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A Tribute to the News Garden

By Patti

A restful place where people can gather to discuss politics, opinions, friendship, or any issues of interest happening in the world today. A group of fine people interacting with one another in a variety of ways, agreeing, disagreeing, being open-minded to listen to views that may be different than one's own thoughts or ideals, and sometimes not being open to views, but enjoying the ability to express all opinions nonetheless. We have a beautiful blend of garden varieties in our community, which I feel gives us the flexibility and tenacity to flourish and survive.

While I cannot speak for all members in our community, I find it an amiable and pleasant meeting place where friends can gather and share tremendous wisdom and, at times, also share in the invaluable laughter that is so necessary for the psychological and spiritual health of any community.

We have grown in a very short time, adding web pages that one can look forward to visiting, and which open an opportunity for us to learn to know one another just that much better. We have a variety of categories to satisfy the varied interests and opinions in our community, and due to this, our Garden is growing very well indeed, with the contributions of all those involved in every aspect in the forum.

A special thanks should be extended to the chatters, who regularly come to our Garden, for their contributions are what make us what we are today. And a very special thanks should also be extended to the Ops, web masters, editors, writers, recipe writers, special event sections, and varied informational sections at the Garden. All our people are working so very hard to update our web pages, and we probably do not stop to realize the time and effort that is continually expended to accomplish all these things.

And of course, the Ops deserve special mention here, because their job is not always pleasant at times, yet they maintain our community in fairness and according to the community rules, while retaining not only their own integrity and humor, but that of the community. They give to us in so many ways that we may at times forget or take them for granted, yet they are always there for us, willing to help, and handling the difficulties that arise. The Ops possess the integrity to carry out their duties in preserving the well-being of our community.

Due to their dedication, we know when we enter our Garden, that our people are working for and maintaining our community for everyone. At times, this is no easy task, but certainly a worthwhile one for the continuity and growth of the Garden.

And this special place known as the Garden will continue to grow and produce beautiful flowers for both our minds and spirits.

Oct 4, 2002

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