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Just Say No!

By Algorythm

One hardly knows where to begin, and that seems to be the plan.

Today's outrage becomes tomorrow's addition to the lengthy, frightening and seemingly insane list of outrages that everyone in this administration seems to be so obsessed with. There is only so much time in the day. There is only so much energy that a person, organization or group can expend. There are only so many things that can be focused on at one time. It's a plan.

This administration is constantly bombarding America with extremely radical changes with little or no discussion; stolen elections, cover-up of the 911 investigation and the anthrax attacks, domestic spying, black box voting, PNAC, destruction of the constitution, appointments of radical ideologues, arrests of citizens without charge, assaults on the environment, vicious attacks on peoples patriotism, war in Afghanistan and Iraq, development of "Usable" atomic weapons, blurring the lines between church and state, never-ending, ever-changing lies by every administration appointee, new bio-weapons labs, theft of retirement benefits and workers rights, the "Un-Patriot Act" and all its diseased offspring, economic shock and awe, selling out the troops in Iraq, endlessly asserting "You're with us or your with the terrorists", free speech enclosures, around the clock propaganda, denying global climate change, minimizing the toxic hazards of the WTC collapse, tendering huge no-bid contracts to oil and military cronies, intimidation of the voices of honesty and reason in government... it's endless!!! Even writing this partial list is about all I can do... It keeps you off balance. It's frightening. It's a plan.

In football terms, this is a "Student body right" play. Everyone on the team drives hard right against the defense, and doesn't stop. This administration has taken it a step farther though, they have erased the sidelines, bribed the referees, manipulated the scoreboard, broken every rule and claimed the rules were wrong, assaulted the fans, set fire to the stadium, unleashed the team mascot (a swarm of West Nile infected mosquitoes) and turned on a huge fan to blow them all toward our side.

The jolly roger the hourglass and Skull and Bones: Not only are there countless new and uniquely bizarre "Improvements" every day, there is the element of immediacy. Everything has to happen NOW! NOW! NOW! In Skull and Bones terms, this is brandishing "The hourglass". The skull crossbones emblem originated as the Jolly Roger pirate flag. Under Blackbeard it flew showing a capering skeleton holding a red hourglass and a red dripping saber. This was to warn the enemy that death was at hand, time was limited, and that they must surrender immediately or they would be attacked, boarded, pillaged, burned and sunk. By forcing immediate decisions, in rapid-fire order, the opponent is kept off balance, thus prevented from defending themselves. For Blackbeard, the outcome was already decided; complete surrender or fight to the death. There is no middle ground. There is no quarter. There is no time to think. Surrender or die.

Bushes Skull and Bones Klan is using this same psychology with a twist. They have launched their entire fleet of political hacks, criminals, mass murderers, war mongers, shadow government-neocon scum, Rovian spin mongers, liars, twisted lawyers, environmental rapists, religious zealots, bought off judges and blackmailed politicians-on the American people with only one order ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK and DO NOT STOP. The result of this attack by these mad, biting, stinging, vermin is that we tend to run in circles, scream, and flail the air, as we get stung repeatedly, weaken and eventually die or submit. There is no middle ground. That is plain enough. It's a plan.

It's a brilliant plan. I admit that. It is simple, easily followed and consistent. When we avoid one insane law by the sheer force of its evil stupidity, a dozen more slip by. When we focus on any one part of the plan; all the other parts engulf us like an amoeba. Even better for Bushco, we disagree amongst ourselves over which is more important, what to fight, who to elect etc. Better still it's so confusing, many Americans who try to keep up just throw up their hands and say "It's politics". Then of course there are many who don't even try, some who are true believers, and some who just want to be on the side that's "winning"(fortunately, that can change). 15 Million people worldwide marched against the war in Iraq, most of us were also protesting the Bush Klan itself in all its varied, diseased forms, thus, Bush can claim that we have no focus!

So... what is to be done? There is only one thing that I believe everyone who is under attack can agree on and that is to STOP NOW!!! Stop immediately! Proceed not one step further. NO more new proposals. NO more New Laws. NO more executive decisions. NO more judicial appointments. NO more new fronts on the "War on terror". NO more Tax cuts. NOTHING!!! Just stop right NOW. Cease and desist! WE the PEOPLE will decide when Bushco may move again (if ever). All further action by this administration is to be met with a resounding NO!!! until further notice. "Student body left".

As long as we let these thieves and liars continue to drive us in every direction like a stampeding mob, we cannot mount a defense. We still have the most powerful weapon at our command: (What's left of) a government of the people, by the people, for the people. All that we the people have to do is agree to say NO. I think that we can do that. And then perhaps the dream that is America will not perish from the earth.

It's a plan.



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