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A baby, a beautiful love story…and?

Well, Gardners…What can I say?…Love grows in the Garden and of course I have the exclusive…As we approach Valentine's Day, its nice to "see" new life growing and a new love coming to fruition…Love and life is growing in the garden…The eternal cycle continues in a world filled with so much strife…So let's take a look at a "baby's face" and a love story right out Sharezade…Its all enchanting…And all good…


This is our first look at Michy's "bean" a little girl named Elizabeth…"LizzieBean" as she's being called by her mom pre-birth is gestating nicely…Her expected arrival date is mid May…She's just adorable now and looks so much like mom Michy…

Pakistani^Muslim (known to some of us as Ali) whispered in my ear the other day and told me of his great love and oh so happy news about his soon to be engagement to Batool or Bat-Gal as he likes to call her…Batool, who's name translates to Lily is a beautiful "flower"…


Ali has been courting Batool for a year and fighting his parents for permission to marry his beautiful flower…This is a very young and very much in love couple...Ali is 19 and Batool is just 18…They met at college in Pakistan where their love has grown…

Ali's own parents and grandparents have a beautiful love story of their own…Ali's mom and dad met at Harvard over 30 years ago and married…Ali's mom is from VA is of Irish decent and his father is from Pakistan…(Sounds very much like "Love Story" for those old enough to remember) and Ali's mother's parents met at Oxford…Ali told me that he tried for a whole year to convince his parents that he was old enough and mature enough to marry his great love…Ali's parents finally gave in and Ali and Batool will officially be engaged in March…Batool will be visiting Ali in Karachi for Valentine's Day…Love is in the air folks!…

Ali tells me that their wedding will take place in London this summer on July 26th and will be a wonder Islamic ceremony with a traditional Pakistani celebration featuring traditional singing and dancing and his favorite Pakistani music…This should be the social event of the year in London…Ali's happy parents are Liza and Kamran, of the USA, London and Karachi, Pakistan, both of whom are lawyers and Batool's parents, Mohsin Ahmed and Sehba Mohsin of London, England…Ali and Batool will make their home in Karachi, Pakistan…Both are students at FAST University studying computer science…

As many of us know, Ali's older brother Mikaal was killed in the WTC on 9/11…Many of us I'm sure are so profoundly saddened to know that Mikaal will not be there…But as Ali told me, they keep a place set at the table for Mikaal and I'm sure his spirit will be there with the happy couple…

We all wish this wonderful, young, good looking couple MANY years of happiness on their house and many children to bless their home…By the looks of the this stunning couple, they are going to make great babies…

Ali and Batool…Insa'llah…

Until next time...



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