my household ...As many of you know, I share my home with 5 dogs ....Four of whom are mine and one is attached to my mother's broken hip (that's 13 yr old Lady, a mini doxie) ...Mine are named Tag, Tia, Trip and Taylor ...Tag and Tia are mini doxies also ...Trip is a show English Cocker (which just means he's a BIG BOY 40+ lbs) and Taylor is our newest member ...Tag is a male and Tia is his right hand maiden ...My mother calls them "the twins" ...They're 11 and 9 respectively ...Trip just turned 3 in September and has recently been diagnosed with epilepsy ...Taylor was a "find" ....I was going into my local Petsmart for food and Taylor was with her brother litter mate in a cage ready for adoption ...Taylor is an Aussie Shepard X Cocker ...She is now almost 7 mos old (her birthday is 4/11) ...Most of her looks like a blue merle Aussie, BUT she has cocker eye brows in a pale tan ...She is bright and cute and funny ....When I brought her home, my mom's first reaction was "ARE YOU CRAZY?" (don't answer that!)...Now mom wonders how we ever did without Taylor Maid...

That's this weeks column folks, its a wrap...Send me your latest news!....Vacations, weddings, engagements, divorces, breakups and breakdowns! ....I'll never say a word to anyone else (fingers crossed) promise! ....Until next time ....


P.S. Next week's column for The Garden Party will be on ...memories.


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