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When Did This Happen?

By shhsherry

When did we become so divided? So divided that common sense is gone and one must uphold their party right or wrong. So divided that one must attack all those who don't tow the party line with personal insults and jeering. So divided that we subjugate our personal desires and hopes in support of political ramblings of the privileged few, who wouldn't even acknowledge us on the street. So divided that we idolize screaming, rude and biased commentators as if they were bestowing us with some sort of raunch filled wisdom.

When did we become so complacent? So complacent that it no longer much bothers us to see dead Americans. So complacent that going to war over lies and innuendo is expected. So complacent that illicit sex in the white house, presentation of forged documents and lying to congress in order kill heathens are acceptable practices. So complacent that we allow the fervent few to herd us like sheep into pens wrapped tight in duct tape and plastic. So complacent that we listen in some sort of air wave driven opiate haze to a jaded, and agenda driven media that kills any real attempt at journalism.

When did we become so fearful? So fearful that we accept this new fundamentalist McCarthyism as if it's our due. So fearful that we allow the radical paranoids in government to shred the document that to most Americans is the cornerstone of our basic freedom. So fearful that it has become an accepted practice to hold political prisoners outside of America on bases and torture them at will. So fearful that we allow our government into our financial affairs, our library habits, our Internet interests and our political and organizational memberships without question. So fearful that we hate those who don't look like us, talk like us, act like us, smell like us, worship like us. So fearful that we will attack others on the suspicion that they may some day attack us, with or without grounds for that suspicion.

When did we become so stupid? So stupid that we accept the premise that giving money to the rich will somehow make the poor better off. So stupid that we accept the fact that reasoned disagreement or dissent is traitorous criminal behavior. So stupid that we accept the idea that our resources are sustainable, that our environment is forever well, that we can use and abuse this world without consequence. So stupid that we believe we don't need allies, or diplomacy, that we can take on the world and win.

When did we sell our birthright? When was that vote held? Where was I? I demand a recount! I demand my rights as an American! I demand a government of the people and for the people to NOT perish! I demand my rights under that venerated document, The Bill of Rights! I demand that our elected officials uphold the Constitution as they were sworn to do. I demand a free America. I demand to vote! Vote Right, Vote Left, Vote Independent, Vote for Mickey Mouse, but get out and Vote people, it is your only voice in this. Take America Back!




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