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Winners and recipes in the 2002 Holiday Recipe contest!!

And now from...

The Phantom Chef:

Getting the edge: Knives

Chef Smorgas_of_Borg

Knives are the most useful tools of any used in the culinary arts. Their uses are legion. The knife slices! Dices! Chops! Minces! And makes wonderful Julienne fries! But wait! There's more!

Many times we find a recipe that just sounds too good and can't wait to try it. Then, we look at it and realize that the number of servings listed is either too few or too many. At this point, we have the quandary... (Continued)

Casa Moda "S'mores" Maker
Portable design allows the S'mores Maker to be used on just about any stable surface. Ideal for Home Entertaining plus camping, patio & terrace gatherings, picnics, backyard get-togethers, tailgate parties.
Can Opener Gourmet, The: More Than 200 Quick and Delicious Recipes Using Ingredients....
From Publishers Weekly:
The Can Opener Gourmet relies on a simple premise: canned food is convenient, cheap and underutilized. Who knew that a credible beef stroganoff could be made with little more than the contents of three cans? Or that a decent ginger-carrot soup could be concocted without whole carrots?
Cuisinart ICE-20 1-1/2-Quart Automatic Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt & Sorbet Maker, White
Creating up to 1-1/2 quarts of ice cream, frozen yogurt, sorbet, or frozen drinks at home takes only about 20 minutes with this electric appliance, and salt and ice are not needed.Chocolate chips, chopped fruit, nuts, and other special ingredients can be added toward the end. The chamber is nonstick for easy cleanup. Storing it in the freezer ensures a frozen confection is only 20 to 40 minutes away when the mood strikes.

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