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Exodus in a Tin Can on Wheels


(Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3)

As it happened, it was early December before our gas was hooked up. The gas company kept making one excuse after another, and by Thanksgiving weekend, our propane tank was empty. We got on-line just in time to not freeze to death.

To date, the cats have warmed up to us considerably. Sonia is still shy and keeps her distance, but makes an occasional daytime appearance. Cody, on the other hand, has gotten downright friendly, running around looking for pets constantly (especially if he sees food coming his way - you know, a cat is a cat is a cat.)

Is there a moral to this story, a lesson to be learned? Hell, I don't know. Maybe there's a lesson for prospective RV buyers: Buy new, and keep up the maintenance. But even then, a brand-new Class A motor home the size of ours can cost a hundred grand or more; a lot of houses go for less than that. And if you're rich enough to afford one, you may already be living somewhere you don't want to leave.

Such was not the case with TaoUrso and me. Our departure from New York City was long in the making, and we knew it was for good. A couple of weeks after we left, our apartment in Brooklyn was torn up to expand the one next door. Can't help but wonder what our landlady thought of some things we'd left behind - particularly the deer's skull hanging over what had been our temple altar.

So there was, literally, no turning back. And that's probably what kept us going, in spite of whatever trouble came up. We had no other options.

Anyway, we're done with traveling for the time being. Where we are is where we'll stay.

Someday we may pull up the awnings and hit the road again, but now we need a good rest. TaoUrso is sick of driving, and so am I.

And someone, please, drop me a line if you hear that Long View RV has filed for Chapter 11.

So mote it be ;^).

-- January 2003

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