Summer Is Almost Here... Finally!!

What Are Your Summer Plans?

What Is Your Most Memorable Summer Experience?

Inquiring Minds Want To Know.

Please Email Tara or Alllie With All Your Summer Fun -- Past, Present or Future.

  I do not do anything special in the summer because I am too busy working. I try to slip in at least one weekend of camping and at least one trip to Kings Island (I am a Roller Coaster fanatic). Mostly, I just work in my garden (until the bees come out and I hide indoors). I love sitting in my backyard in the evening with a cold beer in hand as I admire my hard work and wait for it to grow.

In my younger and more carefree days, I loved trips to the ocean when I lived in New Hampshire and miss the ocean most of all. I wonder if I could make an ocean grow in my garden!


The best summer experience is directly under an air conditioning vent, in a suite, at the Four Seasons.

All summers have been bitter forgettable disappointments. to pick among the rubble for one marginally less abysmal would be painful and undo years of carefully induced amnesia.

Migration is tedious, the trip up the coast is slow if you get behind a pod of whales, they always slow down to look at cruise ships, as if they aren't all the same. The sex, it goes without saying, is always good. the kids are okay except they want to eat any old junk food they find, and frankly, swimming with people is for a fringe group of kooks, we have no idea where those people have been.


Fleep's Dolphin Summer

Some of my fondest memories of summer were in Washington state picking strawberries each summer as a teen in the summer sun,strawberry fights and eat as many as you like :-)

As a teenager it was hard [picking strawberries],yes, but fun and each day after we would all go swimming in the swimming hole near my house , wash all the dirt and strawberries off.

We lived on a creek, a biggish one, Salmon Creek, and there was a BIG swimming hole right behind my house where we would all gather , also used to sneak out at night and go swimming, the kids in the neighborhood and in salmon spawning season the big salmon would come up the creek to spawn, so slowly we could get them with a pitchfork and the neighbor smoked them for us so we always had lots of salmon



When I was a kid, about 11 or 12, I lived on on island in the river and we had this place at the tip of the island that was undeveloped, it was like a jungle with a beach, it was called Bare Butt Beach. We used to go down there and spend the entire day swimming in the river, and fishing. That wasn't just one thing, but it was an everyday thing that summer. I think that' whole summer is my best summer memory.

Kinda like Huck Finn. We didn't even know where Vietnam was.

A couple years later Martin Luther King and RFK were assassinated, then Kent State happened, after that, the world lost all its innocence.

It was the Ohio River, Northern WV. We called this place the Point, I always associate it with Vietnam because we playing down there one one of my friends mother came down, that never happened before. She came down to tell Timmy O'Shaunnesy to go home because his mother wanted him. His brother was killed in Vietnam, that's why he had to go home.




Mine was ... Summer 2002 : Me and some of my friends caused 4 weeks of shear terror in our city of 50,000.



Aleister contemplates Summer Fun


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