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Wine-Tasting in the Russian River Area

Reviewed by MingChing

Not every winery is equal. Last week my brother-in-law and sister were on vacation, so they invited me and my sister wine-tasting and picnicking. We went to three different wineries in the Russian River area. The first one was Dry Creek, which was nice, hospitality was pleasant....We bought a bottle of French Colombard and started our first picnic, with a beautiful day ahead we kept it short.

Next winery was Ferrari-Carano. My brother-in-law promised we'd love it. It seemed we drove forever, but it was a scenic view. As we approach, we were in awe. The Vineyard was beautiful and as we walked through the garden of colorful flowers and foliage, with tiny bridges and many waterfalls that lead up to the tasting room, the sunny day and friendly tourist, it seemed like a foreign country. When we get inside, we toured the cellar, proceeded to the tiny shop of goodies that was in the same room as the wine-tasting. I found what I would buy before trying the wine. I noticed my brother-in-law and sister waiting to be served, but the host was attending others. They finally get served, but by a hostess who took over the shift. I walk up and stood next to my brother-in-law, the hostess saw me and just walked away. "Did you see that?!!" I asked him. He changed the subject and offered me to try his wine. Maybe I was being picky, but I wanted my own glass. She watched and after a minute of waiting for hospitality, I had to ask for my own glass. The hostess came across rudely and asked with a snarly face which one I wanted to try. My sister tried to explain at this winery, one pays to sample. I was shocked, but took the goodies I picked up and tried to pay the hostess. Again, I'm ignored. I went to another register and explained that I wanted to pay for trying the black muskat plus other items. She was most accommodating and told me not to worry.

On our way to the car, my sister who's hubby just purchased a $46 bottle of wine, forgot some fancy candy she left on the wine-tasting counter. As she grabs the candy, I notice the hostess glaring at my sister, rolling her eyes as if she was totally irritated. This time, I claimed loudly, "Did you see how she just looked at you?!!"........With that remark, the other hostess, in the shop, smiled and greeted us a nice afternoon. We smiled back at her and left. That most beautiful winery we saw that day just became a house of horrors.

My sister and brother-in-law just ignored it like they see this all the time.....maybe it was just me, but I'll get my chance again as we will return in April for the "Taste of Spring" event. I can't wait.....heheheheeee

Before we headed home, we came upon what looked to be a restored barn. My sister noticed picnic tables, so we stopped to eat again. Inside was dark with one wall of glass where you could view the cellar. It wasn't impressive at all. A Siamese cat greets tourists at the door just before you are greeted with a voice of enthusiasm and an inviting smile from two hostesses handing you a wine glass.

My other sister was timid from the last winery so she stood in the background, but the hostess asked if she would also like to try some wine and then continued explaining about their winery, the grapes and other interesting facts.

This time, all of us bought wine and even wine glasses as a momento of their great hospitality. This winery was Lambert Bridge.

This experience was just one day......it could've been the moon or a stomach ache, but I will not tolerate bad hospitality ever again.......I really wanted to place a complaint but I'll just wait until the next visit.


Ferrari-Carano Vineyards and Winery:
Lambert Bridge Winery:
Dry Creek Vineyards:


Rant: CompUSA (Memphis)

Reviewed by Alllie

I went to CompUSA (a national chain of computer stores) to get a case fan and a round SCSI cable (I have heat issues). Found some fans but it was difficult to get any help in deciding which one would work with my system. Could not find a two-device round SCSI cable (round cables are supposed to help with circulation and help control heat) but on a whim got a round floppy cable that was priced at $7.99. When I got to checkout I found the cable had been hung in the wrong section and was $26.00. (None of the items had individual prices marked on them.) Didn't get it. The bag my fan was placed in was a completely clear plastic, clearer than a cleaning bag. As I walked about 10 feet to the door I was stopped by a young woman who demanded to check my purchase and receipt before I could leave the store. Showed it to her and left. I hate stores that assume all their customers are shoplifters.

(Incidentally the fan turned out not have the standard arrows on it showing the direction of air flow.)

Don't EVER plan to return.


Response from Warpster:

I think the CompUSA experience depends on the store. There is a well-worn path between my house and the one here. I've found them to be amazingly helpful, and their tech staff allows me to come in and pick their brains gratis. I've never found items misplaced under sale signs, and one guy even dismantled an entire gondola so I could get a display item at a discount. They have also been great regarding exchanges and refunds.

(Of course, the tech staff hates to see me coming if I'm bringing in my computer, because if I can't fix it, they know they are going to have a hell of a time with it.)

The bad store around here is Best Buy. Not only are their sales people uninformed, but they have no tech staff and they're lousy at taking one's word that merchandise is defective. I have had to resort to a very LOUD VOICE combined with an IRRITATING TWITCH to get them to do what they should have done immediately, without question.

The bottom line is that you need to research stores in your own area, as chain stores vary widely according to their management and staff. You may find your only recourse is a hole-in-the-wall fixit shop in some areas, combined with savvy shopping online.



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