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911: Looking Back
2002 Fall Fashion Tips for the DC Areas

By CNN_Obscene

1. Large baggy coats that obscure the outline of the body are in. Preferably of a dark color. The large baggy coat should hang down from the shoulders and drape down well passed the waist. This helps obscure the outline of your body and make gunsights blend in with your coat making it harder to aim. Of course it is essential to know how to wear this garment. The coat should not be buttoned or cinched around the waist, but worn open and swinging free. Wearing the collar up is also a plus. Trench coats are in!

2. Color coordination is a must! Its best to have your outfit match your large baggy coat. This way the sniper can't distinguish between you coat and you. If you want to express contrast wear high water pants and bright socks and shoes (feet and ankles are not vital organs ).

3. Large brimmed and tall hats are also hip as it obscures your head as a large coat rarely covers this. Ladies and pimps, large feathers also add confusion and distraction to the sniper, plus they look nice.

Remember these fashion tips can keep you hip and alive!

October 23, 2002

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