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Rave: AOC Hard Disk Cooler Fan, Hard Drive Cooler, Bottom Mount, Ball Bearing (CU)

Reviewed by Alllie

This was perfect. It is a flat, single-fan HD cooler the length and width of a hard drive and very thin. When attached to the drive, the drive and the fan together fit into a regular full-sized bay(about 1 5/8 inch thick). I had a HD that ran so hot that it almost burned to touch it and when it was hot the drive became erratic and the machine tended to crash. This fan completely cured that problem. I am very pleased with it. Give it 4 thumbs up.

Source: http://cables4computer.com



Rave:Speeze Hard Drive Cooler Fan fits 3.5" Drives

Reviewed by Alllie

This is another HD cooler fan, this one with two fans and cheaper than the first. On the negative side it is almost as thick as a HD so when attached to a HD they will not fit in a regular sized bay. There must be an empty bay under the HD for you to use it. Other than that it seems to do a good job.

Source: http://www.tigerdirect.com



Review: Tornado case fan

Reviewed by Alllie

I ordered a Tornado case fan because it was supposed to move twice the air and my computers have heat issues. Got it and installed it. Turned it on. It really moved the air but made as much noise as vacuum cleaner. It was incredibly loud. It made it impossible to hear anything from the computer speakers or even to hear someone knocking on the door. Had to take it out!!

Rating: (Gave it one thumbs up because it lived up to its advertisement. It did move the air but gave it two thumbs down because it was so loud I couldn't use it.)


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