Stuffed Baguettes
At a party or picnic, people can't get enough of these!
Submitted by PixyStyxx


4 french bread baquettes
8 ounces summer sausage
8 ounces Port Wine Cheese Spread
Parsley - about 8 sprigs
2 green onions, including tops
2 cloves garlic


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Slice each baguette across (not lengthwise) into 4-6 sections. With sharp, narrow knife, remove a small round cylinder from each section. Place remaining stuffing ingredients into food processor and pulse until well chopped and combined. Using a small spoon, stuff each cylindrical hole with filling mixture. Wrap stuffed bread in plastic wrap and chill for at least an hour. Before serving, use a sharp knife to slice each baquette section into approximately 1/3" slices and arrange on tray.

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