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Katrina Comments

The Mask is off, and so are the gloves.
Monday, September 12. 2005

Well, Well, Well, we now have people talking about the treasonous actions of FEMA on national television. Recently Tim Russert interviewed Jefferson Parish President Aaron Broussard on Meet The Press. Broussard shocked the nation with stories of FEMA agents turning back truckloads of water, denying diesel fuel, and even cutting their lines of communication. Now wait a minute, for some reason, I was under the impression that FEMA was supposed to PROVIDE relief in a disaster, not act like a bunch of treasonous saboteurs. But I guess I shouldnt be so surprised, I myself have seen video of FEMA agents teaching classes to local firemen and police about how our founding fathers were terrorists and traitors who commited treason against the crown when they murdered British officials, and about how christians were evil and horrible and terrible, the worst kind of people ever. If these are the things they teach FEMA agents in training, then they must be treated as the enemy from here on in. Next time there's a disaster and FEMA comes to your town, my advice to everyone is to view them as invaders and act accordingly. These disasters, first the natural, and then the man made, have stirred the nation. People everywhere are starting to realize how utterly corrupt and trecherous the Federal Government is. This is something I've been aware of for some time now, but to all you new converts, welcome to the fold!

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