The Nation Cruise
Sitka, AK is the most beautiful, friendly town I've ever visited!
Only 10,000 people...all friendly. It's warmer in Jan in Sitka than it is here in Elmira!
That picture shows the whole town, except tourist shops right below me. There were four cruise ships in the harbor...the one I took for the 2005 Salon Cruise, Ms Zuiderdam, is in the foreground! I was on the Ms Oosterdam for this cruise but it is not in this picture.

Two of Seattle's famous pigs  
Jed with company at the ship's main bar  
Ralph Nader, one of the speakers on The Nation cruise.  

An Eagle at the Alaska Raptor Center. They heal injured Eagles, hawks, Owls, and other birds that hunt prey. Their url is . Donate if you can. It's a good charity.

This is at Ketchican Alaska, a 'ropes and zipline' course..It was exciting and fun. I went first, figuring if an old fart like me could do it, others would be less scared....  
Another picture from the "Ropes and Zipline" course  
A 9.9 carat blue diamond a couple I got to know bought to celebrate a wedding anniversary....  
A huge, old totem pole in Ketchican, AK. A new totem pole was being carved inside the site...fascinating to watch!  
Jed, taken by a beautiful woman, who had to put her Martini down....  
A picture of the bottle Louis Xlll cognac arrives's a crystal bottle worth $200+ empty! Tasting it costs over $100, with the mandatory gratuity added to the check! [ $90.00, just for the shot!]  

Jed's Salon Cruise
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Jed and 2008 Nation Cruise

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