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Lunar Cheese And Federal Pork


In what has got to be one of the most obvious examples of political pandering and pork barrel spending in ages, President Bush recently announced his goal of sending the U.S. back to the moon by 2015 and on to Mars by 2040. Since about 75% of you seem to think it's a grand idea, let's dispense with the Hollywood generated fantasy that has been pumped into our collective psyche for over half a century just long enough to really examine the president's proposal.

The President's proposal is for robotic landers to begin working on the lunar surface by 2008, the creation of a new space vehicle, the Crew Exploration Vehicle, to begin manned lunar landings by 2014 and replace the aging shuttle fleet, the construction of a permanent lunar base and a manned mission to Mars at an unspecified date in the future, possibly some time around 2040. In the words of our President, "Mankind is drawn to the heavens for the same reason we were once drawn to unknown lands and across the open sea," he said at NASA headquarters. "We choose to explore space because doing so improves our lives and lifts our national spirit. So let us continue the journey."

Given these facts, what can we say about the President's proposal? First of all, take careful note that none of the dates set forth for the achievement of this grand plan fall during Bush's term of office, even if he gets re-elected. He gets all the upside and risks none of the political downside. As for improving our lives, other than tang and Velcro, I can't think of much in the way of improvements that are the direct result of the space program. Before you start pointing out all the advancements in electronics that resulted from the effort to land a man on the moon, honestly ask yourself if most if those technological advancements came from the lunar program or were they, indeed, spin-offs of national defense and intelligence programs such as missile guidance, communications and code breaking technologies? About the only thing the President has gotten correct, in my opinion, is that this new space initiative "...lifts our national spirit." Put another way, it's one big ego trip for the nation. After all, why have the people bogged down with the war on terror and a sluggish economy, slogging it out here on good ol' terra firma, when you can have them daydreaming about stretching forth their hands to the stars? Hollywood is sure to feed this national ego trip with plenty of science fiction eye candy. They'll be raking in the profits hand over fist, all the while convincing us that in just a few short years we'll all be tooling around the universe at warp factor one.

Meanwhile, back in harsh old reality, the damage has already begun with NASA abandoning the Hubble space telescope program. Who can afford to continue with good science and solid astronomy when two-thirds of NASA's budget will soon be diverted to our return to the moon? I wonder which social programs will have to be axed over the course of the next two or three generations so we can say that not only did we return to one dead rock in space, but we also managed to set foot on another? And let us not forget who the main beneficiaries of this new, bold initiative will be... That's right - the military industrial complex. The same people who will send us back to the moon and on to Mars are the very same people building the next generation of fighter jets and smart bombs to smite the "enemies of freedom and liberty."

In the end, what the president is hoping to accomplish is to distract John and Jane Q. Public from the nasty reality of a post 9/11 world while simultaneously diverting even more of our tax dollars into the hands of the weapons industry. He can't give the military-industrial complex the money it wants by way of the defense budget, which has now ballooned to over $400 billion, without facing intense scrutiny, vigorous opposition and harsh criticism. He can, however, accomplish this goal via the space program, all the while receiving cheers and kudos from a starry-eyed public.

Dam the photon torpedoes, Scotty, and warp speed ahead - we've got uncharted space to conquer! It sure beats the hell out of dealing with our problems back here on Earth.



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