Mom's Stuffed French Toast
- or- there goes the diet!
Submitted by PixyStyxx

This is a brunch dish I concocted one Sunday morning when my family was in the mood for something "different". Now, they constantly clamor for it, although I make it only about once per month because it's definitely not low-fat/low-cal.


Sliced bread of your choice (I prefer a sturdy french bread, but my family likes this with whole grain, as well.)
Preserves or Jam
(This can be made with anything from strawberry preserves to lemon curd - your choice. My favorites are strawberry & raspberry.)
Cream Cheese - softened
Vanilla Extract
Baking powder
Club Soda

Oil for frying
Powdered Sugar


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If desired, based on the number of sandwiches you will be serving, estimate the amount of cream cheese needed and flavor with vanilla extract and powdered sugar to taste. (I've made these without flavoring or sweetening the cream cheese and no one noticed the difference - but, I did.) Spread a very generous amount of cream cheese on one slice of bread, a generous amount of preserves or jam on another slice, and put together to make a sandwich. Repeat for number of sandwiches needed. (Most people are more than satisfied with one, although men tend to eat these as long as you're willing to fry more. :)

On high heat, heat sufficient cooking oil in a skillet to submerge half the depth of a sandwich. As the sandwich filling needn't be cooked, the oil should be hot enough to quickly cook and brown the batter in about 45 seconds per side. Using very hot cooking oil makes the batter instantly crisp, incasing the filling and preventing it from oozing out, and also prevents the sandwich from unnecessarily absorbing oil.

Batter: When making 6 sandwiches, I beat together approximately 1.5 cups of flour, 1 egg, 2 tsps. baking powder and 1/3 cup water or club soda. (Using club soda will make the batter particularly light.) The amount of liquid used is determined by the thickness of batter crust you want on the sandwich. I shoot for the consistency of a relatively thick pancake batter.

Dip a sandwich in the batter, being sure to thoroughly coat both sides and edges. Fry in hot oil until edges appear golden. Using tongs, very carefully turn to fry other side. Batter and fry sandwiches one at a time, placing completed sandwiches on absorbent paper. If you're making more than a few sandwiches, the completed ones can be kept in a warm (150 degree) oven until serving. Before serving, dust generously with powdered sugar.

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