Drunken Cranberry Sauce

Submitted by Tripdejour (Pame^)



2 packages of FRESH cranberries...washed and sorted
1 cup of sugar (adjust for your families taste up or down)
2 cups of water
1/2 cup of OJ
1/4 cup of ANY booze you choose
    (from wines (sweeter wines seem better, but Reisling works
    very well), liqueurs (Grand Mainier was very good), whiskeys,
    vodkas, whatever YOU like...I've made it with Southern
    Comfort, to Jack Daniels, to Benedictine Brandy, Rum,
     etc...whatever you please with the exception of Champagnes
     since they're "fizzy")
Zest of one orange.....
Mint leaves


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This one is impossibly easy to make and has been a family tradition of mine
for MANY years...Not only is it far BETTER then the canned stuff, it makes a
beautiful presentation....

Sort and wash the cranberries (pulling off stems if there are any and
discarding any rotten or soft berries) and add the sugar and water to a large
pot, set on stove and bring them to a boil...Reduce heat to simmer and allow
to reduce to a sort of jam consistancy....About 20-30 minutes or so...The
berries will pop while cooking and sound like "soft" kernals popping....When
they're sufficently reduced, add the OJ, pouring in slowly and stirring to
blend....Add the booze, slowly and stirring while doing so...Bring to a boil
again, for a very short time....Say 5 minutes or so to burn off some of the
alcohol but leaving the flavor....

Stir, remove from heat and place into a mold or bowl whichever you
like.....Refrigerate for at least 2 hr before serving....Grate the zest of
the orange on TOP of the unmolded cranberries or on top of the cranberries in
the bowl after they've cooled and are set....Place mint sprigs around for

When my son was about 10 or 11 he got "into" the cranberries and ate almost
the whole thing before company arrived...He never made it to the table and
went up to bed to "sleep it off"...It does have a "kick" to it, so go easy
with the kiddies especially if they're young..

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