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Nath - A NewComer

I had the opportunity to sit down and interview a fairly recent newcomer to the garden…He's also seen regularly in other rooms on coolchat, most notably #lobby…Some of you, I'm sure have seen "Nath" around…Let me give you some insight into Nath and what he has planned for his future…



Nath is really Nathan Lowe (no relationship to Rob or Chad)…He hails from Cumbria, UK, which is a county on the North coast of England that stretches from the west to the east…Nath told me he lives right on the beach their in something we'd call a "trailer" here…Nath is 18 years old, he was born on the 18th of September 1984…

Nath with be joining the RAF (Royal Air Force) on April 9th, 2003…He becomes our third enlistees…Nath tells me that he will become a weapons specialist and will be training hard and long during his basic training…He expects to spend 9 years in his military service, unlike here in America…

Nath's educational background included "his compulsories" which is the English equivalent of finishing high school here and taking his 7 GCSE's which are the standardized tests in England before one leaves school…Nath also attended 1 year of college at Newton Rigg and studied Forestry…I've seen Nath in action when it comes to identifying plants and trees, he really knows his stuff…

Nath has traveled aboard, having been to France, Italy and Germany…He has one brother, who is 38, David who lives in Nottingham and works for DHL…His favorite writer is Tom Clancy and book is Clancy's "Rainbow Six"….He's about to start reading Clancy's "A Clear and Present Danger"…

Nath when not playing on IRC, he loves listening to Metallica…His mum's Sunday dinners are his absolute favorite meal…Traditional Roast Beef, Yorkshire Pudding, roast potatoes, boiled potatoes, peas and sprouts are his favorites on Sundays cooked by his mum…

Get to know Nat when he visits our "garden"…He's a delight and a very special addition to the garden…

We'll wish you well Nath when you temporarily leave us…But you'll always be in our hearts and minds….


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