Email Account Request

We need the following info in order to activate your NewsGarden email account.

Username should be your IRC nick or something close to it. Password should be something you will remember and does not have to match any other password you may be using. Username should be in lowercase.
Your new email address will be 'username'

existing/perm email :

It would be nice to have the info below, but not necessary. If you choose to give out any or all of the info below, it will only be used for emergency. It will never be seen by anyone other than the channel website managers.

home address:
home phone:

Send request for Email which includes info mentioned above to:

Your new email server info will be:

POP3 Server:
SMTP Server:

Outgoing mail requires authentication should be checked on

Use the server info above along with the help page below to set up your email client.

Click here for more help setting up email. You will receive a reply once account is activated, thanks.

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